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Assy the Horse (アッシー・ザ・ホース, Asshī Za Hōsu) is a Stand of an unnamed male sports club captain, featured in JOJOmenon.

The Stand is depicted alongside Berryberry Skull in a painting by Japanese modern artist, Akira Yamaguchi, titled Campus Bizarre Adventure, Conquest in School (学園奇妙な冒険、お嬢校内征伐, Gakuen Kimyō na Bōken, o jō kōnai Seibatsu). The painting was done in preparation for Yamaguchi's formal dialogue with Hirohiko Araki.


Assy the Horse is designed as a motorcycle with a warhorse's head, similarly to Yamaguchi's French Heavy Cavalry (フランス重騎兵, Furansu Jū Kihei) or his various other works of art. The Stand is typically seen carrying Berryberry Skull around campus.


Assy the Horse is a long-range Stand allowing it to travel a significant distance away from its user. The Stand can move at the speed of a motorcycle, and presumably attack with its horse head.


Assy the Horse's main application is to carry Berryberry Skull over long distances,[1] essentially augmenting the latter's power and speed. When mounted, Berryberry Skull is able to bypass the short-distance handicap that most Power-type Stands suffer from. This proves useful when the student council president needs to discipline students while in class. Whether or not this effect applies to other Stands that mount Assy the Horse is unknown.



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