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Like I said, "Obladi Oblada". That is the name of the Rock Insect. A second Rock Insect. It's part of my evacuation drill. (だからそれは「オブラディ・オブラダ」。わたしは岩昆虫の名前を言ったんだよ…2匹目の昆虫の名前というワケだ。わたしの避難訓練に含まれている。Dakara sore wa "Oburadi Oburada". Watashi wa Iwa Konchū no namae o itta ndayo... Ni-hikime no konchū no namae toiu da. Watashi no hinan kunren ni fukumareteiru.)

Obladi Oblada (オブラディ・オブラダ Oburadi Oburada) is a minor antagonist featured in the eighth part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, JoJolion.

It is a leech-like Rock Organism whom Wonder of U releases to dispatch Josuke.


Technically speaking, it is not an insect. It lacks jointed legs or a body separated into three segments. (正確には昆虫ではない。節足がないんだ、体も3つの部位に分かれていない。Seikaku ni wa konchūde wanai. Sessoku ga nai nda, karada mo mittsu no bui ni wakarete inai.)

Obladi Oblada's main body takes on the appearance of a small, flat, round disc, resembling a cookie, with six stubs protruding from its edges. It visually has a four-toed paw print on its back. When duplicated, the bodies seem to link together via their stubs. Akefu calls Obladi Oblada an insect, but also notes that its species aren't technically insects, as they lack a three-segmented body or jointed legs.[1]


Not much is known about Obladi Oblada's personality so far, but it can be inferred that, like Dododo De Dadada, it is carnivorous. Obladi Oblada's species prefer to live on dry, sloped cliffs and targets any sort of animal from above or below.


A Rock Insect, Obladi Oblada's main sustenance seems to be human flesh.


Obladi Oblada latching itself onto Josuke

Obladi Oblada can latch itself onto its victims, like a tick, via a sticky substance. This is effective in order for the Rock Organism to absorb its prey's essence.

Body Expansion

Obladi Oblada expanding its body

Obladi Oblada is capable of multiplying its bodies at a rapid pace, to the point of overwhelming its victim within seconds. The duplicates seem to spawn from the victim's blood. Attempting to attack or pull off one of the pads spawns more of its bodies, proving any attack against it seemingly futile. When the body multiplies, its copies form out of one of its stubs. It is currently unknown if the duplicated bodies are part of its main body, or completely separate entities given birth.



Obladi Oblada originally lived on a dry, sloped cliff.[1] It became allies with Tooru and the Locacaca Organization at some point.


Wonder of U keeps the Rock Insect attached to its cane.[1] While evacuating as Josuke shoots a bubble at it with his finger, Wonder of U releases Obladi Oblada to stop him.

Obladi Oblada deflects the incoming bubble and latches itself onto Josuke's hand, eating at his flesh. Josuke tries to pry the insect off, but to no avail; the organism clings on and spawns duplicates of itself all over Josuke's arm. He tries shooting at the Rock Insect, but Obladi Oblada again duplicates itself, swarming him until it completely covers his body. He then tries to fire one last shot at Wonder of U, but Obladi Oblada spawns some duplicates over his finger, deflecting the bubble. Losing energy as Obladi Oblada continues devouring him, Josuke eventually collapses.


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