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Stardust Crusaders

In every volume of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, the front folded flap of the dust jacket usually contains a picture of Hirohiko Araki himself, and more than often a quotation. The quotes featured below the picture are always different from each other, and are usually about Araki expressing his opinion on certain subjects. These subjects can be about anything, including information about characters or the story itself. This section's notes are from the volumes of Stardust Crusaders and were translated in the English version published by VIZ Media.


Chapter Translation Original

Chapter 114 Thoughts on JoJo's school uniform? Next week's chapter will feature a full-color opening page. Please look forward to it. 学生服姿のジョジョはいかがでしたか?来週は巻頭カラーでの活躍。期待して下さい

Chapter 115 What do you think about Part 3's new protagonist, Jotaro? My plan's to make him the cool JoJo who wouldn't lose to Jonathan or Joseph. Other than that, we also have an enemy from 100 years ago, as well as an unprecedented, great adventure starting up! I really do appreciate everyone and your support. 第3部、新主人公の承太郎はいかがでしたか?ジョナサン、ジョセフに負けないカッコイイ “ジョジョ”にするつもりです。そして、100年前の宿敵!を交え、前人未到の大冒険がスタート!愛読者の皆様応援ヨロシクお願いします

Chapter 116 Assistants wanted! If you are interested in drawing pictures, please contact Mr. Kabashima, the editor! アシスタント大募集!絵を描をくのが好きなヤル気ある人、編集椛島氏までTEL(でんわ)を!!

Chapter 117 In our neighborhood, there's this strange cat that frequently shows up that we've nicknamed Kinniku Neko (筋肉ネコ, lit. Muscle Cat). The sight of its raging shoulder muscles is hilarious! 近所に “筋肉ネコ”と仇名した奇妙な猫が出没。肩の筋肉を怒らせた姿は爆笑もの!

Chapter 118 I was deeply moved by the Oscar-winning Rain Man! I'd like to attempt a road trip like that someday. アカデミー賞の『レインマン 』に感動!ぼくもいつかああいった道中物に挑戦したい

Chapter 119 My original one-shot titled "Tesla" will appear in the June issue of Super Jump. Please read it! 僕が原作をかいた読切 『テスラ』がSJ(スーパージャンプ)6月号にのります。ぜひ皆さん読んで下さい

Chapter 120 It takes me 20 minutes to get to the train station from work. I haven't been exercising lately so this is actually very tiring for me. 仕事場から駅まで20分もかかる。これがけらこう疲れる私は、かなり重症の運動不足

Chapter 121 I spent my day off gathering material for JoJo by reading books and watching movies! But what I really want to do is go on a research trip abroad. 運休は、JOJO(ジョジョ)の資料にと映画と読書三昧!でも、本当は海外取材旅行したかったに

Chapter 122 My sister had another baby. Now I'm the uncle of three children.... That means more future readers! 妹にまた子供が生まれた。これで3人の子の伯父さんに…。未来の読者が増えたゾ!

Chapter 123 The 10th Volume of JoJo is currently in preparation, it'll be out on 6/10! ジョジョのコミックスも、今準備中ので10巻目になります。6月10日発売をよろしく

Chapter 124 Alright, it's time for another research trip! I just need to make sure I adjust my schedule ahead of time! I'll do my best! よ〜し、取材旅行に出かけるぞ!と、ハリキって、スケジュール調整!がんばるゾ!!

Chapter 125 I recently hired a housekeeper. Their food's delicious and the place has never looked cleaner! 最近お手伝いさんに来てもらっています。食事はおいしいし、仕事場きれいで、最高

Chapter 126 So it turns out my weather prediction was completely wrong. There was this huge downpour of rain and leaks sprouted everywhere. An old lady in my neighborhood laughed at me. 天気の読みが昔く、どしゃ降りの雨にあい、完壁に漏れ、近所のオバさんに笑われた

Chapter 127 Next week I'm off on a research trip! That's why this week's schedule will be packed! Here I go! 来週は取材旅行に出発!そのため今週はハードスケジュール!がんばるっきゃない!!

Chapter 128 I saw a head-on bicycle collision in my neighborhood. Both turned out to be ok, but it still shocked me. 自転車の正面衝突事故を近所で見た。どちらかがゆずればいいのに、あきれました。

Chapter 129 As someone who doesn't like hot weather, I know it's a problem for a lot of people, but I welcome the cold summer! I love cool. 暑いのが苦手な僕としては、困る人も多いと思うけど、冷夏大歓迎!クール大好き。

Chapter 130 Thanks for all the fan letters to Jotaro! I've read them all and will take note of all of them. 承太郎にFL(ファンレター)たくさんありがとう!全部に目を通し参考にしています今後もよろしく

Chapter 131 I let my guard down for just a few minutes in the cafeteria, and my bag disappeared! It was clearly stolen!! 食堂で、ほんの数分気を許したら、鞄がなくなっていた!あざやかにやられました!!

Chapter 132 There's this house in my neighborhood that has a monstrous 2-meter-tall bird in an iron cage. It's so eerie. 近所に2(メートル)もある怪鳥を、鉄の檻に入れて、飼ってる家がある。不気味~なのです。

Chapter 133 Volume 11 of JoJo will be on sale on 8/10! Hope you enjoy Part 2's climax!! 8月10日にJOJO(ジョジョ)コミックス⑪巻発売です!第2部のクライマックスをよろしく!!

