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Love Love Deluxe, Part 4 (ラブラブデラックス その④, Rabu Rabu Derakkusu Sono 4), originally Combination Play (コンビネーションプレイ, Konbinēshon Purei) in the UJ release, is the forty-sixth chapter of JoJolion and the eight hundred ninety-third chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


The chapter begins with a detailed description of the Rock Humans: their physiology, their habits, and how they've inserted themselves into society.

The elder A. Phex Brother uses his Schott Key No.1 to transfer wires around Josuke's head to bind him. At the same time Karera changes her mind and decides to come back to help. The younger A. Phex Brother remarks Josuke's ability is similar to Kira's, but his brother decides to kill him anyway without asking questions. The younger A. Phex Brother then reveals his Stand Schott Key No.2 hidden inside the football and prepares to kick the ball toward Josuke, who uses Soft & Wet to propel several bolts at the brothers. He uses the distraction to free himself from the wire and fights personally with the youngest. Josuke easily dominates the Rock Human in the fistfight, managing to land several hits while protecting himself from Schott Key No.2, but the younger A. Phex Brother manages to get away and still juggles with the ball. The football suddenly disappears, and Josuke realizes it is now falling on his head. Schott Key No.2 releases a toxic and corrosive gas from which Josuke manages to partially protect himself from with a bubble wall. Yet the gas comes in contact with Josuke's leg and he suddenly feels weakened. As the A. Phex Brothers surround Josuke, he grasps Schott Key No.2's power.

The elder brother grapples Josuke from behind while the younger brother kicks him ball near them. The elder then puts his hand inside the ball, but Josuke warns him not to transfer the poisonous gas from hand to hand. The Rock Human does it anyway and Josuke's bubbles instead appear from his right hand, as Josuke planted the bubbles full of gas inside the ball; the bubbles surround the elder. Before the A. Phex Brothers can react, the elder is set on fire by Karera who used the latter's lighter and burned a wick made of hair to ignite the gasoline which is still covering him. The elder A. Phex Brother panics and runs toward the younger, which is when the bubbles full of poisonous gas pop and kill both brothers. As the A. Phex Brothers crumble into stone, Karera announces that she's decided to stay a little while longer in Morioh and having realized that Josefumi and Kira have made an equivalent exchange, decides to look for the Locacaca fruit for mysterious purposes. Karera finally leaves before Josuke can ask her further questions about himself. It is the first he hears the name "Locacaca".


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