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It's not that hard to make other people lose. What's hardest of all - and listen closely! The hardest thing of all to do... is outdoing yourself.
—Rohan Kishibe

Rock-Paper-Scissors Kid (ジャンケン小僧, Janken Kozō) is the eighth episode of the TV Drama series Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan. It adapts the Rock-Paper-Scissors Kid Is Coming! story arc from Diamond is Unbreakable.

In this episode, Rohan Kishibe meets Ken Oyanagi, a young boy obsessed with the game rock-paper-scissors who challenges him at it.


On her way to Rohan Kishibe's house, Kyoka Izumi meets a boy who asks her if she's Rohan editor, as he always sees them discussing work in a cafe downstairs. Izumi thanks the boy for his support but says that she can get him autographs now because they're at work, but the boy stops her, asking why Hot Summer Martha has four spheres instead of three. Izumi quickly invents an excuse to leave but the boy follows her.

At Rohan's home, after playing a bit with Bakin, Rohan deigns to talk with Izumi in his office. He asks what she is doing here as their meeting is scheduled tomorrow and Izumi asks if he is still mad about the design change. Rohan tells her that it isn't her fault, to which Izumi answers by saying that she did find it strange that Rohan had a turnaround in opinion on the design and that having online meetings prevented a good communication. Izumi then suggests to create a new character with three circles which could be approved, as long as it isn't black.

Rohan meets a boy who hates the design of Hot Summer Martha.

The conversation is interrupted by the boy from earlier who knocks at Rohan's door. Rohan tells him to leave but the boy steps inside the house and asks why doesn't Hot Summer Martha have three circles. The extra sphere on the back seems unnecessary, he says, since those are its eyes, and it makes the design ugly. When the boy asks for the design to change to three circles, Rohan shoos the boy out and says that he'll consider his suggestion before shutting the door. In the office, Rohan notes that this boy only said what he already agreed with and must really be a big fan of his to have read and analyzed his work so carefully. Only, Rohan wonders whether three is really the best number. Taking out two sheets, Rohan folds them into a triangular wedge and a square bar each. Tapping on them with his pen, Rohan shows that the triangular wedge is more stable and explains how the number "3" has had importance significance across many culture. Uninterested, Izumi continues to suggest making Hot Summer Martha a little brother or a sister. Losing his patience, Rohan takes Izumi by the arm and throws her out. Izumi promises to come back tomorrow, privately noting that Rohan seems to have cheered up. Rohan goes back to work. Meanwhile, the little boy walks in the street, ranting about the number three. He suddenly slip right at the intersection leading to the Yabubako-Hoshi's shrine and when he stands up, has acquired a strange obsession with the game rock-paper-scissors.

Ken harasses Rohan to push him to play rock-paper-scissors with him.

Later, as Rohan is returning home from a walk with Bakin, he finds the boy sitting at his doorstep. The boy challenges him to a game of rock-paper-scissors but Rohan ignores him. After warming up for work and drawing for some time, Rohan decides to go out again. He calls for a taxi but is cut off by the boy who hails the taxi first. This annoys Rohan and the boy challenges him to a round of rock-paper-scissors to decide who'll get to ride. Rohan goes to a corner and turns the boy into a book with Heaven's Door to read his bio. He learns that the boy is named "Ken Oyanagi" with his quirks and preferences. Rohan also sees that the boy really loves the rock-paper-scissors game and that he uses "scissors" first. Rohan cancels his power and thus wins the round by playing rock, leaving the boy stunned. At another time, Rohan arrives at the cafe but Ken steals his place, playing dumb and arguing that he sat first. The waiter is unable to help because the establishment is full. Ken begins to make a scene. Izumi arrives and tells Rohan to just leave and act like an adult, but Rohan simply accepts Ken's implicit wish to play again. Ken tells Rohan that if he loses, it'll be a tie. Before he can explain more, Rohan tells him to shut up and move to the game. This time, Ken plays "rock" and Rohan plays "paper" and wins. Rohan gloats and shove Ken out of the way, greatly enjoying his victory. He also orders Ken to leave and cruelly laughs. Later, Izumi scolds him for being too strict on kids and fears about his reputation but Rohan does not care and makes her leave by winning a round of rock-paper-scissors against her. Later again in a library, Rohan finds an illustration he finds interesting and tries to check whether he has the money to buy it. However, Ken appears again and snatches the book to buy it. Angered, Rohan challenges Ken to a third round of rock-paper-scissors and almost punches Ken to threaten him. However, Ken happily announces that he's won since he's used "paper" against Rohan's "rock", his closed fist.

