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Sensei, won't you go to do research there? When I buy this villa of good fortune...?
—Kyoka Izumi

Kyoka Izumi (泉 京香 Izumi Kyōka) is a primary ally featured in the one-shot Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan - Episode 5: Millionaire Village. She is Rohan's editor in the one-shot and drags Rohan with her as she decides to buy a mansion from the Millionaire Village.

Kyoka is an editor at Weekly Shonen Jump working with Rohan Kishibe. When she hears about the millionaire village where accepted residents suddenly become rich, she decides to try to buy a property at the village. Rohan accompanies her to the millionaire village to get inspiration for his one-shot.


Kyoka Appearance.png

Kyoka is a rather petite woman. Her hair is combed back and on each side it loops into puffy curls. She wears a long-sleeved, almost turtleneck, loose top under a dark colored skirt. The skirt hangs from her shoulders down to her mid-thighs. On the bottom of a cut-out section at the chest of the skirt sits a diamond-shaped brooch. A thick black belt with a light outline surrounds her waist. Later on, while hiking, Kyoka wears a jacket with a belt. The jacket is only over her torso and is accompanied by a small backpack.

In the TV Drama, Kyoka's attire appears much more elaborate. In addition of her curls, she also ties her hair with ribbons resembling bow ties. Her top is decorated with frou-frous and her skirt bears patterns on it. Her leggings are replaced with tights.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.

Skin(Fair, orange lips)
(Light yellow top, dark blue skirt, brown belt, silver brooch)

Skin(Pale, peach lips)
Eyes(Dark red)
(White top, dark blue skirt, green belt and yellow brooch)


Kyoka Izumi is a naive and perseverant woman. In general, Kyoka has a mildly arrogant attitude hidden behind her easy-going demeanor. For instance, she casually disregards one of Rohan's ideas for a new manga after briefly feigning interest to subtly push her own suggestions unilaterally. She is also described by Araki as highly ambitious and coming from an upper-class family.[1] In accordance to that description, Kyoka becomes very interested in the millionaire village which could make her rich.

Nonetheless, Kyoka is also altruistic and brings Rohan along to give him an interesting event to witness. She also sees an injured baby bird and plans to help it go back to its nest after buying the villa.

In the TV Drama, it is shown that Kyoka also cares for her mentally troubled boyfriend Taro Hirai. Her motivation for trying to buy a villa are even partially shifted towards showing support for Taro, as the villa in the mountains is the first thing Taro took interest in since he was involved in a car accident. She tries her best to help Rohan as his editor despite the manga artist always kicking her out of his house.


Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan - Episode 5: Millionaire Village

Offering to take Rohan with her

Kyoka is a Shueisha manga magazine editor seen having a discussion about Rohan Kishibe's new one-shot about the solar eclipse. Izumi mentions that he should write about a village in the mountains she decided to live for the price of 3 million. Rohan's seems confused as to the relevance behind this, but Izumi claims that the house is located in a village of 11 Palatial mansions. Each mansion is owned by a millionaire who had all mysteriously become rich at the age of 25 after moving into the village. She asks Rohan to come with her when she buys the house, since the legend may end up becoming a good prompt for his one-shot.

Telling Rohan to have manners

On the way, Kyoka mentions that the people in the village don't tolerate bad manners, not selling it to anyone without manners, and will eventually kick them out. She feels hesitant, as Rohan tends to put himself as #1. She practices with him before entering the village, but is cut-short when they find a baby chick who had fallen from a tree. Izumi places the chick in a candy box, and decides to find the nest later. The front door to the gate opens and a butler-like boy walks out. The boy reveals his name to be Ikkyu, and his job was to escort them from the main entrance to his master's house, who was selling it. He leaves them with some tea in one of the rooms and goes to call for his master.

When the butler leaves, Rohan suspects something to be amiss. He senses that some type of test has commenced, and drinking the tea properly may possibly be a test to see if they have proper manners. He thinks that someone may be watching the room, but Kyoka disregards his warnings and drinks the tea.

Ikkyu appears almost immediately after she drinks the tea and asks them to leave. He mentions that Izumi had already breached three rules of good manners and will not sell the land to rude people. Kyoka is confused, but Ikkyu goes on to explain that the first rule that was broken was that, as guests, they should have not shamelessly sat in the "seats of honor," which are located across the entrance. Until the host arrives, the proper thing to do was to wait in the lower seats facing the other wall. The second rule that was broken was that they should have not stepped on the edges of tatami mats of a Japanese-style room. Finally, the third rule was when one's knees are higher than the height of the table, it is proper to drink while holding the saucer. It was apparently unrefined to hold the teacup by placing the fingers through the handle. With the explanation over, Ikkyu asks for them to leave again.

Kyoka crying after bad news

Kyoka begs Ikkyu for another try at displaying good manners, which the butler complies and goes to ask his master. Rohan seems uneasy about the situation, and suggests they leave. He reaches into his pocket briefly, only to realize his hand had been covered in blood. While he pulls out what appears to be the candy box the bird was in from his pocket, Kyoka's phone goes off and she answers it. Apparently, her mom had a sudden heart attack in the car and crashed. Kyoka's fiance had also been in the car. They were both killed. Rohan notices the bird in the box is dead, as multiple critters are crawling out of it.

Ikkyu returns and Rohan quickly becomes threatened. Ikkyu says the owner gave permission to retry showing their manners, but Rohan disregards this and quickly uses Heaven's Door on the butler to find out what's going on. He learns that the village is under a certain curse where those who show manners gain something, while those who don't lose things one by one. Rohan realizes the true identity of the master was that of The Gods of the Mountain. Rohan continues to read the butler's information and realizes that he too had broken a rule regarding turning the butler into a book without permission, and thus Kyoka suddenly starts having a heart attack.

Kyoka leaving with Rohan

Rohan begs the butler to forgive her, but he says there is no compromise when it comes to manners. Rohan is given another chance at showing good manners and passes the test, as well as tricking Ikkyu into stepping on the edge of a tatami mat, breaking a rule. To do this he writes "I cannot see the edges of the tatami mats" with Heaven's Door. Rohan claims victory and asks for Kyoka's things to be returned to her. Thanks to Rohan, Kyoka recovers from the sudden heart attack.

Ikkyu says Rohan cheated, and that cheating would incur the wrath of the gods. He asks Rohan again if he would like to try again to show proper manners, but Rohan declines the offer, and states that he is leaving and will never come back. He carries Kyoka outside of the village and notices the chick in the candybox had returned to a healthy state.[2]

At the end of the OVA, though original, it is revealed that Kyoka's mother and fiance were just being rear-ended, and they are all safe.[3]

TV Drama

The information below derives from a source not written by Araki. As such, it may or may not be considered canon.

Millionaire Village

Kyoka's story remains largely the same in the drama adaptation although with notable changes to her backstory. Her boyfriend is now fleshed out as Taro Hirai, whom she cares for even after some accident left him seemingly brain damaged. She also has a little dog named Maron. Several other details about her life can be gleaned when Rohan turns her into a book. Her father died when she was 5. In junior high school, she frequented the broadcasting club. In the second year of college, Izumi had a boyfriend for two weeks but she dumped him because she was tired of being with him. She majored in humanities at the university.[4]

Kyoka was a fan of Taro's work as a photographer, and also loved Mai Katahira's work on interior design, having bought her book that was incidentally published by Shumeisha. One year prior the the events of Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan, Kyoka bumped into Taro. From then on, she became her girlfriend and tried to gently push him into resuming his activity.

Kyoka Izumi is Rohan Kishibe's newly appointed editor.

In the TV Drama, Kyoka Izumi is appointed as Rohan Kishibe's editor at "Shumeisha". She decides to go to his house to greet him and bring him books on crime for his next one-shot. When she knocks at Rohan's door, Rohan doesn't answer, but the door is unlocked so she can enter. Rohan tells her to go away as he's exercising before working, but Kyoka doesn't listen and insists on giving him the books. Kyoka then discovers the burglars peacefully tied up and sitting in the corner of Rohan's office. They even tell her that they are willingly cooperating with him. Rohan rudely shoos Kyoka out of his house and hands her the bag of books before shutting the door.

Kyoka and her boyfriend Taro.

Later Kyoka has a rendezvous with her boyfriend, Taro Hirai. Sitting at a café, Kyoka proceeds to tell him how eccentric Rohan is, although she acknowledges that he's a great creator. Taro asks her if she enjoys her work, to which Kyoka answers that she finds it interesting due to Rohan's quirks but that she doesn't enjoy it that much and would prefer working in a fashion magazine. Kyoka asks if Taro has found anything interesting, but he says no. The conversation turns somewhat awkward as the subject of Taro's mental illnesses resurfaces, and he's seen putting an abnormally high amount of sugar in his drink. However, Taro then says that he's found something interesting and shows it to Kyoka.

Kyoka convinces Rohan to come with her buy a villa.

Kyoka returns to Rohan, who complains about her barging in when he's about to begin work. They talk about Rohan's next one-shot. Rohan has just read an astronomy book and suggests a story about annular solar eclipses, but Kyoka suggests a story about buying a villa in the mountains. Rohan is frustrated at Kyoka's passive rebuttal of his idea; when he hears that a luxurious villa is for sale in a remote village for only 3 million yen, he claims that it is a scam. However, Kyoka explains that it is a village where all of the residents are millionaires and that they all became wealthy shortly after moving there in their twenties. Furthermore, there are mysterious selection rules that make it hard for the owner to sell the villa to someone. Kyoka wishes to fill a recent vacancy and move in to purchase this lucky villa. She also confesses that she's doing it for Taro's sake since this village is the first thing he's taken an interest in since he had a car accident. Though interested in the village, Rohan refuses to go, but Kyoka argues that it will be a unique experience that could inspire him. She convinces Rohan to accompany her for research he could put into a new manga story. Rohan accepts and asks if the editorial department has a helicopter.

Kyoka and Rohan make an exhausting trek up the mountains.

Before her departure, Kyoka puts her dog Maron in Taro's care. Rohan and Kyoka proceed to make the exhausting trek up the mountains to reach the villa for sale. Unfortunately for them, the rules forbid buyers from coming in with a helicopter. Kyoka is initially very enthusiastic, but soon the trek exhausts her, and she has to take a break by a river. For his part, Rohan actually exercises, so he is less fatigued. Rohan mentions that he's done some research and that the land used to be sacred grounds, so people were forbidden to enter. Kyoka dismisses these legends and says that anyone can see anything from above with new technology nowadays, which frustrates Rohan. As they are about to arrive, Kyoka receives a message from Taro and reveals that the selection rules are based on manners. Thus, she asks Rohan to behave himself, which ticks him off.

Kyoka and Rohan sitting in the "lower seats", as etiquette demands.

When they reach the mansion for sale, they are welcomed by the butler Ikkyu. Despite his young age, the little boy displays impeccable manners and leads his guests to a room where they will be interviewed. Mindful of their manners, Rohan and Izumi try to follow etiquette as best they can. They take off their coat and bow before entering the villa's grounds and place their shoes facing the exit. Inside, they awkwardly sit on the chairs that face the wall. Ikkyu leaves to bring refreshments, allowing Kyoka to break the silence and confess her nervousness. Rohan says that they were being tested ever since they reached the entrance of the mansion. He reassures Kyoka by confirming that they are sitting in the correct seats, as sitting in the seat of honor while being guests would breach etiquette without explicit permission. Ikkyu brings some tea and invites the guests to switch to the other sofa before serving them. Seeing Ikkyu observing them, Kyoka realizes that the tea is also a test but has no idea how to handle an English tea set.

Kyoka learns through the phone that her dog and Taro have died.

Deciding that it is best not to take out their phones to look up how to drink tea, Kyoka lifts her cup and tries to drink properly, but Ikkyu immediately requests that she and Rohan leave and try their luck next time. He explains that Kyoka breached etiquette by putting her finger inside the handle of the teacup. Kyoka asks for another chance, but Ikkyu announces that she will pay the price for her breaches of etiquette and lose something dear to her for each mistake. Kyoka accepts her second chance without thinking but the phone rings, and she answers it. Kyoka breaks down when she hears Taro informing her that Maron is ill, and then she suddenly hears a car crash into Taro. Ikkyu then reveals that answering the phone was her second mistake and for that, she lost both her dog and her boyfriend. Panicking, Kyoka rushes out of the room to go back to Taro, but Rohan turns her into a book to prevent her from making any other mistake, writing a command in her book to compel her to stay unconscious for a while. Rohan manages to save Taro and Maron, and makes Kyoka believe that she was simply rejected. Kyoka hopes that the experience was a good inspiration for his work, but Rohan shoots down the idea before coldly telling her to leave.


One day, Kyoka visits Rohan again. Nobody answers when she knocks so she enters the house, but she sees that Rohan is absent. She finds him in a café nearby and begins her "meeting" with Rohan. She informs him that his one-shot was well-received and that the editor-in-chief is thinking about making it a series. Rohan asks about his main series Pink Dark Boy, but Kyoka tells him that the series would only be one new volume. Besides, Pink Dark Boy is a monthly series. Annoyed, Rohan leaves the place and gives her Jugo's banknote. Kyoka finally catches up to Rohan, who gives her a napkin to wipe her mouth. On their way, Rohan and Kyoka discuss the list of forbidden words. Kyoka says that she doesn't know of such a document and even then, editors wouldn't hand it to manga artists. When Rohan says that Jugo got it, Kyoka reveals that his editor has completely disappeared. Kyoka theorizes that the word kushagara could be a typo, and although Rohan briefly thinks that she could be right, he realizes that the word is correct, even if it seemingly doesn't exist. In his office, Rohan decides to search for the word in his library while Kyoka also helps, by looking it up on her phone. Rohan dismisses online resources because of their unreliability and much prefers books for their physicality. Kyoka mentions that Rohan still searches things online, but Rohan angrily retorts that he doesn't completely reject the internet.

Later, Kyoka meets up with Taro Hirai, her boyfriend. Taro is reading articles about himself on a tablet. However, he feels disconnected from his former self. Kyoka tries to cheer him up and tells him to find "himself" with real information and not the internet, but Taro doesn't react much to her words. Kyoka suddenly has an idea. Inspired by Rohan's words, she decides to look for the editor herself and inquires about him from his parents, who actually know where he is. Kyoka finds the editor in a warehouse and asks him about "kushagara". He reacts angrily to the word, stating that he was about to forget about it until Kyoka ruined it. The editor also adds that he failed to find the word but passed it onto Jugo because he had faith he would find it, expressing his relief at this.

Kyoka reveals what she's learned to Rohan, but Jugo suddenly comes, repeating the word "kushagara" in his every sentence. When Kyoka asks what is up with "kushagara", Jugo turns violent, assuming that she knows something. Rohan defends Kyoka and Jugo grabs Rohan to shout at him. During the argument, Kyoka spots something like black tentacles in Jugo's throat. Rohan tells Kyoka to step outside and she hurries out of the office. Kyoka waits outside for a while until Rohan opens the door, telling her that she can come back in. Rohan then wakes Jugo up with his head feeling refreshed. With no idea what happened to him, he is surprised to see Rohan with him and is told that he's in Rohan's house. Rohan creates an excuse to erase Jugo's confusion and persuade him that nothing unordinary happened, stating that Jugo came to his house to discuss his new story. Now feeling as if he has a good idea for a new story, Jugo finally decides to go home. Thus, Jugo immediately leaves Rohan's house. Kyoka is surprised by Jugo's completely different behavior, but Rohan tells her that he's used hypnosis to tame him. Although there may be inconveniences, he declares that everything should be fine. Rohan forbids Kyoka from repeating "kushagara" and not obsess over this word. However, Kyoka says that she saw something in Jugo's mouth. Rohan tries to deny it but Kyoka insists. Forgetting about the incident, Kyoka asks if Rohan can teach her hypnosis. Exasperated, Rohan throws Kyoka out of his house, only opening the door again to hand over her bag.

Deoxyribonucleic Acid

One day, Kyoka observes Rohan idly playing cee-lo. Rohan rolls the number 1 on all three dice before obtaining a 4-4-4, impressing Kyoka since the odds of rolling two consecutive triples are so low. She calls it a miracle, but Rohan argues that this merely has a one-in-a-thousand chance of happening and that miracles are impossible by definition. Kyoka asks Rohan to listen to her ideas for a one-shot, but Rohan already has a theme: "What entails a real miracle?" Kyoka insists, but Rohan guesses that Kyoka wants to use Taro as an inspiration since he survived a terrible accident and even survived through a temporary cardiac arrest. Rohan refuses because he thinks plots about amnesia are all the same. However, Kyoka mentions that Rohan can use "hypnosis," referring to how he had managed to free Jugo Shishi of the curse of "kushagara" with Heaven's Door. She wants Rohan to use his hypnotherapy to cure Taro, but Rohan has had enough of her and throws her out of his house again.

Taro, Kyoka, Rohan, Mai and Mao meet each other.

Kyoka meets Taro at a café, and she complains about Rohan's refusal. Taro thanks her for caring for him despite being busy, but Kyoka says that she actually has a lot of free time. Kyoka wants Taro to resume his photography, but he isn't sure about what he wants to shoot. Nonetheless, Taro has brought his camera after listening to Kyoka's previous words. Kyoka and Taro cross paths with Rohan at the same place and incidentally, Mai Katahira and Mao Katahira are passing by. Kyoka asks Rohan to try his hypnosis on Taro, to Rohan's exasperation. While Rohan and his editor argue, Mai passes near Taro, and Mao pulls Taro's shirt, saying "Hello" in reverse to him. Unfortunately, the tug makes Taro fall and bump his head on a wall. While everyone else goes to a hospital to have Taro treated, Rohan is intrigued by Mao's eyes.

At the hospital, Kyoka and Mai learn that Taro's injury is fortunately not serious. When Rohan arrives, he inquires about Mai's daughter, but Mai keeps Mao hidden underneath her shawl. Kyoka intervenes and calls out Rohan for his rudeness. Kyoka recognizes Mai as a famous interior decorator she admires and who published a book at Shumeisha. Kyoka formally introduces Rohan but claims that he is a hypnotherapist as a sort of cover story to prevent anyone from recognizing him and ask him for autographs. After Mai leaves, Rohan and Kyoka stay at the hospital for a bit. Rohan asks Kyoka if Taro could have taken photos for Mai, but Kyoka debunks his theory since Taro used to specialize in exterior photos while Mai is an interior decorator. Kyoka also states that Mai's book was, in fact, published while Taro was hospitalized. Kyoka had met Taro last year and has been helping him get back to taking photos since. Rohan takes a definitive interest in Mai and decides to find her, using Kyoka's connections at Shumeisha to find her address. Rohan goes to Mai Katahira's home and abruptly enters her apartment.

Rohan interrogates Mai, who reveals her tragic history and anxiety over Mao's abnormal features. Plus, she adds that she fears that her genes may somehow by responsible for the many accidents happening in her life and she hopes that Rohan can do something. Kyoka waits outside of Mao's plush tent while Rohan examines Mao. Rohan comes out but says that he won't change Mao. Mai insists on a second examination, which upsets Mao, who disappears in front of Kyoka and Rohan. Kyoka says she's just vanished but Rohan says that it must be some illusion instead, and explains that Mao's power is due to how Mai kept hiding her all her life. Suddenly, Mao opens the front door. The three realize she's gone out, but they lose her trail. Rohan thinks for a moment, and then they decide to go to the hospital. However, neither Mao nor Taro are present. Rohan asks if Mao knows Taro but Mai states it was the first time that Mao approached anyone. Kyoka makes a connection: Mai's accident and Taro's accident happened six years ago. Kyoka reveals that Taro received organs from an unknown donor, and Mai also reveals that her husband was a registered organ donor. At the park, Mai reunites with Taro and Mao. Kyoka notices that Taro has never been so lively until she saw Taro play with Mao. After saving Mao from a car, Rohan turns everyone into books to confirm the link between Taro and Mao.

Kyoka wonders at how many strange things happen around Rohan Kishibe.

It seems that Taro separates himself from Kyoka, presumably to make a new life with Mai and Mao. In Rohan's office, Kyoka wonders how the accidents near Mai are just a coincidence. Rohan tries to rationalize Mai's history as something that is not impossible, but Kyoka insists on it being a miracle. However, Rohan wonders more about how Mao could have known about Taro, theorizing that genetics could contain the soul's memories. Thus, Mao was carrying some of Akira Katahira's soul and was connected to him. Kyoka views this as Mao guiding her mother to her late father's soul and finds the whole story romantic. Although she feels some sadness, she acknowledges that it was for the best. Taro took up photography again, but his photos are different from the ones she used to like. Kyoka suddenly remembers that Rohan explained Mao's powers in a strangely calm manner. She wonders why it seems Rohan acts like supernatural powers are common, but he dismisses it as a hallucination. Exasperated with Kyoka's curiosity, Rohan throws Kyoka out of his house, only to open it up again and give her back her umbrella. Kyoka promises to come back tomorrow. On the way down, Kyoka reflects that so many things happen in the world and, looking back at Rohan's house, adds that they happen especially around Rohan Kishibe.




  • Kyoka's design is possibly based on the model Lindsey Wixson from Vogue Japan's "Working on Her Colors" photoshoot in August 2012.


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