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Gigant Stomach (ギガント・ストマック Giganto Sutomakku) is the Stand of Jokotan Kujo (空条 じょこたん), featured in an interview with Hirohiko Araki on a segment of Japanese webcast Tameike Now, titled I Want to Receive the World's Best "JoJo's Bizarre" Lessons (「世界一受けたい!!「ジョジョの奇妙な…」授業」).[1]

The Stand was created by Shoko Nakagawa alongside its user, who is presented as the hypothetical daughter of Jotaro Kujo and Shoko.


Gigant Stomach takes the form of Shoko Nakagawa's deep-seated grudges. It appears as three ghastly feminine heads floating behind its user with open mouths and symbols on each forehead. Gastric acid spills out of each of its mouths.


Acid Manipulation

Gigant Stomach can attack its enemies with gastric acid that constantly spills out of its mouths.

Affair Detection

The Stand can fly back to Jokotan's father, Jotaro, no matter where he is, in order to make sure he is not having an affair with another woman.



  • Araki thinks the design was influenced by Kazuo Umezu, a horror manga artist.


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