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SPOILER WARNING: Part 1-7 spoiler details may follow.
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure's 30th Anniversary is culminated in this exhibition, a historical festival for the fans of the series. 30 years of adventure, what effect did it have on the personality and lives of the fans? What Ripples did it cause?

JoJosapiens (ジョジョサピエンス Jojosapiensu) is a Stand designed by Hirohiko Araki in commemoration of the opening of Hirohiko Araki JoJo Exhibition: Ripples of Adventure.

Its Stand user is the "Ultimate JoJo Human" (究極のジョジョ人間 Kyūkyoku no JoJo Ningen), created based on over 17.000 responses to a fan participation project, which conducted a survey to reveal JoJo fan demographics, also named JoJosapiens. [1]


JoJosapiens' User designed through fan data

JoJosapiens is a mechanical humanoid Stand. It adorns a blue dome-shaped full helmet with eyeholes and a bird crest on the forehead. The Stand also has a fur collar with feathers, balls of fur on the top of its hands and fur leg warmers.

JoJosapiens has a rectangular-shaped blue body with thin, grey limbs resembling bones equipped with strings to mimic tendons. Its hands, boots and bottom part of the torso are primarily yellow, while its fur is pink.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.

(Cyan head and body, yellow bird on head, waist, back, hands, and feet)
Limbs(Gray limbs)
Fur(Pink fur)
Feathers(Purple feathers)


The goal of the JoJosapiens project was to design the ultimate JoJo human by taking the average value of a large data collection of JoJo fans. The process involved conducting a survey where fans would input information about themselves. This information would go into a website’s database (visualized as a stand). The survey was open from July 6 to July 27, 2018, with results revealed on August 14, 2018. [2][3]

The survey involved 42 questions, consisting of queries about physical attributes, morality, relationship status, annual salary and personal taste like favorite JoJo. Using all this information, answered by more than 17 thousand people, the ‘JoJosapiens’ were created.[4]


JoJo Sapien Generation

JoJosapiens collects large amounts of data from JoJo fans and creates the "Ultimate JoJo Human" (究極のジョジョ人間 Kyūkyoku no JoJo Ningen), based on the results of the survey. The completed human will then become the User and assume control of the Stand (Both the User and the Stand together take on the name "JoJosapiens").[5]


The survey JoJosapiens gives to the fans is made of 42 questions pertaining to a number of topics about the recipients, which following 10 categories: Body, Love, Soul, Favorite, Mind, Fetishism, Money, Speed, Past, and JoJo. All questions are optional. Over 17 thousand people responded to the survey. The results are as follows:

  • 01-01: Gender
    • Male: 50.2%
    • Female: 48.3%
    • Other: 1.5%
  • 01-02: Age
    • Average age: 24.9 years old
  • 01-03: Height
    • Average height: 165.0 cm
  • 01-04: Weight
    • Average weight: 58.7 kg
  • 01-05: Body fat percentage
    • Average body fat: 19.6%
  • 01-06: Face
    • Average facial symmetry was determined from the optional submission of outlines of people's faces

  • 02-01: Are you currently in a relationship?
    • Yes: 33.6%
    • No: 66.4%
  • 02-02: How many people have you dated?
    • Average number of people: 2.9
  • 02-03: Have you ever cheated?
    • Yes: 19.1%
    • No: 80.9%
  • 02-04: Do you consider yourself a carnivore or herbivore when it comes to physical intimacy?
    • Carnivore: 36.1%
    • Herbivore: 63.9%
  • 02-05: Would you die for your lover?
    • Yes: 51.7%
    • No: 48.3%

  • 03-01: How would you respond to the trolley problem?
    • Pull the switch: 67.0%
    • Don't pull the switch: 33.0%

  • 04-01: What is your favorite food?
    1. Ramen
    2. Meat
    3. Curry rice
  • 04-02: What is your favorite alcoholic drink?
    1. Wine
    2. Beer
    3. Sake
  • 04-03: What is your favorite manga (not written by Hirohiko Araki)?
    1. One Piece
    2. Hunter × Hunter
    3. Dragon Ball
  • 04-04: What is your favorite music genre?
    1. Rock
    2. Anime themes
    3. J-pop
  • 04-05: What is your favorite school subject?
    1. Japanese Language
    2. Mathematics
    3. Biology
  • 04-06: What is your favorite number?
    1. 7
    2. 3
    3. 2
  • 04-07: What is your favorite color?
    1. Blue
    2. Green
    3. Red
  • 04-08: Are you a dog person or a cat person?
    • Dog: 39.3%
    • Cat: 44.9%
    • Neither: 15.8%
  • 04-09: Do you smoke cigarettes?
    • Yes: 16.6%
    • No: 82.2%
    • Prefer cigars: 1.2%