Ken steals a 1/3 of Rohan's strength and ability whenever he wins a round of RPS.

Suddenly, Rohan feels greatly weakened. He realizes that Ken must have a gift like him and he tries to flee. His weakness slows him down and thus Ken easily catches up. Rohan uses Heaven's Door on the boy and writes that Ken cannot attack him. Looking at his bio, Rohan read the huge disappointment in Ken felt when he discovered the altered Hot Summer Martha, then his anger against Rohan when the latter threw him out. Ken even feels that Rohan has no right to draw Pink Dark Boy. Rohan then discovers that something happened to Ken as his bio is suddenly covered by huge ink cross, followed by pages where Ken's thoughts are consumed by the idea of playing rock-paper-scissors. Suddenly, Ken wakes up, which startles Rohan. Ken declares his disapproval at Hot Summer Martha and has decided to forbid Rohan to draw manga forever. To do so, he will utterly beat Rohan at rock-paper-scissors, a game of three options founded on "having the will to win" or so he claims. Cornered, Rohan even sees that Ken can nullify his command. Finally, Ken explains that the whole game goes to whoevers wins three rounds first. Rohan tries to punch Ken, but Ken has taken command of a third of Rohan's body, including his right fist, and thus makes Rohan punch himself. Forced to flee, Rohan wonders what the ink cross means and guesses that it represents a road intersection. Thus, he is dealing with a Tsujigami, a yokai dwelling near intersections to mess with humans.

Rohan on the brink of defeat.

Pursued by Ken, Rohan flees up a service staircase until he's cornered on a roof. Rohan resigns himself to the fact he has to play rock-paper-scissors to escape. Still, he remains confident because he's closer to victory than Ken with his two prior wins. However, Ken declares that he'll outperform Rohan. Rohan tells him he's about to lose but Ken sees through the ploy to pressure him. Ken retorts by trying to analyze his next move. The boy explains that he's won with paper and that common sense would be to use another hand. But perhaps, says Ken, he should use paper again since Rohan would also think of throwing Ken off by the same hand. Staring intently at Rohan, Ken announces he's chosen his move. At the fourth round, Rohan plays "rock" again and Ken uses "paper" and thus Ken wins by having outsmarted Rohan with a bluff. This time, Rohan loses the strength in his legs and must kneel.

Ken asks if Rohan wishes to rest but Rohan manages to stand up and prop himself against a fence, saying that he wants to look down on Ken when he will win. Ken points out that they're at a tie now but that he doesn't think he'll lose at all since he's on a roll and Rohan has just lost twice in a row. Rohan thinks it is only a way to put pressure on him but Ken insists it's on factual. Rohan then makes his move. The mangaka declares that Ken won't use "paper" since he's won twice using it and thus Rohan wouldn't use the unlucky "rock" again to not risk losing. Ken doesn't seem moved and they resume the game. It's a tie because they used "paper", but Rohan is shocked to see Ken dared use paper. Feeling great, Ken plans on using paper for the fourth time while Rohan worriedly decides on using rock. As he throws his hand, Rohan accidentally slips because of his weak knees, which throws Ken off. Thus, they both end up using "rock". It is a tie again, but Rohan notes that "rock" is not so unlucky. He tries to invoke the idea that Ken's luck might be slipping, but Ken has solutions to reassure himself.

Ken exposing himself to a shower of glass shards to prove his luck.

