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Paco's muscles are unusual in that they can grab onto things with stuff like the backs of his hands or his elbows.
Jodio Joestar, TJL Chapter 1: Mechanism

The Hustle (THE()ハッスル Za Hassuru) is the Stand of Paco Laburantes, featured in the ninth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, The JOJOLands.

The Hustle grants Paco expert control over his own musculature, enabling him to grab and hold onto objects without the use of his hands or fingers.


So far, The Hustle has only manifested as an integrated ability for Paco. It is unknown if it has an appearance of its own.


The Hustle powa.png

Prehensile Muscles

The Hustle morphs Paco's muscles to bulge and be able to grab onto things, such as with the backs of his hands or his elbows. He can easily swipe objects such as wallets without even needing to move the joints in his fingers. Jodio describes Paco's muscles as being similar to when people tense up their muscles to trap mosquitoes sucking blood.[1]


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  1. TJL Chapter 1: Mechanism

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