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Author's Note (JoJolion)

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In every volume of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, the front folded flap of the dust jacket usually contains a picture of Hirohiko Araki himself, and more than often a quotation. The quotations featured below the picture are always different from each other, and are usually about Araki expressing his opinion on certain subjects. These subjects can be about anything, including information about characters or the story itself. The following quotes and pictures below are from the volumes of JoJolion.


Chapter Translation Original

JJL Chapter 1
My front teeth have formed cavities, so I've given the protagonist diastema. Please enjoy my new work.

JJL Chapter 2
It's been a while since I've worked with Mr. Kabashima, my first editor. He was in charge of the new book, "Bizarre Horror Movie Analysis".

JJL Chapter 3
I'm not a fan of hot weather, but for some reason I've been enjoying summer this year. Maybe it's because I've set up wind chimes at home?

JJL Chapter 4
A JoJo novel is coming out. If you'd like to read it, please do. It's interesting!

JJL Chapter 5
These days I prefer soft spaghetti over al dente.

JJL Chapter 6
I bought a supercar calendar. I don't even drive, so even I don't understand why I did it.

JJL Chapter 7
I went to go see a "planetarium" in my neighborhood and learned alot in a short period of time. I was honestly impressed.

JJL Chapter 8
Both my left and right jogging shoes broke simultaneously while I was running. Isn't that amazing?

JJL Chapter 9
I went on a trip to Gifu. It was cold, but being able to walk around an old post town was still nice.

JJL Chapter 10
I admire Bunraku puppet shows. The puppets are surprisingly huge!

Chapter Translation Original

JJL Chapter 11
I bought a pair of glasses to look at the sun for the total solar eclipse. Hoping for clear skies!

JJL Chapter 12
I read Thermae Romae. It's amazing that Rome had running water in those days.

JJL Chapter 13
When I was walking around the neighborhood, I was attacked by crows and they took my hat. They gave it back though.

JJL Chapter 14
I've been eating a lot of shumai bento this summer. As a result, I've had to frequently take the bullet train.

JJL Chapter 15
The phone I'm using now is the one I bought when the JoJo series started, so this is also its 25th anniversary.

JJL Chapter 16
This super-friendly Doberman walks around my neighborhood, but I don’t trust it. I just can't.

JJL Chapter 17
I went to hang out with Mr. Fujiko A. He's a very kind person; I wish I could be like him.

JJL Chapter 18
I'm going to put even more effort into drawing "JoJoLion" this year than I did last year! Please look forward to it.

JJL Chapter 19
They've been releasing some pretty exciting Western CDs recently. Stuff like Gotye, Tim McGraw, etc.

JJL Chapter 20
I'm taking a yoga class. The yoga teacher is a little on the chubby side. If that's fine with them, it's fine with me.

Chapter Translation Original

JJL Chapter 21
During meetings, I drink ginger ale without ice. I can't do coffee since it makes it hard to sleep later.

JJL Chapter 22
I've been watching a lot of cooking shows, and I have to say that Yoshiharu Doi is an amazing chef. I respect him.

JJL Chapter 23
My favorite food these days is arugula salad.

JJL Chapter 24
I didn't get a ticket for Paul McCartney's concert in Japan. I wish I could have seen him.

JJL Chapter 25
It's been so hot this summer that I've only worn polo shirts for about two months.

JJL Chapter 26
I don't know how it happened, but I gave a lecture at the University of Tokyo, Wahahaha.

JJL Chapter 27
The other day, when I went to buy a shimonita green onion (negi), I daringly said, 'Could I have some shimoneta green onion.' Hahaha!

JJL Chapter 28
Happy New Year. My goal for this year is to travel west of Kyoto.

JJL Chapter 29
Bruce Springsteen's new album "High Hopes" is a masterpiece.
Bruce Springsteenのニューアルバム『High Hopes』、傑作出来上がりましたね。

JJL Chapter 30
I love zombie movies and "Solitary Gourmet". They both depict the roots of humanity. Big fan!

Chapter Translation Original

JJL Chapter 31
I've got stones in my kidneys, although the medicine dissolved them.

