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In every volume of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, the front folded flap of the dust jacket usually contains a picture of Hirohiko Araki himself, and more than often a quotation. The quotations featured below the picture are always different from each other, and are usually about Araki expressing his opinion on certain subjects. These subjects can be about anything, including information about characters or the story itself. The following quotes and pictures below are from the volumes of JoJolion.


Chapter Translation Original

JJL Chapter 1 My front teeth have formed cavities, so I've given the protagonist diastema. Please enjoy my new work. 前歯が虫歯になったので主人公がすきっ歯になりました。新作よろしくお願いします。

JJL Chapter 2 It's been a while since I've worked with Mr. Kabashima, my first editor. He was in charge of the new book, "Bizarre Horror Movie Analysis". 新書の〔奇妙なホラー映画論〕、初代担当・椛島氏との久々のお仕事でした。

JJL Chapter 3 I'm not a fan of hot weather, but for some reason I've been enjoying summer this year. Maybe it's because I've set up wind chimes at home? 暑いの苦手ですけど、今年の夏はどこか好きです。家に風鈴さげたせいかなあ~?

JJL Chapter 4 A JoJo novel is coming out. If you'd like to read it, please do. It's interesting! ジョジョの小説が出ます。よろしければ読んでください。おもしろいよ!

JJL Chapter 5 These days I prefer soft spaghetti over al dente. 最近好きなのは、固いのよりユルユルのスパゲティ。

JJL Chapter 6 I bought a supercar calendar. I don't even drive, so even I don't understand why I did it. スーパーカーのカレンダーを買った。運転もしないのに、自分でも「何故?」

JJL Chapter 7 I went to go see a "planetarium" in my neighborhood and learned alot in a short period of time. I was honestly impressed. 近所の「プラネタリウム」行ってみました。早くあるの教えてよ。感動しました。

JJL Chapter 8 Both my left and right jogging shoes broke simultaneously while I was running. Isn't that amazing? ジョギングシューズが、走ってる時に左右同時に壊れました。同時ってすごくない?

JJL Chapter 9 I went on a trip to Gifu. It was cold, but being able to walk around an old post town was still nice. 岐阜旅行に行ってきました。寒かったけど、昔の宿場町の散策はよかったなあ。

JJL Chapter 10 I admire Bunraku puppet shows. The puppets are surprisingly huge! 人形浄瑠璃の文楽を鑑賞。人形が意外と大きくてびっくりした。

Chapter Translation Original

JJL Chapter 11 I bought a pair of glasses to look at the sun for the total solar eclipse. Hoping for clear skies! 皆既日食用に太陽を見るメガネを買った。晴天を願う!

JJL Chapter 12 I read Thermae Romae. It's amazing that Rome had running water in those days. 『テルマエ・ロマエ』を読んだ。あの時代に水道があったローマってすごいね。

JJL Chapter 13 When I was walking around the neighborhood, I was attacked by crows and they took my hat. They gave it back though. 近所を歩いていたらカラスに襲われて帽子を奪われた。返してもらったけど。

JJL Chapter 14 I've been eating a lot of shumai bento this summer. As a result, I've had to frequently take the bullet train. 今年の夏はシュウマイ弁当を本当によく食べたなあ。よく新幹線に乗ったから。

JJL Chapter 15 The phone I'm using now is the one I bought when the JoJo series started, so this is also its 25th anniversary. 今使っている家の電話機は『ジョジョ』の連載が始まった時に買ったもの。イエデンも25周年。

JJL Chapter 16 This super-friendly Doberman walks around my neighborhood, but I don’t trust it. I just can't. 超人懐っこいドーベルマンが近所を散歩してるんだけど、僕は信用してない。できるわけない。

JJL Chapter 17 I went to hang out with Mr. Fujiko A. He's a very kind person; I wish I could be like him. 藤子A先生のところに遊びに行った。優しい先生。ああなりたいなあ。

JJL Chapter 18 I'm going to put even more effort into drawing "JoJoLion" this year than I did last year! Please look forward to it. 今年も去年以上に、『ジョジョリオン』力入れて描きます!よろしくね。

JJL Chapter 19 They've been releasing some pretty exciting Western CDs recently. Stuff like Gotye, Tim McGraw, etc. 最近の洋楽CD、盛り上がっていいです。ゴティエとかTマッグロウとか。

JJL Chapter 20 I'm taking a yoga class. The yoga teacher is a little on the chubby side. If that's fine with them, it's fine with me. ヨガ教室に通っています。ヨガの先生がちょっとポッチャリ目。それで良いなら良いです。

Chapter Translation Original

JJL Chapter 21 During meetings, I drink ginger ale without ice. I can't do coffee since it makes it hard to sleep later. 打ち合わせ時の飲物はジンジャーエール氷なし。コーヒーは後で眠れなくなるからなあ。

JJL Chapter 22 I've been watching a lot of cooking shows, and I have to say that Yoshiharu Doi is an amazing chef. I respect him. 料理番組をよく見ているけど、土井善晴先生はやっぱりすごい。尊敬してます。

JJL Chapter 23 My favorite food these days is arugula salad. 最近の大好物はルッコラだけのサラダ。

JJL Chapter 24 I didn't get a ticket for Paul McCartney's concert in Japan. I wish I could have seen him. ポール・マッカートニーの来日公演のチケット外れた。観たかったなあ。

JJL Chapter 25 It's been so hot this summer that I've only worn polo shirts for about two months. この夏は、暑くて2か月くらいポロシャツしか着なかったなぁ。

JJL Chapter 26 I don't know how it happened, but I gave a lecture at the University of Tokyo, Wahahaha. どういうわけか分からないけど東大で講演したぞワハハハハ。

JJL Chapter 27 The other day, when I went to buy a shimonita green onion (negi), I daringly said, 'Could I have some shimoneta green onion.' Hahaha! この間、下仁田ネギを買いに行った時、あえて「下ネタねぎ下さい」と言ってみました。ワハハ!

