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Kars the Superbeing Is Born, Part 2 (超生物カーズ誕生 その②, Chō Seibutsu Kāzu Tanjō Sono 2), originally JoJo's Final Gamble! (JOJO(ジョジョ) 最後の賭け!, JoJo Saigo no Kake!) in the WSJ and tankobon releases, is the sixty-sixth chapter of Battle Tendency and the one hundred tenth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


Joseph and Smokey are seen running frantically from the rejuvenated Kars. Smokey tries to tell Joseph that Lisa Lisa is his mother, but Joseph is too distracted to notice.

Speedwagon is panicking over Kars's invincibility, as there is no feasible way to kill or even harm him. Joseph hijacks a German airplane to lure Kars away from the others. Speedwagon contacts Joseph via radio as Joseph comes up with a plan to plow Kars into a nearby volcano on Volcano Island, to Speedwagon's shock and horror. Speedwagon laments over the short lives of the Joestar men, having lived through the deaths of George I, Jonathan, & George II. Speedwagon tries to tell Joseph that Lisa Lisa is his mother, but the radio signal dissipates as Joseph is attacked by piranhas.

Joseph ejects out of the plane towards a waiting Kars. However, to Kars's surprise, on the parachute is a dummy. Joseph careens towards Kars, knocking him into the volcano.


George Joestar I
Jonathan Joestar

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Part 2 is finally reaching its climax! I can't help but grip my pen with excitement! Thank you everyone for your support.


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