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This 'string' ability...It's my own power...Also... 'using my will to protect myself'... since I broke my fingernail, I'm beginning to understand the significance of the Pendant...
Jolyne describing the Pendant, Stone Ocean Chapter 1: Stone Ocean, Part 1

The Stone Pendant (石のペンダント, Ishi no pendanto)[a] (more generally the Pendant (ペンダント, Pendanto)) is a prominent item introduced in the sixth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Stone Ocean. The Pendant, and by extension the shard of a Stand Arrow it holds, is an important item in the opening parts of Stone Ocean.


Inside of the Pendant with the Arrow shard and photo of Jolyne's parents

The Stone Pendant is a small pendant in the shape of a beetle that opens by pressing the top spike. Inside is a photo of Jolyne's father, Jotaro Kujo, and her mother, as well as a small shard of an unidentified Stand arrow. Inside was also a mirror that was confiscated by prison staff.[1]

The Pendant also contains a hidden transmitter which allows an automated submarine from the Speedwagon Foundation to track its location and follow the signal.[2]


The Pendant was originally owned by Jotaro. After his divorce with Jolyne's mother, he told her give it to Jolyne if she was ever in danger.[1]

Jolyne comes to Prison

The Pendant being given to Jolyne in a tray of other supplies after she was detained

The Pendant came into Jolyne's possession shortly after she was taken to a meeting room. The Pendant was given to her along with other essentials like clothing by her lawyer, who presumes it to be a good luck charm. However, she soon pricked her finger on the stone kept inside. After learning about the Pendant's origin and that it was from her father, she throws the Pendant away in anger into a drain. Later, Jolyne discovers her power to control a string from her finger, and soon realizes that this power came from her getting pricked by the shard in the Pendant.[3]

After the Pendant was thrown away by Jolyne, it was found by Ermes Costello, who pricked herself and then sold the Pendant to Gwess. Soon after pricking herself, she had fallen ill.[4]

Battle against Gwess

Jolyne is brought to her cell, where she meets Gwess, her roommate. Jolyne quickly notices the Pendant, now in Gwess's possession, but Gwess refuses to give it free, insisting that despite the fact it is a familial heirloom, she will only sell it for $200. The next day, Gwess wakes Jolyne up and shows her the Pendant and shows her that it is empty and that she found it that way. Later though while looking in the trash bin, Jolyne spots the photo of her parents. After discovering the ability that Gwess aquired from the Arrow shard in the Pendant and going to the security room with her, Gwess uses the Pendant to distract Jolyne by dropping the Pendant on the ground and punching her through the bars of the gate. However, Jolyne defeats Gwess soon after and regains the Pendant.[5][6]

Jotaro Kujo's Visit

Once Jotaro officially meets Jolyne, he begins to discuss the Pendant with her. He believes that she inherited the potential to gain a Stand from the shard of the Arrow inside, and asks whether she had gained the power of a Stand. Later after escaping Whitesnake's acid, Jolyne trips and falls. Jotaro reaches out to Jolyne, and after believing he is reaching to help her up, she realizes that he was actually trying to give her the Pendant that she had dropped. He reminds her that she needs to keep the Pendant safe to which Jolyne throws the Pendant back at him. Later after having his DISCs stolen and being shot by Johngalli A., Jotaro explains to Jolyne that the Pendant has a transmitter that is actively being tracked and followed by the submarine they intended to escape with. Before going unconscious, he gives her the Pendant and tells her to reach the shore to have the submarine come to her.[7] The Pendant is last seen when Jolyne goes to deliver Jotaro's body to the submarine, where she drops it into his jacket.[8]

Ermes's Sticker

When Ermes awakens in the sickbay, she collects herself and realizes she had been unconscious for days after remembering she caught a fever soon after being pricked by the Pendant when she found it. She also notices several stickers from her hand, caused by her newly acquired Stand, Kiss.[9]

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Owners of the Pendant
Stands Awakened by the Arrow Shard within the Pendant

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Steven meisel-a whiter shade of pale-vogue italia-april 1998.jpg
  • The photo of Jolyne's parents in the Pendant is based on a photo from Vogue Italia April 1998.
  • In the manga, the Pendant is last seen when Jolyne drops it back into Jotaro's jacket when leaving him at the submarine.[8] In the anime adaptation, the scene of Jolyne dropping the Pendant is omitted[10] and thus the location of the Pendant in the anime after that point is unknown.


  1. "Stone Pendant" is derived from its respective card from Adventure Battle Card.


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