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The Pillar Man, Santana, Part 9 (「柱の男・サンタナ」 その⑨, 'Hashira no Otoko Santana' Sono 9), originally The Spaghetti Battle (スパゲッティーの戦い, Supagettī no Tatakai) in the WSJ and tankobon releases, is the eighteenth chapter of Battle Tendency and the sixty-second chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


Santana, having been turned to stone, is taken by the Speedwagon Foundation to their headquarters in Washington D.C. There, his corpse is maintained using a new ultraviolet light technology and kept under heavy surveillance. After careful experimentation, Speedwagon and the scientists discover that Santana is not dead but merely preserved in a stone-like state. However, Speedwagon shares a bas-relief showing four horned figures, indicating that the Pillar Men in Europe may be even more fearsome than Santana. Moreover, the staff calculates that they will be awakening shortly following a Mayan prediction.

Having flown to Rome, Joseph is seen enjoying an Italian dish called "Spaghetti Di Nero", but not before being interrupted by a man serenading a woman at another table. Disgusted and jealous, Joseph infuses some of the noodles from his pasta with the Ripple and flings it towards the man. Surprisingly, that same man catches the noodles with his own fork and quickly redirects them back into Joseph's glass, piercing it with the Ripple. Joseph is left in awe and discovers that the man across the room is none other than Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli, the man he traveled to Rome to meet.


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Author's Comment

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I went to see "RoboCop" with all my assistants. I was blown away by its intense action scenes and its depiction of a main protagonist.
アシスタントのみんなと 『ロボコップ』を見た。主人公の描写や迫力場面(シーン)に感心しました


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