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The Wonder of You, Part 15 (ザ・ワンダー・オブ・ユー(君の奇跡の愛) その⑮, Za Wandā obu Yū (Kimi no Kiseki no Ai) Sono 15), originally titled Endless Calamity, Part 4 (終わりなき厄災 その④, Owarinaki Yakusai Sono 4) is the ninety eighth chapter of JoJolion and the nine hundred forty-fifth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


At TG University Hospital, Rai Mamezuku heads towards the laboratory where Josuke Higashikata is waiting, with Satoru Akefu close behind him. Akefu bumps into a glass wall but to Mamezuku's astonishment, simply walks through it. Akefu then bumps into a column but phases through it and takes the escalator - or rather, its reflection - to the next floor. Mamezuku turns his head just to see the hospital director is already on the real escalator. Mamezuku rushes to the third floor through the stairs to overtake Akefu and reaches the corridor leading to the laboratory, just in time to see Akefu enter another wall and seemingly phase through it. Among the many reflections on the wall, Mamezuku glimpses the doctor's true appearance beneath his disguise. He is revealed to be the Stand who had attacked Mamezuku and Josuke by the hospital's staircase and in Josuke's Lamborghini. Mamezuku runs and reaches the laboratory first only to see Josuke calmly waiting on a swivel chair.

At the Higashikata House, Toru observes Yasuho on the ground and describes the nature of a "calamity", which is according to him the occurrence of a bad thing even if it were to happen to a saint walking the right path. With Jobin Higashikata neutralized, Toru can now go pick up the new Locacaca.

Back at TG University Hospital, Mamezuku tries to warn Josuke that the hospital director was an automatic Stand all along. Unfazed, Josuke explains that Holy has helped him recently and that she's now in danger. Thus, Josuke must fight the enemy Stand here and now. More importantly, Josuke declares that there is a way to directly kill it. Mamezuku warns Josuke about the extremely dangerous power of this Stand and that disaster may strike with his every move. However, Josuke says that despite everything, he can count on Soft & Wet's bubbles, Mamezuku's help as an ally, and even the support of Yasuho even if she's somewhere else.

Changing his form back to that of the hospital director, Akefu phases through a wall to peek inside of the laboratory while Mamezuku and Josuke prepare to fight. However, he doesn't completely step inside, as the Stand and Toru sense something strange about the room. As Toru leaves the Higashikata home, Yasuho hears the rustling in the bushes caused by his departure and calls out to him, correctly assuming that it's him. However, her cries are suddenly answered by Joshu, who arrives at the garage with the potted Locacaca in his hands. Despite being greatly shaken by all the disasters that have recently struck his family, he declares that he'll save Yasuho.

Meanwhile, Josuke and Mamezuku witness Akefu's reappearance in the wall. Akefu then asks who will pursue him first, although he realizes the two might have already discovered that pursuing him leads to disaster. Considering the strange atmosphere in the room, Akefu assumes that the two have set a trap and doesn't step down. Declaring that he will be shortly done with them, Akefu takes a creature out of his pocket and releases it onto the floor. The creature assimilates with the floor and heads toward Josuke. It then stands up, forming a strange crane made out of bamboo sticks, lifting a small bundle of extra sticks. The crane swings the sticks toward Josuke who manages to block most of the attack with Soft & Wet's bubbles, but gets wounded on his arm.

Akefu claims that what Josuke had done just now can be interpreted as an act of pursuit and dares him to get up from his chair, saying that in order to face Akefu he must first deal with this new threat: a Rock Insect named Do Do Do, De Da Da Da. However, Josuke quickly retorts that this is the latest of a series of attempts to bring them out in the open. Thus, Josuke asks a question: if Akefu already has the New Locacaca, why bother trying to attack them? Akefu remains silent, leading Mamezuku to conclude that Akefu is not actually in possession of the fruit.


Jobin Higashikata
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Do Do Do, De Da Da Da
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Author's Comment

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I keep an eco-bag and mask at work and at home so I don't forget them, but I forget them every time and have to go back to get them.

Magazine & Tankobon Differences

Volume Differences

V128 change 011 mag.png

V128 change 011 vol.png

JJL Volume 24, Chapter 98 (Page 2)
Added white ink splatter on Akefu. Removed some of the scarf's outline in the bottom middle panel.

V128 change 012 mag.png

V128 change 012 vol.png

JJL Volume 24, Chapter 98 (Page 5)
Added speedlines on Mamezuku.

V128 change 013 mag.png

V128 change 013 vol.png

JJL Volume 24, Chapter 98 (Page 8)
Added white ink splatter on Akefu in the top panel and speedlines in the bottom panels.

V128 change 014 mag.png

V128 change 014 vol.png

JJL Volume 24, Chapter 98 (Page 16)
Enlarged middle speech bubble and added the dialogue from the bubble below it. Bubble below now says "That's the Stand of this enemy (それがこの敵のスタンドだ, Sore ga kono teki no Sutando da)".

V128 change 015 mag.png

V128 change 015 vol.png

JJL Volume 24, Chapter 98 (Page 18)
Changed Mamezuku's face.

V128 change 016 mag.png

V128 change 016 vol.png

JJL Volume 24, Chapter 98 (Page 19)
Added white ink splatter on Wonder of U and lightened the sun symbols on its suit.

V128 change 017 mag.png

V128 change 017 vol.png

JJL Volume 24, Chapter 98 (Page 22)
Changed Wonder of U's dialogue from "..." to "...Hm! (…ム!)"



  • The chapter's cover page contains a reference to the album Coda by Led Zeppelin.


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