Chapter 134 I've been reading a lot of non-fiction lately. The 'reality' you wouldn't find in novels is unbearably stimulating. 最近ノンフィクション物をよく読む。小説にはない事実の迫力がたまらなく刺激的だ

Chapter 135 Next issue will have colored pages, so I'm on a bit of a tight schedule! And since it's summer vacation all the days end up blending together!! 次号は巻頭カラーのため、ハードスケジュール!夏休みなんて縁のない毎日ですッ!!

Chapter 136 I'll be attending the Miyagi Anime Carnival Convention. Sendai is my home town, so I'm looking forward to it. See you there. アニメC(カーニバル)宮城大会に、出席します。仙台は故郷なので、今から楽しみです。ヨロシク

Chapter 137 I put all of my energy into drawing five colored art pieces for the Baoh the Visitor (OVA)! ジャンプビデオ『バオー来訪者』の為に、カラー原稿を5枚も描いた気合い入れたよ!

Chapter 138 My first favorite book was "Prophecies of Nostradamus". It's really made me think a lot about how the 20th century's coming to an end. 最初の愛読書はノストラダムスの『大予言』。20世紀も終り坂づいた今考えさせられる

Chapter 139 On the way to the Anime Convention in Sendai, I spent a few days relaxing at my parents' house. It was my first vacation in a long time. A・C(アニメカーネバル)で仙台に行き、実家で2、3日ゆっくりしてきました。久しぶりの休日でした

Chapter 140 Thank you to everyone who came to support me at the Miyagi Anime Carnival Convention. It was very encouraging. アニメC(カーニバル)宮城大会で、会場にきてくれた皆さん応援ありがとう。励みになりました。

Chapter 141 A cat ate all of the kiwis I was growing. I heard that kiwis are part of the Actinidiaceae family, so it makes sense. 栽培してるKIWI(キィウイ)の実を全部猫に食べられた。KW(キィウイ)は、またたび科だそうで、納得

Chapter 142 The midnight TV show L.A. Law is very entertaining. The tactics used in the courtroom are very informative. TV(テレビ)で深夜やっているLA(エルエー)ロウがやたら面白い。裁判のかけ引きが、実に参考になる

Chapter 143 JoJo Volume 12, for sale on 10/10! We're finally moving from Part 2 to Part 3! Please enjoy. 10月10日にJOJO(ジョジョ)第12巻コミックス発売!第2部からいよいよ第3部へ!ヨロシク

Chapter 144 At long last, the Baoh the Visitor (OVA) will be released on 11/1. Fans will certainly enjoy it! 11月1日ついに「バオー来訪者」のV(ビデオ)が発売されます。ファンの方はぜひヨロシク!

Chapter 145 Next week's issue will have colored pages, so the schedule will be a bit stressful. They're entertaining to draw though, so I don't mind doing them. 来週は巻頭カラーで日程(スケジュール)が大変!でも、色原稿は書いていて楽しいから好きです。

Chapter 146 What'd you think of the colored pages? I'd like to do as many colored manuscripts as my schedule allows, so please support me. After work, I like to relax and recover while reading stuff like my favorite Koontz novels. 巻頭カラーはいかがでしたか?スケジュールがゆるすかぎり、色原稿は描きたいので、応援よろしくお願いします。仕事の後は、大好きなクーンツの小説など読みながら、束の間の休息をとって充填してます

Chapter 147 I'm taking applications for new assistants. All you young, motivated people, please call Mr. Kabashima, the editor. アシスタントを募集します。若くてヤル気ある人、編集椛島氏までTEL(でんわ)ください。

Chapter 148 As we face the end of the year, the work just keeps growing, getting busier every day! Until January, I'll keep doing my best!! 年末に向かていろいろ仕事も増え、慌ただしい毎日!正月まで、もうひとがんばりだッ!!

Chapter 149 All of the Koontz and Herbert novels I haven't read are piling up. I need to knock them all out for the New Year. クーンツやハーバートの未読の小説が、たまりにたまってる。正月はまとめて読むゾ

Chapter 150 Volume 13, for sale 12/5! The adventures of Part 3's Jotaro begin! Please enjoy!! コミックス13巻が、12月5日発売!第3部承太郎の活躍がはじまります!よろしく!!

Chapter 151 It's been 3 years since the series began! We've exceeded 150 chapters! Each month went by in the blink of any eye. 連載をはじめて、まる3年!150回突破しました!月並だけど長いようで短かった

Chapter 152 I've noticed my face is getting rounder. Speaking of which, I've been doing absolutely no exercise recently. 気がついてみると、顔が丸みを帯びている。そういえば最近全然運動していません

Chapter 153 Recently, I started swimming at the gym. I don't have to think while swimming, which is a nice change of pace. 最近スポーツクラブで泳ぎをはじめた。泳いでいると何も考えず、いい気分転換だ。

Chapter 154 Happy New Year! This year, I'm gonna draw even greater adventures than before, so enjoy!! あけましておめでとう!今年は、今まで以上の大冒険を描きますので、ヨロシク!!

Chapter 155 Thank you so much for the New Years cards! I won't be able to write a reply to all of them, but I'll do my best. 年賀状たくさんありがとう!全部に返事を書けないけど、励みにしてがんばります

Chapter 156 Assistants very much wanted! If you're willing, and if drawing pictures is your thing, please call Mr. Kabashima, the editor!! アシスタント大募集!絵を描くのが好きな、ヤル気ある人編集椛島氏まで電話を!!

