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Dress! This means war! I'm coming for you guys! And you'll see just how frightening a visitor I can be!
—Ikuro Hashizawa, Baoh Chapter 8: Cyborg Lieutenant Colonel Dordo

Ikuro Hashizawa (橋沢 育朗 Hashizawa Ikurō), also known as Baoh (バオー Baō), is the main protagonist of Baoh the Visitor.

A teenager, Ikuro is kidnapped and transformed into the bioweapon "Baoh" by the Dress Organization.

Ikuro is notable for being the only non-JoJo character featured in the 2013 fighting game All-Star Battle and its 2022 remaster All-Star Battle R.


Ikuro is a teenage male of average height and medium build. He has full-bodied hair of medium tone.

As Baoh, the bio-weapon, Ikuro's skin takes on a bluish hue. The region surrounding his eyes is cracked, as though a shell, revealing a dark or shadowy interior, while his eyes shine out. His hair is swapped for a flowing mass of long strands of what appears to be flesh; while the height of his forehead is embedded a vertical oval emanating light, surrounded by black - a unique sensory organ known as the "Tactile Sensor".

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.

(Ikuro Hashizawa)
Upper Outfit
(Green vest with red trimmings and yellow sleeves. White button-up shirt.)
Lower Outfit
(Khaki pants. Black belt with a golden buckle. Black shoes.)


Skin(Blue. Orange Tactile Sensor)
Upper Outfit
(Green vest with red trimmings and yellow sleeves. White button-up shirt. Red gloves)
Lower Outfit
(Khaki pants. Black belt with a golden buckle. Black shoes.)

(Ikuro Hashizawa)
Upper Outfit
(Light Blue vest with yellow sleeves and collar. White button-up shirt with light brown stripes. Red gloves)
Lower Outfit
(Khaki pants. Pink belt with a silver buckle. Brown shoes.)


Skin(Blue. Orange Tactile Sensor.)
Upper Outfit
(Light Blue vest with yellow sleeves and collar. White button-up shirt with light brown stripes. Red gloves)
Lower Outfit
(Khaki pants. Pink belt with a silver buckle. Brown shoes.)


Ikuro split between his humanity and his savage Baoh side

Due to his amnesia, Ikuro knows very little about his past.

He is a rather friendly individual, but he is willing to do illegal things to keep himself alive, such as stealing a person's bike. He has a strong bond with Sumire and was willing to risk his life to save her.

As a Baoh, he is extremely violent and amoral, willing to kill whoever or whatever threatens him.


Baoh Armed Phenomenon

When Ikuro's body is attacked (such as during his near death at the hands of Number 22), it transforms by means of the Baoh Armed Phenomenon (バオー武装現象(アームド・フェノメノン) Baō Āmudo Fenomenon), covering his body in a protective armor that grants him superhuman strength and healing, which he can also use to heal others. As a Baoh, Ikuro displays other abilities in the form of "Phenomenon" (フェノメノン Fenomenon) - unique applications of the Baoh parasite's biological enhancements; and the "Tactile Sensor" (触覚, lit. 'sense of touch') on his forehead.