JJL Chapter 28 Happy New Year. My goal for this year is to travel west of Kyoto. 謹賀新年。今年の目標は京都より西へ旅行すること。

JJL Chapter 29 Bruce Springsteen's new album "High Hopes" is a masterpiece. Bruce Springsteenのニューアルバム『High Hopes』、傑作出来上がりましたね。

JJL Chapter 30 I love zombie movies and "Solitary Gourmet". They both depict the roots of humanity. Big fan! やっぱ癒しはゾンビ映画と『孤独のグルメ』。どちらも人間の根源を描いている。大ファン!

Chapter Translation Original

JJL Chapter 31 I've got stones in my kidneys, although the medicine dissolved them. 薬で溶かしちゃったけど腎臓に結石ができた。

JJL Chapter 32 It just occurred to me, but I hate straws and have never once used them. When I drink with them, it's just awkward. 今気づいたけどストローが嫌いで使ったことが一度もない。ストローで飲むと不味いよね。

JJL Chapter 33 I like to watch sports games that are overwhelmingly won. If it's too close to call, I worry about what will happen if the score is tied. スポーツ観戦は圧倒的に勝ってるのが好き。僅差だと同点になったらどうしようって心配。

JJL Chapter 34 I don't feel like traveling these days. Walking around the neighborhood is the best. 最近、旅行したくない気分。近所の散歩が一番。

JJL Chapter 35 My goal for this summer is to go to a fireworks display somewhere in the region. I've added a fireworks app. この夏の目標はどこか地方の花火大会に行くこと。花火アプリ入れた。

JJL Chapter 36 I'm momentarily addicted to Vivino, an app that gives you wine information just by taking a picture. 写真を撮るだけでワイン情報が分かるアプリ「Vivino」に一瞬はまった。

JJL Chapter 37 I bought the La Betra da Occhiai recipe book and have been making everything from page one. ラ・ベットラ・ダ・オチアイのレシピ本を買って、1ページ目から全部作ってる。

JJL Chapter 38 Went to see Dirty Loops and YES live. It was a great performance that really made me "listen" to the music. Dirty LoopsとYESのライブに行った。音楽を「聴かせる」素晴らしい演奏でした。

JJL Chapter 39 Happy New Year. I'm going to try my best to get on a plane this year, I never got on one last year! 謹賀新年。去年は一度も乗らなかった飛行機に、今年はがんばって乗るぞ!

JJL Chapter 40 The thing I want most right now is a Tokyo Station Suica, which I've already got. 今、一番欲しいのは東京駅のSuica。手に入れたけど。

Chapter Translation Original

JJL Chapter 41 I'm addicted to the one-stroke mountain climbing show "Great Traverse". 一筆書き山登り番組『グレートトラバース』にはまっている。

JJL Chapter 42 Mr. Kabashima, my first editor, has retired. Thank you for all your hard work. 初代担当の椛島さんが定年を迎えられました。お疲れ様でした。

JJL Chapter 43 I was wrestling with my external disc drive for 5 hours because it wouldn’t read CDs. Turns out I was putting the discs in upside down. 別売の光学ドライブがCDを読み込まなくて5時間格闘したが、裏返しでディスク入れてた。

JJL Chapter 44 It may sound a bit surprising, but I eat cherries by peeling them. I peel every single one. さくらんぼの皮をむいて食べるんだけど、ちょっとびっくりされる。いちいちむくよ。

JJL Chapter 45 I admire people at the bar who can say that their drink tastes bad and have it replaced. I couldn't do it myself. 不味い飲み物を店に作り直させることが出来る人、憧れる。自分が出来ないので。

JJL Chapter 46 I went to the anime's afterparty and there were lots of people there. Sorry for watching it so casually. アニメの打ち上げに参加したらたくさんの人がいた。気軽に観ててすいません。

JJL Chapter 47 I read Stephen King's "Doctor Sleep" during summer vacation. It's been a while since I've read a book this thick. 夏休みにS・キングの『ドクター・スリープ』を読んだ。久々に大作の読書した。

JJL Chapter 48 After Masaharu Fukuyama got married, my female acquaintances have shut themselves in. Are you gals alright? 福山雅治さんが結婚して、知り合いの女性が皆家から出てこない。お元気ですか?

JJL Chapter 49 This year's celebrity marriages and such have been interesting in a way. 今年は有名人の結婚とか、そういうのがある意味面白かった。

JJL Chapter 50 I saw a "Kesaran Pasaran" in Yoyogi Park. It's an unidentified creature. I wish you a happy new year. 代々木公園で「ケサランパサラン」を見た。未確認生物ですけど。良い年でありますように。

Chapter Translation Original

JJL Chapter 51 Something I'm really into. Radio Gymnastics #3. ものすげーちょっとハマったこと。ラジオ体操第3。

JJL Chapter 52 Ever since the editor-in-chief started playing golf, work has felt a bit unpleasant. 編集長がゴルフを始めたら、仕事的にちょっとやらしい風を感じる。

JJL Chapter 53 I've been addicted to stamp collecting since the "Japanese Architecture Series" of intaglio stamps. 凹版印刷の特殊切手「日本の建築シリーズ」から切手集めにハマっちまってる。

JJL Chapter 54 Prince was a person I respected from my youth. I pray for his soul. プリンスは青春時代からの尊敬する人でした。ご冥福をお祈りいたします。

JJL Chapter 55 When I encounter something new, I tend to focus more on whether or not it's necessary. For example, do we really need new national holidays? 新しいものより要らないものばかり目に付く。新しい祭日とか要る?

