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A list of settings/places/locations visited throughout each part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and related media. Many of them are either based on or inspired by real-life locations. Some of them later become stages in video games.

Phantom Blood

Phantom Blood is set wholly in England and, due to its brevity, only shows a couple of locations. Most of the known locations are fictional, albeit heavily inspired by real-life locations.

Locations from Phantom Blood
Phantom Blood Map - England.png
The house where Jonathan Joestar lives in Liverpool, England. After Dio Brando came to live with him as an adopted child, they grew up together.
An area called Ogre Street in London. Said to be where cursed people live and where all epidemics originate from. It is an extremely dangerous place.
A port town near the Joestar mansion. Worried about what JoJo was doing, Dio couldn’t help but drink here. It’s a rough town. A human experiment using the Stone Mask was also conducted here.
A small town south of London, a day away by horse. It is surrounded by steep rocky mountains on three sides. On the south side, there is a cliff. A prison was built and there are railroad tracks beneath the town. The population is 517 including prisoners.
After marrying on February 2, 1889, Jonathan and Erina set off here to have their honeymoon in the United States. However, there were uninvited guests in the ship’s cargo hold!
Where the ship sank. Erina was eventually rescued near the Canary Islands while drifting in a sturdy coffin prepared by Dio.

Battle Tendency

Battle Tendency features an international journey spanning several countries from the United States to Switzerland, but with a greater emphasis on Italy and still featuring key fictional locations.

Battle Tendency Map - America and Europe.png
Joseph visits New York in 1938, where he gets his wallet snatched while he's trying to buy a drink.
Ruins found deep in Mexico. In the hall of the ruins, many Stone Masks and humanoid figures seeming to have life were discovered on the pillars. Sensing danger, Speedwagon summoned the Ripple master Straizo to investigate.
MapMarker3.png Riodada River
Abandoned in the river by Straizo, Speedwagon was rescued by the Germans who wanted to investigate the ruins.
Camouflaged as a Mexican style building. Various experiments are conducted on the Pillar Man brought from the ruins. The laboratory is a shelter, with steel plates 50 centimeters thick, and is set up with flamethrowers, machine guns, and even timed explosives, calculated to be absolutely indestructible!
SPW Washington Headquarters. Speedwagon made a huge fortune in oil and used his wealth to form this foundation in 1910. It aims to fund various fields of medicine, pharmacy, archaeology, etc. for the welfare of mankind, though its true purpose is to pursue the mystery of the Stone Mask.
An underground area beneath the Colosseum in Rome. Rome, a metropolis with a population of 4 million, has ruins beneath its surface. There are treasures and artifacts from 2,000 years ago which still lie unseen. Joseph and Caesar are brought here by Mark, where they meet the three Pillar Men.
Needing to learn how to strengthen his Ripple ability in a hurry, Joseph travels to Venice to see Caesar's teacher, a master of Ripple.
A 30-minute boat ride northeast of Venice. The splendor of this island is truly emblematic of Lisa Lisa. It is here that the grueling ascetic practices that are said to require a "readiness to die" take place!
The holy land of winter sports. Also known as the Valley of the Sun. The parcel containing the Red Stone of Aja was sent to St. Moritz, Switzerland. The JoJo group follows the train carrying the parcel and heads there by automobile.
A deserted hotel which Kars takes over. The windows are boarded up to prevent sunlight from entering, making it a perfect place for Kars to hide out during the day. Knowing the danger, Caesar goes on the offensive, despite the others' disagreement.
Ancient ringstone in the Piz Berlina mountain range. A megalithic structure built by ancient humans for astronomical observation, and later used as a dueling ground where many warriors shared the fate of glory and death. Wamuu proposed it as a dueling ground.
Volcano on the Italian island named Volcano. Thinking of using the earth's greatest energy, magma, Joseph considered a strategy to plunge into the lava of the volcano on Volcano Island.

Stardust Crusaders

Stardust Crusaders spans the greatest portion of the world, as the Joestar Group faces a rough journey from Tokyo to Cairo. They visit many locations in Southeast Asia as well as the Middle East, with a great emphasis on Egypt and its many cities near the Nile during the second half of the part.