  • 05-01: What is your IQ?
    • Average IQ: 112.5
  • 05-02: Do you believe aliens exist?
    • Yes: 83.6%
    • No: 16.4%
  • 05-03: What do you fear?
    1. People
    2. Ghosts
    3. Death
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嫁 / オカン / 足が8本以上の節足動物 / 底の見えない穴 / いつのまにか無くなっているトイレットペーパー / Being forgotten. / 水面下ギリギリで浮かんでこない何かの影 / このまま何もしないで死ぬこと / おのれのうっかりさ / Zombie. / スペイン・ボルハにあるフレスコ画「この人を見よ」の修復後 / 気づかないうちにどんどん馬鹿になっていってるのではないか?と考え始めたとき / 火が通っているかどうか際どい豚肉 / ピエロ / VHSの品質管理用音声信号 / Golden fish without water Mad man that can't control Themselves. / 電車に乗ってくるピンヒールの女 / LINEのステータスメッセージで改行しまくった先に意味深なことをかくひと / 『法や世界を敵に回しても君を守る』という言葉 / 締め切り / 女の友情 / 水族館にあるデカイ水槽 / Gのつく生き物。ヤツのことだよォオ! / 「マジ無理~今回全然勉強してな~い」とか大きい声で言うくせに、毎回テストで1位のクラスの女子 / カエル。なので徐倫さんマジ尊敬 / クローゼットの隙間 / I've been learning to drive recently and what scares me more than crashing the car is my mother lecturing me from the passenger seat. / この間のテストの結果 / オニオオハシ / あると認識していたものがないとき、階段を1段踏み外すようなビクッとした怖さがあると思う / いつもニコニコしている人の突然の無表情 / 生涯童貞 / 体重増加 / エレベーターの開く瞬間 / 「普通」という価値観で、自分の正義を曲げることを強要されること / ガリガリのおじいさんに直視されている時(無言で30秒) / 「考える」ということを考えない人 / Seeing a face in the window at night. / あの日堅く誓ったハズのあの決断が迷いで鈍ること / アパートや雑居ビルの天井が低いエレベーター / 嫁の『話があるんだけど』 / 文房具屋などで商品がかかっているフックがたくさん並んでいるところ / 口座残高・・・! / 苺のツブツブ / ひな人形 / 一斉に向きを変える魚の群れ / ホットケーキを焼くときに出来る穴 / 定期テストが近づいているのに危機感を持たず、暗殺チームにのめり込む自分が怖い / 「幸せ」より怖いものはありません / 「理解不能」なもの全部 / When you're taking a shower and one of the shampoo bottles falls off the shelf, making impossibly loud noises. / ウツボ / 無実の罪を押し付けられること / 時の流れ / 就活 / 自由を奪われること / 今起きていることが全て夢オチ / 文字にするのも恐ろしいので答えられません
  • 05-04: What do you want to do before you die?
    1. Round-the-world trip
    2. Sky diving
    3. Get married
    • Other free-response answers are also listed

  • 06-01: What do you fetishize?
    1. Legs
    2. Hands
    3. Voice

  • 07-01: What is your annual income?
    • Average annual income: 3.533 million yen

  • 08-01: How fast is your 50-meter dash?
    • Average time: 8.26 seconds

  • 09-01: What is your greatest crime?
    • Several free-response answers were published on the website