JJL Chapter 56 We have a new editor. Please be kind to him! 担当さんが変わりました。よろしくお願いします!

JJL Chapter 57 Starting this year, the air conditioner will be on full blast 24 hours a day at 28 degrees Celsius. 今年からはエアコンは28℃で24時間フル回転にした。

JJL Chapter 58 I designed an illustration for the Kumano Hongū Taisha amulet that will be distributed starting on September 22. 9月22日から頒布される熊野本宮大社のお守りのイラストデザインを致しました。

JJL Chapter 59 I grilled and ate a moray eel at an izakaya. It was surprisingly good. 居酒屋でウツボを焼いて食べてみた。意外と旨かった。

JJL Chapter 60 There's this old man in my neighborhood who sounds like a kitty cat when he sneezes. I don't get it. 近所のオヤジで、くしゃみをする時の発音が「にゃんこちゃん」と聞こえる人がいる。つっこめない。

Chapter Translation Original

JJL Chapter 61 Happy New Year. I will do my best this year. I look forward to working with you. 新年おめでとうございます。今年も頑張ります。よろしくお願いします。

JJL Chapter 62 I've been doing this for a long time, but I've done about 10 pull-ups. I feel like I'm doing great. 昔からやってるけど、懸垂10回くらいやってる。何気にすごい気がする。

JJL Chapter 63 I have a CRT TV that I bought in '89. It was working fine but it finally broke. 89年に買ったブラウン管テレビ。ずっと大丈夫でしたけれど、ついに壊れました。

JJL Chapter 64 I'm in the market for a new smartphone, and I'm wondering if there are any amazingly advanced smartphones out there. スマホが買い替えの時期なんですが、驚くような進化系のスマホってないのかな。

JJL Chapter 65 I'm addicted to "Kita no Kuni Kara," an old drama. Masterpieces transcend time. 昔のドラマだけど『北の国から』にはまっている。名作は時代を超える。

JJL Chapter 66 When I went to buy an electric lamp, I was told that the life expectancy of the lamp is when the LED ends. 電気スタンドを買いに行ったらLEDが終わる時がそのスタンドの寿命と言われた。

JJL Chapter 67 I've drawn a new Rohan Kishibe story for another magazine coming out next month. I hope I'm not interrupting anything! 岸辺露伴の新作を来月発売の別マ誌にて描きました。お邪魔でなければ!

JJL Chapter 68 The JoJo exhibition is ongoing at the moment. Let's all cheer up and get through the hot summer! ジョジョ展やってます。皆さんも元気出して暑い夏を乗り切ろう!

JJL Chapter 69 I go to a dentist office run by two identical sisters. They're great doctors, but it's frightening when they approach you at the same time. そっくりな姉妹でやってる歯医者に通ってる。名医なんだけどさ。2人で来ると怖いよォ。

JJL Chapter 70 Thank you very much for the JoJo exhibition and everything else this summer. There will be new developments in the future, so please keep an eye out for them. この夏はジョジョ展など色々ありがとうございました。また、新しい展開もあるのでよろしくお願いします。

Chapter Translation Original

JJL Chapter 71 The biggest tragedy this year was probably Toshiba ending Sazae-san's commercial. Was it too controversial? 今年一の重大事件はサザエさんのCMを東芝がやめる事かなぁ。重い?

JJL Chapter 72 Thank you for this year! I'll do my best for the JoJo exhibition next summer! 今年一年ありがとうございます!来夏のジョジョ展もがんばります!!

JJL Chapter 73 I went on a winter trip to Kanazawa. There were so many delicious foods! 冬の金沢旅行に行ってきました。色々とおいしいものあるね~。

JJL Chapter 74 It's annoying having to pay extra when I go over the data usage limit on my smartphone, but I'll just have to push through it. スマホの通信制限で遅くなって追加料金要請されるのムカつく。耐えてやる。

JJL Chapter 75 For firefly squid pasta, I added grated garlic instead of sliced garlic and it tasted amazing!! ホタルイカのパスタはニンニクを刻むのでなくすって入れたらうまかったー!!

JJL Chapter 76 We're having a Jojo exhibition in the summer! I'll tell you about it the day after tomorrow! That's what I'll say the day after tomorrow! 夏にジョジョ展やります!明後日それを言います!というコメント。

JJL Chapter 77 The animal I'm most interested in right now is the Pallas's cat. There seems to be a few at the zoo. 今一番興味がある動物はマヌルネコ種。動物園にいるらしい。

JJL Chapter 78 My favorite show these days is a BS program called "American Vintage". I think people and civilization are good. 最近好きなのは『アメリカン ヴィンテージ』というBSの番組。人間と文明って良いなぁとか思う。

JJL Chapter 79 I tried making a reservation at a famous sushi restaurant and was told it wouldn't be until the "October of the year after the Tokyo Olympics ends". ある有名なお寿司屋を予約したら「東京五輪が終わった年の10月で。」と言われた。

JJL Chapter 80 During a trip through the mountains of Nagano, I met a Serow and we both went "Oh". Then we went "ciao". 長野の山の中に行ったら、お互い「おっ」って感じでカモシカと出会った。「じゃっ」って感じで。

Chapter Translation Original

JJL Chapter 81 This is the first time I'm actually going to Osaka properly. I want to go there and say hello. 大阪にちゃんと行くのは実は初めて。ご挨拶に参ります。

JJL Chapter 82 I went to Shanghai. It was nice to see the old cityscape still standing. 上海行ってきた。古い街並みも残ってて良かったなあ。

JJL Chapter 83 My first dream of the year was a bee stinging the ring finger of my left hand. Is this good or bad luck? 左手の薬指を蜂に刺される初夢を見た。これは幸運なのかやばいのか。

JJL Chapter 84 I'm going to grow mint, lemongrass, and other herbs in pots this year! 今年はミントとかレモングラスとか鉢植えでハーブを育てるぞ!