JJL Chapter 32
It just occurred to me, but I hate straws and have never once used them. When I drink with them, it's just awkward.

JJL Chapter 33
I like to watch sports games that are overwhelmingly won. If it's too close to call, I worry about what will happen if the score is tied.

JJL Chapter 34
I don't feel like traveling these days. Walking around the neighborhood is the best.

JJL Chapter 35
My goal for this summer is to go to a fireworks display somewhere in the region. I've added a fireworks app.

JJL Chapter 36
I'm momentarily addicted to Vivino, an app that gives you wine information just by taking a picture.

JJL Chapter 37
I bought the La Betra da Occhiai recipe book and have been making everything from page one.

JJL Chapter 38
Went to see Dirty Loops and YES live. It was a great performance that really made me "listen" to the music.
Dirty LoopsとYESのライブに行った。音楽を「聴かせる」素晴らしい演奏でした。

JJL Chapter 39
Happy New Year. I'm going to try my best to get on a plane this year, I never got on one last year!

JJL Chapter 40
The thing I want most right now is a Tokyo Station Suica, which I've already got.

Chapter Translation Original

JJL Chapter 41
I'm addicted to the one-stroke mountain climbing show "Great Traverse".

JJL Chapter 42
Mr. Kabashima, my first editor, has retired. Thank you for all your hard work.

JJL Chapter 43
I was wrestling with my external disc drive for 5 hours because it wouldn’t read CDs. Turns out I was putting the discs in upside down.

JJL Chapter 44
It may sound a bit surprising, but I eat cherries by peeling them. I peel every single one.

JJL Chapter 45
I admire people at the bar who can say that their drink tastes bad and have it replaced. I couldn't do it myself.

JJL Chapter 46
I went to the anime's afterparty and there were lots of people there. Sorry for watching it so casually.

JJL Chapter 47
I read Stephen King's "Doctor Sleep" during summer vacation. It's been a while since I've read a book this thick.

JJL Chapter 48
After Masaharu Fukuyama got married, my female acquaintances have shut themselves in. Are you gals alright?

JJL Chapter 49
This year's celebrity marriages and such have been interesting in a way.

JJL Chapter 50
I saw a "Kesaran Pasaran" in Yoyogi Park. It's an unidentified creature. I wish you a happy new year.

Chapter Translation Original

JJL Chapter 51
Something I'm really into. Radio Gymnastics #3.

JJL Chapter 52
Ever since the editor-in-chief started playing golf, work has felt a bit unpleasant.

JJL Chapter 53
I've been addicted to stamp collecting since the "Japanese Architecture Series" of intaglio stamps.

JJL Chapter 54
Prince was a person I respected from my youth. I pray for his soul.

JJL Chapter 55
When I encounter something new, I tend to focus more on whether or not it's necessary. For example, do we really need new national holidays?

JJL Chapter 56
We have a new editor. Please be kind to him!

JJL Chapter 57
Starting this year, the air conditioner will be on full blast 24 hours a day at 28 degrees Celsius.

JJL Chapter 58
I designed an illustration for the Kumano Hongū Taisha amulet that will be distributed starting on September 22.

JJL Chapter 59
I grilled and ate a moray eel at an izakaya. It was surprisingly good.

JJL Chapter 60
There's this old man in my neighborhood who sounds like a kitty cat when he sneezes. I don't get it.

Chapter Translation Original

JJL Chapter 61
Happy New Year. I will do my best this year. I look forward to working with you.

JJL Chapter 62
I've been doing this for a long time, but I've done about 10 pull-ups. I feel like I'm doing great.

JJL Chapter 63
I have a CRT TV that I bought in '89. It was working fine but it finally broke.

JJL Chapter 64
I'm in the market for a new smartphone, and I'm wondering if there are any amazingly advanced smartphones out there.

JJL Chapter 65
I'm addicted to "Kita no Kuni Kara," an old drama. Masterpieces transcend time.

JJL Chapter 66
When I went to buy an electric lamp, I was told that the life expectancy of the lamp is when the LED ends.

