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Kiss of Love and Revenge

Jolyne Cujoh has managed to retrieve her father Jotaro Kujo's Star Platinum DISC and somehow send it to the Speedwagon Foundation. However, there is still Jotaro's memory DISC to find in order to completely save her father.

It is lunchtime at Green Dolphin Street Prison. As F.F. waits in line to get her portion at the cafeteria, another inmate cuts her off. When Jolyne points it out, F.F. comments that it is as if nobody in prison liked Atroe, the woman whose identity she stole. Jolyne suggests that F.F. aggressively asserts herself but F.F. decides that it might be worth simply changing her behavior to be accepter among her peers, and thus looks for ways to do the opposite of what Atroe did. Humorously, F.F. decides to eat the opposite of what Atroe would have eaten. Jolyne briefly complains about her bullet wounds, saying that she's still hurting and asking F.F. to do something about it. However, F.F. only filled the wounds with plankton and cannot do anything to accelerate Jolyne's healing. F.F. then asks what is the opposite of pork, and the Curly-Haired Prisoner who works here gives her salmon, praising how it goes against the river's currents in contrast to a pork's lazy lifestyle. More prisoners cut in line, which angers Jolyne, but F.F. cheekily decides to let everybody pass. It actually causes the prisoners to bicker and fight, allowing F.F. and Jolyne to go through the line unimpeded.

Jolyne remarks that she hasn't seen Ermes in days and she asks what F.F. knows about it. F.F. acts mysterious for a moment, asking if Jolyne didn't hear about "the real reason Ermes came to prison". Jolyne doesn't understand and says that she only knows that Ermes got caught committing armed robbery. F.F. comments that it may be expected that Ermes didn't tell Jolyne, to which Jolyne insists F.F. tells her what is going on. F.F. reveals that Ermes came to Green Dolphin Street Prison on purpose and begins to tell Ermes' story, which she says is merely conjecture.

F.F. narrates an incident involving Gloria Costello, Ermes's deceased older sister. When Gloria was 20, she inherited her father's restaurant and took it upon herself to run the family restaurant. One small problem was that Gloria counted on Ermes' help to run the family business together with her but Ermes wanted to acquire a scholarship in cross-country and go to college, which caused friction among the siblings. One evening after an argument, Ermes stormed out of the house to go run. Gloria followed Ermes out, but then witnessed a man being murdered by a mobster. Gloria managed to hide and had no intention to get involved with the mob. However, she saw the mobster looking at Ermes, who was running nearby. To protect her sister, Gloria was forced to call the police as a witness. Gloria's testimony meant that the state could incriminate the mobster, an infamous criminal named Sports Maxx, for life, but Maxx had someone kill Gloria. Without witnesses, Maxx was only sentenced to 5 years in prison for tax evasion and inflicting bodily harm. For her part, Ermes lost her father and the restaurant, leaving her alone. Thus, F.F. explains, Ermes has surely come to Green Dolphin Street Prison to get revenge on Sports Maxx, who is currently purging his last year of imprisonment in the men's ward. Once he goes out, Maxx will be protected by his bodyguards and thus now is a golden opportunity for Ermes to assassinate Maxx and avenge herself. Worried for Ermes, Jolyne asks where is Ermes, to which F.F. suggests that Ermes is probably in the chapel, stalking Maxx.

The scene shifts to Ermes discreetly observing Maxx in the chapel as he smells a bouquet of flowers. She tries to approach Maxx but then the priest Enrico Pucci appears, forcing Ermes to bide her time. Maxx asks Pucci if he can take one flower, but strangely the flower is being covered in maggots.

Ermes explains the power of her Stand, Kiss. When she puts one of the stickers produced by Kiss on an object, she can duplicate it. Then when she takes the sticker off, then the two objects will fuse back to one, though the object will be fractured. Ermes has decided to see this power as a sign from Heaven and plans on making Sports Maxx pay for killing her sister Gloria.

Ermes has been carefully stalking Sports Maxx and observing his every habit: how he regularly goes to the chapel, to the graveyard to tend to the tombs, and to the workshop working on stuffed animals. Thus, Ermes has been able to find out the best place to isolate and kill him. Likewise, Jolyne and F.F. have been watching over Ermes. F.F. asks what they should do but Jolyne prefers not to act for now, although she wishes to protect Ermes from being a murderer. When Ermes and Sports Maxx go in different directions, Jolyne and F.F. assume that Ermes is done observing Sports Maxx for today and leave the place. However, it turns out that Ermes merely misdirected her friends.

Sports Maxx is heading for the workshop when he notices something stuck on a pipe on the wall, which turns out to be a photo of Gloria. Curious, Maxx takes it off the pipe. At this moment, Ermes reveals herself and tells him that she wants him to remember her sister. Suddenly a second pipe flings into Maxx and traps him inside of the pipe because he took off a sticker that was hidden behind the photo. Shocked, Maxx slides further inside of the pipe and Ermes seals it by duplicating a part of it with another sticker and tries to flush him into the gutters so that he dies down there. Yet, Ermes hears Maxx mumble inside of the pipe and call to a certain "Limp Bizkit".