Chapter 157 Thoughts on this week's color pages? Don't forget to enter the sweatshirt giveaway!! 今週の巻頭カラーはいかがでしたか?トレーナープレゼントにも、どしどし応募を!!

Chapter 158 Volume 14 of JoJo is on sale 2/9! This is where Jotaro's Stand really starts showing off. ジョジョ・コミックス14巻が2月9日に発売!承太郎のスタンドが大活躍開始です

Chapter 159 I went swimming for the first time in a while, and I felt too nauseous to keep going. I'm not young anymore... am I? 久しぶりに泳ぎに行ったら、がんばりすぎて吐気がした。もう若くないのか…な?

Chapter 160 When you've been stuck in same place for over a year, it's reasonable to want a change of scenery. It can be troublesome, though. 同じ所に一年以上いると、なんとなく気分転換に引越したくなる。こまった性分だ

Chapter 161 I've been wanting to travel lately. Being able to go places where you don't know anyone is the best. 最近無性に旅行がしたい。誰も知る人がいない土地を気ままに旅するのが最高だ。

Chapter 162 I saw The Rolling Stones's opening day performance! It was so cool~~!!! I went numb from the excited shouts of fifty-thousand people!! R・S(ローリングストーンズ)の初日公演を見た!カッコイイ~~!!!5万人の大歓声の中、私はシビレた!!

Chapter 163 Lately, my physical health's been really good. It's probably because I swim every week. I'll keep going until I can't continue any longer. 最近体調がとてもいい。どうやら毎週泳いでいるせいだ。無理せず長く続けよう。

Chapter 164 I saw the film Born on the Fourth of July. It was scary~!! It's more than just some half-baked horror film! 映画『7月4日に生まれて』を見た。怖かった~っ!!なまじの恐怖(ホラー)映画以上だ!

Chapter 165 I'm looking forward to this year's Formula One. Especially Senna's aloof personality. I'm very charmed by it. 今年のF1(エフワン)はとても楽しみ。特にセナの孤高のキャラクターに、とてもひかれます

Chapter 166 Just one more month and it's Golden Week! This year, I'm taking an conventional vacation, and traveling overseas...! Is that unreasonable? あと1ヵ月で、GW(ゴールデンウイーク)!今年は世間並に休みをとって、海外旅行!…なんて無理かな

Chapter 167 Volume 15, for sale on 4/10! More and more interesting Stand battles! Please enjoy. コミックス15巻目が、4月10日に発売!スタンドの戦いもいよいよ佳境!ヨロシク

Chapter 168 I went to buy some books on babies and childcare to use as material for my manga. It was very embarrassing. 漫画の資料にと、赤ちゃん、育児に関する本を買いにいったなんだか恥しかったョ

Chapter 169 The tempura I ate for dinner wasn't good, and gave me hives on my whole body! It's so itchy, help me~!! 夕飯に食べた天ぷらがいけなっかのか、全身蕁麻疹に!かゆくて、たすけて~!!

Chapter 170 Assistants wanted! People who are interested, please call Mr. Kabashima, the editor. Thank you. アシスタント募集!ヤル気ある人は、編集椛島氏まで、電話を下さい。よろしく。

Chapter 171 I switched back to using contacts, but my eyes hurt since I can't quite adjust to them. I naturally open my eyes wide and my face looks weird. コンタクトにかえたが、慣れず目が痛い。自然と目をむくと表情がアブナクなる!

Chapter 172 I think I wanna get into diving, but I tend to be a little too claustrophobic and anxious for it. ダイビングを始めようと思うけど、実は多少閉所恐怖症の傾向があり、少し不安…

Chapter 173 Hiring assistants! If you're a willing person in the outskirts of Tokyo, please call Mr. Kabashima. アシスタント募集中!東京近郊のヤル気ある人編集部椛島氏までTEL(でんわ)ください。

Chapter 174 Volume 16, for sale 6/8! Please enjoy the battle with the ghastly Stand Empress, among other things. コミックス16巻が、6月8日発売!『女帝(エンプレス)』の不気味スタンドの戦いなどヨロシク

Chapter 175 My assistant went traveling abroad to Hawaii, just to collect data at an F1 race. Remaining in Japan, I felt a little nervous for them! ...Is what I'm supposed to say. F1(エフワン)取材で、担当氏は海外旅行ばかり。日本に残る僕はちょっと不安!だったりして

Chapter 176 The paper tattoo souvenir I got from Hawaii is really cool! Can you even buy these in Japan? Let me know. ハワイ土産にもらった紙刺青(ペーパータトゥー)が面白いっ!日本でも売っているのかなあ?おしえて

Chapter 177 My 30s are sneaking up on me. Will the weekly serialization become too fast for me as a I grow old?! いつのまにか30歳になってしまいました。週刊連載していると年をとるのが早い!?

Chapter 178 I collect data as I write my closest one-shot. It probably won't be published in this magazine anytime soon though. 最近、読切を描きたくて、資料を集めてます。近々、本誌に載るかもしれませんよ

Chapter 179 I saw the movie "Tremors"! Even though it's a B-horror movie, it was actually pretty interesting! 映画『トレマーズ』を見た!B(ビー)級ホラーだけど、これがなかなかの面白さで収穫!

Chapter 180 I went bowling on Koseki-sensei's team...! And then I naturally won the championship! Everyone's awful at bowling~! こせき先生チームとボーリング!…で、優勝したのは当然私!みんなヘタだぜ~!

