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The Stand! It's the whole ship!
—Jotaro Kujo, Chapter 132

Strength (ストレングス(力) Sutorengusu) is the Stand of the orangutan Forever, featured in the third part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Stardust Crusaders.

As a Materialized, it possesses the ability to bind itself to a boat and transform it into a massive Freighter. Its user is then capable of manipulating the ship at will.


Strength's tarot card

Inspired by the famous merchant brigantine, Mary Celeste,[1] Strength is a Stand bound to a small yacht, which is then transformed into a gigantic derelict freighter named "Big Daddy".[2] As a massive ocean liner, it is the largest Stand ever seen.

It has absolutely no will since Forever has absolute control over it. It represents the Tarot Card Strength, which symbolizes a challenge to fight, a strong will and hidden potential.[3]


Disguised as a freighter, Strength is a very powerful Stand bound to take its enemies by surprise and it almost killed the entirety of the Joestar Group at once.

However, it is burdened by the cockiness of its user, Forever, who likes to brag and thus expose himself to retaliation.

Ship Manipulation

The whole ship is under Forever's control

Strength is capable of binding itself to a small boat and transforming it into a gigantic freighter.[4]

While Strength is bound to an object, Forever gets unquestionable psychic control over it. Even objects, such as electrical cords, bolts in the hull, and the very floors and walls themselves are bent and twisted to the beck and call of Forever's will. This power can be used to surprise attack those who board the yacht and also allows Forever to travel through the ship's walls and floor as if they were liquid.[3][5]

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  • Strength's concept was inspired by the real-life ship Mary Celeste, which was famously found adrift and mysteriously abandoned in the Atlantic Ocean.[6]
  • In appearance, Strength resembles the possessed killer freighter from the 1980 horror movie Death Ship. In the OVA, many shots of Strength's interior and machinery also are similar to the ones seen in the movie.


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