Suddenly, a bottle in the workshop breaks seemingly without reason, however, Ermes doesn't see anything but some tools and a stuffed bird on a table. It quickly becomes apparent that something small and invisible is heading towards Ermes. It cuts one of Ermes' fingers and pierces her face multiple times. Ermes summons Kiss to fight the enemy off but she hits nothing. However, she can hear flapping in the corridor. She quickly guesses that it has to do with a Stand power and that she's fighting a bird-like foe, but it does her no good when it suddenly tears at her carotid. Ermes quickly duplicates her vest to trap the enemy within and she's able to crush it on a wall. This causes the stuffed bird to break as well.

Still recovering from that fight, Ermes realizes that Sports Maxx has become a Stand User because of Whitesnake for an unknown purpose. On another hand, it means that she could discover Whitesnake's true identity if she investigates Sports Maxx. She tries to taunt Maxx by kicking the pipe, but she's then interrupted when the table of the workshop is violently flipped by something else. Ermes sees a stuffed alligator and notes something big and invisible running after her. Ermes has to hang on a pipe on the ceiling to escape the creature. Ermes finally realizes that her foes have to do with the stuffed animals in the workshop and that they are probably undead invisible animals. The invisible alligator on the ground repeatedly charges the pipe, and Ermes sees that Maxx is trying to escape. Suddenly, Jolyne and F.F. appear. Ermes tries to warn them but the alligator tears F.F.'s leg.

Ermes quickly explains that the invisible corpse of an alligator is after them. Jolyne splashes it with F.F.'s blood, making it somewhat visible as it rushes at her, its maw gaping open. Even if Jolyne summons Stone Free, the animal is powerful and quick enough to slap her and send her flying into a wall. The animal disappears and Jolyne deploys a string on the floor to sense vibrations around her. Jolyne and Ermes use the respite to clarify the situation about Sports Maxx and his power. Ermes expects the power to disappear once Sports Maxx dies. Jolyne wonders why her string hasn't detected the alligator yet but it turns out that it crawled on the wall to avoid it. It bites Jolyne in the shoulder and tears off a big chunk before retreating again. Erme yells to draw the enemy to her, but F.F. willingly exposes her arm to bait the alligator. As soon as it bites into F.F.'s arm, she makes her pistol parts appear and shoots inside of the reptile's mouth, killing it on the spot.

However, Ermes notes that the pipe has been broken and that Sports Maxx has broken out from the visible wet handprints on it.

We see Sports Maxx freshly out of the sewage pipe, haggardly walking away while complaining about being thirsty. Confused, Sports Maxx heads for the chapel, barely remembering that Whitesnake tasked him with finding a body somewhere in this prison. Deciding he must relax a bit, Maxx makes a detour to the women's ward to visit his favorite prostitute here. He quickly bribes a guard who ignores him, and approaches the woman, caressing her while asking for her company. The woman then kicks a prisoner nearby, telling him not to touch her.

Meanwhile, Ermes fears the worst. She cannot see Sports Maxx's corpse and isn't sure whether he's actually dead. For her part, F.F. is alive but gravely wounded and immobilized for the moment. She expects that Sports Maxx is now also an invisible zombie, and tells Jolyne that there is a connection between Maxx and Whitesnake and thus that it is a lead to Jotaro Kujo's memory DISC. Jolyne and Ermes thus head out to find him and extract his memory DISC.

Meanwhile, Sports Maxx has dragged a prisoner with him to the graveyard, which the prostitute followed out of curiosity. While Maxx searches for the prisoner's money and drugs, the woman stands near, confused by what she thinks is the prisoner wanting to pay for her. When Sports Maxx finds and injects himself with the man's drugs, it immediately flows out of his arm. Seeing himself leaking liquid which he recognizes as sewage, Sports Maxx finally remembers that he's dead. Maxx attacks the woman and devours her brain. Furious, he remembers his death and who Ermes is, and is overwhelmed by his hunger for human flesh.

Incidentally, Jolyne and Ermes arrive at the graveyard. They have no idea of Sports Maxx's abilities and suddenly find themselves trapped when Maxx slams the gate of the graveyard shut. Jolyne deploys another string barrier all around her and Ermes to feel the enemy coming from any direction. Jolyne feels a string moving above and kicks the enemy, breaking some bones in the process. However, this invisible foe is a corpse and thus still grabs Jolyne's leg and drags her up to attack her. Jolyne still manages to envelop the enemy in strings and pummels them. Ermes declares her victory but it turns out that the dead prostitute was the enemy.

Ermes tries to warn Jolyne but Jolyne still receives a heavy blow to the shoulder. Ermes comes in to protect her friend and tells Jolyne that it is her problem to deal with no, though Jolyne says that they've gone past this. Suddenly, the tombs of the graveyard break open, letting loose a group of invisible zombies. Jolyne suggests that they retreat strategically, but Ermes stand her ground instead. She expects Sports Maxx will want to deal the killing blow out of revenge, and thus this gives her an advantage. Additionally, Ermes has her own score to settle no matter what happens.

