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I can't fight someone if I think they're more 'right' than me. That's my limit. But there's so many things in this world that can't be separated into right and wrong. If I was ever in a place where I had to decide to betray someone or not to betray them... I don't think I could keep following.
—Sheila E, Purple Haze Feedback Chapter 4: tu ca nun chiagne

Sheila E (シーラE, Shīra Ī) is a primary ally featured in the light novel Purple Haze Feedback.

As one of Giorno Giovanna's personal bodyguards, she is sent to assist Pannacotta Fugo on his mission to eliminate Passione's former Sezione Droghe.

Sheila E is a Stand user who wields the versatile Voodoo Child in uncovering clues as well as in battles.


Sheila E is a young and svelte Italian girl. She has long dark hair, a part of which is tied into several long, lighter colored, braids. She is described to have scars all over her face which do not seem to bother her.[2] A distinct eight-pointed scar covers her left eye.

Sheila E wears a brassiere and underwear under a large loose coat connected only around her stomach. She also wears baggy leggings made from the same cloth, but lacks any footwear. Her outfit is covered with a triangular wave design reminiscent of Native American motifs.


Sheila E is introduced as a frank teenage girl. She doesn't chew her words and harshly criticizes Fugo for abandoning his team. Despite her indiscipline, it seems she fulfilled her role well as liaison between Passione and La Squadra Esecuzioni.[3] Sheila E prefers to take the most direct solution to any problem, typically destroying anything inconvenient.

Sheila E possesses a strong moral code, hating evildoers and worshipping charismatic moral people like Giorno. After Illuso killed her sister, Sheila E infiltrated Passione, planning to kill Illuso while also asking for permission from the Boss. Consequently, she feels that she owes Giorno for killing Illuso and obediently follows his commands. Because of her Manichean view about right and wrong, Sheila E has a psychological limit in that she cannot bring herself to attack someone she deems "more right" than she is.[4]

Taking failure poorly, Sheila E has a tendency to place herself further into danger to atone for any perceived failure on her part.[5] She is also shown to be faithful in her allegiances and will do whatever it takes to execute orders from Giorno and Mista. Showing no mercy to anyone who stops her, the E in her alias stands for "Erinni" after the Italian variation of Erinyes, the Greek goddesses of revenge.[6]



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Sheila E’s Stand, Voodoo Child, allows her to make lips on any surface and replay a sound or thought. In addition, it is a rather powerful Close Range Stand.

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Repeating Lips


Sheila E has a keen sense of smell, and can differentiate between individuals based on their scent. It is mentioned that she learned to do this in her childhood while she played with her dog, Toto.[6]


Born Scilla Capezzuto,[1] Sheila E joined Passione in order to get revenge on Illuso, who killed her sister, Clara. She later takes the Sheila E moniker after the goddesses of vengeance, Erinni.[6] A merciless fighter, she crushed the Miranze gang at 10 years old, taking their casinos in Rome for Passione. For this deed, she was chosen to be one of The Boss's bodyguards. She was also in contact with the assassination team, even though contact between teams is normally forbidden.

After Giorno Giovanna takes over Passione, he told her how Illuso died, preventing her from fully being able to take revenge. She accepted it as a just punishment and felt a deep sense of debt to Giorno. Later on, she became one of of Giorno's bodyguards.[6]

Purple Haze Feedback

To redeem herself, she is sent on a mission to take out the Sezione Droghe alongside Pannacotta Fugo and Cannolo Murolo. Unbeknownst to her, Giorno had entrusted her on the mission to find her own courage to retreat herself instead of throwing herself at any danger and needlessly sacrifice herself.[5]

Meeting Fugo and Murolo

In the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza soccer stadium in Milan, six months after the events of Vento Aureo, Guido Mista meets up with Fugo who is escorted by Sheila E. During Mista and Fugo's conversation, Sheila E is commanded to cover her ears, preventing her from listening about the true story of Giorno's takeover of Passione in the last six months. Fugo realizes that Passione wants to form an alliance with him to use Purple Haze's dangerous ability to spread his virus and to reclaim Giorno's trust for him. After putting the Stand away, Mista begins telling him about his task to take down the remaining narcotics team from the old Passione with the company of Sheila E.

