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SPOILER WARNING: Part 8 spoiler details may follow.

...So che qui in giro, c'è un nemico "oscuro"... Qualcuno che si è infiltrato nella società... E fino a quando esisterà il frutto del Rokakaka... Credo che questo bastardo farà di tutto per impossessarsene.

L' "Organizzazione dei Rokakaka" è un gruppo misterioso e segreto per la ricerca e le operazioni sul frutto Rokakaka, con quasi tutti i suoi membri come Uomini Roccia. I membri del gruppo, sono tutti Stand users, ed il loro ruolo è quello di antagonisti principali di JoJolion


La mente dietro l'organizzazione è Toru sfruttando Satoru Akefu, il primario del Ospedale Universitario del TG. E' un gruppo segreto il cui principale obiettivo è ancora sconosciuto. Però, alcune delle priorità del gruppo sono quelle di ottere il potere dato dallo scambio equivalente del Nuovo Rokakaka, vendendolo così segretamente per trarne guadagno.


The organization is largely secretive and not much is known about its formation or history. In 2009, Damo's smuggling cartel began utilizing the Higashikata Fruit Parlor's cargo shipments on the vessel where Yoshikage Kira was employed. An unspecified number of years ago four of its members joined the staff of TG University Hospital as doctors. Eventually, the group's mastermind would take over as Head Doctor.

Damokan Group

The Damokan Group (ダモカン達, Damokantachi),[1] led by Tamaki Damo, is primarily interested in smuggling Locacaca fruits. Working under Damo are Yotsuyu Yagiyama, Aisho Dainenjiyama, and the A. Phex Brothers. Jobin Higashikata serves as a business partner who used his family's business to launder money for Damo. The group's primary goals are monetary, wishing to market the Locacaca fruit to sick or injured clients willing to pay a high price for an opportunity to recover.[2] Spikes or bulbs similar to those found on the Locacaca fruits themselves seem to be a recurring design element among those involved in the smuggling operation.

Cartel members, excluding Jobin Higashikata

The organization secretly imports Locacaca fruits from New Guinea with the help of Jobin, who transports the fruits in and out of Japan as shipments from and to the Higashikata Fruit Company. In Japan, the fruits are transported in various ways and between members of the organization, until they are sold to wealthy clients afflicted in normally untreatable ways. The Locacaca's miraculous properties allows it to heal anything, thus it is highly sought after by whoever knows of its existence. Each fruit is sold at 200,000,000 yen[3] by the group. During the transaction, the clients are required to be alone and pay in cash.

The organization seeks to preserve the secret of the Locacaca to themselves, and thus restricts its customer base to a few wealthy people. In order to prevent thefts, each fruit tree is weighed before and after each trade. When someone discovers the Locacaca, the organization tracks down the culprit with the full intention of killing them. After they robbed branches from the organization, Tamaki Damo goes after Yoshikage Kira and Josefumi Kujo and almost kills both.[4] However, extraordinary circumstances leads to Kira and Josefumi escaping, resulting in the birth of Josuke Higashikata. Josuke's inquiry about his past leads to fights between him, Yasuho Hirose, Norisuke Higashikata IV and Tsurugi Higashikata against Yotsuyu, Aisho and the A.Phex Brothers. Damo is finally forced to confront the Higashikata family alone and is killed by Hato Higashikata and Josuke's concerted efforts.

Jobin eventually becomes the last remaining member of Damo's underground trade operation. Although he clearly shows signs of distress over Damo's death, he continues the former's hunt for the stolen branches for his own covert motivations. Rai Mamezuku later reveals that although he heard news of Damo's death, Damo himself isn't the only enemy. There are others that have slipped into society unnoticed and won't stop until they have the Locacaca in their possession. As such, this new threat obtains info on Rai's existence and pursues him, leading to Josuke and Yasuho having to battle the Rock Humans Urban Guerrilla and Doremifasolati Do to protect Rai.

Urban Guerrilla says that he allowed Damo and his men to roam free. However, he looks down on them as they used the Locacaca for their lust to make money, referring to them as nothing more than drug dealers.[5]

According to Holy Kira, the members of this group were likely unaware of their superiors' roles as hospital staff.[1]

TG University Hospital Research Team

While you guys are in a daze over making money and health, the New Locacaca will bring a whole new world to us! An exciting world where you guys constantly sink downward... and we rise to the top will come!

The researchers of the organization work in the medical field whose interest in the Locacaca fruit seem to stem from a desire to benefit the Rock Human race. Members of the organization are extremely knowledgeable in the nature of the Locacaca. Their current objective is to secure the New Locacaca for the benefit of at the very least its members, and at most the entire Rock Human race at large.

Toru's silhouette over the researchers hinting at his true role within the organization

The research team consists of Satoru Akefu (secretly Toru and his Stand, Wonder of U, under the guise of the Head Doctor), Poor Tom, Wu Tomoki, Urban Guerrilla and his pet Doremifasolati Do. Aside from Solati Do who serves as a vehicle for Urban Guerrilla, they are all doctors employed at TG University Hospital. They cultivate Locacaca to treat wealthy patients.

After Holy Joestar-Kira failed in her research of the Locacaca, Satoru and his group of researchers take over her laboratory in the back of the obstetrics examination room to cultivate several fruits.[6] This would eventually lead to the development of an experimental regenerative medicine called Locacaca 6251.

The research group first encounters Josuke Higashikata on Mount Hanarero, where Urban Guerilla and Doremifasolati Do pursue Josuke, Yasuho Hirose, and the newly discovered plant appraiser, Rai Mamezuku. The doctor and his pet are both destroyed by the combined efforts of Josuke and Rai. However, before their deaths, Josuke deduces that the group's "human" identities are that of doctors, much to the shock of Urban Guerilla.

The group sought out Jobin Higashikata who briefly allies with Poor Tom. However, this alliance is not mutual, as Poor Tom gives limited information about his intentions and tricks Jobin into bringing a particularly dangerous automatic Stand onto his property. Jobin later betrays the group, taking the grafted branch for himself. The organization does not hesitate to kill off anybody that it thinks would pose a threat to its operation, including its own members. One of them kills Poor Tom when he fails in his mission to retrieve the grafted branch.

The group loses yet another member during an encounter with Yasuho Hirose and Mitsuba Higashikata, the latter of which had been administered pure Locacaca by Wu Tomoki in a series of beauty treatments. Wu attacks Yasuho using his Stand ability when she follows Mitsuba into his office. Upon realizing that she had experience several equivalent exchanges, as well as revealing to Yasuho that she was pregnant, Mitsuba becomes enraged at the doctor and uses her own ability to fight back. Wu eventually meets his end at the hands of Josuke, who covers his fragmented body with medicinal cement and causes him to suffocate.

After the death of Wu, the head doctor himself, Satoru Akefu, encounters the organization's opposition multiple times. The first of these encounters comes the next day, when Josuke, Yasuho, and Rai attempt to pursue him. However, Satoru's powerful ability to influence the path of objects (as well as the damage done by their collisions with individuals) proves to be too overwhelming for the group, and Satoru is able to evade them by getting onto a bus. Within the next few days, Akefu's Stand ability terrorizes both Josuke's group as well as other members of the Higashikata family, including Mitsuba. On the same day that Satoru gives a lecture on the use of the newly-developed Locacaca 6251, Josuke manages to enter TG University Hospital and, after healing his wounds with the drug, decides to pursue the Locacaca itself instead of Satoru in order to avoid activating the head doctor's Stand.

It is eventually revealed that Satoru Akefu is actually the stand of Toru, revealing Toru's true role within the organization.


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