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THE Hustle (THE()ハッスル, Za Hassuru) is the Stand of Paco Laburantes, featured in the ninth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, The JOJOLands.

THE Hustle grants Paco expert control over musculature, enabling him to strengthen himself, and hold objects using the muscles anywhere on his body.


THE Hustle manifests as an integrated ability for Paco, typically appearing as his muscles bulging out or vibrating.


Paco hanging from a ceiling vent

Prehensile Muscles

THE Hustle morphs Paco's muscles to bulge and be able to grab onto things, such as with the backs of his hands or his elbows. He can easily swipe objects such as wallets without even needing to move the joints in his fingers. Jodio describes Paco's muscles as being similar to when people tense up their muscles to trap mosquitoes sucking blood.[1] For example, he is capable of trapping his enemy's limbs[2] or weapons[3] in his muscles.

The Stand allows Paco to be versatile with his movements, as he can hang from a ceiling vent or climb a tree using his back muscles.[2][4] He can also grab an object such as a chair with his back and throw it at the enemy without using his hands.[3]

Vibrating Muscles

Paco's muscles do the hustle

THE Hustle is capable of vibrating Paco's muscles. He uses this ability to free himself from Cat Size by wedging a scissor blade in between the wire and then vibrating his leg muscles to push the blade upward and break the wire off.[2] It also appears to be able to strengthen him, as he activates it before punching, saying "Do the HUSTLE".[3]

In addition, THE Hustle can affect the musculature of anyone Paco touches either directly or indirectly. He can use it to prevent his allies from getting deep wounds by controlling their muscles to bulge. On his opponents, he can vibrate and overinflate their muscles as long as Paco is either grabbing an object that the enemy is holding onto, or is holding the enemy themselves. While his forearm's muscles are grabbing onto Charming Man's knife, Paco punches that arm to cause his own muscles to vibrate. The vibration then transfers to the blade of the knife, which ends up vibrating the muscles of Charming Man's entire arm. This causes Charming Man's muscles to rapidly inflate to the point of nearly bursting through his skin, immobilizing his limb.[3]


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Name Variants

THE Hustle (THE()ハッスル)Link to this section
Name Variants:
Language Name Usage

Japan Romanization
Za Hassuru
Japan Japanese
The()ハッスル (The Hustle)
Used in TJL Chapters 2 through 6 in the Ultra Jump serialization.
Japan Japanese
Used in TJL Chapter 4 in the Ultra Jump serialization.



One of the alternate stylizations of "THE Hustle" in the original serializations in Ultra Jump.
  • For the early serialized publication history, the Stand's name has been inconsistently written. The first mention in chapter 1 lists the name as THE Hustle (THE()ハッスル, Za Hassuru), with "THE" written in English in all caps with a furigana reading guide and "Hustle" written in Japanese katakana. In the summary pages featured in Ultra Jump for chapters 2 through 6, the Stand's name is instead written as "The Hustle" (The()ハッスル, Za Hassuru), with "The" not written in all caps but "Hustle" still presented in katakana. In one panel of chapter 4, the Stand's name is written entirely in English in all caps as THE HUSTLE(ザ ハッスル), with the furigana reading guide. As of chapter 7 and the release of volume 1 of the collected tankōbon paperbacks, the Stand's name has been returned to the original typography as featured in the first serialized chapter.


  1. In The JOJOLands Chapter 10: Kailua-Kona - Flight Waiting Time, Part 2, Paco quotes the lyrics of the song by saying, "Do the HUSTLE."


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