Basic Powers

Superhuman Strength and AgilityLink to this section
Baoh strength.gif
While transformed, Ikuro demonstrates exceptional strength and agility due to an enhanced musculoskeletal system, leaping several meters straight in the air, as well as clinging to walls and throwing stones hard enough to kill on impact.[3]
Hardened SkinLink to this section
Baoh armored skin.gif
Ikuro's skin is rendered superhumanly durable while transformed, able to deflect small arms fire at point-blank, and even shields Ikuro from the damage inflicted by a head-on collision with a vehicle. This hardening is reinforced by an accumulation of the waste products, generated by the Baoh Meltedin Palm Phenomenon fluid - protecting against its own corrosive effects.[4]
Suspended AnimationLink to this section
When the parasite or its Host ceases pulmonary respiration, such as when fully submerged in water, it undergoes a state of apparent death, and ceases aging. It can maintain this state theoretically for an indefinite amount of time, allowing it (and/or its host) to live up to hundreds of years without requiring sustenance or oxygen. Notably, Ikuro does not need to transform in order to make use of this ability.
RegenerationLink to this section
Baoh regeneration.gif
Ikuro's body is able to live even after having vital body parts amputated. It will regenerate, ejecting any foreign objects (e.g. bullets) from the body via muscular contractions, and the body parts can reattach themselves upon contact. Ikuro can use his blood to heal non-Hosts as well (as shown when Ikuro heals Sumire's injuries). However, Ikuro can still die if his brain is destroyed, and if the Baoh parasite is subsequently incinerated.[3]
Tactile Sensor(触覚 Shokkaku)Link to this section
Tactile sensor.png
Superseding ordinary senses of sight, hearing, and smell, Ikuro (while transformed) is gifted with a Tactile Sensor on their forehead, which allows them to perceive all animal emotions (e.g. "murderous intent", "sadness", etc.) as a sort of "scent". This sense may be disturbed by means of special compounds, as demonstrated by Dordo. The maximum effective range of this sensor is unknown, but is shown to faintly detect enemies several meters away from Ikuro (as in the case of Martin's Master).[5]


Baoh Meltedin Palm Phenomenon(バオー・メルテッディン・パルム・フェノメノン Baō Meruteddin Parumu Fenomenon)Link to this section
Baoh Meltedin Palm Phenomenon.gif
Allows Ikuro to secrete a special corrosive fluid (synthesized from Baoh's own bodily fluids[4]) from his skin, dissolving anything from human flesh, glass, or even metal. This has been shown capable of melting objects together (such as a handgun with a human hand), rendering both inoperable in the process.
Baoh Reskiniharden Saber Phenomenon(バオー・リスキニハーデン・セイバー・フェノメノン Baō Risukinihāden Seibā Fenomenon)Link to this section
Baoh Reskiniharden Saber.gif
By manipulating the hardened skin tissue at both of his wrists, Ikuro is capable of producing two blades that can cleanly slice through nearly any material. Ikuro is also capable of using a ranged variation, known as Saber Off (セイバーオフ Seibā Ofu), wherein he is able to launch the blades towards opponents at a distance.
Baoh Shooting-Bees Stinger Phenomenon(バオー・シューティングビースス・スティンガー・フェノメノン Baō Shūtingu Bīsusu Sutingā Fenomenon)Link to this section
Baoh Shooting-Bees Stinger Phenomenon.gif
Through altering the chemical composition of his own hair follicles, Ikuro is capable of shooting off needle-like darts of hardened hair which spontaneously combust upon contact with another creature's body heat.
Baoh Break Dark Thunder Phenomenon(バオー・ブレイク・ダーク・サンダー・フェノメノン Baō Bureiku Dāku Sandā Fenomenon)Link to this section
Baoh powa.gif
By linking his nerves and muscle cells together in a similar fashion to an electric eel, Ikuro is capable of producing and emitting a high-voltage electric current of 60 thousand volts from his body - enough to power a laser cannon which had been severed from its power supply.



Ikuro Hashizawa lived an ordinary kid's life until his involvement with Dress. At the age of seven, Ikuro nearly drowned in a frozen pond. Ikuro and his parents were heavily injured during a car accident and taken to the hospital six months before the events of Baoh. Unfortunately, the doctor was linked to Dress, an evil organization of weapons developers looking for guinea pigs at the time. Dr. Kasuminome callously killed Ikuro's parents under his eyes and took him away to inject the Baoh parasite inside of him.


