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JoJo: The Final Ripple, Part 2 (ジョジョ 最後の波紋 その②, JoJo Saigo no Hamon Sono 2), originally The Tragedy of George Joestar (ジョージ・ジョースターの悲劇, Jōji Jōsutā no Higeki) in the WSJ and tankobon releases, is the sixty-fourth chapter of Battle Tendency and the one hundred eighth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


The Ripple sent by Joseph hits Kars, and knocks him off the ruins, into the spikes below. As the Nazis prepare to execute Kars, JoJo saves Lisa Lisa. Smokey wonders why Erina told JoJo his mother was dead, and why Lisa Lisa had gone into hiding. On the promise that Smokey wouldn't tell Joseph, Speedwagon explains the tragic past of the Joestar family.

Lisa Lisa, then known as Elizabeth, was raised by the Ripple master Straizo. When she was older she married Erina's son, George Joestar II, who was a pilot in the British Air Force during World War I. After defeating Dio Brando, Straizo had believed they had defeated all of the zombies created by Dio, but they were wrong. One zombie had successfully merged into society, disguised as a wounded veteran in a wheelchair. George found out and started investigating. However, he had no Ripple training and was killed by him. In a blind rage, Elizabeth killed the zombie major but was spotted by an officer. The military didn't know of vampires or the Ripple and branded her as a criminal. She went into hiding, taking the name Lisa Lisa. Erina, after losing both her husband and only son, didn't want Joseph to know anything about vampires or Dio or the Ripple.

Back in the present, Stroheim and his Nazis begun blasting their UV rays at Kars, but at that moment Kars reveals he is wearing a Stone Mask with the Red Stone of Aja placed within it. Stroheim orders to cut the power, but it is too late. Kars has finally accomplished his goal. The Ultimate Thing is born.


George Joestar II
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Zombie Commander
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Dio Brando
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Erina Pendleton

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