Original Questions
  • 01 BODY
    • 01-01: Please tell me your birthday. (あなたの生年月をおしえてください。 Anata no nama nengetsu o oshiete kudasai)
    • 01-02: Please tell me your gender. (あなたの性別を教えてください。 Anata no seibetsu o oshietekudasai.), with the options Undefined (未選択 Mi sentaku), Male (男性 Dansei), Female (女性 Josei) and Other (その他 Sono Hoka)
    • 01-03: Please tell me where you are from. (あなたの出身地を教えてください。 Anata no shusshin-chi o oshietekudasai.) with a list of the prefectures of Japan and Other (その他 Sono Hoka).
    • 01-04: Please tell me your height. (あなたの身長を教えてください。 Anata no shinchō o oshietekudasai.)
    • 01-05: Please tell me your weight. (あなたの体重を教えてください。 Anata no taijū o oshietekudasai.)
    • 01-06: Please tell me your your body fat percentage. (あなたの体脂肪を教えてください。 Anata no karada shibō o oshietekudasai.)
  • 02 LOVE
    • 02-01: Do you currently have a lover? (現在、恋人がいますか? Genzai, koibito ga imasu ka?), with the options Undefined (未選択 Mi sentaku), Yes (はい Hai), and No (いいえ Iie).
    • 02-02: How many people have you ever met (dated)? (今までお付合いした人数は? Ima made o tsukiai shita ninzū wa?)
    • 02-03: Have you ever cheated on someone? (浮気したことがありますか? Uwaki shita koto ga arimasu ka?), with options Undefined (未選択 Mi sentaku), I have (いる Iru), and I haven't (いない Inai).
    • 02-04: Do you actively pursue sex or "relationships in flesh" (Carnivorous)? Do you not actively pursue sex or any physical relationships (Herbivore)? (肉食系ですか?草食系ですか? Nikushoku-kei desu ka? Sōshoku-kei desu ka?), with options Undefined (未選択 Mi sentaku), Carnivorous (肉食系 Nikushoku-kei) and Herbivore (草食系 Sōshoku-kei)
    • 02-05: Would you die for your lover? (愛する人のためなら死ねますか? Aisuruhito no tamenara shinemasu ka?), with options Undefined (未選択 Mi sentaku), Yes (はい Hai), and No (いいえ Iie).
    • 02-06: Please tell me your fetish. (Maximum 100 characters) (あなたのフェチを1つ教えてください(全角100文字以内) Anata no fechi o 1tsu oshietekudasai. (Zenkaku 100 moji inai))
  • 03 SOUL
    • 03-01:
      A trolley that runs on a railroad track becomes uncontrollable and travels at a tremendous speed. At this rate, the five workers located at the end of the track will be run over and all will die. At this time, you are located at a lever that can direct that trolley to another track. Five people will be saved if you switch tracks. However, there is one worker at the end of the other track. Do you pull the lever? (線路を走るトロッコが制御不能となり猛スピードで走っている。このままでは線路の先にいる5人の作業員が轢かれて全員死んでしまう。この時、あなたはそのトロッコを別の線路に向かわせることができる分岐器がある場所にいる。分岐器を、切り替えれば5人は助かる。しかし、切り替えた線路の先にも作業員がいる。ただし1人だけ。あなたは分岐器を切り替えるか? Senro o hashiru torokko ga seigyo funō to nari mō supīdo de hashitte iru. Kono ma made wa senro no saki ni iru 5-ri no sagyō-in ga hika rete zen'in shindeshimau. Kono toki, anata wa sono torokko o betsu no senro ni mukawa seru koto ga dekiru bunkiki ga aru basho ni iru. Bunkiki o, kirikaereba 5-ri wa tasukaru. Shikashi, kirikaeta senro no saki ni mo sagyō-in ga iru. Tadashi 1-ri dake. Anata wa bunkiki o kirikaeru ka?), with options Undefined (未選択 Mi sentaku), Do not switch (切り替えない) and Switch (切り替える).
    • 04-01: Please inform me of your favorite food.(Maximum 30 characters) (好きな食べ物を1つ教えてください。(全角30文字以内) Sukinatabemono o 1tsu oshietekudasai. (Zenkaku 30 moji inai)).
    • 04-02: Please choose one of your favorite music genres. (好きな音楽ジャンルを1つ選んでください。 Sukinaongaku janru o 1tsu erande kudasai.), with options (in order):