JJL Chapter 67
I've drawn a new Rohan Kishibe story for another magazine coming out next month. I hope I'm not interrupting anything!

JJL Chapter 68
The JoJo exhibition is ongoing at the moment. Let's all cheer up and get through the hot summer!

JJL Chapter 69
I go to a dentist office run by two identical sisters. They're great doctors, but it's frightening when they approach you at the same time.

JJL Chapter 70
Thank you very much for the JoJo exhibition and everything else this summer. There will be new developments in the future, so please keep an eye out for them.

Chapter Translation Original

JJL Chapter 71
The biggest tragedy this year was probably Toshiba ending Sazae-san's commercial. Was it too controversial?

JJL Chapter 72
Thank you for this year! I'll do my best for the JoJo exhibition next summer!

JJL Chapter 73
I went on a winter trip to Kanazawa. There were so many delicious foods!

JJL Chapter 74
It's annoying having to pay extra when I go over the data usage limit on my smartphone, but I'll just have to push through it.

JJL Chapter 75
For firefly squid pasta, I added grated garlic instead of sliced garlic and it tasted amazing!!

JJL Chapter 76
We're having a Jojo exhibition in the summer! I'll tell you about it the day after tomorrow! That's what I'll say the day after tomorrow!

JJL Chapter 77
The animal I'm most interested in right now is the Pallas's cat. There seems to be a few at the zoo.

JJL Chapter 78
My favorite show these days is a BS program called "American Vintage. I think people and civilization are good.
最近好きなのは『アメリカン ヴィンテージ』というBSの番組。人間と文明って良いなぁとか思う。

JJL Chapter 79
I tried making a reservation at a famous sushi restaurant and was told it wouldn't be until the "October of the year after the Tokyo Olympics ends".

JJL Chapter 80
During a trip through the mountains of Nagano, I met a Serow and we both went "Oh". Then we went "ciao".

Chapter Translation Original

JJL Chapter 81
This is the first time I'm actually going to Osaka properly. I want to go there and say hello.

JJL Chapter 82
I went to Shanghai. It was nice to see the old cityscape still standing.

JJL Chapter 83
My first dream of the year was a bee stinging the ring finger of my left hand. Is this good or bad luck?

JJL Chapter 84
I'm going to grow mint, lemongrass, and other herbs in pots this year!

JJL Chapter 85
Welcome to the new imperial era. The Araki family will also be getting new tombstones.

JJL Chapter 86
The 2nd Sicario film was a masterpiece! I look forward to the third one!

JJL Chapter 87
Anyone else think it's dumb when a steakhouse gets you full off appetizers before the steak?

JJL Chapter 88
I've started using a video distribution platform. I get very accurate recommendations, how does it know what I like?

JJL Chapter 89
I climbed the Tokyo Tower for the first time. Once again, it's amazing that the tower can be seen from anywhere in the city.

JJL Chapter 90
I was attacked by gnats this year. I went to the mountains in shorts, so....

Chapter Translation Original

JJL Chapter 91
I'm traveling to Italy for Lucca Comics & Games. It's technically for work, but I always enjoy going to Italy.

JJL Chapter 92
My new exercise routine is Power Plate. I'm vibrating all the way to the top of my head.

JJL Chapter 93
Food that I've never eaten.. I want to try eating Massaman curry. If I'm going to eat it, I want it to be delicious.

JJL Chapter 94
Happy New Year. There'll be a JOJO Exhibition in Nagasaki and Kanazawa just before the Olympics. I look forward to seeing you all there. Now, let's read "JoJolion"!

JJL Chapter 95
I've been seeing a lot of people playing on the road this March. Football, playing catch, skateboards, etc. I like it personally.

JJL Chapter 96
Even in this situation, manga artists are still drawing as usual. Everyone, please stay safe.

JJL Chapter 97
I'm hard at work drawing, so you don't have to worry about me. Please continue to be careful, everyone.

JJL Chapter 98
I keep an eco-bag and mask at work and at home so I don't forget them, but I forget them every time and have to go back to get them.