Several strings snap as the zombies come closer to Ermes but she persists in facing the enemy. The zombies begin to bite and tear at Ermes, who suffers agony but patiently waits for the killing blow. Indeed, Ermes feels Sports Maxx bite at her head and tear a chunk of it before swallowing it. However, Ermes split her head with a sticker, creating a dummy head to absorb the bite, and she summons Kiss to pummel at him. Unfortunately, Kiss hits nothing beneath Sports Maxx's head. It is revealed that Maxx tore off his own head to misdirect Kiss, having been expecting a trick. Putting himself together, Maxx even tells Ermes that Gloria deserved her death and tells her that he will devour her brain. He takes off Ermes's sticker, fusing back Ermes' heads. The backlash hurts Ermes and makes her trip, which gives the opportunity for Maxx to jump on her to kill her. However, the chunk of flesh he bit off Ermes suddenly comes out of Maxx's stomach, Kiss's power forcing all the bits of Ermes' duplicated head to return. Jolyne understands that it was all part of Ermes' plan to reveal Maxx's location at the crucial moment. Ermes violently kicks Maxx, bursting out a few teeth, and she declares that it was for Gloria. Maxx sics his zombie on Ermes and tries to escape but she's already duplicated his head by putting a sticker into it. Ermes proceed to pummel Maxx violently, destroying his body. The heads of Maxx fuse, knocking out his DISCs, and Maxx dies for good, also destroying the zombie mob.

Standing still, Ermes suddenly tears up, but her head has been split open. She falls unconscious and Jolyne has to call for help. F.F. treats Ermes but she remains in critical condition.

Later, Jolyne is forcibly brought to the Ultra Security House Unit (or punishment ward) on account of all the chaos and deaths she seems to cause around her. She is hereby put in isolation for an indefinite time, with only one meal and shower per day and will all her permissions revoked. She's thrown to the floor, landing on a squat toilet. Regathering herself, Jolyne discovers the bleak dark cell she's in. She grabs onto a piece of bread on a tray but discovers that it is covered in cockroaches. Startled, she shrieks. This actually causes the other prisoners to be excited because they realize a woman is her. Jolyne even receives faeces on her face, to the sick joy of the other inmates. Reeling, Jolyne nonetheless quickly regains her composure, vowing to see through her time on behalf of her mission.

Jolyne's allies read Sports Maxx's memory DISC. They see a memory of him in the chapel conversing with Whitesnake about souls. The Stand notably exposes a theory according to which there is a definite number of souls on Earth and wonders how could one person possess every life. Whitesnake thus presents a small bone to Maxx, asking him to revive the spirit of this bone. Unsure, Maxx reluctantly revives the spirit in the bone. Whitesnake suddenly sees that the bone's gone through its hand and has disappeared. Both of them are confused and briefly search for it, but Whitesnake realizes that it is still part of the plan to go to Heaven. Whitesnake decides to leave the bone, for now, to retrieve him at the right time and expects to use the bone with Jotaro Kujo's memory to enact his plan. Sports Maxx nonetheless feels that the bone is now in the punishment ward and that it might have been picked up by someone here.

The DISC snaps out of Emporio Alnino, who's shocked by what he's witnessed. Nearby, F.F. also tells him that Jolyne has consulted the DISC, letting Emporio realize that Jolyne went to the punishment ward on purpose. F.F. wants to help Jolyne but Weather Report and Ermes Costello are in the infirmary for now. She glances at the other prisoner who's been hanging in the ghost room with them, but Emporio has little hopes about "Anasui" helping them.

Emporio describes the Ultra Security House Unit, a building situated 520 away from the women's ward on the southern section of the men's exercise ground. It has been purposely built to isolate specific prisoners from the rest of the inmates, some to protect them like elderly prisoners, others because they are extremely violent and vicious.

Emporio adds that they will have to sneak through the prison's security because there is no other way to go to the punishment ward. F.F. tries to ask Anasui for help though he seems to ignore her. She insists but Emporio reveals that he's a murderer. Anasui, Emporio tells, has always been obsessed with the idea of taking things apart since childhood, and he was condemned for the murder of her girlfriend and a lover, which he "took apart" too. Surprisingly, Anasui was declared sane and thrown in prison. Even Emporio worries about what Anasui would do without Weather Report to keep him calm.

F.F. glances at Anasui, who has his back turned and is reading a book. Unsure about Anasui, she thinks about forcing him to help her and deploys her gun finger, readying herself to aim at him and even shoot him if need be. But, as soon as she approaches, Anasui agrees to help F.F. find Jolyne. He immediately goes out, to Emporio's suspicion. The kid asks him what he is after and Anasui thus reveals that he's fallen in love with Jolyne. He thus plans on becoming Jolyne's protector and eventually marrying her, to F.F. and Emporio's confusion.

