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Nizaemon used that pigment for his canvases, before being executed. His loathing for having known such a fate was forever locked into that painting, a work of infinite creativity.

Nizaemon Yamamura (山村 仁左右衛門 Yamamura Nizaemon) is a tertiary character featured in the one-shot Rohan au Louvre.

He is a painter who marries Nanase Kishibe, one of Rohan Kishibe's ancestors. One of his last paintings was Under the Moon, depicting a portrait of his wife.


Nizaemon appears to have been a muscular man with dark hair tied back in a ponytail. He is seen wearing a yukata with socks and a pair of geta.

Color Schemes

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Outfit(Light lavender yukata)


Little is known of Nizaemon when he was alive, but he becomes full of hatred upon his execution.



Around 310 years prior to the events in Rohan au Louvre Yamamura married Nanase Kishibe. Yamamura had discovered a pigment of a unknown blackness in the trunk of a tree and extracted it to use in his work "Under the Moon", a painting that featured Nanase. Unfortunately, the tree was ancient and chopping it down was forbidden by decree, and so Nizaemon was executed just after his wedding with Nanase. According to legend, Yamamura had drawn the most evil and black painting in the world. That's because, due to the hatred Yamamura held while he was executed, that hate was transferred to the painting, giving it life and a murderous intent. In 1989 it was acquired by the Louvre museum and kept in the Z-13 warehouse, which later was abandoned. For unknown reasons, the painting was the only one not moved to a safer place.

Rohan au Louvre

Rohan Kishibe, Gaucher, Noguchi and two firefighters go to Z-13 at the Louvre to investigate Yamamura's painting. Aside from Rohan, everyone was killed by its creatures before the Stand user erased his own memories. After escaping, Rohan tried to find out what happened to the painting. He learns that it was incinerated after a thorough analysis by scientists but hasn't been able to confirm whether that is the truth.[1]



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