Fugo and Sheila E later wait for the reinforcement sent by Mista in a hotel, Cannolo Murolo, who is also the supervisor and the only member in Passione's data analysis team. Murolo lays out all the documents about Sezione Droghe on a table and one of the photographs catches Fugo's eyes, recognizing the man as Massimo Volpe, an old friend who was in the same class as him in college. Murolo then narrates that Passione's rise to power as one of the most powerful gangs in Italy was due to Volpe's Stand Manic Depression, which allowed him to create narcotics by turning salt water or rock salt into drugs temporarily. He remarks that had Risotto Nero's assassination team succeed in taking over Diavolo's drug business to monopolize the import trade, they would not have known that Passione never imported drugs to begin with. At the mention of the assassination team, Sheila E snarls as she tells the story of her desire to kill the man named Illuso - the assassin who died to Purple Haze's virus - to take revenge for killing her sister Clara. Being the former intel for Risotto, Murolo realizes that Sheila E had allied with the assassin team to betray them and raises his guard around her. Fugo only silently listens to them, knowing that it might have been better for him to not tell her that it was his Stand who had finished Illuso for good.

Fugo attempts to change the subject by asking where Volpe is. Murolo pulls out a deck of cards from his suit which introduce themselves as the Stand All Along Watchtower. Presenting themselves as a troupe, the cards actually has the ability to spy on targets, albeit in a circus show act. During its performance, a brawl between the cards break out due to their positions until the four of hearts card reveal Vladimir Kocaqi and the rest of Sezione Droghe's location in Taormina. Sheila E remarks that because Stands reflect the user's true mind, the cards were also as obsessed with hierarchy as Murolo.

Arriving in Taormina

The three continue their investigation in the Strait of Messina while a labors' strike - presumably ordered by Passione - leaves the port as a ghost town. At a warehouse, Sheila E unveils her Voodoo Child which can turn anything into pairs of lips that uncovers anyone has said, thought, or felt in the vicinity. Fugo recognizes one of the lips' voices as Volpe's and it repeatedly utters the words "obey you". Sheila E deduces that Volpe feels guilty about following Kocaqi's commands, although Fugo isn't sure himself. Confirming the Sezione Droghe's whereabouts in Taormina, the three head to the harbor to board a yacht. While Murolo prepares to dock to Sicily, Fugo wonders Sheila E notices Fugo lost in his thoughts and snaps him out of it, thinking that his past with Volpe is holding him back from confrontation. She warns him not to take drugs lightly as it devours a human's soul and spreads the suffering to the people around them. Fugo notices that she quoted Giorno's words and sees the same spark in her eyes like when his old friend Narancia Ghirga began to trust Bruno Bucciarati. Soon, Sheila E notices the skies beginning to rain.

Murolo anchors the yacht on a rocky coast and the three make landfall on a lifeboat by using Purple Haze and Voodoo Child to carry it over a cliff face. Sheila E uses her Stand to throw a boulder at the yacht and sinks it in the water. Fugo observes the strange easiness in getting to Sicily, wondering how the narcotics team had managed to slip through Giorno's hands and why he was personally handpicked to take the team down. Sheila E notices this and interrogates him for his honest thoughts about Giorno although she remains dubious. Quoting Giorno once again, she mentions that people are often overwhelmed by him that when they see him, they wind up seeing only themselves, which means that Fugo's words on Giorno's untapped potential was only him reflecting on himself. The conversation is cut short when Murolo warns them for talking about Mista and Giorno lightly and Sheila E running off to track down a vomit-like scent.

While tracking down the scent, Sheila E thinks that whoever threw up was under the influence of Volpe's stand. Suddenly, a flattened Mario Zucchero appears from the ground and ambushes her before a brief fight ensues. She uses her Stand to give Zucchero lips to which he only repeats that he "has to move". Suddenly, his body explodes to dust. She realizes that Zucchero had been a bait to lure her away from Fugo and Murolo.

Teatro Greco

Sheila E soon hears Fugo's screams and rushes to Teatro Greco where Murolo and Kocaqi await her. She immediately unveils Voodoo Child and attacks Kocaqi who barely avoids her Stand's fists. Kocaqi's wounds turn into lips which speaks in his dead sister Amelia's voice instead of his own. He claims that he has no guilt from his past, making him immune to Voodoo Child's abilities. At the same time, he traps her into thinking that she could not beat him and locks that feeling inside her with his Stand Rainy Day Dream Away. Kocaqi tells her that he will not kill her before turning to Murolo. However, they are interrupted by a loud thunder in the distance. Kocaqi realizes that Fugo had used Purple Haze to blindly throw himself in the sky and exploit Rainy Day Dream Away's ability by falling at the same speed as the raindrops. Fugo and Purple Haze fall towards Kocaqi and the Stand's fist fatally hits him, instantaneously dying from the impact of the blow while his body melts due to Purple Haze's virus. Voodoo Child catches Fugo before he can hit the ground. Suddenly, he strangles Sheila E by the neck. Murolo commands Sheila E to withdraw her Stand because its arms had been wrapped around Fugo too tightly that his spine could snap at any moment. After putting Voodoo Child away, Fugo releases her throat. Sheila E notes the empty look in Fugo's eyes and looks around for Kocaqi's body. She shivers after realizing that his body vaporized from Purple Haze's infection. Even though Fugo saved the three of them, she could not be grateful for him. As the rain stops and the sky emerges behind the rain clouds, Sheila E does not feel anything more than gloom.