      • Undefined (未選択)
      • Classic (クラシック)
      • Rock (ロック)
      • R&B/Soul (ソウル)
      • Hip-Hop/Rap (ヒップホップラップ)
      • Dance (ダンス)
      • J-POP
      • K-POP
      • Jazz (ジャズ)
      • Metal (メタル)
      • Reggae (レゲエ)
      • Pop (ポップ)
      • Alternative (オルタナティブ)
      • Anime (アニメ)
      • Kayōkyoku (歌謡曲, form of Japanese pop music)
      • Other (その他 Sono Hoka).
    • 04-03: Please tell me which is your favorite movie. (Maximum 30 characters) (好きな映画を1つ教えてください。(全角30文字以内) Sukina eiga o 1tsu oshietekudasai. (Zenkaku 30 moji inai))
    • 04-04: Please tell me one of your favorite comics (except for Hirohiko Araki's work). (Maximum 30 characters) (好きなマンガ(荒木飛呂彦作品以外)を1つ教えてください。(全角30文字以内) Sukina manga (araki hirohiko sakuhin igai) o 1tsu oshietekudasai. (Zenkaku 30 moji inai))
    • 04-05: Please choose one subject you like. (好きな科目を1つ選んでください。 Sukina kamoku o 1tsu erande kudasai.) with options (in order):
      • Undefined (未選択)
      • Math (数学)
      • Japanese Language (国語)
      • English (英語)
      • Physical (物理)
      • Chemistry (化学)
      • Biology (生物)
      • Earth Science (地学)
      • World History (世界史)
      • Japanese History (日本史)
      • Geography (地理)
      • Modern Society (現代社会)
      • Ethics (倫理)
      • Political / Economics (政治 経済)
      • Information (News) (情報)
      • Other (その他)
    • 04-06: Please tell me one number you like. (Half-width input) (好きな数字を1つ教えてください。(半角) Sukina sūji o 1tsu oshietekudasai. (Hankaku))
    • 04-07: Please choose one of your favorite alcohol. An underage person does not have to answer. (好きなお酒を1つ選んでください。未成年の方は答える必要はありません。 Sukina o sake o 1tsu erande kudasai. Miseinen no kata wa kotaeru hitsuyō wa arimasen.) with options (in order):
      • Undefined (未選択)
      • Beer (ビール)
      • Craft Beer (クラフトビール)
      • Wine (ワイン)
      • Natural Wine (自然派ワイン)
      • Sparkling Wine (スパークリングワイン)
      • Sake (日本酒)
      • Whiskey (ウィスキー)
      • Gin (ジン)
      • Vodka (ウォッカ)
      • Rum (ラム)
      • Tequila (テキーラ)
      • Shochu (Japanese spirit) (焼酎)
      • Makgeolli (Korean Wine) (マクゴリ)
      • Shaoxing (Chinese Wine) (紹興酒)
      • I can't/don't drink alcohol (お酒は飲めない飲まない)
      • Other (その他)
    • 04-08: Please choose one of your favorite colors. (好きな色を1つ選んでください。 Sukinairo o 1tsu erande kudasai.), with the options (in order):
      • Undefined (未選択)
      • Red (赤)
      • Pink (ピンク)
      • Orange (オレンジ)
      • Yellow (黄)
      • Green (緑)
      • Light Blue (水色)
      • Blue (青)
      • Indigo (藍)
      • Purple (紫)
      • Brown (茶)
      • Black (黒)
      • White (白)
      • Gray (グレー)
      • Gold (金)
      • Other (その他)
    • 04-09: Do you prefer dogs? Do you prefer cats? (犬派ですか?猫派ですか? Inuhadesu ka? Nekohadesu ka?) with options Undefined (未選択 Mi sentaku), Dog (犬派), cat (猫派) and neither (どちらでもない).
    • 04-10: Do you smoke? An underage person does not have to answer. (タバコを吸いますか?未成年の方は答える必要はありません。 Tabako o suimasu ka? Miseinen no kata wa kotaeru hitsuyō wa arimasen.) with options Undefined (未選択 Mi sentaku), Smoke (吸う), Do not Smoke (吸わない) and Smoke Cigars (葉巻なら吸う).
  • 05 THINK
    • 05-01: Please tell me your IQ. (あなたのIQを教えてください? Anata no IQ o oshietekudasai?)
    • 05-02: Do you believe in the existence of aliens? (宇宙人の存在を信じますか? Uchūbito no sonzai o shinjimasu ka?) with options Undefined (未選択 Mi sentaku), I do believe (信じる) and I don't believe (信じない).
