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Soft & Wet, Part 2 (ソフト&ウェット その②, Sofuto ando Wetto Sono 2), originally Who Am I?, Part 2 (who am I?②) in the UJ release, is the third chapter of JoJolion and the eight hundred fiftieth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


"Kira" puts on a sailor suit, finding that they fit perfectly. He and Yasuho try to call whoever is in the bathroom, but no one answers. They also hear footsteps in the apartment above, but don't pay them much attention. Yasuho checks one of the kitchen cabinets and finds that they're filled with canned peas and wasabi; she assumes that "Kira" must really like those.

When "Kira" personally checks inside the bathroom, he turns to find a young woman bathing in the bathtub completely naked. Surprised, he runs back to Yasuho, who also checks; she too is surprised to have walked in on the naked woman, and excuses herself. Yasuho asks "Kira" who the woman is and why that woman is naked in his apartment, but he doesn't know. Back in the apartment, Yasuho introduces herself and asks the woman if she is the man's girlfriend. Instead of answering, the naked woman stands up and begs the two for help, catching their suspicions.

She accidentally knocks over a glass bottle that shatters on the floor, and the two are more suspicious when she looks up at the ceiling in silence and fear. Yasuho keeps asking the man who the woman is, but she still doesn't get an answer. To avoid the broken glass, the man tries to put on some slippers, but pricks his left foot as the slippers are trapped with thumbtacks; he trips and knocks over several bottles in which numerous clipped fingernails are stored. The protagonist observes the fingernails, seeing that some of them are recorded as being from the 2000s and even the 90s and 80s.

Yasuho finds a photo album. "Kira" tries to see what's in the album, but Yasuho suddenly screams at the man in horror. She tearfully tells him to leave Morioh and never return. Then she throws the album at the man and runs out of the apartment. Calling after her, the protagonist glances at the naked woman and looks at the album. He is shocked at the discovery: sordid photos of the woman, dressed in sailor attire, tied up, with what appeared to be the protagonist standing behind her. He continues to question the mysterious woman to find out what kind of person he is.

The only response he can get from her is an impatient claim that he should be more concerned with rescuing her. Before he can properly assess the situation a thud from the apartment above causes a glass bottle to fall off, causing one of the fragments to cut the protagonist's left hand. The woman, shocked at Josuke's wounded limbs, urges him to take her with him and escape before it's too late, showing him strange Q-shaped symbols on her hands and feet. At that moment, his wounded limbs begin to clot themselves into the same symbols, and his left foot seems to act on its own.


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