JJL Chapter 99
There was a woman in a white dress standing around absent-mindedly on the far corner of the train platform. Was I the only one who could see her? She was pretty, but also seemed like one of those enthusiasts who enjoy taking photos of trains.

JJL Chapter 100
I installed a remote app called ZOOM! But all of a sudden I was too shy to speak.

Chapter Translation Original

JJL Chapter 101
I'm currently excited for the PS5 and the Dune movie.
いま楽しみなのはPS5と映画の「DUNE/デューン 砂の惑星」ですかな。

JJL Chapter 102
The pronunciation was written as Kyo Nijimura, but I just never checked it this whole time. It's pronounced Kei, as in the number.

JJL Chapter 103
This has been a year of self-restraint, but they'll be showing Rohan's TV Drama on NHK at the end of the year, so please look forward to it!

JJL Chapter 104
Happy New Year. I'm praying that this coronavirus situation ends. JoJolion is also in its final stage.

JJL Chapter 105
I'm looking forward to the invention of self-driving cars. I wonder if that means it would be okay for me even without having a license.

JJL Chapter 106
I didn't buy any clothes for a while due to self-restraint, but I finally went out to buy some and immediately got them dirty while drawing.

JJL Chapter 107
I've been cooking so much that my vegetable chopping skills have surpassed my ability to draw with a stylus now (pats myself on the back).

JJL Chapter 108
I recently found some basic white bread that is actually really delicious. Try eating it in a side by side comparison with other bread and you won't be able to go back.

JJL Chapter 109
"JoJolion" will conclude in the next issue. I just want Josuke and Yasuho-chan to be happy.

JJL Chapter 110
Thank you very much for these past 10 years of JoJolion! Let's take a bit of a rest, and then meet with the new "JOJOLANDS" (tentative).

JJL Volume 1

Hello. This is the beginning of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure "Part 8". I made the stage the fictitious town of "Morioh" from Part 4, a story I wrote a long time ago. But this, "Part 8" isn't linked to that story at all. The stage is the same "Morioh" of Japan, but this is a story about different inhabitants. Therefore, even if you haven't read "Part 4" or don't really remember it, or have no memory of it whatsoever, you'll be all right.  I really hope you enjoy it. And I send my regards and best wishes to all of you.

Jojolion lucca message.jpg
To my Italian readers, it is truly wonderful that JoJo and my works have been beloved for such a long time here in Italy, one of the places I treasure the most. The world of JoJo is far from being over and I would be honored if you kept following it with this passion. A warm greeting.

JJL Volume 2

The "-lion" part of the title "JoJolion" is a suffix that, to my understanding, means "blessed one," "gospel," or "commemorative seal." It's a word from ancient Greek or something like that. I combined it with "JoJo" in order to signify the existence of the protagonist "Josuke" in this world. There's also "Pygmalion," which is the name of a tragic king from a Greek myth and the Japanese animation "Evangelion," but I'm not sure if there's any connection.

JJL Volume 3

Sometimes, I am confronted with a Cornelian dilemma such as "Which came first, the egg or the the chicken?"

Despite racking my brain over it, I never manage to find an answer. In that case, I prefer to decide on the answer myself (laugh). I tell myself "No doubt, the egg must have come first." And just like this, life comes in order and everything's fine again.

Huh? What is my point, you ask? Well... I forgot. Sorry!

JJL Volume 4

I think the season of "Anger" may have come. On the early-morning TV weather forecast, the weather man asks the audience "So, what do you think the highest temperature in Japan will be?" and then cuts to commercial! This is the morning when we're in a hurry trying to figure out what sorta outfit we should be leaving the house in, don't screw around! Moron. Are you a weatherman or some sort of entertainer? Are you a quiz show host or something?! I hate people that're vague like that! Maybe I'll just look up what the high for today is on the internet during the commercials and then I won't need you!

