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This is a list of minor locations featured in one-shots related to the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, such as Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan. This list includes maps, places and transportation.
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Deadman's Questions

Soldier's MansionLink to this section
Soldier house infobox.png
Manga Debut: Deadman's Questions

The ghost of a mansion. Its full address is 25-4 Katahira, Morioh District, S City, and was supposedly the home of a now-deceased soldier. It became a ghost after its destruction by a bomber during World War II 50 years ago. The ghost mansion is hidden between two buildings and appears to be flattened. It is equipped with ghost furniture and other domestic objects that make it nearly perfect as a home for a Ghost. However, it is also the nest of Spirit Cleansers that prey on ghosts. There were supposedly 56 cases of suicides and mysterious death happening near it. The ghost of Yoshikage Kira is sent there to investigate those deaths and he narrowly escapes the house.

Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan

Mutsu-kabe HillLink to this section
Mutsukabe-Hill infobox oneshot.jpeg
Manga Debut: Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan Episode 2: Mutsu-kabe Hill
Anime Debut: Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan Episode 2 (OVA): Mutsu-kabe Hill
Northwest of Morioh is six mountains that Rohan buys to investigate before a subway bypass could be built there. The Osato family has lived in a mansion located in the mountains for three hundred years, producing miso for the local village. The entirety of the mountains belonged to them in the past. The place is haunted by the Mutsu-kabe Hill Yokai.[1]
Osato HouseLink to this section
Osato House hall drama.png
Manga Debut: Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan Episode 2: Mutsu-kabe Hill
Anime Debut: Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan Episode 2 (OVA): Mutsu-kabe Hill
Spin-Off Debut: Mutsu-kabe Hill (TV Drama)

The Osato Family's property, situated in the middle of the mountains. It is a luxurious property with several traditional Japanese style buildings. The body of Gunpei Kamafusa is hidden in the attic.

Millionaire VillageLink to this section
Village map manga.jpeg
Village map manga.png

A secluded village up in the mountains, situated 80 km northwest of Morioh. There are no road leading to this village, yet there are more than 11 palatial mansions in this village, a heliport and even an Isetan store. The villas all belong to people who didn't come out of money, but became rich after purchasing a villa at the age of 25. One villa is up for sale and the price is quite low for a villa, at about 3 million yen for 800 tsubo/2648 square kilometers, but the village is quite strict about manners and will refuse to sell to anyone who lacks manners. It is revealed that the village is situated in sacred lands, where gods of the mountains test buyers to see if they have manners.

Millionaire Village's VillaLink to this section
Villa guest room manga.jpeg
Villla guest ova.png

The villa that Kyoka Izumi wants to buy. The master of the house is unseen and Rohan Kishibe and Kyoka only interact with the butler, Ikkyu. The villa's land covers 800 tsubos (2648 square kilometers) of land, but only a small part of the house is seen, the entrance area and the guest's room. The OVA expands a bit on the villa and shows more spaces like a luxurious reception hall and a garden.

Ryogara RetsuganLink to this section
Poaching reef infobox oneshot.jpeg

A reef inhabited by abalones and apparently owned by the Higashikatas situated North of Boyoyoing Cape. Rohan and Tonio Trussardi once poached several abalones for use in a meal for Tonio's lover Virgina.[2]

Gucci WorkshopLink to this section
Gucci workshop infobox.jpeg
A workshop belonging to the Gucci company, situated in the suburbs of Florence. Rohan Kishibe visits the workshop to have his bag repaired.
Rohan's Grandmother's InnLink to this section
Rohan Grandma Inn.png
Manga Debut: Rohan au Louvre
A Japanese-style inn managed by Rohan's Grandma situated in Morioh. When Rohan's Grandfather died, his wife closed the inn and decided to rent the rooms by the year instead. The inn was situated far from Morioh's train station and was in a calm area. Its hot water came from a hot spring. Rohan's Grandmother had strict rules for the renters. They couldn't smoke, have a pet, cook, play any instrument not play mahjong, introduce any furniture, use a hair dryer nor use a motorbike. Couples were forbidden as well as children. The inn would close at 10 PM and a curfew was in place. As a result, it was almost empty.
The LouvreLink to this section
The Louvre.png
The Louvre film.png
Manga Debut: Rohan au Louvre

The famous French museum situated in Paris and containing works of art from all periods and origins. The museum has no less than 350,000 works of art, available or not to the visitors. It notably contained the cursed "Under The Moon" painting, which was acquired twenty years before the story. As Gaucher says, the museum originates from a XIIIth century building and became a museum in 1793, a few years before Napoleon Bonaparte became emperor. At one point, Rohan becomes interested in the painting and decided to visit the Louvre to see it. He learns that Under the Moon is in the abandoned Z-13 storage room of the museum which used to contain works of art but was emptied because of threats of flood from the Seine. Rohan, Gaucher, a translator named Noguchi and two firemen went into the Z-13 room and discovered the painting, but only Rohan survived the encounter.