JJL Chapter 85 Welcome to the new imperial era. The Araki family will also be getting new tombstones. 新元号おめでとうございます。荒木家も新しい墓石にします。

JJL Chapter 86 The 2nd Sicario film was a masterpiece! I look forward to the third one! 「ボーダーライン」の2作目傑作だった!3作目が楽しみ!

JJL Chapter 87 Anyone else think it's dumb when a steakhouse gets you full off appetizers before the steak? 「ステーキ屋」でステーキの前の前菜でお腹一杯にさせるお店ってバカなの?

JJL Chapter 88 I've started using a video distribution platform. I get very accurate recommendations, how does it know what I like? 動画配信サービスに入った。おすすめの作品、何でこんなに僕の好みがわかるんだ?

JJL Chapter 89 I climbed the Tokyo Tower for the first time. Once again, it's amazing that the tower can be seen from anywhere in the city. 初めて東京タワーに上った。改めて都心のどこからでも見える塔って凄いな。

JJL Chapter 90 I was attacked by gnats this year. I went to the mountains in shorts, so.... 今年はブヨにとにかくやられた。短パンで山行っちゃったから…。

Chapter Translation Original

JJL Chapter 91 I'm traveling to Italy for Lucca Comics & Games. It's technically for work, but I always enjoy going to Italy. コミックフェスでイタリアへ行きます。仕事だけどイタリア旅行は嬉しいな。

JJL Chapter 92 My new exercise routine is Power Plate. I'm vibrating all the way to the top of my head. 最近している運動はパワー・ブレート。頭のてっぺんまでブルブル。

JJL Chapter 93 Food that I've never eaten.. I want to try eating Massaman curry. If I'm going to eat it, I want it to be delicious. 食べたことのない食べ物。[マッサマンカレー]食べてみたい。食べるとなったら美味いヤツ。

JJL Chapter 94 Happy New Year. There'll be a JOJO Exhibition in Nagasaki and Kanazawa just before the Olympics. I look forward to seeing you all there. Now, let's read "JoJolion"! 謹賀新年。オリパラの前にJOJO展長崎と金沢があります。皆さま宜しくお願い致します。そして「ジョジョリオン」ね。

JJL Chapter 95 I've been seeing a lot of people playing on the road this March. Football, playing catch, skateboards, etc. I like it personally. この3月は道路で遊ぶ人をよく見かけました。サッカーとかキャッチボールとかスケボーとか。僕は好き。

JJL Chapter 96 Even in this situation, manga artists are still drawing as usual. Everyone, please stay safe. こんな状況ですが、漫画家はいつも通り描いています。皆さん、お気をつけてお過ごしください。

JJL Chapter 97 I'm hard at work drawing, so you don't have to worry about me. Please continue to be careful, everyone. コツコツ描いてますので、私に関してはご心配なく。皆さんも引き続きお気をつけて。

JJL Chapter 98 I keep an eco-bag and mask at work and at home so I don't forget them, but I forget them every time and have to go back to get them. 忘れないようエコバッグとマスクを仕事場と自宅に置いてるけど毎回忘れて取りに戻る

JJL Chapter 99 There was a woman in a white dress standing around absent-mindedly on the far corner of the train platform. Was I the only one who could see her? She was pretty, but also seemed like one of those enthusiasts who enjoy taking photos of trains. 電車ホームの一番隅にぼーっと立っている白いドレスの女性が。まさか自分だけに見えてる?美人の撮り鉄だった。

JJL Chapter 100 I installed a remote app called ZOOM! But all of a sudden I was too shy to speak. ZOOMってアプリでリモート導入しました!急に喋れなくなりました。

Chapter Translation Original

JJL Chapter 101 I'm currently excited for the PS5 and the Dune movie. いま楽しみなのはPS5と映画の「DUNE/デューン 砂の惑星」ですかな。

JJL Chapter 102 The pronunciation was written as Kyo Nijimura, but I just never checked it this whole time. It's pronounced Kei, as in the number. 虹村きょうってなってたけどずっとチェックしてなかった。読み方は数字のけいです。

JJL Chapter 103 This has been a year of self-restraint, but they'll be showing Rohan's TV Drama on NHK at the end of the year, so please look forward to it! 今年は自粛の年だったけど年末にNHKで露伴のドラマやりますんでよろしくね!

