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This is a list of minor items appearing in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency.

The items featured in this list do not have enough information to justify an article, mainly due to lack of relevance, but are still notable.
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Part 2: Battle Tendency

Tommy GunLink to this section
Tommy gun manga.png
Manga Debut: Chapter 48: Straizo vs. Joseph, Part 1
Anime Debut: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Episode 10: JoJo of New York

A Thompson submachine gun, based on the M1928 model. Joseph Joestar was carrying it with him after he heard about the "death" of Robert E. O. Speedwagon, and used it to surprise Straizo as soon as the vampire revealed himself to Joseph.

Ripple Conducting ScarfLink to this section
Ripple Scarf.png
Manga Debut: Chapter 48: Straizo vs. Joseph, Part 1
Anime Debut: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Episode 10: JoJo of New York

A scarf made with the dried intestinal fibers of the Satiporoja Beetle. Crafted from 30,000 beetles, these types of scarves were used by both Straizo and his student Lisa Lisa. The scarf has the property to conduct 100% of the Ripple it receives, making it both a handy weapon for a Ripple Master and a good protection against it. Straizo would compare it to a lightning rod.

Anti-Ripple WiresLink to this section
Antiripple Wires.png
Anti-Ripple Wires.png
Special metallic wires with a hook attached at the end crafted by the Pillar Men as a defensive and offensive weapon against Ripple users. Attached to the user's head, they can create small tornadoes strong enough to destroy a Ripple infused projectile when the user shakes his head. Moreover, the small tornadoes act as invisible projectiles which can severely injure the enemy.
Ripple Breathing MaskLink to this section
Ripple Breathing Mask Manga.png.png

A metal mask specially designed to train people to breathe in order to produce the Ripple. It is strapped to the user's head, covering both the nose and mouth and cannot be removed without outside help. If the wearer breathes as if he produced the Ripple, he will be able to have air, but if he breathes incorrectly, he'll suffocate. It is undeniably cruel but effective as a training tool. Lisa Lisa uses it to train Joseph to prepare him against the Pillar Men.

Photo AlbumLink to this section
Lisas album manga.jpg
Lisas album anime.png

A photo album belonging to Lisa Lisa. It contains two photos, one of Erina, the other a group shot of Erina, Straizo holding an infant Lisa Lisa and Speedwagon. Joseph finds it when he seeks the Red Stone of Aja in Lisa Lisa's luggage and is puzzled that Lisa Lisa would be acquainted with his loved ones. When he presents it to Lisa Lisa, she reveals her origin, thus her link to Joseph, but Joseph is more focused on her age as the photo of her as a baby was taken in May 22, 1889.

War HammerLink to this section
Warhammer manga.png
Warhammer anime.png

A great two-handed war hammer. It was made available to the fighters during Joseph Joestar's chariot race against Wamuu. Joseph grabbed it first and used it as a pole to vault over Wamuu's horses. Joseph never had the occasion to use it as a weapon as Wamuu used his Divine Sandstorm at close range against Joseph, taking the hammer out of his hands.

CrossbowsLink to this section
Crossbows manga.png
Crossbows anime.png
Manga Debut: Chapter 101: The Wind, the Chariot, and Wamuu, Part 7
Anime Debut: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Episode 22: A True Warrior

Two crossbows, one large and one small, specially designed to shoot metal balls instead of regular bolts. The metal balls measure 5.8 cm in diameter and weight 5.5 kg each. The crossbow are powerful enough to crush even Wamuu's brain with the steel balls, and the large one even moreso, although it is next to impossible to bend the large one. They were made available to Joseph Joestar and Wamuu and were crucial weapons in their battle.

Molotov CocktailLink to this section
Molotov cocktail manga.png
Molotov cocktail anime.png
A molotov cocktail Joseph Joestar had on him during his fight against Wamuu. It proved to be a crucial instrument of Joseph's victory. When Wamuu used his ultimate technique, Joseph threw the bottle of oil at Wamuu, who cut it in half. Still, his body sucked in the oil and Joseph then threw the burning bandana of Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli at the Pillar Man, which resulted in a dramatic explosion that destroyed Wamuu's body.
Ultraviolet Ray BlastersLink to this section
UV Lasers Manga.png
Manga Debut: Chapter 108: JoJo: The Final Ripple, Part 2
Anime Debut: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Episode 24: The Bond That Binds JoJo

The Ultraviolet Ray Blasters (紫外線照射装置, Shigaisen Shiyousha Souchi, lit. Ultraviolet Radiation Beaming Devices) are miniaturized ultraviolet lasers developed as anti-vampire weapons by the Speedwagon Foundation. These weapons are in essence two UV lights attached to the shoulders and powered by a miniaturized battery which the user wears as a backpack. The miniaturized UV Lasers were put into use by the SPW Foundation's special force and the Wehrmacht during a battle against Kars's Vampire army near the Skeleton Heel Stone. These weapons enabled the humans to stand up to the Vampires. Unfortunately, Kars exploited them to activate the Stone Mask combined with the Red Stone of Aja, becoming the Ultimate Thing.


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