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"Paisley Park" and "Born This Way", Part 1 (『ペイズリー・パーク』と『ボーン・ディス・ウェイ』 その① "Peizurī Pāku" to "Bōn Disu Wei" Sono 1), originally Morioh Navigation (杜王町Navigation Moriō-chō Navigation) in the UJ release, is the twelfth chapter of JoJolion and the eight hundred fifty-ninth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


At the Higashikata's, Josuke takes his laundry, which has been mixed with that of Joshu. He takes by mistake some of Joshu's money, which the latter notices and starts an argument over. Joshu accuses Josuke to be a thief and tries to stab him, but Norisuke defuses the situation. The patriarch also uses that opportunity to talk to Josuke about him going to school to get an idea of his education level.

Josuke then secretly gets out of the Higashikata estate and calls Yasuho. Together they plan to meet at the Mutsukabe shrine and then pay a visit to Holy Joestar-Kira. However when Yasuho calls the Morioh University Hospital in which Holy is supposed to work, she discovers that she is currently a patient.

Using his voice GPS to navigate in the alleys, the GPS suddenly acts strange by instructing him to make a U-turn without apparent reason. The GPS makes other strange instruction which Josuke chooses to disobey. Instead he opens a notebook and writes the direction, but he is soon interrupted when a strange man in a motorcycle aggresses him with whirlwinds. He trips and his head hits a sharp metal shard.


Holy Joestar-Kira
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Yoshikage Kira (JoJolion)
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Paisley Park
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Born This Way
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Author's Comment

I read Thermae Romae. It's amazing that Rome had running water in those days.




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  • Josuke walks by a chalk drawing of Crazy Diamond while on the phone with Yasuho.


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