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I told you not to underestimate me, didn't I...? You thought I was just some guy who chats on the phone all the time, did ya? You going behind my back calling me 'Lil Doppio, the small talk-loving phone freak'?
—Vinegar Doppio, JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 15: Beyond

Vinegar Doppio (ヴィネガー・ドッピオ, Vinegā Doppio) is a tertiary character featured in the light novel JORGE JOESTAR. He is an incarnation of the original Doppio, living in the 37th universe.

Unlike the original Doppio, he does not have Diavolo as an alternate personality. He is a member of Passione, working under Bruno Bucciarati (Universe 37) and Giorno Giovanna (Universe ?). In addition, he has an unnamed Stand that can turn objects into phones for anyone in the gang to use.[1]


The 37th universe's Vinegar Doppio has the same appearance as the original universe's. He is a slim young man with freckles on his face. His hair is tied into a neck-length ponytail and he wears a light sweater with a vertical stripe pattern. Rohan Kishibe (Universe 37) describes Doppio as being empty-eyed.[1]


This universe's Doppio is a lot more aggressive than the original universe's. He hums "Tomememe" (トゥエムエムエムエ) instead of "Tōrururu" (とおるるる) when calling someone or expecting a phone call. He has anger issues and thinks everyone is insulting him by calling him a phone loving freak, despite no one even mentioning phones. Mista (Universe 37) admits that he can be weird as he is someone who would never lie about phones. When reading his book in Heaven's Door, Rohan claims that Doppio is a bit crazy.[1]



Main article: 37th Universe Doppio's Stand

The 37th universe's Doppio has a Stand that is useful for allowing the gang to communicate no matter where they are as it can transform any object into a cellphone. He uses his Stand to convert several objects such as a pebble, rubber ball, and shoe.[2] Thus, the gang can connect with their offices in Italy while they're in Japan, as well as even connect with their allies in space.[3] In addition, it can be used for attacks by transforming one's body parts into a phone.[1]



Threatening George

Giorno finds George Joestar unconscious in Morioh and brings him to Arrow Cross House, where he heals him and orders Doppio to watch over him. After some time, Doppio grabs a book lying on the side table named Pink Dark Boy: Part 8. Volume 112. He transforms it into a phone using his Stand and calls Giorno to inform him that George has woken up. Doppio also reports that George is feeling a lot of pain and struggling to get up, before telling George that he'll get over it if he keeps moving. When George says he can't move any further, Doppio suddenly becomes infuriated and threatens George by showing the gun in his pants. George suddenly feels better knowing the situation he's in and instantly disarms Doppio, demanding to know what is going on.

Doppio about to be shot

Doppio then turns a piece of George's skull into a phone using his Stand and causes it to vibrate and ring intensely, numbing George's brain and throwing off his equilibrium. George confidently points the gun to his own head and precisely shoots off a two centimeter portion of his skull that had been converted into a phone. Afterwards, George fires the gun several times at Doppio from less than a meter away but none of the bullets hit. Mista's Stand The Iron Ladies had kicked the bullets away, saving Doppio.

Doppio orders Mista to shoot George but Mista tells him to knock it off. Mista shoots six bullets at Doppio instead, and his Stand deflects the bullets just enough to scrape Doppio's cheeks, leaving three scars on each cheek resembling cat whiskers. Mista and The Iron Ladies laugh at Doppio, mocking his new appearance and saying it looks cute on him.

When Giorno finally enters the room, Doppio trembles and falls to his knees, apologizing for his manners. After learning about the other Jorge (Universe 37) and that he is currently in England, George asks Doppio to call England, but Doppio's phone strangely can no longer connect to the pebble phone that Narancia (Universe 37) is carrying. Doppio turns a light bulb by the bed into a phone and is capable of reaching Passione's offices in Rome, San Diego, and Tijuana, so he thinks the problem must be on Narancia's end.[1]

Traitor Among the Gang

Some time later, Rohan uses Heaven's Door on Diavolo and learns that he only has odd numbered pages, so someone else must have the even numbered pages. Around that time, Doppio receives a phone call and goes to another room below the study of Cube House. Assuming Doppio was trying to run away despite Cube House having no exit, Muryotaisu Nijimura summons Grand Blue to retrieve him. Rohan was suspicious of Doppio from the beginning because of the crazy things he had been saying. However, Heaven's Door reveals that Doppio has both odd and even numbered pages, so he is a normal person who is just a bit peculiar.[1]


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