Chapter 181 As a huge fan, I had an amazingly fun time at the late-August Prince concert. 8月末のプリンスのコンサート。大ファンなので、と~っても楽しみにしています

Chapter 182 The tendons in my neck got stiff while I was sleeping, and they hurt. And the pain I got from hunching my neck down while drawing manuscripts was awful. 寝違えて首の筋を痛めた。痛くて下を向かいので、原稿をかくのが大変だった。

Chapter 183 During summer vacation, I returned to my hometown with the plan to just simply fish, but ended up working anyway! 夏休みは、故郷にかえって釣りをするつもり、絶対に仕事をやりくりして休みゾ!

Chapter 184 This summer, I went diving so much! what I should've done, but I still haven't done it to this day. この夏は、思いきりダイビング!…のはずだったけど、まだ一度も行ってません。

Chapter 185 Volume 17 for sale now! Enya is brutal. If there aren't any stores that sell it, then order one, okay?♡ コミックス⑰巻発売中!エンヤ婆さんがエグイよ。書店になければ、注文してネ♡

Chapter 186 Summer vacation, I'd made plans to try ocean fishing! I just absent-mindedly drooped the line down into the vast ocean for a day. 夏休みは、海釣りに挑戦する予定!広い海原で、1日ボケッと釣り糸をたれるぞ。

Chapter 187 The studio where I work was photographed on TV. The idol N-chan is so cuuute~♡ 仕事場のマンションでTV(テレビ)の撮影があった。アイドルのN(エン)子ちゃんがカワイイ~♡

Chapter 188 I had fun peacefully ocean fishing in my hometown over summer break. But I was too relaxed for any of the fish to notice! 田舎での夏休み、のんびり海釣りを楽しみました。のんびりしすぎて釣果は飛散!

Chapter 189 I went to a Prince concert! As someone with the same birthday, I was, for some reason, really empathetic and deeply moved. プリンスのコンサートに行った!同じ生年月日なので、何故か共感、感動したよ!!

Chapter 190 The manga "Chibi Maruko-chan" is really interesting. Maruko-chan's standing posture isn't very good. 漫画『ちびまる子ちゃん』が面白い。特にちびまる子の立ち姿が何ともいえず良い

Chapter 191 I tried going diving twice this year. I'm able to dive under and completely forget the world above the surface. 今年2度目のダイビングに挑戦。潜っていると地上の全てを忘れリラックスできる

Chapter 192 Volume 18, on sale October 8th! I hope you enjoy the life-or-death battle in the dream of Death Thirteen~!! コミックス18巻が、10月8日に発売!夢のDEATH13(デス サーティーン)との死闘をヨロシク~ッ!!

Chapter 193 During nighttime hurricanes, for some reason my heart is always calm. Listening to the sounds of the wind and the wonder of it all, I'm able to sleep well. 台風の夜は、何故か心が落ち着く。風の音を聞いていると不思議と良く眠れます。

Chapter 194 Considering my expectations, I'm a bit let down by "Die Hard 2" just being an average film. The original's better. 期待した割には『ダイハード2(ツー)』は、普通の映画の出来で少しガッカリ。前作のが上

Chapter 195 I'm most recently been obsessed with the fruit mangosteen. The cool, cold taste is the best. 最近フルーツの『マンゴスチン』に凝ってます。冷たくひやしたあの味がサイコー

Chapter 196 The film "Total Recall" looks fun. I'm excited for it because there's only been a few interesting films recently. 映画『トータル・リコール』が楽しみ。最近面白い映画が少ないだけに期待してます

Chapter 197 Of the kids in the neighborhood, there's this kid named Sena. Their dad seems to be an Ayrton Senna fan. 近所の子供に、型菜(せな)ちゃんという子がいる。お父さんは、A(アイルトン)・センのファンだな。

Chapter 198 Drawing scenery from foreign countries really makes me wanna visit them. I want more time! 外国の風景を描いていると、無性に旅行に行きたくなります。時間がもっと欲しい!

Chapter 199 Catching a cold really hurts my throat! As a chitchat, this is the worst!! 風邪をひいて喉がとても痛い!おしゃべりな私としては、これがなによりつらい!!

Chapter 200 We are looking for assistants. If you're an energetic person who loves manga, call Mr. Kabashima, the editor!! アシスタント募集します。漫画が好きなヤル気ある人編集椛島氏までTEL(でんわ)を!!

Chapter Translation Original

Chapter 201 I've stopped using glasses and am trying contact lens! Because I'm still adjusting to them, my eyes look a little strange. メガネをやめてコンタクト・レンズに挑戦中!慣れぬせいか目の表情が、少しアブナイ

Chapter 202 This December marks a full 10 years since the debut! This is due in part to everybody's support. Please continue to do so in the coming year too. この12月でデビューして丸10年!これも皆さんのおかげ。来年もよろしくお願いします

Chapter 203 Assistants wanted! People who like drawing manga, keep calling editor Kabashima! Welcoming any skilled people! アシスタント募集中!漫画を描くのが好きな人、編集椛島氏ままで電話を!経験者優遇!