JJL Chapter 104 Happy New Year. I'm praying that this coronavirus situation ends. JoJolion is also in its final stage. 新年おめでとうございます。コロナが終息することを祈っています。「ジョジョリオン」も大詰めですよ。

JJL Chapter 105 I'm looking forward to the invention of self-driving cars. I wonder if that means it would be okay for me even without having a license. 車の自動運転の発明って待ち遠しい。あれって免許持ってない僕でもOKという意味で良いのかな。

JJL Chapter 106 I didn't buy any clothes for a while due to self-restraint, but I finally went out to buy some and immediately got them dirty while drawing. 自粛でしばらく服を買わなかったんだけどやっと買いに行って絵描いたらすぐ汚してしまった。

JJL Chapter 107 I've been cooking so much that my vegetable chopping skills have surpassed my ability to draw with a marker now (pats myself on the back). 料理ばっかしてるんで野菜のみじん切りがペンタッチテクよりものすげー上達した(自画自賛)。

JJL Chapter 108 I recently found some basic white bread that is actually really delicious. Try eating it in a side by side comparison with other bread and you won't be able to go back. 最近普通の白い食パンに超うまいヤツがある。並べて食べると以前のに戻れないくらいに。

JJL Chapter 109 "JoJolion" will conclude in the next issue. I just want Josuke and Yasuho-chan to be happy. 次回で「ジョジョリオン」完結します。定助や康穂ちゃんには幸せになってほしいなあ。

JJL Chapter 110 Thank you very much for these past 10 years of JoJolion! Let's take a bit of a rest, and then meet with the new "JOJOLANDS" (tentative). ジョジョリオン10年間ありがとうございました!少し休んで、新「JOJOLANDS(仮)」でお会いしましょう。

JJL Volume 1


Hello. This is the beginning of Part 8 of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Part 4, a story I wrote a long time ago, also took place in a fictitious town called Morioh. But Part 8 isn't linked to that story at all. The stage is the same Japanese town of Morioh, but this is a story about different inhabitants. Thus, even if you haven't read Part 4, can't recall much of it, or have no memory of it whatsoever, you'll be alright. I really hope you enjoy it, and I send my regards and best wishes to all of you.


Jojolion lucca message.jpg

To my Italian readers, it is truly wonderful that JoJo and my works have been beloved for such a long time here in Italy, one of the places I treasure the most. The world of JoJo is far from being over and I would be honored if you kept following it with this passion. A warm greeting.

Ai miei lettori italiani, è davvero magnifico che JoJo e le mie opere siano amate da così tanto tempo in Italia, uno dei luoghi a me più cari. Il mondo di JoJo durerà ancora a lungo, e sarei molto onorato se continuaste a sequirlo con trepidazione. Un caro saluto.

JJL Volume 2


The "lion" part of JoJolion's title is a suffix that, to the best of my understanding, can mean "blessed one," "gospel," or "commemorative seal." It's an archaic suffix, and I think it stems from ancient Greece. I combined it with JoJo in order to signify the existence of Josuke, the protagonist, in this world. There's a tragic king in Greek mythology named Pygmalion, as well as a Japanese anime named Evangelion, but I'm not sure if there's any connection there.


JJL Volume 3


Let me tell you about unsolvable choices. Take, for example, the question of "which came first, the chicken or the egg?" If you think about it theoretically, it feels like you'll never be able to reach or decide on an answer. In such instances, I'll just have to decide the answer for myself for now (laughs). I think the egg definitely came first. What I'm trying to say here is, uhh... What exactly was I trying to say? Sorry about that.

究極の選択とかの話。たとえば「ニワトリが先か? 卵が先か?」という問題があります。理論で考えていくと答えには、どこへもたどりつかず対決しない感じがします。
何が言いたいかというと、ええーと。いったい何が言いたいんでしょう? スミマセン。

JJL Volume 4


I think one of my angry seasons may have arrived. On the morning TV weather forecast, the weatherman asked the audience, "Now then, what do you think the today's high temperature will be?" and then cut to a commercial! I'm in a hurry and deciding what to wear in the morning, so don't mess with me! Idiot! Are you really even a weatherman? Or are you an entertainer, a quiz show host?! I hate uncertain people like you! I've already looked up today's high temperature during the commercial, so I don't even need you!

早朝のテレビの天気予報で、『さて、本日の最高気温はこれから何度くらいになると思いますか?』と予報士が視聴者に質問して来て、そのままCMで引っぱるの! これから何着て出かけようかと急いでる朝に、フザけるな。バカ。おまえは予報士なのか? それともエンターテイナーなのか!? クイズの司会者か!? あいまいなヤツは嫌いなのォ! 最高気温はCM中にネットで検索したからもう必要ないのらァー。

JJL Volume 5


There are certain things I find fun to draw. So far, they include the character Polnareff's hairstyle, the original Josuke's hairstyle, Killer Queen's design, and Soft and Wet's ears. And when I finish drawing them with a "swish! swish!", I'm so deeply moved that I want to exclaim, "Ooh!" Yasuho Hirose's skirt is so much fun to draw that I don't want anyone else to do it, but whenever I draw it, I always wonder if she can sit down with that fuzzy flower-patterned skirt. Are you alright, Yasuho? I'm a bit worried about you.

絵にしてて楽しいモノというのがあるんですけれど、これまでではポルナレフというキャラのヘアスタイル。旧仗助のヘアスタイル。キラークイーンのデザイン。ソフト&ウェットの耳のとこ。とか、シュ! シュ!って描いて出来上がってくると、「おお!」と自分で感慨がする。今回、広瀬康穂ちゃんのスカートとかも凄く楽しくて誰にも描かせたくないんだけれど、いつも描いてて思うのはこのスカート、お尻がお花でモコモコしてイスに座れないなあ。大丈夫なのか? 康穂。ちょっと心配。

JJL Volume 6


This is a bit of a negative topic, but what's the worst thing someone could ever say to you? In my case, from worst to best:
  1. "The story's too long!" It's not about the manga itself. I just never want to become that kind of adult. Hahaha!
  2. "You're too obsessed with your past glory." Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Don't ever say that to me.
  3. "Are you still using this charger?"
  4. "I'm surprised you don't know any good sushi restaurants." I know at least one great restaurant, and I even use the latest cell phone model!
  5. "Have you grown taller?" That is all.