JJL Volume 5

There are some things I just kinda have fun drawing. Previously, I really enjoyed doing the character Polnareff's hairstyle, the original Josuke's hairstyle, Killer Queen's whole design, and Soft & Wet's ears. Those sort of drawings where you draw them up with a "swish swish", I go "Ooh!" from the impression it gives myself. This time, I have a lot of fun drawing Yasuho-chan's skirt and don't want to let anyone else draw it, but whenever I do draw it, I always think the flowers on the skirt have got to feel lumpy on her butt so she can't sit down. Are you okay, Yasuho? I'm a little worried.

JJL Volume 6

This is kind of a negative topic. I've been thinking about what are some things I hate to hear people say to me. For those, the #1 worst is "What a long story." Not about manga. I just don't wanna be one of those kinds of adults. Ahaha. Then #2 "You're fixating on glorifying the past." WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Man, I seriously don't want people saying that to me at ALL. #3 "I'm not using this charger anymore, do you want it?" #4 "I'm surprised you don't know of any good Sushi places." I know at least one beautiful place. And I'm using a brand-new cell phone, dangit! #5 "Have you gotten taller?" That's all.

JJL Volume 7

There are some very creepy song lyrics, for instance London Bridge's lyrics or this children's tune Tōryanse: "Going in is easy, but returning is scary." As for me, I've recently been marked by the lyrics of this American folk ballad: Oh My Darling, Clementine. Clementine is the daughter of a miner. Light as a fairy, she drowns in a river and dies because of her big feet. The narrator, Clementine's father or maybe her lover, laments her passing until the day he kisses her little sister and forgets his dear Clementine. Oh my god! What the hell is that ending?! What the heck is that guy playing at?! In any case, it was a powerful song.

JJL Volume 8

I think everyone has places they admire. As for me, I admire ancient ruins in a desert or deep blue seas and so I make them into settings for manga. I put a strong feeling of "I sure would like to go to this place" to the places where I set my manga. But, well, then once I've done that, I end up actually going to those places as research. And I never really want to go. 'Why should I go, I shouldn't really have to, right?' I think to myself. But then I'll go because it's for work so I guess I just have to. I think I just really don't like traveling. I realized that recently.

JJL Volume 9

"If the world ended tomorrow, what would you have as your last meal?" I often ask this question. Everyone has their own answers and I have quite some fun with it. For my part, I would like to end my life with the "fried oysters" of a three-stars Japanese restaurant. But the chefs would surely have better things to do on this day than cooking for me. So, why not let myself be tempted by some "spaghetti with tomato sauce"? It's my mother's favorite recipe. As a child, I used to eat these softened pastas flavoured with some onions. But of course, that's what I needed! Well, I think I will make myself some of that for tomorrow's lunch.

JJL Volume 10

"What is the second highest mountain of Japan?" Nobody can answer this question. Not even with a "Ah shoot, it's on the tip of my tongue..." nothing at all. Poor mountain. The answer was "Mt. Kita", which is 3193m high.

It stands at the second position in all of Japan, but it received nobody's attention. But what can you do? Mt. Fuji is so high, and everybody loves it.

Look at Mt. Kita's name, it looks like it's been chosen at random. Mt. Kita (北岳 Kita-dake) means "northern peak", so it must have been north of something... In short, we've seen better in the prestige department. Notice that Mt. Fuji also has the perfect look for a mountain so... If Mt. Kita had been the highest peak in Japan, people would perhaps not even acknowledge it. Or worse people would even have a grudge against it and even destroy it to take it down a notch. Well, Mt. Kita, you can count yourself lucky to be second place.

JJL Volume 11

I'm a bit reluctant to say this, this isn't something I'm generally into, but one time when the opportunity arose, I went to a classical piano concert. I'm not going to write the pianist's name here, but let me just say, they were incredible. I ended up being moved in a way I never had before. I thought that classical meant interpreting great compositions and playing them with precision, but what I found there was what felt both like the pianist was treating the instrument as part of their body and doing battle with the instrument at the same time. I'm used to digital, programmed music, so I'd forgotten about this concept altogether. It almost made me question if I was still in the same day and age, but I was.