Anasui rushes into an iron gate and summons his Stand, Diver Down. Diver Down violently kicks the gate, alerting guards on the other side who rush in with armor and guns. However, as soon as they open the gate to punish the troublemaker, a lege violently kicks the guards, taking them out. It is revealed that Diver Down can make objects store its power and release it at an opportune moment.

The Secret of Guard Westwood

In her cell, Jolyne watches a group of cockroaches and ants eat a mushroom and deems that the ones growing under her bed are safe for consumption. She has only eaten a few when she hears the guards yelling from the other side of the door announcing that it is time to "shower". When the door opens, Jolyne hides behind her bed, to the joy of one of the guards who bet with his partner that she would do it. For her part, Jolyne is sneakily deploying a string to search the ward and find DIO's Bone. The guards proceed to roughly hose Jolyne, spreading water all over the cell and it is shown that the whole punishment ward is covered in puddles.

One of the guards, named Sonny Likir, accidentally sprays his partner and apologizes. The sprayed man, named Viviano Westwood, then knocks his arm against the guard's shoulder. The argument quickly degenerates into a fistfight where the friends copiously insult each other. Even when they seem to regain their senses and try to make peace, it only gives Likir the chance to violently sucker punch his friend so violently the flesh tears away from his knuckles and Westwood's cheek is torn off, revealing his teeth. Surprisingly Westwood only relishes the prospect of a fight. It is shown that they can somehow see through their opponent's body and admire each other's muscles. Jolyne is astonished to see the guards going berserk and leaving the cell door open as they fight and sees Westwood breaking his friend's leg. She realizes that this must be some sort of Stand attack. We then see Enrico Pucci in his office reading the Bible and revealing that he's sent no less than four Stand Users after Jolyne to the punishment ward to stop her. At the same time, Westwood has gone mad and opened all the cells to challenge the inmates.

A flashback shows a young Pucci together with DIO, discussing Stand abilities. Out of curiosity, Pucci asked DIO what was the weakest Stand ability he's ever seen. DIO answered that everybody had strengths and weaknesses in their characters and that concepts of weak or strong Stands didn't exist, which causes Pucci to say his question was foolish. Nonetheless, DIO tells Pucci that the weakest Stand he knew of was Survivor, although it was difficult to handle. DIO told Pucci the story of a group of hikers who went to the middle of the French mountains in 1982. They all died there and it was discovered that they seemed to have killed each other in an extremely violent fistfight. In addition, DIO learned that they met a man early whom they slighted, and that man simply activated his Stand Survivor. Survivor could emit a weak electric signal that travelled through the water on the ground and affected the brains of the hikers, making them go berserk. DIO deemed the ability useless because it couldn't distinguish between friend and foe, but Pucci was nonetheless interested and stored the ability in a DISC.

In the now, Survivor has been deployed by an unknown user in the Punishment Ward, affecting everyone. The guard Westwood angrily challenges all the prisoners he's freed while Jolyne tries to identify the real enemy and find the DIO's Bone. However, she too feels affected by a killing urge. Suddenly, Westwood rushes at Jolyne who readies herself, confident that she can defeat any ordinary man with her Stone Free. She summons Stone Free but Westwood somehow avoids the attack and climbs a wall, disappearing for an instant before reappearing from behind a door frame to try and kick Jolyne in the head. Jolyne leaps to avoid the attack and ties Westwood's leg to his beck, making him kick himself. Yet, Westwood is able to uppercut Jolyne in the gut. Westwood also admires Jolyne's muscles and can even discern her strings as a "strong point" of her. Jolyne realizes that she's dealing with a man who's gone beyond normal human capabilities and must find a way to deal with him.

Meanwhile, Narciso Anasui and F.F. have fought and snuck their way out of the main building and nearly reached the courtyard linking to the Ultra Security House Unit. F.F. uses the reprieve to inform Anasui that there may be several assassins after Jolyne but to her astonishment, Anasui ignores what she said only to repeat that he'll marry Jolyne.

In the punishment ward, Jolyne continues her struggle against Westwoo while the rest of the inmates kill each other. Affected by Survivor, Jolyne admires the internal muscles of Westwood on his right arm and leg. However, Jolyne sees Westwood's blackened muscles on his left leg, meaning he's been severely weakened on this limb. Distracted by a fight, Jolyne leaves herself open to a right cross but Jolyne counters it with a straight kick to the right knee and then throws an uppercut with Stone Free as the guard falls. Westwood throws two wild punches at Jolyne but she's tied his fist to his neck, which chokes him and leaves him open to a front kick in the jaw which she follows with a series of wild kicks to the face. Stone Free approaches to deal the finishing punch, but suddenly, her arm is nearly cut in half, something blowing through Stone Free's arm. The damage is reflected at Jolyne too, who stops her attack and wonders what Westwood did to her. She then sees a DISC poking out of Westwood's head and realizes that he's been turned into a Stand User too. In his office, Enrico Pucci expects Survivor to bring out the full strength of each of his Stand Users so that they will surely eliminate Jolyne and protect DIO's Bone.

