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DIO's Diary (DIOの日記, DIO no Nikki), also known as The Way to Heaven (天国へ行く方法, Tengoku e Iku Hōhō), is a key item referenced in the sixth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Stone Ocean.

Jotaro Kujo finds the diary after the events of the third part, Stardust Crusaders; considering it dangerous, he burns it. However, because he remembers its contents, he becomes the target of Enrico Pucci, who aims to extract his memory DISC.

The diary contains the vague details of a plan to attain "Heaven". It is unknown how DIO discovered these specific steps.


The contents of the diary, as remembered by Jotaro, follow:[1]

What I need is my Stand: The World.
Jotaro reading the Diary, as seen in his memory DISC.

What lies beyond my Stand is the way forward for humanity. What I need is a trustworthy friend.

He must be someone who can control his desires. Someone without a lust for power, honor, wealth, or sexual gratification. He must be someone who puts the laws of God before the laws of humans. Will I, DIO, meet someone like this one day?

What I need are the souls of at least 36 sinners. The souls of sinners contain incredible power.

What I need are 14 phrases:

Spiral staircase
Rhinoceros beetle
Desolation Row
Fig tart
Rhinoceros beetle
Via Dolorosa
Rhinoceros beetle
Singularity point
Rhinoceros beetle
Singularity point
Secret emperor

I'll engrave these words onto my Stand so that I won't forget myself. What I need is courage. I must have the courage to part with my Stand. As it disintegrates, my Stand will absorb the souls of the 36 sinners. As a result, something new will be born.

Whatever is born will awaken. It will recognize the 14 phrases that my trusted friend will utter... I will trust my friend and become his friend.

Finally, what I need is an appropriate location. Go to 28 degrees 24 minutes north latitude, 80 degrees 36 minutes west longitude...

Wait there for the new moon...

That will be the time for heaven...

Jotaro reading the Diary, as seen in his memory DISC.











Hitsuyō na mono wa "watashi no Sutando" dearu. "Za Wārudo".
Jotaro reading the Diary, as seen in his memory DISC.

Waga Sutando no saki ni aru mono koso ga ningen ga sara ni saki ni susumubeki michina no dearu. Hitsuyō na mono wa shinraidekiru tomo dearu.

Kare wa yokubō o kontorōru dekiru ningen de nakute wa naranai. Kenryokuyoku ya meiyoyoku sanyoku shikiyoku no nai ningen de. Kare wa hito no hō yori mo kami no hō o tattobu ningen de nakute wa naranai. Itsu kaso no yōna mono ni kono Dio ga deaeru darou ka?

Hitsuyō na mono wa "goku tsumi o okashita sanjūroku-mei ijō no tamashī" dearu. Tsumibito no tamashī ni wa tsuyoi pawā ga aru kara dearu.

Hitsuyō na mono wa "jūyon no kotoba" dearu:

Rasen kaidan
Haikyo no Machi
Ichijiku no taruto
Dororōsa e no Michi
Himitsu no kōtei

Watashi jishin o wasurenai yō ni kono kotoba o watashi no Sutando sonomono ni kizu to shite kizamitsukete okou. Hitsuyō na mono wa "yūki" dearu. Watashi wa Sutando o ichido sutesaru "yūki" o motanakereba naranai. Kuchite iku watashi no Sutando wa sanjūroku no tsumibito no tamashī o atsumete kyūshū. Soko kara "atarashī mono" o umidasu dearou.

'Umareta mono' wa mesameru. Shinraidekiru tomo ga hassuru jūyon no kotoba ni chisei o shimeshi tei... "Tomo" wa watashi o shinrai shi watashi wa "tomo" ni naru.

Saigo ni hitsuyō na mono wa basho dearu. Hokui nijūhachi-do nijūshi-bu seikei hachijū-do sanjūroku-bu e iki...

Tsugi no 'shingetsu' no toki o mate...

Sore ga "tengoku no toki" dearou...