ちょっとマイナスな話題。誰かに言われて嫌なひと言とはなんだろう?と考えて自分の場合。ワースト①位『話が長い』。漫画のことじゃあなくて、こういう大人になりたくないと思う。アハハ。それと②位『過去の栄光にこだわっている』。ワハハハハハハハハハハハ。超言われたくないィー。③位『この充電器、使わなくなったからいる?』。④位『いい寿司屋、意外と知らないんだね』。美しい店、一軒くらい知ってるし、携帯だって最新の使っとるワイッ! ⑤位『背伸びた?』以上。

JJL Volume 7


It's a bit different from the creepy lyrics of Tōryanse or London Bridge, but I was shocked recently when I read the lyrics of a famous American folk song called My Darling Clementine. It's about a gold miner's daughter, the fairy-like Clementine, who falls and drowns in the river because of her large feet, leaving the narrator (her lover, or perhaps her father) sad and lonely. And yet as soon as he kisses her little sister, he forgets about her. That's the end. Oh, God, who the hell is this guy? What is he thinking?! But the lyrics are still very powerful.

金鉱掘りの娘で、妖精のような「クレメンタイン」が足が大きい為に、ころんで川で溺れて死んでしまうんですけれど、恋人である主人公(または父親)が、悲しくて寂しくて仕方ないという内容。でも寂しいから妹にキスしたら、彼女のこと忘れちゃった。というラスト。『ガーン』!? 何この人!? どういうつもり!? でも迫力ある歌詞だなあ。

JJL Volume 8


I think everyone has places they admire. As for me, I admire ancient desert ruins and the deep blue sea, and so I make them into settings for my manga. I draw these settings with a strong feeling of "I really want to go there." But, then what? After drawing those places, when it comes time to actually go on a research trip, I don't always want to go. I just end up thinking, "Why should I go anywhere I don't have to go?" I'm sure the reason I hate traveling is because I feel like I have to for my job. I've realized that lately.


JJL Volume 9


"If the world were to end tomorrow, what would you eat for your last meal?" I often ask people that question, simply because it's interesting how everyone gives a different answer. I would like to eat fried oysters from a 3-star Japanese restaurant, but I don't think they would bother making it. My mother has made spaghetti with tomato sauce ever since I was a child, gently boiled and served with onions. That's my answer. I think I'll have it for lunch tomorrow.

明日、この世が終わるとしたら、『何を食べますか? 最後の晩餐』。人それぞれの答えが返ってきて面白いので、よく誰かに質問する。

JJL Volume 10


"What's the second-highest mountain in Japan?" is a question that even the people who know it can't answer. No one can even bring themselves to say, "It's on the tip of my tongue..." What a pity. It's Mount Kita, at 3193 meters. It's number two in Japan, but it doesn't make an impression on anyone. That said... Mount Fuji is so beautiful, and everyone loves it. The name's also a bit of a stretch, isn't it? Mount Kita's name probably stems from it being kita (north) of something. A mountain shouldn't be treated that way. Mount Fuji simply looks so beautiful for a mountain. But on the other hand, if Mount Kita were higher than Mount Fuji, people might not forgive it. They might get angry. They might tear it down and make it lower. Mount Kita... it's for the best that you're in second place.


JJL Volume 11


I was a bit reluctant, since it wasn't something I was generally into, but I once had the chance to go to a classical piano concert. I'm not going to write the pianist's name here, but let me just say, they were incredible. I ended up being moved in a way I'd never felt before. I thought that classical music meant interpreting great compositions and playing them with precision, but I was moved by the way he fought with his instrument while making it a part of his body. I'm used to digital, programmed music, so I'd forgotten about that concept altogether. It made me question if I was still in the same day and age, which I was.


JJL Volume 12


I've created a set of personal criteria for judging whether something is cool or uncool. When I go to my workplace, I pass through a residential area, and there's one house where I can see the laundry drying on the balcony from the street. I don't know if the residents are young or old people, but they hang their laundry directly on the clothesline by putting the sleeves of their shirts and the legs of their pants through it. That's not something you see very often... They always wash their shoes and hang them on the balcony railing in a row. Is that cool or uncool? I judge it to be very cool! (Criteria to be continued in the next volume.)

個人的判定基準を作って「イケてるか イケてないか?」を判断しながら生活する。
自分の仕事場に行く時、住宅地を通るのですが、道路からベランダの洗濯物が干してあるのが見えるお宅がある。住人がご年配か若い人かは知らないんだけれど、物干竿に直接、シャツのそでとか、ズボンの足を突っ込んで通して干す。あんまりやらないよなぁ……。靴を洗って、ベランダの手すりにいつも並べて干してある。これは「イケてるか イケてない」か? ジャッジ。『イケてる』! (判定基準は次巻へ続く。)

JJL Volume 13


(Continued from Volume 12...) I think that the criteria for judging whether something is cool or uncool is whether it enriches one's life. I judge the act of hanging laundry directly on the clothesline to be cool, because on days when that house hangs the laundry differently, I feel very disappointed and sad. I think to myself, "Please do it, I beg you..." On the other hand, I think houses that decorate their windows with Christmas lights that people can see from the outside are uncool. I hate that smug display. I judge it based on its inherent smugness. In other words, a smug display does not enrich my life.