In the punishment ward, Jolyne's momentum has been stopped by the grievous wound on her arm. Worse, she has no idea how she was injured, Viviano Westwood having hidden his Stand thus far and its capabilities being totally unknown. As Westwood stands up, he notes that Jolyne's strings are her strong points. Jolyne stitches her arm and challenges him but is surprised when Westwood quickly rushes to her side to try a violent left hook; Jolyne still evades it by ducking. A series of strikes ensue but Jolyne manages to kick Westwood in the face and glances upon Westwood's Stand as he reels back. The guard falls but immediately comes back for more. Thus, Jolyne stands her ground and deploys a string between her foot and hand which manages to deflect Westwood's punch to the side without effort, and she's then able to tie his hands. Jolyne blinds Westwood by throwing her prisoner's jacket at him and she's able to punch him with Stone Free. Still, Stone Free's leg is now also grievously wounded, making Jolyne fall. This allows Westwood to come back and grapple Jolyne on the ground. Immobilized, Jolyne can take a good look at the glass roof and feel that something is coming at her.

Immobilized by Westwood's grapple technique, Jolyne tries to attack him with a punch from Stone Free but it seems even Stone Free cannot hit Westwood because he is locking her head and twisting her left shoulder specifically to prevent her right arm from moving too much. Jolyne tries to grab for Westwood's crotch but he anticipated the technique and shift his grapple to land on the ground. Jolyne sees two round roles on the glass ceiling of the roof and understands that the danger is coming from above. Desperately, she deploys strings from her left hand and sends them right into Westwood's ear so that they come out of his eye socket and nose, then violently pulls at them as a pair of small meteorites falls right at her.

The narration explains how the earth's atmosphere protects the Earth's surface from most of the meteorites and debris falling into the atmosphere due to the intense friction of the air resistance. However, objects falling at a precise angle can resist being burned away and fall on the surface. In the men's courtyard, the prisoners observe a meteor shower passing above them.

Jolyne violently pulls on the string she's inserted into Westwood's face and the pain makes him release Jolyne. She takes a painful glancing hit by a meteor which then heads for Westwood, but it disappears, the heat destroying it thanks to the protection of Planet Waves. Westwood grabs Jolyne's left wrist and tries to lock her arm. Jolyne deploys another string and tears off one of Westwood's toenails in retaliation, also tearing the skin from his foot. Three meteorites fall towards her but Westwood has loosened his grip and Stone Free deflects the meteorites into Westwood, but Planet Waves still makes it so Westwood is protected against the rocks. Worse, Jolyne's hands were injured from the effort. Jolyne finds herself seemingly unable to attack Westwood and heavily wounded on all limbs while he can call endless numbers of meteorites to him. Nonetheless, she stands up and readies herself to continue the fight.

Westwood purposefully leaves himself open to an attack, but Jolyne is distracted when she sees one of the prisoners playing with DIO's Bone. Westwood jumps at Jolyne, forcing Jolyne into a corner to use the wall as a shield against meteors, but Westwood calls in a bigger meteor that destroys the wall and still disintegrates right in front of him. He lands a roundhouse kick on Jolyne's face, throwing her to the side as a big meteorite falls right on her. Still, Jolyne is not giving up.

Westwood tries to deal a vertical kick to Jolyne when she grabs onto his right leg but Jolyne got what she wanted: his boot. Jolyne is able to use the boot filled with a piece of brick as a shield right as the meteor hits her right in the shoulder, deflecting the meteor with the boot right at Westwood. To Westwood's dismay, the boot has absorbed the force of the meteorite and even though the rock disintegrates, the boot filled with brick pieces hits him right in the face. Westwood suffers from the impact and the heat, and though he attempts a last-ditch attack, Stone Free headbutts him, and knocks him out. Jolyne thus declares her victory.

Still, Jolyne has to look for DIO's Bone and the prisoner player with it. However, she sees a number of bloated corpses around her. One of the prisoners even dies right in front of her, bloating for an unknown reason. She realizes that she has to deal with other Stand Users and soon spots a pair suspicious men standing among the dead prisoners.

Enter the Dragon's Dream

Jolyne finds herself alone standing against two suspicious men who seem to have taken out the other prisoners in the Ultra Security House Unit. Jolyne is unsure about who did what but she knows that she is dealing with at least three Stand Users and must find the prisoner who had DIO's Bone.

One of the prisoners, a short old man, then advances toward Jolyne. Cracking his knuckles and bending his fingers backwards so much that they touch the back of his hand, the man reveals himself as a Stand User rather interested in Jolyne's ability as well as her fighting ability. Finishing bending to warm up, the old man named Kenzou stands ready to battle. For his part, the other man prefers to stand aside. Jolyne accepts the challenge, taunting him by giving him the finger. Surprisingly, Kenzou reveals that he drowned the prisoner around him, but then says that Jolyne is not the priority yet. He strikes a man's elbow, making it punch another corpse and thus forces F.F. to reveal herself.