Stardust Crusaders Map - Asia.png
Hearing that something is wrong with his grandson Jotaro, Joseph flies to Japan for his daughter Holy.
On a flight to Egypt, the plane is attacked by DIO's minion, Tower of Gray, causing the plane to crash.
A real garden on the hillside of Tai Hang Road in Hong Kong Island. The garden was built in 1935 by Aw Boon Haw, who became a millionaire by selling medicines and Tiger Balm. Its sense of style makes it a popular tourist attraction spot. Avdol and Polnareff fight here.
On the way from Hong Kong to Singapore. A boat trip that was chartered only by those with confirmed identities, but then an enemy Stand appeared. Wondering who the enemy is, Jotaro reveals a method of distinguishing Stand users!
After their ship sinks in the South China Sea, the group escapes in a lifeboat and is lucky enough to see a huge cargo ship pass by. However, only a caged monkey is on board. The ship, which is experiencing a series of unusual events, has a tremendous secret!
The land of straits where ships from all over the world come and go. After reaching Singapore while sailing, the enemy doesn't give them any time to rest. Suspicious of Kakyoin licking cherries like "rero rero", Jotaro punches him into a cable car.
The 19th century British called Calcutta 'the worst place in the world', but Avdol assures that it is a nice country with simple people.
The sacred river Ganga (Ganges). The river gently embraces saints, the old, the sick, beggars, children, cattle, monkeys, dogs, food, waste, and burning bodies... It engulfs everything and keeps flowing... An epitome of everything from birth to death.
Approaching the Pakistani border, they are followed by a car acting suspiciously. It doesn't take them by surprise or challenge them to a fight... It seems to be a crazy driver or a pursuer...
The kind old lady is proud to say that it's a pretty good hotel, even though there are no stories of famous people staying there. In this hotel, Polnareff suffers the greatest humiliation.
Having obtained DIO's source of information, the group proceeds to Karachi, the capital city with a population of six million. While trying to buy doner kebabs at a discount, an enemy assassin is close by.
Yarpline is surrounded by deserts and rocky mountains, and the inhabitants of the village travel by Cessna aircraft. Joseph plans to buy a Cessna here.
The clearest and most beautiful sea in the world. The eastern and western coasts are both red deserts. There are no cities that pollute the sea, and there are no rivers that flow into it. The Joestar group heads to a small island to meet an important man.
A powerful companion aboard the Speedwagon Foundation helicopter joins the party! However, this quirky companion suddenly farts on Polnareff's face!
The Joestar group arrives at a cafe where Oingo and Boingo are waiting for them, armed with a prophecy that will definitely come true!
The God Anubis is an unusual enemy who challenges them head-on. Will Polnareff be able to triumph over the Stand, which uses a powerful sword and also learns and grows stronger?
In Luxor, Mariah, the "Bastet Goddess," was waiting for them. Before they knew it, they were already in the enemy's clutches. Joseph is in danger!
The mansion where DIO is living, captured in Joseph's image. Iggy finally discovers it, at great cost, and they enter the final battle!

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Diamond Is Unbreakable

The entirety of Diamond Is Unbreakable takes place in Morioh, which is a fictional analogue to the real-life Sendai, Japan. The story thus features the city's strange landmarks and different areas, from residential areas to downtown streets and ports.

Diamond is Unbreakable Map - Morioh.png
Angelo Rock is loved by the townspeople, despite its eerie appearance, as a signpost and a place of promise for lovers.
The hotel where Jotaro is staying. The threatening phone call he receives from Akira Otoishi causes him to stay longer instead.
When Koichi comes home one day, Tamami is in his house for some reason, using various tricks to make Koichi's mother and sister feel guilty. Will Koichi be able to protect his family?
A private school with 85 years of history. It was moved from S City 22 years ago. After learning from Tamami, an alumnus of the school, that Hazamada might be a Stand user, Josuke destroys the boy's locker without hesitation. He finds an eerily large doll inside!
The square where Jotaro was waiting after being lured out by Hazamada. It's also the place where Jotaro first met Josuke.
An open café in front of the station. This is the place where Koichi first met Yukako and drank a drink full of hair!
Koichi is kidnapped while sleeping and locked up here in the villa area without being seen.
A fisherman heard a rumor that a rock on the cape gently flicked away a young woman who was about to commit suicide. The local fishermen call it the "Cape of God" and pray for safety every morning.
An unusual Italian restaurant where the menu is up to you. The price starts at 3,500 yen.
The port where Joseph Joestar arrives. He has a Stand that can locate the enemy's user. However, the enemy also knows about this, and targets Joseph.
The house of the famous manga artist who draws Pink Dark Boy. He thinks 'reality' is so important, that he'd lick a spider for a manga!
The house of Reimi Sugimoto, the victim of a serial killer.
A beauty salon run by Aya Tsuji, an esthetician who creates "happy faces".
Yoshikage Kira's house on the outskirts of the villa area. A bottle full of nails is found in a drawer.
On his way through this tunnel on the bus, Rohan Kishibe sees a strange room in the tunnel and a man holding a knife to a woman.
When Morioh started developing, its power lines were buried underground, so this transmission tower is no longer needed. However, a TV, laundry, sofas, and furniture can be seen on the tower, attracting the interest of Josuke and Okuyasu.