After being injected with the Baoh parasite, Ikuro is contained in a tank and transported on a train. However, a young psychic named Sumire escapes her room and in trying to escape, opens Ikuro's tank. A guard tries to capture him but Ikuro crushes his arm and leaps out of the train. He grabs the power lines but also survives the shock. Later, Ikuro and Sumire try to bond with each other, but a knife wielding assassin named 22nd Man stabs the former, forcing the duo to steal a motorbike and flee. They attempt to refuel at a gas station but 22nd Man appears again, slicing Ikuro's throat. But, it only awakens Baoh, who dissolves 22nd Man with his touch before turning back into a human. Later, a death squad is already searching for Ikuro and Sumire, who are busy betting on horse races to acquire money. The two settle inside an abandoned building, but Ikuro senses that something inside of him is changing. The death squad attacks the duo, but Ikuro transforms again into Baoh, decimating the squad. Unbeknownst to him, he is observed by another assassin. Baoh senses the assassin, who reveals himself as a beastmaster commanding a heavily modfied giant mandrill named Martin. Due to its strength and many weapons hidden inside his body, Martin is more than a match for Baoh. Sumire, having sensed that Ikuro's humanity is still intact inside of Baoh, tries to stop the assassin from controlling Martin, only to be hurt. Enraged, Baoh finally overpowers Martin and kills both the beast and his master, healing and turning back into Ikuro.

Walking through the mountains, Ikuro and Sumire meet an old couple living in the area. They give him shelter and food. But during a moment the old man is isolated, another cyborg assassin emerges, hypnotizing the old man into waiting for midnight and shoot Ikuro in the head with his hunting rifle. At midnight, the old man wakes up and tries to shoot Ikuro, who transforms into Baoh but senses that the old man is not his true enemy. Jumping through the roof, Baoh confronts the cyborg named Dordo who disables all of his sensory organs through chemicals released by a swarm of bats. Thankfully, the old man, who has come to his senses and guided by Sumire, shoots down the bats while taking a bullet. Baoh confronts Dordo, who is heavily wounded, but reveals his heavily modified body. He kidnaps Sumire to use her as bait and escapes with a hang glider to one of the Dress headquarters near Sanriku. Ikuro is determined to free Sumire, but risks unleashing the beast inside of him for good.

Going away on a motorcycle given by the couple, Ikuro deems it necessary to learn to control his power first to have a chance to save Sumire. Meanwhile, Kasuminome chastises Dordo for his perceived failure and the danger of letting Baoh time to grow stronger. Meanwhile, Ikuro is forced to save a trapped girl from a speeding train and is pushed into managing to activate his acid touch without fully transforming. Humiliated by his hierarchy, Dordo goes out to snipe Ikuro, but his attempt is foiled thanks to Ikuro activating his super senses and strength to evade the bullets. To lure Baoh, Kasuminome purposefully tortures Sumire whose distress is detected by the weapon. Ikuro is already scaling the seaside cliff leading to a vulnerable side of the facility and, turning into Baoh, rampages through the security staff as well as survives death traps to reach Sumire's room. He is stopped by Walken, whose ability to destroy anything with a thought makes him invincible and his every attacks deadly. Nonetheless, Baoh manages to stab inside Walken's brain by launching one of his arm blades and he finally reaches Sumire.

He is welcomed by a flurry of laser beams, and the attack does not faze Baoh but wounds Sumire. Seeing that Baoh is cornered, Kasuminome prepares to blow up the facility. Meanwhile, Baoh heals the girl with his blood. Walken has woken up, still alive despite his injury, and seeks Baoh for revenge. As the headgear restricting his psychic powers was destroyed by Baoh's attack, the full strength of Walken's abilities causes an earthquake inside the facility. As Sumire awakens, Walken finds them and destroys the floor. All of them, as well as Kasuminome who tried to escape in a pod, find themselves in a cavern. Telling Sumire to flee, Baoh uses one of the lasers to kill Walken for good, unintentionally fatally wounding Kasuminome in the process. The facility then self-destructs, causing the cavern to collapse.

Some time later, Sumire walks by the sea. She has been taken in by the old couple and lives a happy life while the incident at the research facility is covered up by the press. Looking at the water, she senses that Ikuro is dormant but alive at the bottom of the sea and predicts that he will return when she is seventeen and reunite with her.


