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I just gotta keep my distance! That's all! But my Aerosmith doesn't need to get close... to blow you to bits!
—Narancia Ghirga, Chapter 535: Notorious B.I.G, Part 3

Aerosmith (エアロスミス, Earosumisu) is the Stand of Narancia Ghirga, featured in the fifth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Vento Aureo.

Aerosmith has the appearance of a miniature fighter airplane equipped with machine guns, a bomb, and a radar that detects all sources of carbon dioxide in the vicinity.


Aerosmith (2).png
The pilot, Smith

Aerosmith appears as a toy monoplane fighter aircraft constructed in a tractor configuration, meaning its propeller is located on the front. The plane is given facial features such as eyes and a wide mouth. Its eyes and mouth are segmented by lines, with its propeller covering the center of its mouth. Its wings are bent in a Inverted Gull Wing configuration. The plane's wheels are retracted under the fuselage, and its weaponry includes two machine guns under the wings and a single bomb attached under the fuselage. It has a twin tail vertical stabilizer.

Aerosmith is piloted by a miniature pilot named Smith (スミス, Sumisu) inside the cockpit,[2] appearing only as a silhouette wearing a flight helmet.

When recalling Aerosmith, Narancia uniquely spreads his arms horizontally and makes the Stand land on them like a plane landing on a runway.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
Plane(Cyan, purple, and gold)
Plane(Red, silver, and gold)
Plane(White, pink, and orange)
Plane(Sky blue, purple, and gold)
Plane(Cyan, purple, and yellow)


Boasting powerful weaponry, flight and a radar, Aerosmith is a deadly battle-oriented Stand and effective scout. Narancia uses its abilities to pick out his opponents and overwhelm them.

Machine Guns and Bomb

Aerosmith firing at will

Aerosmith is equipped with small machine guns on its wings shooting tracer bullets with infinite ammunition[3] and a single bomb which it can drop on its enemies.

Despite their reduced size, the weapons are still deadly. The tracer bullets can set gasoline on fire[4] and shoot through a human body;[5] the bomb has the power of a grenade.[3] However, due to the Stand's poor precision, Narancia prefers to unleash Aerosmith's full arsenal with reckless abandon in a short period of time to compensate.[3] As a last resort, the propeller itself can be used as a blade to slice enemies.[6]

Carbon Dioxide Radar

Narancia can detect life forms emitting CO2

Aerosmith also has a carbon dioxide radar that Narancia can use to find an enemy's position through their breath when they exhale.[7]

While active, a small mechanical radar levitates near Narancia's face, specifically his right eye, allowing him to see the location and size of sources as circular blips on the radar.[7] This makes it ineffective when there is a big crowd or large fire, as it is unable to distinguish between sources,[7] though Narancia is capable of deducing the sources based on the behavior of an individual source. The heavier the carbon dioxide emission from a given source on the radar, the larger the blip will appear.[7] Narancia can also adjust the sensitivity of the radar in order to pick up sources on the level of small animals and even insects.[8]

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  • Araki designed Aerosmith with the balance of the team in mind, wanting a Stand that could fly around in combat. He believes that a simple ability is better for main characters, and thought that Aerosmith was a fun Stand to draw.[9]


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