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Vento Aureo

Vento Aureo is entirely set in Italy, beginning in Naples and featuring locales such as Venice, Sardinia, and Rome. The part shows several of Italy's most famous cities as well as some of their key monuments and landmarks.

Vento Aureo Map - Italy.png
Koichi arrives at Italy at the request of Jotaro. His request was to collect a "skin sample" from Haruno Shiobana.
The gang heads to the hidden location, cautiously hoping to get their hands on Polpo's hidden fortune of 600 million yen. Now that they know they're headed to Capri, the enemy is waiting for them here at Marina Grande.
The hiding place of 600 million yen was a truly unexpected place: in a toilet.
The gang receives an order from the boss to go to the ruins of Pompeii. There's a key near the dog mosaic which they must find.
Melone is enthusiastic about his Stand Baby Face's reproducibility and auto-tracking remote control capabilities. However, Giorno turns the tables by sending a snake after him.
Venice, the sea fortress city in the morning mist! There's only one way to drive from the mainland to this all-too-famous city, and that's by crossing the 3.5km Ponte della Libertà over the shallow sea.
Abbacchio's Moody Blues reveals the Boss's next order. Once Trish arrives in Venice, they must get the OA-DISC from the statue in front of Santa Lucia Railway Station!
An island with only one church, and only one big bell tower! The Boss's final orders were to take Trish to the top of this tower!
Notorious B.I.G chases the crashing waves of the sea. Sometimes it will attack and sink passing ships that are moving faster than the waves. Local fishermen in the vicinity refer to the area as the "Tyrrhenian's Stomach", thinking that it is cursed.
A place forgotten by history until a wealthy Indian settled here around thirty years ago, enamored by the scenery where the wind meets the cliffs. Those who live here have a spirit of 'quiet rebellion' more than any other...
The man who knows the Boss's secret waits for Bucciarati and his friends, but when they arrive, Bucciarati is accompanied by a dangerous man!

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Stone Ocean

As protagonist Jolyne Cujoh is an inmate, the majority of Stone Ocean occurs in or around Green Dolphin Street Prison, a fictional prison in the state of Florida. After escaping, Cujoh's group travels a short route across Florida to Cape Canaveral and the Kennedy Space Center.

Stone Ocean Map - USA.png
"The main prison is operating at maximum security LEVEL 4! Your prisoner number will be FE-40536! When we call you by this number, even if you're in the bathroom or eating, we're calling for you! Stamp it in your brain!"
MapMarker2.png Canteen
You're free to sleep in and you're free to come late, but if you come late, the food is gone. It's explained as one of the seven mysteries of the prison...
MapMarker3.png Gunpoint
This prison possesses the right to shoot and kill without warning anyone who proceeds beyond this corridor without permission.
MapMarker4.png Library
After Gwess warns Jolyne that if a rumor gets out that she failed to collect even one dollar back from who she lent it to, Jolyne heads to the library with a secret plan.
MapMarker5.png Visiting Room B
When Jolyne wakes up with a pain in her finger, she realizes that she and Jotaro, who came to visit her, were trapped in a hallucination until now. Where did the hallucination come from, and was there really an attack by Johngalli A.?
MapMarker6.png Speedwagon Foundation's Submarine
The pendant that Jotaro gave to Jolyne had a built-in transmitter, and the escape submarine was set to automatically track it.
MapMarker7.png Women's Recreation Grounds
"The name's Miraschon. Did you say you were at 87 throws? If you guys can't get to 100 throws in your little game of catch... I get 100 bucks."
MapMarker8.png Courtyard
In order to get the Speedwagon Foundation to retrieve the DISC, Jolyne rushes into the courtyard with deadly determination, but is shot by the guards on watch. In a desperate pinch, Weather Report takes an extremely bizarre measure...
MapMarker9.png Ultra Security House Unit
One meal a day and one shower a day. Nothing else here! No permission to work! No reading! No phone calls! No permission to carry things! No permission to walk! You don't even have permission to talk!
The letters on the sign, the numbers on the meter, the book he is reading, and the number of shooting stars... Everything pointed to the number "3". Father Pucci meets three men at this hospital that he stopped by.
An emergency occurs where all the occupants of the helicopter have their eyelids forced shut. Determining that they are being attacked by an unidentified enemy, Jolyne makes the unexpected choice to abandon the helicopter!
Cape Canaveral is located at 28 degrees 24 minutes north latitude and 80 degrees 36 minutes west longitude on a vast 34,000-hectare island jutting into the Atlantic Ocean on the Florida peninsula. The Kennedy Space Center has been here since the 1950s.