Ken goes down, followed by Rohan. He decides to play a game of chance with Rohan and bets that Izumi, who's nearby, who not go to them even if he calls her. Ken shouts at Izumi and invites her to play rock-paper-scissors but Izumi has a meeting with another author and thus excuses herself. Confident, Ken then goes to an abandoned industrial area and throws a rock at a window. Standing right under it, Ken somehow escapes being cut by the shards while Rohan has been cut. Ken now feels extremely confident. However, Rohan then holds his hand forwards with the palm exposed, saying he's chosen to use "paper" and that it is now Ken's turn to choose, conceding that he indeed has luck on his side. Ken suspects a simple trick like closing the fist to make "rock", but Rohan gives him an advice. Ken has declared that he will beat Rohan, but the experienced mangaka replies that beating other is not really hard; the hardest thing to do is to outdo oneself. Thus, Rohan declares he will defeat his own bad luck. Ken advances and throws his hand. Suddenly, Rohan brings out the newest volume of Pink Dark Boy. Ken ends up using "rock". Ken is stunned to have used rock whereas he had chosen "scissor", but Rohan explains that he's seen that Ken feels angered by Hot Summer Martha and that he closes his fist in anger every time he's upset. Thus, Rohan pushed Ken into using "rock" by showing him the book. Having won the game, Rohan gently admonishes Ken for having relied on his luck whereas Rohan made his own luck with his skill and guile and outdid himself.

Rohan beats Ken by making his own luck.

Rohan leaves, but Ken refuses to acknowledge his defeat and challenges him again. Rohan calmly accepts and wins handily, making Ken trip. Still furious, Ken runs towards Rohan again but Rohan catches him. Rohan is pleased to have met a gutsy boy like Ken and throws a rock at another window, exposing himself to a rain of shards but coming unscathed from it. Ken finally concedes his defeat and Rohan leaves. However, he's left an autograph on Ken's volume with a sketch of the original Hot Summer Martha. Meanwhile, Izumi is knocking at Jugo Shishi's door but he is absent.

Later, Rohan and Izumi are walking Bakin in the park. Rohan remarks that she seems to have matched her meeting schedule with Bakin's walk although Izumi claims it was merely coincidental. Izumi tries to inquire about Ken Oyanagi and asks if their feud was resolved. Rohan answers noncommitally. Internally, Rohan reflects on the Tsujigami at the crossroads and how it was able to break through the barrier between worlds and possess Ken via the strong emotions the boy felt at the time. Rohan asks if Izumi knows about street fortune-telling which relies on interpreting coincidences at special places like crossroads to divine the future. Izumi is skeptical and wonders where you would find a special place. When Rohan tells her she doesn't actually need to be at a crossroads, Izumi tries to divine whether they'll travel overseas. A little boy appears complaining to his mother about not being able to visit a haunted house, which embarrasses Izumi.

Izumi dreams of visiting Paris and The Louvre.

Returning to Rohan's house, Izumi remarks that Japanese have strange beliefs but Rohan retorts that strange customs and beliefs can be found anywhere, pointing the legends like the curse of the Egyptian pharaoh Tut or the ghosts of the Tower of London. Rohan claims there is even a vampire association in Italy with more than two thousands members. To him, secrets can be found anywhere behind the veneer of normalcy in the world. Kyoka wonders where they should travel and suggests places like Hong Kong or Taiwan, but Rohan closes the door on her, telling her to come back later as he'll work on a story involving crossroads. In his office, Rohan proceeds to warm up his hands then starts to draw.

On her way, Izumi takes out a photo and has the idea of going to Paris and The Louvre.