『イケてる』か? 『イケてない』か?を判定することは、生活を豊かにする基準だと思う。

JJL Volume 14


I'm going to write a few maniacal comments, so bear with me. When I listen to music, there are artists that make me wonder, "How have I not heard about an artist this talented and this amazing for decades? Where were they, and how did I not hear about them? Why were they hiding from me until now? What a shocking encounter." I'm referring to Leonard Cohen and Curtis Mayfield, among others. One is a band named CAN with a song called Vitamin C. The vocalist is Damo Suzuki. That's why the enemy character's name is Kan Damo.

(Note: The kanji for Tamaki Damo's given name can also be read as Kan.)

共感を無視して、マニアックなコメントを書きます。音楽を聴いていて、なぜ、これほどまでの才能のある凄すぎるアーティストが、これっぽちも、何十年も僕の耳に触れなかったのか?という人たちがいます。噂も届かず、どこにいたの? なぜ今まで隠れてたの? 衝撃の出会い。という人たち。名前は『レナード・コーエン』『カーティス・メイフィールド』など。

JJL Volume 15


In recent news... Lately, I've grown fond of going to parties. I don't know why, but I do. It's a feeling. On the other hand, traveling abroad is really troublesome and I hate it. That's also just a feeling. When I was younger, it was the other way around. I longed to go to a foreign country, and I wanted to go places that I didn't have to go to. I hated parties, even though there were just as many weird people then as there are now. Is there any kind of direct reason for this? What should I do if I'm invited to a party overseas?

変な人は、今も昔も居るというのに、私はパーティーが大嫌いだった。これは何か因果関係の理由があるのだろうか? もし海外のパーティーに呼ばれたりしたら、どうしよう?

JJL Volume 16


I've always been fascinated by treehouses, the kind that an American kid would build as a hiding place in a big yard to play poker and stuff. I was so jealous... But what I long for now is to live on top of a lift in the mountains, in a "lifthouse." It'd be all-electric and super high-tech. You could move through the air with the cables and have everything you need. Mamezuku has it made! It's great to be able to harvest crops and cook them right above the fields! Mamezuku, please read this at home.

オール電化の超ハイテク。ケーブルで空中を移動して、何でも揃って楽チン快適。豆銑さんもう最高! 畑の真上で収穫してそのまま料理出来るのは最高! 豆銑さん、お家に読んでください。

JJL Volume 17


I won't name any titles, but I'm not just happy when a good horror movie comes my way. I'm also relieved. And by "good," I of course mean "terrifying." Horror movies can be made on a low budget, don't need to use big stars, have free reign creatively if they're R-rated, and possess the rebellious spirit of rock. Horror films express social anxiety, which means they demonstrate the talent of the people who make them. If one happens to be good, it means that the culture and spirit of our society is developing and hasn't become stagnant. That's why a good horror movie makes me both happy and relieved.


JJL Volume 18


Me: "What are you going to do now?"
Dentist: "I'm going to treat your cavities."
Me: "Uh huh. Alright."
I went to the dentist, but I don't know much about it works. Do conversations with dentists normally play out like that? For my part, I wondered if I had any cavities, and that's why I came to the dentist. I wanted to be prepared for whatever would happen to me after that. Well, after that conversation, I had my cavities drilled, filled, and properly treated.

僕「これから何をするんですか?」 歯医者「虫歯の治療です。」 僕「はぁ。わかりました。」 歯医者さんに行ったのだけれど、良くわからないのだけれど、歯医者さんとの会話って、普通これで正しい? 僕としては自分で虫歯なのかな?と思ったから、歯医者に来てる訳で。どんな事されるのか?心で準備したいから、訪ねた訳で。まぁ、この会話の後、虫歯の所を削って貰って、詰め物をして貰って、ちゃんと治療して貰いました。

JJL Volume 19


Regarding a Recent Mystery
I have a sister in her 50s who fell and broke her leg. Is it minor? Is it a serious injury? How did it happen? I had absolutely no idea. She said was going to miss the Araki family's celebration, but when I called her and asked if her leg was okay, she responded with "Heheh." Just that. What in the world was that? Why couldn't she answer? My sister has a daughter in her 20s, but when I asked what happened to her mommy's leg, she responded with "Heheh." Just that. Are they asking me to use my imagination to uncover the meaning behind "Heheh."? What is "Heheh."?

最近の謎について。妹(50代)が居るのだけれど、ころんで脚を骨折したらしい。軽いのか? 重傷なのか? どんな状況でなのか? まったくわからないので、しかも荒木家のお祝い事を休むって言うし、電話で「脚、大丈夫??」って訪ねたら、妹は「うふっ」。それだけ。いったい何だ? なぜ答えないのだ?
妹に20代の娘が居るので、彼女に「お母さん、脚どうしたの?」って訪ねたら、娘「うふっ」。それだけ。「うふっ」の隠された裏の意味を想像力で読めとでも言ってるのか? 何だ? 「うふっ」って。

JJL Volume 20


"Believe in yourself! I know you can do it, kid." That doesn't seem to be something anyone's ever thought about me. For some reason, I was at the hospital and had to have a suppository put into me. I said, "I'll do it myself," but then a nurse with a pretty cute face said, "No, I'll do it," and put on her rubber gloves with a snap. I suddenly recalled my childhood. Suppositories are a fast and easy way to cure a fever. So even if I shouted, "I can do it!", someone else would say, "No, your father will do it." Why does everyone want to put suppositories in me? What is it? Is the likelihood of collapsing on the floor really that high?

理由あって、病院で座薬を入れる事になり、「自分でやります。」と言ったが、けっこう可愛いお顔の看護師が「いえ、わたしがやります。」 ゴム手袋パッチーン。
子供の頃を思い出した。熱を下げるのは座薬が早い。というので、「僕は出来るッ!」と叫んだのに、「いやっ お父さんがやる。」 どおして皆、座薬を入れたがるの? なんなの? 床の上に『ピュッ&コローン率』がそんなに高いものなのか?