    • 05-03: Please tell me something that scares you.(Maximum 200 characters) (「怖いと感じるもの」を1つ教えてください。(全角200文字以内) `Kowai to kanjiru mono' o 1tsu oshietekudasai. (Zenkaku 200 moji inai))
    • 05-04: Please let me know one thing you want to do before you die. (Maximum 200 characters) (「死ぬまでにしたいこと」を1つ教えてください。(全角200文字以内) `Shinu made ni shitai koto' o 1tsu oshietekudasai. (Zenkaku 200 moji inai))
  • 06 MONEY
    • 06-01: Please tell me your annual income. Please answer only those who are working. (Half-width input) (あなたの年収を教えてください。働いている方のみお答えください。(半角) Anata no nenshū o oshietekudasai. Hataraite iru kata nomi okotae kudasai. (Hankaku))
  • 07 SPEED
    • 07-01: Please tell me your best time at the 50 meters dash. (Half-width input) (50m走のベストタイムを教えてください。(半角) 50 M hashi no besuto taimu o oshietekudasai. (Hankaku))
  • 08 PAST
    • 08-01: What is the greatest crime you have committed in the past? (Maximum 200 characters) (過去に自分が犯した最大の罪は?(全角200文字以内) Kako ni jibun ga okashita saidai no tsumi wa? (Zenkaku 200 moji inai))
  • 09 JOJO
    • 09-01: Please choose the part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure you like the most. (『ジョジョの奇妙な冒険』の中で1番好きな「部」を選んでください。 “Jojonokimyōnabōken” no naka de 1-ban sukina `bu' o erande kudasai.) First option is Undefined and rest is numbered.
    • 09-02: Please tell me who is your favorite Stand. (1番好きなスタンドを教えてください。(全角40文字以内) 1-Ban sukina sutando o oshietekudasai. (Zenkaku 40 moji inai))
    • 09-03: Please choose the best battle, which you think is #1 in JoJo. (『ジョジョ』の中で1番だと思う名勝負、「ベストバウト」を選んでください。 “Jojo” no naka de 1-banda to omou na shōbu,`besutobauto' o erande kudasai.) with the options (in order):
      • Jonathan vs Dio (Joestar Mansion) (ジョナサン・ジョースター VS ディオ・ブランドー(ジョースター邸)/1部)
      • Jonathan vs Bruford (ジョナサン・ジョースター VS ブラフォード/1部)
      • Jonathan vs Dio (Windknight's Lot) (ジョナサン・ジョースター VS ディオ・ブランドー(ウィンドナイツ・ロット)/1部)
      • Caesar vs Wamuu (シーザー・A・ツェペリ VS ワムウ/2部)
      • Joseph vs Wamuu (ジョセフ・ジョースター VS ワムウ/2部)
      • Joseph vs Kars (ジョセフ・ジョースター VS カーズ/2部)
      • Joseph & Jotaro vs Daniel J. D'Arby (ジョセフ・ジョースター&空条承太郎 VS ダニエル・J・ダービー/3部)
      • Polnareff & Iggy vs Vanilla Ice (ジャン=ピエール・ポルナレフ&イギー VS ヴァニラ・アイス/3部)
      • Jotaro vs DIO (空条承太郎 VS DIO/3部)
      • Rohan vs Ken Oyanagi (岸辺露伴 VS ジャンケン小僧/4部)
      • Koichi vs Yoshikage Kira (広瀬康一 VS 吉良吉影/4部)
      • Josuke vs Yoshikage Kira (東方仗助 VS 吉良吉影(川尻浩作)/4部)
      • Bruno vs Prosciutto & Pesci (ブローノ・ブチャラティ VS プロシュート&ペッシ/5部)
      • Giorno & Mista vs Ghiaccio (ジョルノ・ジョバァーナ&グイード・ミスタ VS ギアッチョ/5部)
      • Risotto Nero vs Vinegar Doppio (リゾット・ネエロ VS ヴィネガー・ドッピオ/5部)
      • Jolyne vs Viviano Westwood (空条徐倫 VS ヴィヴァーノ・ウエストウッド/6部)
      • Jolyne vs Rikiel (空条徐倫 VS リキエル/6部)
      • Jolyne vs Pucci (空条徐倫 VS エンリコ・プッチ/6部)
      • Gyro vs Ringo Roadagain (ジャイロ・ツェペリ VS リンゴォ・ロードアゲイン/7部)
      • Diego & Hot Pants vs Funny Valentine (ディエゴ・ブランドー&ホットパンツ VS ファニー・ヴァレンタイン/7部)
      • Johnny vs Funny Valentine (ジョニィ・ジョースター VS ファニー・ヴァレンタイン/7部)
      • Josuke vs Jobin (Beetle Fight) (東方定助 VS 東方常敏(クワガタ対決)/8部)
      • Josuke vs Damo (東方定助 VS 田最環/8部)
      • Other (その他)
    • 09-04: Please tell me about one character whose death you cried over. (死んだ時、1番泣いたキャラクターを教えてください。 Shinda toki, 1-ban naita kyarakutā o oshietekudasai.) with options (in order):
    • 09-05: Have you ever hidden being a JoJo fan? (ジョジョファンであることを隠した事がありますか? Jojofandearu koto o kakushita koto ga arimasu ka?) with options: Undefined (未選択 Mi sentaku), I have (ある) and I haven't (ない).