JJL Volume 12

I made a set of personal standards to judge whether the things I see in life are OK or not OK. When I go to my office, I travel through a residential area, where you can see a house that's got things hung to dry on the veranda. I don't know whether the owner of the house is elderly or young, but the washing pole is stuck straight through the sleeves of their shirts and the legs of their pants, and so on. That's not something you see too often... They also put their shoes on the handrail to dry after washing. Now, is this OK or not OK? Verdict: OK! (Standards to be continued on the next volume)

JJL Volume 13

Is something okay? Is it not okay? My assessment depends on whether it enriches your life.

I have assessed drying your laundry on a washing pole to be okay. The reason being, whenever that house doesn't have their laundry hung up to dry on that pole, I get pretty disappointed and saddened by its absence. It makes me think, Hang up that laundry, guys. Please.

Conversely, what I think are not okay are houses that hang their Christmas lights up by the window so other people can see them. Smugness is unpleasant. One of the factors of my assessment is smugness. In other words, smugness is not enriching.

JJL Volume 14

I'm going to sound like a complete fanboy writing this, but there are times when I hear music that makes me think "How is it that in the multiple decades I've been alive that I've never heard this incredibly talented person before?" Where have they been all my life that I've never even heard a thing about them? How did they stay hidden from me all this time? There are people like that out there that feels like a shock when I first get introduced to them. Names like Leonard Cohen and Curtis Mayfield. Among them is a band called "CAN". And one song of theirs called 'Vitamin C' with vocals by Damo Suzuki. And for that reason, I named a villain character 'Damo Kan'. ("Kan" is another reading of the kanji for Tamaki Damo's first name.)

JJL Volume 15

Current status... recently, I've fallen in love with attending parties. I'm not sure why, though. I'm just in that mood. On the other hand, I don't like travelling because it's seriously so much effort. I'm just in that mood, too.

When I was young, it was the opposite. I longed for other countries, and I even wanted to go to places I didn't have to.

Even though weird people used to exist and still exist, I used to hate going to parties. Is there some causative relationship here? If I'm invited to a party in another country, what should I do?

JJL Volume 16

I've always wanted a tree house. Like those hideouts American kids build in their huge back yards, where they play poker and stuff. I used to be so jealous of them. But, nowadays, what I dream about is a lift house, where you live on an aerial lift in the mountains. It would be ultra high-tech, and everything's electronic. You can move around on the cables, and you've got everything you need right there. Mamezuku is living the life! He can harvest his crops while he's right above them, and then cook them on the spot. That's the life! Mamezuku, please invite me over.

JJL Volume 17

I won't mention any titles, but the fact that we've had several "good horror movies" recently is not just enjoyable, it's a relief. By "good" here, I mean "scary". First horror movies tend to get made on low budgets, so they don't need to have big-name stars. Then if they're R-rated, they're relatively free. They have the same spirit as rebellious rock songs. Horror is an expression of society's anxiety, so you can really tell how talented the people that made it are when you see one. So that sort of movie being "good" means our society, culture, and that spirit aren't stagnating but rather "developing". So when I see a good horror movie, I always both enjoy it and feel relieved.

JJL Volume 18

Me: What are you going to do now?

Dentist: I'm going to perform treatment on your cavity.
Me: Uh huh. Okay.

I went to the dentist, and I don't know much about this, but do conversations with your dentist normally go like this? I was wondering, could I possibly have cavities? So, went to the dentist, and that's how it happened. What are they going to do to me? I wanted to know so I could make mental preparations. After this conversation, I got my cavity drilled, filled, and treated."

JJL Volume 19

Regarding a recent mystery: I have a younger sister (50s), and apparently she fell and broke her leg. Was it minor? Was she severely hurt? I had no idea, and then my sister said she wouldn't be attending an Araki family celebration, so I called her and asked, "Is your leg okay?" and my sister responded, "Ufu." Just that. What in the world? Why couldn't she give me an answer? This sister has a daughter in her 20s, so I asked her, "How is your mom's leg doing?" and she responded, "Ufu." Just that. Are they telling me to use my imagination to discern the hidden meaning behind "Ufu?" What is "Ufu"?

JJL Volume 20

"Believe in yourself! I know you can do it!" doesn't seem to be something anyone's ever thought about me as child.

