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Her Stand, Face/Off, could switch the faces and fingerprints of any two people, so Kira grabbed a random passerby with a similar build, and had her switch their appearances.
Koji Hirose, JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 6: Island

Face/Off (フェイスオフ Feisu Ofu) is the Stand of Aya Tsuji from the 37th universe, featured in the light novel JORGE JOESTAR. It resembles a mannequin and can switch faces and fingerprints.


Face/Off resembles Cinderella but with some minor differences. It is a feminine humanoid Stand with no face, no legs, and thin mechanical arms with gaps in between. Its head is cylindrical and resembles a fog lamp, with the inner portion being blank. It has pronounced breasts while wearing a top resembling a bra. It also has a thin waist with three rings around it and connects to a large sphere for its lower body.


Face/Off's abilities appear to be the same as Cinderella's.

Body Part Replacement

Face/Off can switch the faces and fingerprints of any two people.[1] Yoshikage Kira (Universe 37) has Aya use this ability on him to swap places with Chien Kunimido.[2]


Book Icon.png Novel Appearances
Chapters in order of appearance
  • JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 6: Island



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