Corresponding Events

  • The "trustworthy friend" DIO requires is found in Enrico Pucci.
  • The "36 sinners" are found among the population of Green Dolphin Street Prison.
  • DIO's Bone is used as a substitution for DIO's Stand, The World. The 36 prisoners and DIO's bone combine, forming a large system of grotesque tree and root-like structures. A knot of roots in this system houses the Green Baby.
  • After its birth, the "14 phrases" Pucci speaks indeed induce an effect on the Green Baby.
  • "I will trust my friend and become his friend" refers to the Green Baby fusing with Pucci.
  • The coordinates "28 degrees 24 minutes north latitude, 80 degrees 36 minutes west longitude" point to Cape Canaveral.
  • The "time for heaven" refers to the subsequent emergence of the Stand Made in Heaven.


The information below derives from a source not written by Araki. As such, it may or may not be considered canon.


DIO begins writing the diary after being freed from his coffin that sank to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean a hundred years prior. The contents of the diary contain DIO's reflections on his past and present, as well as his thoughts on the concept of heaven and the process that led him to his conclusions. DIO continues writing the diary until putting it down shortly before attacking Nukesaku, fully anticipating to continue his writing the following day.

The 14 phrases outlined in the diary are nonsense words that DIO's mother sang to him as a lullaby in his youth. In the context of DIO's plan, they signify intelligence and close intimacy between the Green Baby and its intended host.[2] DIO later reveals the reasoning behind needing 36 sinners' souls to achieve his goal: taking a cue from Osiris, DIO pictures souls being split into white and black chips, with the souls of sinners possessing 10 black chips each. By obtaining 360 black chips, the number of degrees in a clock, DIO hopes to gain the ability to make a full circuit around the clock.[3]

After Jotaro Kujo falls into a coma, the Speedwagon Foundation requests that DIO's diary be restored in order to find a way to free Jotaro from his current state. The translator confesses that his work is motivated mainly by his fascination with learning about the thought process of Dio Brando, in addition to the book's secrecy. The translator then comments on the difficulties faced during the restoration and deciphering of the book, incidentally revealing that Josuke Higashikata was responsible for its near-complete restoration. Most of the proper nouns throughout the book were deciphered by comparing their context to the facts surrounding Dio's life. The translator ultimately decided to translate Dio's idiosyncrasies and theories literally, leaving their interpretation to the reader.[4]


In the 37th universe, DIO's diary is replaced by a chunk of the Giotto spacecraft. The 14 phrases each relate to a event, item, or concept which appears across the 37 universes.

  • Spiral Staircase refers to the idea that the universe is a "Spiral Staircase" created by Pucci's Made in Heaven, a loop of 37 distinct universes.
  • The 4 Rhinoceros Beetles refer to the four walking islands in the story: Morioh, Nero Nero Island, Great Britain, and Manhattan. However, Giorno later remarks how the real 4 Rhinoceros Beetles are the 4 Stand Arrows of the Arrow Cross House which he had turned into Rhinoceros Beetles to avoid their destruction from Made In Heaven.
  • Desolation Row refers to the crumbling London found in the first universe.
  • The Fig Tart refers to the fig smell produced by Kars when he is burning up while reentering the atmosphere of Earth.
  • Via Dolorosa refers to when Jorge, Narancia, Pucci, and Kars are reentering the atmosphere of Earth. As they are falling upside down, the Arrow Cross House is below them at their backs, referencing how Jesus carried the cross on his back on his way to his crucifixion.
  • The 2 Singularity Points refer to the Saint's Corpse and Jorge, as only one of them exists in all of the universes.
  • Giotto refers to the Giotto spacecraft which Dio wrote the fourteen words on.
  • Angel refers to Enrico Pucci.
  • Hydrangea refers to how Kars described the earth as a "water vessel," the etymology for Hydrangea.
  • Secret Emperor refers to Dio Brando.
  • The coordinates 28 degrees 24 minutes north latitude, 80 degrees 36 minutes west longitude refer to the exact location on Mars that Kars was located at, as the plan involved allying with Kars.



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