Later on, Murolo, Sheila E, and Fugo inspect anything that remains in the now-empty hideout of the Sezione Droghe. Murolo deduces that the carnage of the gangsters were allies of Kocaqi up until his death, causing them to turn on Volpe and the others. Fugo notices a slight change in Sheila E's attitude, thinking it was because of when he accidentally strangled her during their fight against Kocaqi. Before he can confront her, Murolo calls for a helicopter to fly them to Ortygia after tracking the narcotics team with his Stand.

Ambush in Ortygia

On the helicopter flying over the Ionian Sea, Fugo suddenly asks Sheila E what she would do if she found herself surrounded by strange men, whereas she bluntly replies that she would only ignore them. The question catches her off guard, so she tries to ask Fugo something before stopping herself. Murolo notes the awkward silence and tries to lift the mood by pestering the helicopter pilot to lower the altitude. However, their helicopter is ambushed by Angelica Attanasio's Nightbird Flying, which incapacitates them and the pilot, sending them into the sea.

As the helicopter plummets into the sea, Sheila E is woken up accidentally in the real world by Fugo who had pinched her in his sleep. With the helicopter pilot dead after biting through his tongue and an incapacitated Murolo foaming at the mouth, Sheila E has no choice but to summon her Stand and kicks both her and Fugo outside the helicopter. On the shore, she performs CPR on Fugo who immediately recovers. Fugo tells Sheila E that the attack may have been because Kocaqi had been hiding something from them in Ortygia. They decide to steal a car and drive to Ortygia. During the ride, Sheila E tells Fugo that she already knew he was the one who killed Illuso when she had witnessed Kocaqi's painful death from Purple Haze's virus. She admits her weakness of not being able to fight someone "more right" than her and fears the day where she has to face Giorno whom she believes is more right than God. Their conversation is cut short when the local population is suddenly driven into colliding with their cars under Nightbird Flying's control. Fugo is then thrown out of the car by Voodoo Child as Sheila wanted to split the team and sacrifice herself.

Sheila E finally meets Volpe on the road. She tries to run over him, but Volpe, using his Stand Manic Depression to power himself to the human limits, destroys the car instead. He reveals the reason to find the Stone Mask - to overcome his weakness and achieve immortality. At the same time, Fugo successfully takes down Angelica by unleashing Purple Haze. This enrages Volpe which prompts him into taking her hostage in the Temple of Apollo.

Temple of Apollo

Volpe continuously tortures Sheila E with Manic Depression to call out for Fugo, but she is too weak to answer due to his fingers around her throat and nearly passes out. In her last thoughts, she only thinks of her sister Clara. Suddenly, she is saved when Volpe's hand is cut off by Fugo, who finally appears to confront him.

Sheila E is surprised to see Fugo even after she had already sacrificed herself to save him. Having found a common point with her, Fugo understands the empathy his old companions felt for each other. The two begin to battle, but Sheila E notices Nightbird Flying presence. Using its remaining powers, which Volpe had kept alive albeit at the brink of death, he narrowly avoids Purple Haze's fists with the virus capsules seemingly gone from its knuckles. Fugo's newfound resolution upgrades Purple Haze in time before Volpe can make a fatal blow. Inches away from Volpe and having kept a virus capsule in his mouth, he breaks it and sprays the virus into Volpe's face, who dies an explosive and horrible death instantly. Fugo then breaks another capsule to counter the previous virus and manages to survive.

A dumbfounded Sheila E can only watch as Volpe's body evaporates into the wind. Murolo appears in the temple, noting that Stand users reflect their own Stands, which is how Purple Haze had evolved into a new form due to Fugo's resolve. Despite her weak state, he remarks that she only has a few broken bones and that she will survive. She wonders how Murolo is still alive but was too exhausted to think, later passing out. Meanwhile, Nightbird Flying flies into the moon and vanishes. The mission is finally complete.




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