Chapter 204 The next issue will have an opening color page, to celebrate passing 200 chapters! There will also be the customary sweatshirt prize, please enjoy. 次号巻頭カラーは、200回突破記念!恒例トレーナー・プレゼントもあるので、ヨロシク

Chapter 205 How were the opening color pages? Please apply restlessly for the sweatshirt prize. Good luck. 巻頭カラーいかがでしたか?トレーナープレゼントに奮って応募して下さい。ヨロシク

Chapter 206 Volume 20 is for sale on 2/8. I pat myself on the back for drawing 20 Volumes so well. コミックス第20巻が、2月8日に発売です。20巻もよく描いたと自分でも、感心してます

Chapter 207 And just when you find out the Berlin Wall's fallen, there's a gulf war! In these hectic world affairs, it's all anxious, isn't it~? ベルリンの壁が崩れたと思ったら、湾岸戦争!目まぐるしい世界情勢に、不安だな~。

Chapter 208 The gym pool is less crowded in winter, which feels really nice. It's perfect for switching gears coming off of work. 冬場はジムのプールがすいてて、とても気分がいい。仕事の気分転換にもってこいです

Chapter 209 I received many applications for the assistant position. To those I couldn't hire, I'd like to extend my thanks here. A(アシスタント)募集に多数の応募があり、採用できなかった人にも、この場をかり御礼申し上げます

Chapter 210 The air conditioner in my workplace is broken, and despite repeated requests, no one comes to repair it. I might catch a cold from the cold. 仕事場のエアコンが故障何度さいそくしても修理に来てくれない。寒くて風邪ひきそう

Chapter 211 The theater gave me a complimentary ticket for "The Godfather Part III". Thank you. 映画さんから『ゴッドファーザー(スリー)』の招待券をもらう。ありがとうございます

Chapter 212 Lately, I've become obsessed with Moschino's fashion. Its stylish flashiness is very much to my taste. 最近モスキーノのファッションに凝っています。粋な派手さがとても私好みなのです。

Chapter 213 Fans often travel and send me souvenirs. Thank you. ファンの方が旅行に行って、よく土産を買って送ってくれる。ありがとうございます

Chapter 214 The world seems to be enjoying the warm weather, but this isn't the case for me, as someone who loves winter and hates summer. 世間は陽気が暖て喜んでいるでしょうが、冬好き夏嫌いの私は、別なのです。

Chapter 215 Spring is in the air, making me feel like going on a trip. I've recently really wanted to bask in the beauty of various places across Japan. 春めいてきて旅に出たくなった。しみじみ日本各地の良さにひたりたい今日この頃です

Chapter 216 I'm adjusting my schedule for Golden Week. Trying hard to take a break like everyone else. GW(ゴールデンウイーク)に向けてスケジュール調整中。なんとか世間並に休みをとろうと、努力中です。

Chapter 217 More staff members are catching hay fever. I'm worried about whether symptoms will suddenly appear... スタッフにも花粉症が増えている。突然症状が(あらわ)われる[a]か不安だナ~

Chapter 218 Thanks for the many fan letters. It's fun reading them, especially the ones with photos. ファンレターたくさんありがとう。写真が入ってたりして、楽しみながら読んでます。

Chapter 219 Volume 21 will be out on 5/10! This is the end of the battle with the Oingo Boingo Brothers! コミックス21巻が、5月10日に発売!オインゴ&ボインゴ兄弟との戦いに、決着だッ!

Chapter 220 Jackie Chan's "Armour of God II: Operation Condor"[b] was surprisingly interesting, I was impressed. ジャッキー・チェンの『プロジェクト・イーグル』が意外に面白くて、感心しました。

Chapter 221 I bought a Super Famicom, and am playing F-Zero. I can't lose to my editor. スーパーファミコンを買って、エフゼロをやってます。担当には、負けられないです。

Chapter 222 Went diving for the first time in a while. Being underwater without a single thought is the best stress relief. 久しぶりにダイビング。水の中で何も考えないのがストレス解消に一番よいです。

Chapter 223 I'm a Gemini, so my birthday is this month. Not happy to be aging, but I am thankful for the Prince-related gifts from fans!! 私は双子座、つまり誕生日は今月。年をとるのは嬉しくないけど、P(プリンス)くれたF(ファン)に感謝!!

Chapter 224 The young man at the neighborhood rice shop has such a nice greeting! It's refreshing to see such a good spirit, which is rare these days. 近所の米屋のお兄さんのアイサツがいい!今時珍しい気風の良さに、スカッとします。

Chapter 225 How were the colored pages? Colored manuscripts are my favorite, so if you have any requests, I'm always OK to do them. 巻頭カラーいかがでしたか。色原稿書くのは好きなので、希望があれば、いつでもOK(オーケー)

Chapter 226 I'm judging for July's Hop Step Awards. I'm so eager to be selecting the winner, so please send in your best works. 7月期のH☆S(ホップステップ)賞の審査をします。ハリキッて選考しますから、力作送ってください。

Chapter 227 I love cherries and ate so many that they wrecked my stomach; they were really delicious though. 好物のサクランボをたらふく食べてしまって、腹をこわしたサクランボは本当にうまい

Chapter 228 It's been a while, but I attended a party for two major awards. It was fun meeting Toriyama-sensei and Koseki-sensei there. 久しぶりで2大賞パーティーに出席。鳥山先生こせき先生に会えて、楽しい一時でした

Chapter 229 As someone who loves winter, the current season is absolutely dreadful. Makes me want to return to my cooler hometown. 冬大好き人間の私としては、この季節がとてもつらい。涼しい故郷に帰りたくなります

Chapter 230 Thank you so much for always giving me fan letters and presents. They motivate me to keep working hard!! F(ファン)レターやプレゼントをいつもたくさんありがとう。励みにして、仕事がんばります!!