For certain reasons, I was at the hospital and had to have a suppository put into me. "I'll do it myself", I'd said. But then a nurse with a pretty cute face said to me, "No, I'll do it", as she put on her rubber gloves with a snap.

I've been thinking about my childhood. Suppositories always made fevers go down quick, so even if I yelled "I can do it!" I would be told "No, your father will do it". Why does everybody want to put suppositories into me so bad? Like, what? Is the rate of "pew & roll" on the floor really that high?

JJL Volume 21

In Europe, countries like France or Italy apparently don't use the "H" sound very much, so they can't really say Hirohiko. It'd be iroiko or eroiko. Wait... ero-iko (erotic-boy)? Ero-iko Araki. Well, that's not too bad. I'm satisfied. No... Actually, it sounds pretty cool now that I think about it...

JJL Volume 22

For the first time in a long time, I took a trip around historical locations in Italy such as Florence and Lucca. I always enjoy traveling there. When I thought about why I like it so much, I decided that it must be because I can sense the rise and fall of humanity in those places. On my journey this time, I wondered about the sculptors and painters who stopped midway through their creations, and thought: Why did they stop? It really moved me. Or an architectual structure where a woman married a rich man who later fell to ruin. It's sad. And the fact that many people come from all over the world to view these spots is also great.

JJL Volume 23

I declare "SLEEP WALK" (by Santo & Johnny) to be the world's greatest and foremost song for happiness! Not the kind of happiness when you're all pumped up. It's like that relaxed calm of your being a healthy kid who's going fishing and playing with your friends, without any worries or obstruction from the rest of the world. The timbre of the guitar is just covered in happiness. It's truly no. 1. But, it's just so much happiness, when the song ends, and you return to reality, you're left feeling extremely unhappy. Uh, so what is it that I want to say? Just the usual. You know how it is. That's all.

JJL Volume 24

An acquaintance of mine recently had a baby and that had me thinking. Being born in the year 2020, that child would be 80 years old by 2100 A.D! Wow! That's the 22nd century! That goes beyond all the sci-fi books I read when I was a kid. And that child will get to see it with their own eyes. But that does make me wonder what kind of world that would be? If we make a prediction based on the current climate, I have this strong feeling the world will be a very scary place. That said, what if we discover a new technology like the "New Locacaca"? Or better yet, some type of organism superior to human beings. You know, something like a "Rock Human"?

JJL Volume 25

We all want to stop the spread of corona, but we also don't want to stop people from going out, or halt the economy. This world is full of contradictory rules or "dilemmas".

It applies to manga too; we have to adhere to a set number of pages, but we also want to keep the story moving. As an author, there are various things I'd like to draw, but I'm sadly forced to cut them. The medium is riddled with legitimate "dilemmas".

These "dilemmas" cannot be solved by theory alone, and only in the world of fiction can we tackle these "dilemmas". This 25th volume depicts such a "dilemma".

JJL Volume 26

I'm not one to talk about what I do to the public, but recently I've been exercising with a machine that vibrates. It's called a "vibration machine," and when you get on it, it shakes your legs, spine, brain, and teeth.

I heard that it was originally designed for rehabilitation of injuries. I was skeptical at first, wondering if it would really have the same effect as physical exercise. But when I tried it seriously, I gained a lot of muscle and ended up out of breath very easily. It's a machine that gradually brings out positive effects before you know it. I think it's a great invention and I really like the concept of gradual* effect because it's just like "JoJolion."

*Gradual (徐々) in Japanese is pronounced "JoJo".

JJL Volume 27


Who's stronger, Godzilla or Ultraman? That's always been on my mind ever since I fantasized about it as a child. Even when writing JoJo, this type of topic is not something I can avoid. Who is the strongest villain? What is strength and what is peak fortune?

I've decided that the strongest and most terrifying adversary one can face is called "calamity." Calamity attacks irrationally, but is actually bound by a certain logic, and will encroach every person equally.

It’s too powerful and trying to overcome it might in itself be beyond hope. This is the conclusion of JoJolion.




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