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Quote.png Quotes
  • Ugh... this rash keeps getting worse... I-It scares me...
    —Ikuro Hashizawa, Baoh Chapter 3: Baoh, the Invincible Body
  • Sumire, stay away from me! [...] You fool! Don't come near me! You'll be shot!
    —Ikuro Hashizawa, Baoh Chapter 3: Baoh, the Invincible Body
  • I'll erase the smell of these guys!
    —Baoh, Baoh Chapter 3: Baoh, the Invincible Body
  • Where is this place? Dad? Mom?
    —Ikuro Hashizawa, Baoh Chapter 5: Grandpa Rokusuke
  • D-Don't be afraid...! ...I'm not a suspicious person!
    —Ikuro Hashizawa to Rokusuke's Wife, Baoh Chapter 5: Grandpa Rokusuke
  • N-No way... Is this the work of Dress?
    —Ikuro Hashizawa, Baoh Chapter 6: Aroma Bat
  • Don't do it! If you point your killing intent towards me... it's possible that I'll kill you instead!
    —Ikuro Hashizawa, Baoh Chapter 6: Aroma Bat
  • Wrong! This isn't that smell! [...] This living being is not my enemy! Another place! From the outside! From above! Over there! Enemy is lurking! On the roof!
    —Baoh, Baoh Chapter 6: Aroma Bat
  • Strange, this guy's smell hasn't disappeared!
    —Baoh, Baoh Chapter 6: Aroma Bat
  • Now that I think about it, there was no way we could always escape from them. Besides, it seems that my body has some great, mysterious power lurking inside... With my power... I'll fight... with Dress... at least just until Sumire can be free.
    —Ikuro Hashizawa, Baoh Chapter 6: Aroma Bat
  • There is a mysterious power lurking inside my body. A monstrous power. An evil power. That was the case until now... But I'm going to use this power to my advantage! At least until Sumire can be free! [...] If only I could control that power with my own will!
    —Ikuro Hashizawa, Baoh Chapter 7: Come Out, Baoh
  • I might be able to do it! No, I must do it! All right! Power within me! Danger is coming! Aren't you going to help me?! Show yourself, you monstrous power! Get out! Are you only there just to murder people?! Come out already! Come out! Monster!
    —Ikuro Hashizawa, Baoh Chapter 7: Come Out, Baoh
  • My ability manifested while I was still conscious... T-This is my mysterious power, huh...
    —Ikuro Hashizawa, Baoh Chapter 7: Come Out, Baoh
  • I feel it throughout my whole body! Sumire's scent! She's close to death! Whose fault is it?! It's my fault! Sumire is dying because of me! I must save Sumire!
    —Ikuro Hashizawa, Baoh Chapter 9: Demon Walken
  • Electricity! My body is emitting electricity!
    —Baoh, Baoh Chapter 9: Demon Walken
  • Dress! I'll eliminate your stench once and for all!
    —Baoh, Baoh Chapter 9: Demon Walken
  • I purposely missed your vitals! I won't finish you off! For this reason!
    —Baoh, Baoh Chapter 9: Demon Walken
  • I can't afford to die! I have to survive!
    —Baoh, Baoh Chapter 9: Demon Walken
  • BARU BARU BARU BARU BARU BARU! (バルバルバルバルバルバル)
  • Who did I make a vow to? I swore to myself that I would save this girl! I'm not giving up hope! I'm a creature that has the ultimate life force!
    —Ikuro Hashizawa, Baoh Chapter 9: Demon Walken

Video Games

All-Star Battle (PS3)


Ikuro Hashizawa appears as Baoh and as the final DLC character released for this game, accompanied by a Campaign set centered around him. He also appears in an extra battle in the JoJolion Story Mode chapter.

In the overseas release of the game, he was released in the first public DLC pack on May 14, 2014 along with Lisa Lisa and Part 3 Joseph Joestar, earlier than his Japanese release date.

