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CLAMP IN WONDERLAND was a nationwide 1994 Summer event held in Japan by famous manga studio Clamp (クランプ Kuranpu). Spanning from July 31 to August 28, it advertised the group's previously released Dōjinshi and acted as a premiere to their animated music video series, Clamp in Wonderland.

The event is notable for popularizing the "JoJo's Bizarre Married Life (ジョジョの奇妙な新婚生活 JoJo no kimyō na Shinkon Seikatsu) series, a well-known BL parody featuring characters from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

JoJo's Bizarre Married Life



CLAMP LABORATORY 6 is a short printed fanzine (Dōjinshi) written and executed by Clamp. As the sixth and final release of their Clamp Laboratory zine series, it features the first few chapters of JoJo's Bizarre Married Life, as well as a short promotion on the back detailing the CLAMP IN WONDERLAND Summer event.[1]


The story takes place after the events of Stardust Crusaders with all of the protagonists still alive. Kakyoin begins his life in the Kujo household as a housewife after being forced by Jotaro to sign marriage documents.

The first half details Kakyoin cooking breakfast for the gang for the first time. Their meal is interrupted by DIO, who uses The World to stop time and eat all the food. It's revealed that Kakyoin's food is actually terrible, causing DIO to become extremely ill.

The second half has Jotaro and Kakyoin going to bed, piquing the interest of the other crusaders. The group decides to make use of Joseph's Hermit Purple and a TV to peek at the newlyweds, but immediately regret their actions after the vision appears. Jotaro scolds them the next day and Kakyoin decides to go back to his own house.



CLAMP in Wonderland 1994 Summer is a special fanzine written by Clamp, distributed out to all visitors of the CLAMP IN WONDERLAND event.[2] The magazine features various parodies of other franchises, including a continuation to JoJo's Bizarre Married Life.


Kakyoin wakes up one morning to discover that he had "laid" an egg and reveals it to his friends. When his friends discover this, Joseph asks when his great-grandson will be born.

The child suddenly hatches out of the egg to reveal a star-shaped birthmark on his shoulder. Out of courtesy for Joseph Joestar, they name the small boy who hatched out the egg Jota Kujo (空条丞太 Kūjō Jōta). The child, it would appear grows faster than a normal human and within a week he is able to attend school.

In a jealous fit, Jotaro attempts to fight Jota to the death. Jota suddenly activates his Stand, which looks like a more "chibi" version of Star Platinum. Polnareff comes up with an idea to have Jotaro name Jota's Stand because he was "too lazy" to do it himself. In annoyance, Jotaro walks over to the kitchen to bring out green dish soap, saying the name of the brand, "Charmy Green."

Ten years later, Jota has somehow aged to a high-school student and becomes good friends with Jotaro's uncle, Josuke Higashikata. Their friendship is compromised, however, when Josuke goes to congratulate Jotaro and Kakyoin on their marriage. Jota despises this as he still resents his father.



CLAMP IN WONDERLAND is a series of animated music videos produced by Studio MADHOUSE and Animate.

As part of the promotion for the event, the first features characters from Clamp's previous works created between 1989 and 1994. A sequel was released later on encompassing even more characters from the Clamp universe up to 2006. Both were released to DVD on October 26, 2007 as Clamp in Wonderland 1&2 1989-2006 (BCBA-3143).

Within the first music video, a younger Jota and Charmy Green, along with an older Jota, can be seen at the end right before the credits.


Script (脚本)
Storyboard (絵コンテ)
Morio Asaka
Mokona Apapa
Mick Nekoi
浅香 守生
もこな あぱぱ
猫井 みっく
Episode Director (演出)
Morio Asaka
浅香 守生
Animation Director (作画監督)
Kumiko Takahashi
高橋 久美子
Character Design (キャラクターデザイン)
Kumiko Takahashi
高橋 久美子
Key Animation (原画)
Satoru Nakamura
Yoshiharu Ashino
Takeshi Koike
Shuichi Shimamura
Tetsuro Aoki
Yoshiyuki Ito
中村 悟
芦野 芳晴
小池 健
島村 秀一
青木 哲郎
伊藤 嘉之
In-between Animation Inspection (動画チェック)
Hiromi Sakai
Yutaka Sakamoto
酒井 博美
坂本 豊
In-between Animation (動画)
Masahiko Sasaki
Satoru Kobayashi
Yukio Uehira
Ryoji Nakamori
Shigeki Ohshiro
Kyung Kang ANIA
Twenty First
Studio Wombat
佐々木 昌彦
小林 理
植平 幸生
中森 良治
大城 茂樹
スタジオ ウォンバット




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