Mochizuki ResidenceLink to this section
Mochizuki Family's House.PNG
Not much is known about this house besides being near Rohan's house since the story takes place mostly in their backyard.[3]
GymLink to this section
Gym TSKR Live Action.png
Manga Debut: Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan Episode 9: The Run
Anime Debut: Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan Episode 9 (OVA): The Run
Spin-Off Debut: The Run (TV Drama)

Main article: Morioh Grand Hotel

A gym on the eighth floor of Morioh Grand Hotel, which Yoma Hashimoto and Rohan Kishibe frequent. Its treadmills are facing the windows, having a special setting allowing them to pick up speed and can be stopped with a remote controller. They also offer special services such as dedicated trainers and deals for bodybuilding equipment like protein powder.

Mika's ApartmentLink to this section
Mika's flat drama.png
Manga Debut: Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan Episode 9: The Run
Anime Debut: Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan Episode 9 (OVA): The Run
Spin-Off Debut: The Run (TV Drama)
Mika Hayamura's apartment. She lives here with Yoma Hashimoto. At one point, Yoma becomes obsessed with sports and litters the apartment with sports equipment, and finally covers the wall in bouldering holds.
Mutsu-kabe ShrineLink to this section
Mutsukabe Shrine TSKR.png

A shrine belonging to Mutsu-kabe Shrine Priests whose ancestors protected a 800-year-old Japanese yew tree, known as a "Sacred Tree". The tree contains an entrance blocked by a stone to a cavity that formed 500 years ago which contains a mirror where Yabubako-Hoshi lives. If someone and/or their Stand get caught in the mirror's reflection, then they get replaced by it for 3 months. In order to undo Yabubako-Hoshi's actions, a person needs to flip the mirror 360 degrees to the left without getting caught. It can also be undone by letting someone else flip the mirror which makes them the new victim.[4]

Power PlantLink to this section
Power Plant.PNG
A fossil fuel power plant that an eco-terrorist tried to blow up in order to reduce CO2 emissions. Since it would cause irreversible damage to Morioh, his plan was prevented by Rohan.[5]
Jugo Shishi's OfficeLink to this section
Jugo office 01.png
Spin-Off Debut: Kushagara (TV Drama)
Novel Debut: Kushagara

Jugo Shishi's office. Like any mangaka's office, there is a drawing desk, a regular desk and bookshelves full of books for references. It also has a small table, a small couch and chair and a refrigerator. It is noticeably messier than Rohan's own office, but its state worsens after Jugo Shishi becomes obsessed with the word "kushagara", at it becomes filled with books and loose sheets of paper.

Used BookstoreLink to this section
Used bookshop.png
Spin-Off Debut: Kushagara (TV Drama)
Novel Debut: Kushagara
A bookshop specialized in selling old books. Rohan visits it for the first time in Kushagara to experience its atmosphere, although he prefers to buy from new books. Jugo barges in to demand ancient encyclopedias from the seller.
Katahira HouseLink to this section
Katahira house front.png

Mai Katahira's house in the TV Drama. It is a modern, well lit and well ordered house, with an emphasis on open spaces and ambient lights. One highlight of the house is the plush tent that Mai's daughter, Mao, has built and in which she stays inside nearly all the time.

Mutsu-kabe VillageLink to this section
Mutsukabe village drama.png
Spin-Off Debut: Mutsu-kabe Hill (TV Drama)
The Run (TV Drama) (1st mentioned)
A village situated near Mutsu-kabe Hill.
Nizaemon's HouseLink to this section
Nizaemon House film.png
Spin-Off Debut: Rohan au Louvre (Film)
After Nizaemon Yamamura was cast out of his clan, he lived in a more humble house in the countryside with his wife Nanase.
Sacred TreeLink to this section
Sacred tree film.png
Spin-Off Debut: Rohan au Louvre (Film)
A sacred tree in a shrine whose black sap was used as a pigment for the painting Under the Moon. It was felled by Nizaemon Yamamura who collected the sap to complete his painting.


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