JJL Volume 21


Apparently, European countries like France or Italy don't use the letter H very often. They wouldn't really be able to pronounce "Hirohiko" correctly. It'd sound something like "Iroiko" or "Eroiko." Eroi ko (erotic boy)? "Erotic boy Araki." Well, that's not too bad. I'm satisfied. Actually... I'm starting to think it's pretty cool.

「イロイコ」かまたは「エロイコ」。 「エロい子」? 「エロい子 アラキ」。まあ特に良いけどね。満足してます。いや… 結構カッコイイかなとも思えて来ました。

JJL Volume 22


It's been a long time since I've traveled to the historical districts of Italian cities like Florence and Lucca. It felt great to travel there again. What makes them so great? Thinking about it now, I imagine it's because they're places where you can feel the rise and fall of human beings. This time, I stopped to admire the sculptures and paintings that were left unfinished, and I thought, "Why did they stop working on them?" I was especially moved by the ruins of a building where a woman once married a wealthy man. It was quite sad. Many people travel there from all over the world to sightsee, and I think that's great, too.

随分と久々で、イタリアのフィレンツェとかルッカとかの歴史地区ですけれど旅行して来ました。行くとやっぱり良かったです。何が良いのか? と考えると、「人間の盛衰」が感じれる所なのかなと思いました。
今回は途中で作るのを止めちゃった彫刻とか絵画を、ナゼ、止めたのだろう? とそこに感動したり、大富豪と結婚した女性がその後、没落していったとかの建築物が良かったなぁ。悲しい。そこに世界中の国々から沢山の人が観光に集まって来ていて、そこがまた、良いです。

JJL Volume 23


The piece of music that expresses the greatest feeling of happiness in this world is Sleep Walk (a song by Santo & Johnny)! I don't mean a sense of euphoria, like a rush of excitement or anything. It's more of a relaxed peace, as if you were pretending to fish with your best friends in your healthy childhood, when you had no worries and not a care in the world. What a happy guitar tone. It truly is No. 1. But it's too much happiness, so now that the song is over and I've returned to reality, I feel so depressed. Well, what I'm trying to say is that I feel the same way as usual. That's all.

この世で最大最高の幸福感を表現した音楽って「SLEEP WALK」(曲・サント&ジョニー)という曲に決定!! イケイケ盛り上がりという幸福感ではなんて。何の悩みも世間からの妨害も無かった健康な子供時代に、仲良しの友人と釣りして遊んでいるかのような、ゆったりとした穏やかさ。なんという幸福感に包まれるギターの音色。本当No.1。

JJL Volume 24


When a friend of mine had a baby, a thought occurred to me. Having been born in the year 2020, that child will turn 80 years old in 2100 A.D.! Woah! That's the 22nd century. That goes far beyond the world of science fiction I used to read when I was a kid. And that child's going to see it. But what kind of world is it going to be? Based on the current state of things, the thought of the world becoming more terrifying is quite prevalent. But what would happen if we found something like the New Locacaca in technological form? Maybe even an organism that stands above humanity. In other words, what if we found something like a Rock Human?

知り合いに、赤ちゃんが生まれた時に想ったのですけれど、2020年生まれという事は、普通に80歳で西暦2100年だ。ドヒャーッ! 22世紀だ。僕が子供の頃読んでたSFの世界を更に超えて行く。あの子、それを見る。
でもどんな世界になって行くのかな? 現在の雰囲気から予想してみると恐い世界の想像が優勢の感じもするけれど、『新ロカカカ』みたいなのはみつかっているのかな? テクノロジーとして。そして、有機体+アルファの人間。つまり『岩人間』みたいなのは?

JJL Volume 25


When it comes to coronavirus, even though we all want to stop the spread of infection, we don't also want to stop people from going outside or crash the economy. This world is full of contradictory rules we call dilemmas. When it comes to manga, there's a set number of pages. Even though I want to keep the story progressing on schedule for the sake of my readers, there are other things I want to draw but must tearfully erase. It really is full of dilemmas. Theory alone can't solve a dilemma, and it may be only in the world of fiction that we can approach dilemmas. Volume 25 depicts such a dilemma.


JJL Volume 26


I don't often tell people what I do outside my office, but I've been exercising with a shaking machine recently. It's called a vibration machine, and when you get on it, it shakes your legs, spine, brain, and teeth. They say it was made to rehabilitate injuries. At first, I thought, "How is this going to help me exercise?" But once you take it seriously, it can help you build up a lot of muscle. You'll be out of breath afterward, though. It's a machine that produces gradual results without you even knowing it. An invention that produces JoJolion.

(Note: The kanji for "gradual" (徐々) in Japanese is pronounced as jojo.)


JJL Volume 27


Who's stronger, Godzilla or Ultraman? That's been on my mind ever since I fantasized about it as a child. When I write JoJo, this topic isn't something I can avoid. Who is the strongest villain? What is strength, and what is happiness? I think the strongest and most terrifying adversary one can face is something called "calamity." Calamity seems to attack at random, but is actually bound by a certain logic, and comes to all of us equally. It’s too powerful. Even thinking about how to overcome it may itself be impossible. Thus, JoJolion draws to a close.

「ゴジラVS.ウルトラマン」はどちらが強いのか? それは夢見る子供の頃からの永遠のテーマだ。
『ジョジョ』を描く時、このテーマから逃げる事は出来ない。誰が一番強い敵なのか? 何が強くて一番幸せなのか?

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