Leaping from behind the corpse, F.F. jumps high and shoots at Kenzou with some plankton bullets but a corpse spontaneously moves, blocking the projectiles. F.F. dismisses is as dumb luck and continues her battle. Meanwhile, Narciso Anasui makes his appearance on the far side of the hall.

F.F. advances towards Kenzou, who summons his own Stand, a strange metallic ring with an arrow decorated with a dragon head, which Kenzou uses as a sort of compass to single out a particular point in space. The old man proceeds to advance, expecting F.F. to open her lips as soon as a drop of sweat reaches her mouth. F.F. shoots several bullets, but they all miss Kenzou, who then rushes towards her and puts his arm inside of her mouth. Suddenly, F.F.'s mouth fills with water.

Kenzou explains that humans can easily drown if a few drops of water block their respiratory system. He wounds the cervical inside of F.F.'s mouth and stimulates the adrenal glands, causing a great release of mucus in the trachea and thus suffocating her. F.F. falls and begins to bloat too, but she is able to pierce her throat while Kenzou advances toward Jolyne. The old man notices the danger and barely evades F.F.'s subsequent shots, some bullets glancing his leg. He retaliates with a kick but F.F. squeezes between the bars of a handrail to evade the attack, causing the old man to question whether she's human.

Meanwhile, Anasui has joined up with Jolyne and advises her to observe the fight carefully. He proceeds to try and analyze Kenzou's fighting style, although he also confesses his love for Jolyne, which surprises her. Anasui proceeds to present Kenzou, who is a 78-year-old man who's been in prison for 40 years. Kenzou used to be at the head of a cult but he soon caught the attention of the authorities. Kenzou thus gathered his 34 followers, drugged them, and then put fire to his building, killing everybody but himself. Somewhat miraculously, Kenzou survived, some debris shielding him from the fire.

Meanwhile, Kenzou observes F.F.. Influenced by Survivor, he distinguishes the Stand and plankton within her body, but remains confident. He summons his Stand Dragon's Dream and identifies a spot to go to again. Kenzou slowly slides his feet towards the spot while a great dragon-headed arrow appears behind F.F. She tries to shoot it but the bullets don't affect Dragon's Dream. The Stand actually talks to F.F. and warns her about Kenzou's incoming attack although, he says, he can't "interfere" in the battle.

Kenzou attacks with a swiping kick which F.F. ducks under. She counter-attacks with a barrage of punches but the old man blocks them easily. Grinning, Kenzou leaps and plunges his arm into the bubble surrounding Dragon's Dream, which seemingly tears his arm off. However, Kenzou's disembodied arm then reappears to strike F.F. from behind. Warned by Jolyne, F.F. dislocates her arm to shield herself and is merely sent a few metres away. F.F. is unimpressed by the strike, and Kenzou starts to bicker with his Stand about it warning the enemy.

Incidentally, the drops of blood F.F. has spilt on the wall attract a trio of mice. They proceed to climb the wall and mess with a control board, closing the doors of the cell. One of those doors crushes a man's head and his eyeglasses, and the thing flies right into F.F.'s mouth. Surprised, F.F. opens her mouth again and Kenzou attacks. Thankfully F.F. manages to evade the strikes.

Jolyne is surprised at the coincidence that led to that opening, but Anasui has determined that Kenzou is using "Feng Shui" to attack. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art which determines lucky and unlucky spots according to flows of energy. Usually applied to houses and buildings, Kenzou uses that art to determine the path he has to follow to strike and kill his enemies, and Dragon's Dream helps him determine the lucky spots where he can evade attacks as well.

Kenzou resumes his aggression carefully walking towards a lucky spot where F.F.'s bullets will be rendered ineffective. Dragon's Dream reappears behind F.F. and points to another unlucky spot for her. Jolyne warns her about the Stand's power, and F.F. deems that she must stop the old man from touching his Stand at all cost. Dragon's Dream points to F.F., explaining that the spot above her ear is very unlucky, and Kenzou is fuming about his enemies knowing about his powers.

Kenzou disappears, only to reappear to strike F.F. and she tries to counter him with a sole to the face. Kenzou grabs onto her leg and she answers with a knifehand strike towards his head but Kenzou deflects her hand and counters into a left cross right in the sternum. This allows him to plunge his hand into F.F.'s mouth but F.F. still counters the blow by biting hard into his fingers. Reeling from the pain, Kenzou strikes her liver to force her to release him. Kenzou realizes that he has to rely on Dragon's Dream to completely finish her off. Still, he lands a vertical kick on F.F., throwing her into Dragon's Dream. It bites into F.F.'s arm, making it strike another corpse for an unknown reason. Kenzou thus deems his attack completed.

F.F. is confused and asks Dragon's Dream what is going on, but even he doesn't know what will happen. Her striking a corpse happens to have disturbed a couple of flies which go near a ventilator. A bird appears to snatch a fly but it is killed by the ventilator, breaking the fan; finally, a piece of metal falls, rebounding on the ground and slicing her head open.