As Ikuro is unable to speak in his Baoh form (only capable of repeated battle cries of "BARU!" as well as general grunts and roars), he is accompanied by the game's narrator calling out the names of his attacks along with descriptive phrases. However, Ikuro will call out the game's name on the title screen in his human voice, and briefly speaks lines, also in his human voice, during his special mirror match intro and during match victories.

As a guest fighter, Ikuro is the only playable All-Star Battle character to not return in the next game, Eyes of Heaven, although he does return in the remastered version of All-Star Battle, All-Star Battle R.

Command List

Ikuro's moveset revolves around Baoh's special abilities. While he has lower-than-average health, the lowest in the game in-fact, exclusive to Ikuro is the "Baoh Armed Phenomenon" Style. Ikuro has 850 HP.

This is "Baoh"!
ASBS.png (Consumes Heart Heat Gauge) ON GROUND

Consuming 1/8th of the Heart Heat Gauge, Ikuro gains super armor when executing his next special skill at the press of the Style button.

Astonishing Leap
ASBDPad7.png or ASBDPad8.png or ASBDPad9.png after charging ASBDPad2.png ON GROUND

Ikuro bounds high into the air in a Super Jump. This skill can be used to better evade attacks or set up his own attacks from above. It can also be used following normal attacks to seamlessly chain them into the jump, rendering Ikuro less vulnerable to punishment if his attacks miss or are blocked.

Baoh Armed Phenomenon
Automatic at a certain level of health.

To compensate for his lower base health, Ikuro is granted passive health regeneration starting at 75% health, its effect boosted every 25% he loses thereafter.

Scent of Murder
Automatic after certain opponent abilities

This ability automatically goes into effect when Ikuro's opponent activates certain enhancing effects and powered-up states (Rumble & Resolve Mode, the Pillar Men's various Modes, Giorno Giovanna's Gold Experience in Requiem Mode, etc). The time window at the beginning of Ikuro's guard where a Stylish Evade may trigger in response to an incoming attack is extended.

Get the hell out of my way!!
2 ATK buttons at close range or ASBT.png

Ikuro seizes the opponent by the collar and slams them hard into the ground.

Baoh Meltedin Palm Phenomenon
ASBDPad2.pngASBDPad3.pngASBDPad6.png + ASBL.png/ASBM.png/ASBH.png ON GROUND

Ikuro lunges forward a good distance with his hand extended. If he strikes the opponent, he'll lift them up by the face and unleash Baoh Meltedin Palm Phenomenon, burning their face with acid, before slamming them into the ground.

Baoh Reskiniharden Saber Phenomenon
ASBDPad2.pngASBDPad1.pngASBDPad4.png + ASBL.png/ASBM.png/ASBH.png ON GROUND

Ikuro uses Baoh Reskiniharden Saber Phenomenon, wielding blades from his arms, with the resulting attack changed depending on the attack button inputted.

  • Light (ASBL.png): Ikuro lunges forward, blade out, to slice through and past the opponent. (Flash Cancel comboable)
  • Medium (ASBM.png): Ikuro leaps forward a considerable distance and performs a somersaulting blade slash before landing, leaving the opponent stunned and vulnerable. Due to his leap, using this can cause Ikuro to pass over his opponent if they're within a certain range, although it will miss at close-range. A middle attack that can only be blocked crouching. (Comboable)
    • Against human players, this version can easily bypass blocking due to Ikuro having changed to their other side the instant before the attack is released (known as a "cross-up").
  • Heavy (ASBH.png): Ikuro unleashes a rapid flurry of blade attacks, sending the opponent flying on the last hit. (Flash Cancel comboable)
Saber Off!
ASBDPad6.pngASBDPad2.pngASBDPad3.png + ASBL.png/ASBM.png/ASBH.png ON GROUND

Ikuro jumps into the air with a blade extended in an uppercutting attack, before spinning and using Saber Off to launch it as a spinning projectile downward. This move functions as an reversal and anti-air.