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Steel Ball Run

Steel Ball Run is set in the United States during the 19th century, following the route set by the Steel Ball Run race. Both real-life cities and the wilderness of the United States are featured in the story, along with other strange locations, as the characters travel eastward from San Diego Beach to New York.

Steel Ball Run Map - North America.png
A total of 3,652 participants gather on the beach for the Steel Ball Run, the first transcontinental horse race in human history, covering a distance of approximately 6,000 kilometers.
In the church at the end of the abandoned wilderness, so many spectators gather here to see the goal of the 1st STAGE!
Goal of the 2nd STAGE. Harsh natural terrain! Unrelenting climatic conditions! Eighteen days later, they've come all the way across! Although it's a 1200km process, the leading group consists of skilled equestrians! It's like the 1st STAGE all over again!
Goal of the 3rd STAGE. Johnny Joestar! Johnny Joestar! Surprisingly, the order of arrival is Johnny Joestar, Diego Brando, and Gyro Zeppeli.
39 degrees 6 minutes 24 seconds north latitude, 94 degrees 40 minutes 6 seconds west longitude. A small old ruin of the indigenous people, known as the Green Tomb, in the middle of a meadow.
Goal of the 4th STAGE. With a mileage of about 1250km, more than 1450 of the 1918 participants were affected by a storm and retired. The crowd at the goal is dozens of times larger, and the number of bets seems to have increased a great deal.
MapMarker7.png Chicago by Lake Michigan
Goal of the 5th STAGE. Pocoloco is in 1st place, Norisuke Higashikata in 2nd, and Hot Pants in 3rd. In the overall rankings, Pocoloco is in first place, with 233 points, 18 points ahead of second place.
An object dropped into the 'fountain' transforms into a top-quality item! If one lies, the tree pulls out their tongue. Honest answers are rewarded with highest grade goods, which must be traded before nightfall. Otherwise, the person will become the tree's 'fruit'.
Goal of the 6th STAGE. The one that conquered the blizzard and the dreaded frozen strait is Gyro Zeppeli! Gyro finishes in first!!
Wondering what Hot Pants is up to after stealing the Corpse Parts, Johnny and Gyro follow her into a building and discover strange pieces of trash which they threw away a long time ago.
The results of the 7th STAGE are Diego Brando in 1st place, Norisuke Higashikata in 2nd place, and Pocoloco in 3rd place.
MapMarker12.png Declaration of Independence Plaza
Gyro hears a gunshot and heads for Johnny, but is attacked by a Stand user who draws squares on the floor!
When Lucy wakes up after hearing a mysterious voice, she begins to move as if guided by it.
The goal of the 8th STAGE. Each rider will board a steamer that runs on pistons for each horse and cross to Coney Island. They can conserve their energy for two hours until the next stage.
Goal of the Final STAGE. September 25, 1890, 10:00 AM! The total number of riders participating in the race is 3652, the distance traveled is approximately 6400 kilometers, and the days traveled are 116 days, 6 hours, 33 minutes, and 12 seconds.
The basement of Trinity Church in Manhattan. It's built in such a way that if you put a body inside and lock it, no Stand User or army will be able to destroy it for 80 years. When Dio arrives to 'become the center of the world', he receives an unexpected package from Lucy!

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The entirety of the story in JoJolion takes place in Morioh, Japan, a fictional analogue of Sendai, Japan. The part features the city and its different areas, but concentrates on a few key places.

Morioh JJL map.png

The JOJOLands

The story in The JOJOLands takes place in Hawaii, one of the states of the United States and an archipelago of 137 volcanic islands.

Hawaii Map.png

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