Jolyne wants to come to help her friend but Anasui stops her as what has happened has already been decided. Kenzou confidently defies Jolyne and Anasui, but Jolyne points out that F.F. is still alive, albeit barely because she's running out of water. F.F. takes Kenzou by surprise when she shoots, wounding his arm in the process. Kenzou hastily retreats into his safe zone, allowing F.F. to think about a strategy. She thus thinks about creating a mirror out of water to misdirect Kenzou at one point but she needs water to heal herself as well.

Meanwhile, Kenzou laments his fall since he was imprisoned but now rejoices as his powers will allow him to build another cult where he will be revered as a savior. Kenzou jumps in to attack and orders Dragon's Dream where to strike. He does a flying kick but F.F. backflips out of danger. She then runs into a fire-extinguishing hose to collect water, pursued by Kenzou. Jolyne tells Anasui to help F.F. but Anasui refuses as he only wishes to protect Jolyne.

F.F. reaches the hose and goes for the faucet but then Dragon's Dream appears, warning her that there is no time to drink. Kenzou leaps but surprisingly, F.F. plunges her arms into Dragon's Dream, losing both in the process. Kenzou kicks F.F. but she sneaks inside of the hose and opens the faucet. However, her own arms strike her, sending her flying away from the water. F.F. is sent flying down the staircase at the centre of the hall. Jolyne wonders where it leads and Anasui tells her about the execution room downstairs, equipped with an electric chair.

F.F. lands on the execution chair itself while the hose messes with the control board, starting a 15 seconds countdown to electrocution. Panicking, she seeks to escape but she catches her overalls' straps in a belt buckle, making her trip and sit on the chair. She can barely stand up when Kenzou arrives and shoots at Kenzou to distract him while she tries to run past him. Unfortunately, some of Kenzou's decorative ball bearings fall and make F.F. slip back into the chair but now she's being tied down by the hose. She attempts a desperate punch but Kenzou deflects it and kicks her back down into the chair as the countdown reaches zero.

The electric chair activates, frying F.F. as Kenzou gloats and plans on becoming a cult leader again. However, Dragon's Dream warns him about F.F., saying she managed to collect some water: Kenzou's own sweat. She's managed to create a mirror reflecting Dragon's Dream and misdirecting Kenzou into an unsafe spot and she's able to grab onto him, electrifying him as well. Both fighters suffer from the deadly electrocution while Jolyne and Anasui observe them. Jolyne lets herself fall down to save F.F., which surprises Anasui because she's still heavily wounded. Down here, Jolyne notices that Dragon's Dream is still there and that Kenzou is barely alive.

Still, she prepares to fight and sends a pointy clump of strings at Kenzou, who avoids it and rushes at Jolyne. However, Jolyne has reached for a small spot of water where a bit of F.F. remains. Jolyne's string gets caught in Dragon's Dream, making Kenzou confident that she'll die from his next attack, but then Anasui intervenes. Kenzou plunges his feet inside of Jolyne's throat to drown her and gloats but realizes that he's unusually high in the air and knocks his head on the top of the staircase. Confused, Kenzou orders Dragon's Dream to find him a lucky spot but he falls, only to bounce on the floor. It turns out that his legs are twisted in a strange way and now act like springs, making Kenzou unable to find his footing. Indeed, Anasui and his Diver Down, which was hidden inside of Jolyne's body, modified Kenzou's legs as soon as he touched her, turning them into horrific strings. Kenzou bounces everywhere as F.F. regains her consciousness. Even Jolyne is stunned at the extreme methods of Anasui, only for the man to enjoy her attention. Kenzou ends out of commission, stuck in a bucket and unable to move.

Meanwhile at the Speedwagon Foundation facility where Jotaro Kujo is taken care of, several doctors keep track of his status. Since his Star Platinum DISC has been inserted back into him, Jotaro has woken up at times but spends most of his time sleeping, sitting with his legs crossed like a monk. Jotaro seems to have learned some facts but he has no recollection of his identity or his family. The doctors deem that the fact that he has absolutely no memories make it so he has no will to live either and that his body is still breaking down due to the placebo effect of having no incentive to survive. Yet, Jotaro violently reacts if someone dares approach his hat, even if he's unconscious. A doctor carelessly reaches for it and Jotaro slams his arm towards the doctor, breaking an IV drop container. He cuts his arm on the glass and the wounds strangely write the name "Jolyne".