Baoh Shooting-Bees Stinger Phenomenon
ASBDPad4.png then ASBDPad6.png + ASBL.png/ASBM.png/ASBH.png ON GROUND

Ikuro uses Baoh Shooting-Bees Stinger Phenomenon as a projectile attack, launching off his needle-like hair straight forward to ignite the opponent. (Flash Cancel comboable)

Baoh Break Dark Thunder Phenomenon
ASBDPad2.pngASBDPad2.png + ASBL.png/ASBM.png/ASBH.png ON GROUND

After charging up for a brief instant, Ikuro discharges a potent blast of electricity outward from his body, shocking the opponent and knocking them into the air. This attack functions as a reversal and anti-air, and the attack button inputted determines its damage while inversely affecting speed. (Flash Cancel comboable)

Heart Heat Attack / Great Heat Attack
Laser Cannon!
ASBDPad2.pngASBDPad3.pngASBDPad6.png + 2 ATK Buttons ON GROUND

Ikuro wires a large laser cannon to himself as his feet leave the ground, before firing a narrow red beam capable of hitting at all ranges instantly. The HHA mirrors the way Ikuro defeated the psychic warrior Walken.

Time to cover up that stench!
ASBDPad2.pngASBDPad3.pngASBDPad6.png + 3 ATK Buttons or ASBG.png ON GROUND

Ikuro roars as he charges at the opponent. If he makes contact, Ikuro will pick them up by the face and use Meltedin Palm Phenomenon, before repeatedly assaulting them with a relentless extended Reskinharden Saber Phenomenon combo attack. Ikuro then grabs the opponent by the neck and throws them overhead, slamming them into the ground hard enough for them to bounce. Finally, he unleashes a super-charged Break Dark Thunder Phenomenon from his hands to electrocute them.
During the GHA, the narrator describes how Baoh identifies his opponent's scent as that of an enemy and that he must be rid of it. During the narrator's final announcement of "Break Dark Thunder Phenomenon!", an echo effect is implemented as well for dramatic effect.

Gameplay Overview

Ikuro represents the "Glass Cannon" sub-archetype of combatant, and firmly 'rushdown'. Despite his low health, he also sports the highest dash speed of any character in the game, making it easier for him to close the distance on his opponent or maneuver into favorable positions more frequently. Several projectiles, a super jump, and a forward-moving attack also serve in covering his approach. His skills all execute with great speed, as well as offer methods to repeatedly switch sides and force his foe into guessing what direction to guard in. When combined with his great damage output and Style action that allows him to shrug off incoming attacks, Ikuro is an oppressive offensive fighter. At the same time, his innate health regeneration forces the opponent to continuously engage him during battle so as to not allow him to recover any significant amount of lost health. In this manner, Ikuro also holds the advantage in prolonged rounds.

True to his role, however, Ikuro is fragile and his defense is poor. Ignoring his low health, he also suffers from a longer "blockstun" than others, meaning when he is made to successfully guard incoming attacks, he recovers slower and is only able to act out of his guard later. This allows opponents to more safely pressure him when he's the defender, and also makes him very vulnerable to characters that can utilize throws and unblockable attacks. Another weakness is that Ikuro's fast skills act as a double-edged sword, and it is more difficult to properly execute strong combos with him despite the damage potential he possesses.

As a whole, Ikuro is a fickle and difficult combatant to wield. He rapidly overwhelms and defeats anyone who is unfamiliar with his powers, but may easily become the one being overwhelmed in turn. Nonetheless, with good execution and strong momentum in his favor, Ikuro can very quickly capture victory before his opponent has a chance to regain control over the battle and retaliate.


  • During Baoh's hair taunt against Josuke Higashikata, the narrator explains that Baoh does not trust Josuke from the way his hair smells, referencing Baoh's ability to distinguish friend from foe via their scent.



  • The characters Dio and Neo Dio from the video game series World Heroes bear a striking resemblance to Baoh, also having similar attacks which they use in their various appearances in the World Heroes series and NeoGeo Battle Coliseum.


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