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Menu? A list of food? I'm afriad... we don't have that here. (メニュー?「献立表(リステ)」?のことですか?そんなものウチにはないよ…, Menyū? "Risute"? No kotodesu ka? Sonna mono uchi ni wa naiyo…)

Trattoria Trussardi (イタリア料理「トラサルディー」, Itaria Ryōri 'Torasarudī', lit. "Italian Restaurant Trussardi"), otherwise simply known as Tonio's Restaurant, is a recurring minor location featured in the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series. It is a recently established Italian restaurant owned and managed by Tonio Trussardi, later assisted by his girlfriend, Virgina, and is situated in the Diamond is Unbreakable Japanese town of Morioh.

The restaurant is featured in several media, first appearing in Chapter 38 of Diamond is Unbreakable, and later showing up in the spin-off series Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan. It is also implied to exist in other JoJo canon, being JoJolion;[1] and is also referenced in the Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan TV Drama.[2]


Trattoria Trussardi is a recently-established Italian restaurant; owned, managed and mainly resided by Tonio Trussardi. Situated in the Diamond is Unbreakable city of Morioh, it is a fairly large building consisting of multiple floors, although only the first floor is available to customers. It is next to Kunimitōge Cemetary where Keicho Nijimura is buried.

The front of the restaurant is decorated with a pair of mini Italian flags occupying the upper sides of the door, as the restaurant is advertised as Italian. Above this is the sign to the restaurant itself, reading "Trattoria トラサルヂー (Trussardi)". Furthermore, a menu stands outside, reading 'up to the customer', reflecting the restaurants unique service of not having a menu and instead serving dishes determined by dining customers' health.

Interior of the restaurant.

Inside is the dining area, featuring only 2 separate tables, each with 3 chairs, as the restaurant lacks sufficient staff for more. However, 2 sofa-chairs sit to the left of the front door with a small table between them. The room is full of Italian-themed decorations, including furniture, paintings, ornaments, and other niche displays.

Through an open doorway across the dining room lies a typical restaurant kitchen where Tonio prepares his dishes with the assistance of his Stand, Pearl Jam. A small room connected to this kitchen also allows Tonio to try out his dishes on his puppy who resides in said room.

Trattoria Trussardi is considered one of Morioh's landmarks and places of interest.

Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan

Trattoria Trussardi is one of the main locations in Poaching Seashore, where Rohan Kishibe eats at before being asked for help by Tonio to capture abalones.

This is where Virgina is introduced as being Tonio's girlfriend, having a large brain tumour that Tonio hopes on curing – something which even his Pearl Jam isn't capable of with his current ingredients. Although it is unclear whether she is a permanent resident of the restaurant after Tonio brings her to Morioh, she at least stays there for a while, helping Tonio with his business.

Differences Between Media

While mostly minor, there are notable differences between the design for certain aspects of Trattoria Trussardi between JoJo media – the original manga,[3] anime adaptation,[4] and Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan one-shot[5] appearances:

Menu & Dishes

Mineral WaterLink to this section
Mineral Water.png
Mineral Water Anime.png

Ordinary looking mineral water served at Tonio Trussardi's restaurant. Made from 500-year-old snow from Mount Kilimanjaro, this drink is delicious despite just being water. It makes compatible persons cry until their eyes seem deflated, but cures swollen eyes, and has the effect of a good night's sleep.

Caprese SaladLink to this section
Tomato and Mozzarella Anime.png
A typical Italian antipasto, consisting of four thin slices of mozzarella and five slices of tomato. The dressing consists of one anchovy fillet, seaweed, olive oil, white wine vinegar, lemon juice, salt, pepper, basil and a garnish of lettuce. Delicious when one eats the mozzarella and the tomato at the same time, it forcibly makes stiff shoulders release the excess skin by stimulating the thyroid gland, curing them.

Spaghetti alla PuttanescaLink to this section
Spaghetti alla Puttanesca.png
A simple looking spaghetti dish accompanied with olive oil, garlic, small tomatoes, seedless black olives, one anchovy fillet, hot pepper, miscellaneous condiments such as parsley, and parmesan. The dish was supposedly made by a harlot out of random and useless ingredients, and the sauce is said to originate from Naples. It violently ejects bad teeth and rapidly forces new ones to grow in their place.

Abalone RisottoLink to this section
Abalone Risotto.png
Spin-Off Debut: TSKR Episode 6
A risotto accompanied with slices of abalone cooked rare. The rice is mixed with cheese and either winter melon or grated Chinese yam. The dish is mixed with abalone liver sauce. It cures Rohan's tired eyes by replacing the vitreous humor with new humor.

Octopus tomato sauceLink to this section
Octopus Tomato Sauce.png
Spin-Off Debut: TSKR Episode 6
It consists of several octopus tentacles in tomato sauce. It is not shown to cure anything particularly.

The dishes have been reproduced in several real-life events and collaborations between the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure franchise and restaurants.


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