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The Wonder of You, Часть 18 (ザ・ワンダー・オブ・ユー(君の奇跡の愛)その⑱, Za Wandā obu Yū (Kimi no Kiseki no Ai) Sono 18), изначально названная Нескончаемое Бедствие, Часть 7 (終わりなき厄災 その⑦, Owarinaki Yakusai Sono 7) - это сто первая глава JoJolion и девятьсот сорок восьмая глава манги JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.


Тору выжидает в зарослях на обочине поместья Хигашиката. Заметив гнездо шершней, он протягивает к нему руку и ловит их, превращая свою руку в камень, когда они кусают его, а затем ест их. Наблюдая за Джоске Хигашикатой и Раем Мамедзуку, которые всё еще находятся в секретной лаборатории Университета Больницы TG, Тору с удивлением обнаруживает, что один из пузырей Soft & Wet прошел через одежду Мамедзуку и просверлил дыру в его груди. Тору отмечает существование этих невидимых пузырей и задается вопросом, была ли это способность, о которой сам Джоске не знал. Тем не менее, Тору остается невозмутимым, заверяя себя, что Джоске всё еще находится в потоке бедствия, а Мамедзуку самоуничтожился.

Тем временем, рядом с гаражом Поместья Хигашиката, Джошу Хигашиката говорит Ясухо, что семейство Хигашиката находится в тяжёлом положении. Jobin is heavily wounded and Joshu assumes the worst, Цуруги's illness is worsening, and Joshu laments that he couldn't save his father Нориске either. Out of guilt, Joshu punches himself repeatedly. Yasuho then informs Joshu that these calamities are due to a Стенд attack from someone attempting to retrieve the Новый Локакака. She tries to tell Joshu to contact Josuke or Mamezuku and seek their help. However, Joshu argues that Josuke is likely under attack as well and that contacting Josuke is not a possibility. Instead, Joshu declares that he'll protect Yasuho himself. Yasuho has misgivings, and loses her patience when Joshu foolishly asks if she's okay after noticing her amputated arm. However, Joshu reveals to Yasuho that he has two grown new Locacaca fruits in his possession. Joshu declares that while he was in a panic before, his mind is clear now and he is resolved to save Yasuho with one of the fruits.

Yasuho initially refuses the offer as she believes that the fruits are not ripe yet, but Joshu rebuts that the bigger fruit looks ripe. Joshu mentions how Йошикаге Кира used the fruit to turn into Josuke and survived. He hopes that he can save Yasuho and by extension his family with the Locacaca. Suddenly, Joshu and Yasuho hear a rustling noise in the thicket nearby. Joshu dismisses it as the wind, but Yasuho correctly suspects that the enemy Стенд user must be nearby. Hidden among the trees, Toru weighs his options and decides that he can allow Yasuho to eat the fruit as a test. Furthermore, she is still inside the range of Wonder of U and of no danger to him.

Yasuho decides to make an Равноценный Обмен and explains to Joshu that the process needs two people to exchange injuries. Joshu immediately accepts as he wants to protect Yasuho and isn't scared anymore. He proceeds to fantasize about how their exchange will create a supremely intimate bond between them and pushes himself onto Yasuho, using the need for physical contact as a pretext. Yasuho is dismayed that Joshu lost his mind. Toru decides to make a small noise to alert them of his presence. It confirms Yasuho's suspicions and she then pieces together that the Stand user was here all along, watching her. She realizes that Toru is the enemy. She takes the fruit and eats it, triggering the equivalent exchange. Yasuho and Joshu's legs merge temporarily. Through this contact, Yasuho is able to exchange her wound and her arm regrows. However, Joshu is shocked to see his right arm shrink into a stub and panics as he hasn't realized what he would have to sacrifice. Determined, Yasuho summons Paisley Park and prepares to fight Toru.


Jobin Higashikata
Tsurugi Higashikata
Yoshikage Kira (JoJolion)
Josefumi Kujo

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Ima tanoshimina no wa PS5 to eiga no DUNE suna no wakusei desu ka na.




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