Chapter 231 The movie "Home Alone" was funny. I'd like to see another protagonist like him again. 映画『ホームアローン』が面白かった。もう一度会いたくなるような主人公像でした!

Chapter 232 I'm reading "Fabre's Book of Insects" again after 20 years. A masterpiece that can be enjoyed at any age. It's great. 『ファーブル昆虫記』を20年ぶりに再読。名作はいくつになっても楽しめる。ヨカッタ

Chapter 233 When I slept on a waterbed, I ended up not being able to sleep well. Maybe a hard futon suits me better?! ウオーターベッドで寝たら、かえって安眠できなかった。せんべいぶとんが性にある!?

Chapter 234 I'm simple-minded, getting oddly excited when thunder roars. That sound and light are just amazing!! 雷が鳴ったりすると単純な私は、妙にコーフンしてしまう。あの音と光は、スゴイッ!!

Chapter 235 Volume 23 will be out on 9/10! The soul-staking gamble with D'Arby the Elder! Look forward to it!! コミックス第23巻は、9月10日発売!ダービー兄との魂を賭けた賭け!お楽しみに!!

Chapter 236 I hate summer so I'm happy about autumn. I can eat my favorite food, chestnut rice, and just love autumn in general!! 夏ぎらいの私は秋がうれしい。好物の栗ごはんも食べられるし、とにかく秋は好きだ!!

Chapter 237 The TV starts acting up, but as soon as I call the repairman, it begins to work again. Situations like this are the most troublesome. TV(テレビ)が調子悪くなって、修理屋さんを呼ぶとよくなる。こういうのが、一番こまるんよ

Chapter 238 I was thrilled to get a print of my favorite David Roberts painting from 150 years ago! His skill in drawing is something the likes of me could never compare to. 大好きなD(デビッド)ロバーツの150年前の版画を手に入れ感激!私など及びもつかん絵のうまさだ

Chapter 239 Next week has colored pages for the first time in a while! I'll draw the battle with the tough foe Vanilla Ice to my best ability. 来週は久しぶりに巻頭カラー!強敵ヴァニラ・アイスとの戦いを、思い切り描きます。

Chapter 240 I always meet with my editor at J Family Restaurant. That's where we often come up with ideas. 担当氏との打合せはいつもJ(ジェイ)ファミリーレストラン。ここだとよくアイデアがでます。

Chapter 241 An introduction for JoJo appears in a book now for sale by Hachiro Taku, "Ikasu! Otaku Tengoku" [Cool! Otaku Heaven]. Please read it. 発売中の宅八郎著『イカす!おたく天国』にジョジョの紹介がのってます。御一読を。

Chapter 242 I took the plunge and bought "Twin Peaks" on LaserDisc. I enjoy the manga-like aesthetic it has. 『ツインピークス』のレーザーを思いきって買う。漫画に共通するセンスが楽しめます

Chapter 243 Guns N' Roses's new albums are the best! I keep playing it at work. It also makes work go smoothly! ガンズン・ローゼスの新譜がサイコー!仕事場で聞きまくってます。仕事もはかどる!

Chapter 244 JoJo Volume 24 will be released on 11/8! The great efforts of Jotaro and his companions in storming DIO's mansion!! ジョジョのコミックス24巻が11月8日発売!DIO(ディオ)の館に突入した承太郎達の活躍!!

Chapter 245 I usually don't have dreams, but I've been having them a lot lately. They're always bizarre and quite interesting. ほとんど夢を見た事がない私が、最近夢をよく見る。決まって奇怪な内容で中々面白い

Chapter 246 I've been watching a lot of Steven Seagal's videos. They're thrilling and the refreshing feeling after watching is great. スチーブン・セーガルのビデオを見まくってます。痛快で見た後スカッとするのかいい

Chapter 247 Friends from my elementary school days are getting married one after another. I'm far away so I can't easily see them, but congratulations! 小学生の頃の友人が次々と結婚ラッシュ。遠くにいて中々会えないけど、おめでとう!

Chapter 248 My grandfather passed away. He was like the origin of who I am now, often telling me old stories. He was strict. ボクの祖父が死にましたよく昔話を語ってくれたボクの原点みたいな人でした厳しい。

Chapter 249 I dreamed that I committed some awful crime and frantically tried to destroy the evidence. Why? 夢の中でとんでもない犯罪を犯して必死で証拠隠滅を計る自分を見た。何故なんだ

Chapter 250 Before I knew it, five years have passed since serialization began. I thank every fan for their support. いつの間にか連載開始以来5年がたちました。F(ファン)の皆様応援ありがとうございます

Chapter 251 The TV and video player I bought years ago keep breaking down one after another. I wish they would consider durability over functionality. 3年前に買ったTV(テレビ)、ビデオが次々壊れた機能より耐久性を考えて欲しい

Chapter 252 I'm someone who rarely stays up all night, but I had to work overtime for the next issue's color pages. I was deeply moved by the sunrise's extreme beauty. めったに徹夜しない私だが、次号巻頭カラーの為に残業。暁がとてもきれいで感動

Chapter 253 I caught a cold right at New Year's. The symptoms hit my stomach, making it a bit hard to work on the manuscript. 正月早々風邪をひいてしまった症状が胃腸にきて原稿をかくのが、少し辛かった

Chapter 254 One of the joys of winter is having sukiyaki parties with everyone in the staff. It warms me to the core. 冬の楽しみといえばスタッフの皆とすき焼きパーティーです。シンまであったまる

Chapter 255 Volume 25 releases on the 10th! The game with D'Arby the Younger reaches an intense climax!! Please make sure to read it, okay?! J・C(ミックス)㉕巻は、10日に発売!ダービー弟とG(ゲーム)の絶対白熱!!ぜひ読んで下さいねっ!!

