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I started reading JoJo's Bizarre Adventure in June 2012, coincidentally just a few weeks before the anime was announced. A friend from a forum had convinced me to by showing random panels out of context like rainbows "turning people into snails", and Dio transforming into a dinosaur. All Star Battle also made me start reading it because the characters looked interesting and I wanted to make videos of it for my YT channel.

Before that, I only knew about Jotaro, DIO, and Old Joseph from videos of Heritage for the Future and Jump Ultimate Stars. Eventually caught up to JJBA in August 2013 before ASB released and currently awaiting each chapter of JoJolion.

Also a fan of other series like One Piece, Hunter × Hunter, Gintama, Dragon Ball, and a lot more. Favourite video game series include Tales, Persona, Final Fantasy, Zelda, and Dragon Quest, although I've only played a few of each.

On the old wiki, I became a moderator in 2016 and then an admin in 2017. Kaiser and I were considering to move to our own site but we didn't think it would be feasible at the time. Finally, I bought server hosting in October 2019 and managed to create this site.



  • Server hosting/management
  • Designs (main background, emblem on the logo, menus)



Pages that I either created or added a lot to: