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Go Beyond (ゴー・ビヨンド, Gō Biyondo) is the twenty-sixth volume of JoJolion and the one-hundred thirtieth volume of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga. It covers the end of "The Wonder of You" story arc and the beginning of the "Go Beyond" story arc.


Ignoring Toru's warning, Yasuho makes a phone call to Kei Nijimura. However, 10,000 meters up in the sky, a part from an airplane is about to fall on Yasuho! Meanwhile, Josuke gets closer to discovering the meaning of the words "there are things that cannot be seen" uttered by the dying Mamezuku...?!


Author's Note

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I don't often tell people what I do outside my office, but I've been exercising with a shaking machine recently. It's called a vibration machine, and when you get on it, it shakes your legs, spine, brain, and teeth. They say it was made to rehabilitate injuries. At first, I thought, "How is this going to help me exercise?" But once you take it seriously, it can help you build up a lot of muscle. You'll be out of breath afterward, though. It's a machine that produces gradual results without you even knowing it. An invention that produces JoJolion.

(Note: The kanji for "gradual" (徐々) in Japanese is pronounced as jojo.)




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