Chapter 256 I went to Spain for New Year's. It was unfortunate there wasn't any impressive architecture, but I still had fun! お正月、スペインに行きました。圧倒される建物がなく残念でしたが、楽しかった!

Chapter 257 I have terrible bedhead because of my stiff hair. Ordinary mousse doesn't do anything either! 髪が堅いせいか、寝ぐせがひどい。そんじょそこらのムースじゃあへこたれない!

Chapter 258 I'm obsessed with Garth Brooks's country songs! I want to immerse myself in his soothing voice all day. ガースー=ブルックスのカントリーソングに夢中!心なごむ歌声に一日中ひたりたい

Chapter 259 The recent inventions of Dr. NakaMats are interesting. The uniqueness of his ideas is very inspiring. 最近ドクター中松の発明が面白い。その発想のユニークさは、とても参考になるよ

Chapter 260 I talked with novelist Ken'ichi Sakemi in the Shosetsu Subaru magazine. I was surprised at how very knowledgeable he was about manga. 小説すばる誌上で小説家酒見賢一さんと対談。漫画にとても詳しいので驚きました

Chapter 261 As a Sendai-born manga artist, Tohoku Broadcasting Company came here on 3/17 to interview me, which will go on air. People from around here should absolutely watch. 仙台出身漫画家ということで東北放送が取材(インタビュー)に来た3/17OA(オンエア)。当地方の人はぜひ

Chapter 262 Mr. Kabashima, the editor who has been in charge of me since before my debut, is changing. Thank you for your hard work all these years!! デビュー前から担当してもらっていた椛島氏から担当がかわる。長い間お疲れ様!!

Chapter 263 Prince's concert is almost here. As a big fan, I'm super excited and have been looking forward to this for a while!! もうすぐプリンスのコンサート。大ファンで前から楽しみにしていたのでワクワク!!

Chapter 264 Volume 26 arrives on 4/10. It contains the life-or-death battle with Vanilla Ice. It's an absolute must-read. 4月10日にJC(コミックス)の26巻が出ます ヴァニラ・アイスとの死闘を収録。必読モノですよ

Chapter 265 The story was only 50 days long, but the long Part 3 has finally ended with this issue. Part 4 is next. 設定上はわずか50日間でしたが長かった第3部もついに今回で終了。次から第4部

Volume 13

Link to this sectionAuthor's Note
In this book, a new ability called a Stand is introduced. Stands are psychic powers given a visible form and shape. Traditionally, these kinds of powers were shown with light and electric effects, or through aftereffects like crumbling buildings. I asked myself, "How can I express this invisible power?" That's how I came up with Stands. Now let's begin a new adventure with Jotaro and his friends!
さあ! 承太郎たちといっしょに新しい冒険の旅にでかけましょう。

Volume 14

Link to this sectionAuthor's Note
When I'm traveling, I can feel very lonely, so I appreciate the kindness of strangers from the bottom of my heart. Still, sometimes I start wondering why someone is being so nice to me! Are they actually evil, and planning my demise? Who's my friend? Who's my enemy?
A big smiling face says, "Please give me all your money." AHHH! Now that's scary...

Volume 15

Link to this sectionAuthor's Note
When you start working in the real world, you're often asked to trade business cards. But ever since I became a manga artist, I've had to say, "Oh, I don't have a business card. Sorry!" Well, I've finally designed a business card with the mark you see above on it.
I designed it with the big callus on the finger, a badge of honor for manga artists, so that people can somewhat figure out what profession I work in even when I go overseas for research.

Volume 16

Link to this sectionAuthor's Note
People often say that prostitution is the world's oldest profession. Well, that's what I learned in history class at least. (For those who don't know what "prostitution" is, ask your father.)
But is it really the oldest profession? I found an even older one! I can't prove it, but I bet it goes away back! That profession is the storyteller who tells scary stories. (To be continued in Volume 17.)
本当にそれより古い職業はないのか? あった! 証明しろ!と言われたら「できません」とあやまるけど、きっと古いぞッ! それは恐怖の物語を聞かせてくれる「語りべ」である。(17巻に続く)

Volume 17

Link to this sectionAuthor's Note
(Continued from last volume...) A long, long time ago, people sat under the starry night sky, gathered around a fire, and listened to an old man tell frightening tales. They listened intently and let their imaginations take them into the world he described.
"Okay. That's enough for tonight."
"We want to hear more. I'll give you this fruit if you tell us more."
"I'll tell you tomorrow! Now, go to bed!"
That's the kind of story I hope to keep on telling.
「あした、あした! さぁ寝た寝た!」

Volume 18

Link to this sectionAuthor's Note
My friends often tell me, "You're really rude when I call you when you're working." I stopped and thought about it when my mother called me and said, "You're so rude, you're no son of mine." But think about it, people! I don't see what's so hard to understand. When I'm working, I can't blab about stupid stuff on the phone for hours like I do when I'm just hanging out, or I'll be late submitting my work. I'm a Gemini so I have a split personality. I wish people would just think of work and play as my on/off switch.
「仕事中に電話すると、態度がすごく冷たい」と友人からよくいわれる。母親からの電話で「こんな冷たいヤツ、息子じゃない」と言われた時は、チョッとは反省したが。でもですね! 仕事中、遊んでいる時のようなバカ話で長電話してたら、原稿が遅れる一方という事をみんなはなんで分からないんでしょうね。 生まれが双子座で二面性の性格なので、仕事と遊びじゃスイッチが切り替わっている…と思って欲しいです。 飛呂彦より

Volume 19

Link to this sectionAuthor's Note
No one realizes this, but as of December I will have been a manga artist for ten years. (I'm not saying this because I want someone to congratulate me.) Ten years... it's only two words, but it's an amount of time that makes me go "Hmm..." When I consider that I spent my entire twenties working in manga, again I go "Hmm..."
But I'm grateful to God and my ancestors for this feeling.