Ken Oyanagi
(1st full appearance)
Jugo Shishi
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Manga/Drama Differences

  • Removed Ken Oyanagi climbing on top of a utility pole to eat oranges and Yoshihiro Kira.
  • Removed Rohan meeting Joseph Joestar and Shizuka Joestar.
  • Added scene of Ken asking Kyoka Izumi why Hot Summer Martha has four circles instead of three.
  • Added scene of Rohan petting Bakin and Kyoka asking if Rohan is still angry at her for Hot Summer Martha's design.
  • Added Ken following Kyoka to Rohan's house and knocking on his door. He also asks Rohan why Hot Summer Martha has four circles.
  • Changed Ken into being a big fan of Pink Dark Boy who is obsessed with the number 3.
  • Added scene of Rohan explaining the significance of the number 3.
  • Changed Ken being struck by the Arrow and falling off the pole to him tripping while he's walking on the crossroads due to the Tsujigami yokai.
  • Removed Ken's hole on his cheek.
  • Added scene of Rohan coming back home after a walk with Bakin and Ken waiting by his house, instead of seeing Rohan at the train station.
  • Added scene of Rohan exercising his arms and fingers.
  • Changed Ken loving soccer and playing baseball to him liking arithmetic and writing. He likes pointing out when his homeroom teacher makes a miscalculation or typo on the board. In the manga, he stopped playing baseball after his coach complained about his long hair, so he blew his nose on the coach's hat.
  • Added Ken's favorite Pink Dark Boy volumes being volumes 28 and 40, which he's reread about 20 times.
  • Removed Josuke Higashikata, Okuyasu Nijimura, and Yukako Yamagishi talking to Rohan at the café. They are replaced with Kyoka instead, who says their dialogue after Ken has a tantrum.
  • Changed Rohan kicking Ken away to him bumping him away with his back.
  • Added scene of Ken still staying there and Rohan ordering him to leave before laughing.
  • Added scene of Kyoka telling Rohan that he should be careful since he'll be in trouble if he goes viral for making a kid cry.
  • Removed Rohan telling Ken that he'll get Ken's school and parents involved if he keeps bothering him.
  • Changed Rohan punching Ken so that his fist doesn't actually connect with Ken's face, though Ken falls down anyways.
  • Removed the visual depiction of Heaven's Door being dragged away by Boy II Man.
  • Changed Ken's page to say he lined up in the morning to get volume 95 of Pink Dark Boy, excited to see Hot Summer Martha. He's then disappointed and thinks Rohan didn't create the character. In the manga, Ken's page says he coincidentally met Rohan at Morioh Station and wants to be like Rohan when he grows up.
  • Changed two of Ken's pages to be blank with a thick black "X" covering the pages. The pages after mention 3 being a perfect number and the start of Ken's rock-paper-scissors obsession.
  • Removed Rohan reading the rules of Boy II Man's ability and seeing its name.
  • Removed Ken explicitly mentioning which parts of Rohan's body he has control of.
  • Removed Ken saying Rohan punching himself was payback for Rohan punching Ken.
  • Changed the location of Rohan and Ken's rock-paper-scissors match to being on top of a building instead of on the street.
  • Changed Ken calling over Joseph and Josuke to bringing Kyoka over instead.
  • Changed Rohan using Shizuka to change Ken's hand into rock. Instead, Rohan takes out volume 95 of Pink Dark Boy and puts it in front of Ken. Seeing Hot Summer Martha's design subconsciously causes Ken to make a fist since he hates the design with 4 circles.
  • Removed Rohan threatening to use Heaven's Door to make Ken never play rock-paper-scissors again.
  • Removed Ken trying to kill himself by having a car hit him. Instead, Rohan throws a rock at a building's window, causing another glass shower. Ken admits defeat when Rohan is uninjured.
  • Added scene of Rohan leaving behind a drawing of Hot Summer Martha's original design with 3 circles on the back of the Pink Dark Boy volume.
  • Added scene of Kyoka visiting Jugo Shishi for an appointment but him not answering the door.
  • Added scene of Rohan and Kyoka walking with Bakin.
  • Added Rohan explaining the Tsujigami and telling Kyoka about street fortune-telling.
  • Added Kyoka saying she wants to travel abroad, kids talking about a haunted house, and Rohan mentioning bizarre phenomena around the world.
  • Added scene of Rohan exercising his fingers once again.
  • Added scene of Kyoka thinking about Paris and taking out a note mentioning the Louvre museum.




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