    • 09-06: When you recommend JoJo to others, which part do you recommend? (他の人に『ジョジョ』をすすめるとき、何部を(何部から)すすめますか? Hokanohito ni “jojo” o susumeru toki, nanibu o (nani-bu kara) susumemasu ka?). First option is Undefined.
    • 09-07: Have you ever performed a JoJo pose when photographed? (写真撮影時『ジョジョ』のポージングをしたことがありますか? Shashin satsuei-ji “jojo” no pōjingu o shita koto ga arimasu ka?) with options: Undefined (未選択 Mi sentaku), I have (ある) and I haven't (ない).
    • 09-08: Please select among the following the kinds of impact JoJo had on your life. (あなたの人生に『ジョジョ』が与えた影響について、当てはまるものをすべて選んでください。 Anata no jinsei ni “jojo” ga ataeta eikyō ni tsuite, atehamaru mono o subete erande kudasai.) (Pick any that apply.)
      • Undefined (未選択 Mi sentaku)
      • JoJo resulted in me making a friend(s). (『ジョジョ』がキッカケで友達ができた)
      • JoJo resulted in me finding a lover. (『ジョジョ』がキッカケで恋人ができた)
      • JoJo resulted in me getting married. (『ジョジョ』がキッカケで結婚した)
      • JoJo resulted in me doing well at work. (『ジョジョ』がキッカケで仕事がうまくいった)
      • JoJo resulted in me getting along well with my boss (『ジョジョ』がキッカケで上司と仲良くなった)
      • I named my pet dog "Iggy" (ペット(犬)の名前を「イギー」にした)
      • I gave my child a full name that would allow the nickname "JoJo" (子供の名前を『ジョジョ』があだ名になるよう名付けた)
      • I started making the right choices (正しい行動を心がけるようになった)
      • My favorite motto is from JoJo (座右の銘を『ジョジョ』からとった)
      • I fell in love with Western music (洋楽好きになった)
      • I became a fan of movies (映画好きになった)
      • I traveled to Sendai, Japan (仙台に旅行した)
      • I traveled to Italy (イタリアに旅行した)
      • I tried to walk on water and fell in (水の上を歩こうとして落ちた)
      • When denying, I say jaanai (じゃあない) (As opposed to janai (じゃない), Araki is famous for stretching vowels out) (否定する時「じゃあない」と言ってしまう)
      • I will add ッ (sokuon) at the end of texts (メールの語尾に「ッ」をつけてしまう)
      • When I see one in town, I'll think "it's a ROAD ROLLER" (You associate all steamrollers with JoJo) (街中で見かけるとつい「ロードローラーだッ!」と思ってしまう)
      • Other (Maximum 100 characters)(その他(全角100文字以内))
    • 09-09: Please choose one hair style you would like to try. (やってみたい髪型を1つ選んでください。 Yatte mitai kamigata o 1tsu erande kudasai.) with a selection of characters from the series with notorious hairstyles and an 'Other' option to describe anything else.
  • 10 FACE
    • 10-01: Please choose one that applies to your eyes. (あなたの目について当てはまるものを1つ選んでください。 Anata no me ni tsuite atehamaru mono o 1tsu erande kudasai.) with the following options: Undefined (未選択 Mi sentaku), Monolid (一重), double eyelid (二重) subtle double lid (奥二重) and Other (その他).
    • 10-02: Do you usually wear glasses? (普段メガネをかけていますか? Fudan megane o kakete imasu ka?) with options: Undefined (未選択 Mi sentaku), I do not wear them (かけていない) and I do wear them (かけている).
    • 10-03: Finally, one may have their face analyzed by JoJosapiens. Only the outline will be saved. This is also optional.



  • After Hirohiko Araki JoJo Exhibition: Ripples of Adventure opened, the official Twitter account began posting more details on the "JoJo" portion of the survey, revealing the 11-20th ranked favorite Stands[19] and then the 11-15th[20] and 16-20th ranked favorite fights.[21] Further posts on the account listed randomly placed other favorites in the survey.


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