Volume 20

Link to this sectionAuthor's Note
In the early 1980s, I lived in Sendai. Back then I used to send photocopies of my corrected manuscripts to my publisher by postal mail. One photocopy cost me 40 yen (about 40 cents) per page. After the publisher received it I'd have to talk to them on the phone and discuss it. After a while this became a pain, so I moved to Tokyo by myself. Now faxes and color copiers are much better than they were back then. If they had been available back in the day, I doubt I would have moved to Tokyo. Lately I'm really seeing how times have changed.

Volume 21

Link to this sectionAuthor's Note
I'm not proud of it, but I'm horrible at remembering things. I can barely remember what I did for fun as a kid, or what such-and-such TV show was about. The other day I saw Rie Miyazawa (a Japanese actress), but I completely forgot her name. When I asked someone what her name was, they laughed at me. (I should mention that I'm a huge Rie Miyazawa fan.) I'm really worried about my future... (To be continued in Volume 22.)

Volume 22

Link to this sectionAuthor's Note
(Continued from last volume...) I could stay depressed about my bad memory, but that's a negative way to live. Let's look on the bright side and list the advantages of having a bad memory.
(1) You can reread a book and see a movie over and over and enjoy it as much as the first time.
(2) If you make an inconvenient promise, you can pretend that you forgot about it and still be forgiven.
(3) This is the most important thing: you can keep coming up with ideas without being held back by convictions or the past.
  • 一度見た映画や本を始めて見るように何度でも楽しめ、感動できる。
  • 都合の悪い約束を本当は覚えていても忘れたフリをしてゆるしてもらえる。
  • そして何よりも大切なことだが、主義とか過去にとらわれずに身軽にアイデアが出せる。

Volume 23

Link to this sectionAuthor's Note
Lately cigarette smoke bothers me. I always notice it when someone is smoking near me.
That's why I decided to have Hol Horse give up smoking. But then, I thought that it would be weird to suddenly change a character's habits. Hmm... but on the other hand, Hol Horse changes his mind all the time anyway. I figured "What the heck," so now he's using a smoke-free pipe.

Volume 24

Link to this sectionAuthor's Note
The most frightening thing that ever happened to me was when I experienced hail for the first time. As a child I never heard of this mysterious phenomenon of "hail" falling from the sky. One day I was playing in an open field when the sky suddenly turned black and a ton of ice cubes, like the ones I put in my Calpis Water, started falling from the sky.
I remember thinking, "It's the end of the world. I'll never lie to my parents and I'll never pick on my little sister."

Volume 25

Link to this sectionAuthor's Note
I know you might think this is silly, but I once had a dream that I was a sumo wrestler standing in the ring. This might sound humorous, but it was the most terrifying dream I had ever had. The match was being broadcast live nationwide on NHK, so if I ran away I would be known as the biggest coward in Japan. I was nearly naked and wearing only a fundoshi... Geh! I still weighed 57 kilograms! "I'm going to die," I thought..." (To be continued in Volume 26.)
裸にふんどしの自分は……ゲ! 体重57㎏のままだ。「殺される」。

Volume 26

Link to this sectionAuthor's Note
(Continued from last volume...) So, in my dream, I am facing a sumo wrestler on national TV and trying to avoid being known as the biggest coward in Japan. I try to concoct a plan to lose the match without getting hurt. I get in the ring, and the referee says "Lock eyes!" The other wrestler glares at me, his face four times the size of mine. There's an open wound on his forehead, probably from yesterday's brutal match. The wound starts to twitch, and blood oozes out of it. I'm pretty sure I let out a piercing scream at that point. (The end.)

Volume 27

Link to this sectionAuthor's Note
In my entire life, I've only seen a ghost once. It happened a few years ago when I traveled in England. I stayed in a hotel that used to be an old castle. It was only eight o'clock, but I was exhausted, so I went to bed early. A few minutes after I lay down, a woman came out through the slightly-open bathroom door. I saw that there was blood on her wrist... (To be continued in Volume 28.)

Volume 28

Link to this sectionAuthor's Note
(Continued from last volume...) The female ghost floated across the room. Standing beside my bed, she looked down at me with a blank expression. I thought to myself, "I'm seeing a ghost! I thought I had no psychic powers!" But a moment later, I thought, "I'm really sleepy... I don't want to deal with this right now." As if she knew what I was thinking, the ghost's expression turned to sadness, and she disappeared. This really happened. People say I must be dreaming, but I swear it really happened.

Stardust Crusaders


  1. The Chapter 217 author's note has a typo. The word (現われる, arawareru) ("to appear") is given the furigana (あらわわれる, "arawawareru"), which includes an extra ("wa").
  2. "Project Eagle" (プロジェクト・イーグル) in Japan

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