At Green Dolphin Street Prison, Jolyne receives treatment from F.F. and she reminisces about an incident that happened in her youth. Once upon a time, a young Jolyne stumbled upon a wallet while walking in a parking lot. The wallet belonged to a man nearby who saw her with his wallet and then rushed inside of the car to call the police. Jolyne panicked and when she heard sirens nearby, she pushed the man and his son out of the car in a foolish attempt to drive away, only to crash into several cars. She was arrested and detained later, but thankfully, she was only 14 at the time and avoided being charged. Looking at her mother denying that Jolyne could be a criminal, she then spotted a man with a star cap and a large coat. She almost stood up, thinking the man was her father but was sorely disappointed to see that it was a different person. She then heard her mother call Jotaro and be shocked that he would fly out of the country at such time. As she walked with her mother out of the police precinct, she heard an attorney in a room discussing the psychological damage a daughter feeling abandoned by her father would suffer from and how it would lead her to form toxic relationships with men, with ironic flashes to Romeo Jisso and the car accident leading to her being imprisonment.

In the present, F.F. is done healing Jolyne's wounds, but finds the same "Jolyne" scar on her forearm. The wounds strangely heal rapidly and realizes from a dream she's had when unconscious that Jotaro was actually protecting Jolyne and his wife but shielding them from Stand-related affairs. Jolyne thus feels like she now completely understands her father.

Birth of the "Green"

As Jolyne, Anasui and F.F. walk up the stairs, Anasui discreetly asks F.F. to make Jolyne trip so that she falls into his arms and they share a "romantic" moment. F.F. protests but Anasui reminds her that she promised to help him marry Jolyne in return. F.F. refuses and points out that there is another potential enemy but Anasui insists and pressures her. She reluctantly makes Jolyne trip; however, Jolyne doesn't really fall. She's spotted and bound the man who played with DIO's Bone, who was watching them from upstairs. The man is actually holding the bone in his hands but the hand itself peels its skin off for an unknown reason and the man crawls out of sight.

The trio quickly goes up the stairs and sees the man snaking on the floor, having a weird root-like growth on his back and seemingly having grown in stature. As the man is facing away from them, F.F. holds him at gunpoint and orders him to turn around. The group is horrified when the man faces them and it seems that his face has mutated into a sort of human tree. The prisoner's body twists and mutates further and his head explodes into a strange tree and flowers. The heroes then realize that all the dead prisoners had turned into plants.

DIO's Bone has rolled towards the other assassin, who feels that the Bone has a will of its own and is trying to "give birth" to something. Meanwhile, Jolyne herself begins to also turn into a plant. Anasui notices it and warns Jolyne but when she turns back, the vegetal growths have disappeared. Anasui checks on her face but he sniffs inside of her mouth, disgusting her. He ignores their reaction and prefers to focus on the Bone. He then guesses that the metamorphosis is due to the Bone itself and not a Stand attack. Since Jolyne has also touched the bone with her string when she tried to grab onto the prisoner, she was also affected and is now susceptible to turning into a plant.

The assassin sees the Bone begin carried by a root into the open. Jolyne spots the bone and tries to grab on to it, but when she leans over, roots and flowers suddenly grow from her arm. This allows the bone to roll away. Thankfully, Diver Down purges Jolyne of these roots and flowers. However, the roots are practically fused to Jolyne so he can't easily get rid of them. Disturbingly, Anasui nibbles on a flower growing on Jolyne's face. He sees that these are definitely plants and pulls Jolyne into the shades, which makes the plants recede. Right now, the whole ward has been turned into small trees.

Surprisingly, Jolyne advances into the sunlight without hesitation to go find DIO's Bone. Her body begins to be overtaken by plants but this allows her to spot a round cocoon in which a creature, which has the same Joestar Birthmark as her, is growing. The creature is revealed to be a humanoid green child.

Yo-Yo Ma Is Coming!

Jolyne is astonished to have found a strange Green Baby bearing the Joestar Birthmark. For now, the child is stored inside of a cocoon. She reaches for the baby as her body turns more an more into a plant and her feet start fusing with the other roots. Nonetheless, Jolyne focuses on the Green Baby, wondering what is its exact nature and what Whitesnake wants to do with it.

F.F. insists on pulling Jolyne out of the sunlight and Jolyne hastily takes the cocoon. Meanwhile, Anasui has spotted someone hiding in the shadows. The heroes investigate this unknown person and it turns out to be a frightened meek prisoner begging for help. The man, named Guccio, asks the heroes for help and Anasui reassures him, telling him to stand.

In another corner of the punishment ward, the last assassin bides his time killing Jolyne Cujoh. He suddenly sees Guccio wandering mindlessly in the ward and wonders where the heroes went. He approaches Guccio and grabs his shoulder, but suddenly, Guccio's ribs spring out of his back and pierce the man's arms. The man, a Stand User named D an G, begins to cry and yell. It is also revealed that Guccio was also Survivor's user.

Meanwhile, the heroes have gone out of the punishment ward. F.F. asks Anasui why they let Guccio go since he was definitely an enemy but Anasui doesn't care about Guccio since he's effectively neutralized him and turned him into a trap.

We see Jolyne and Anasui trying to start an airboat. Anasui fails to start the engine and wonders if there is some kind of lock, but a new Stand appears to help him, telling him about setting the throttle lever to the neutral position. The engine starts and the Stand explains how to pilot the boat. Acting as a servant, it proposes that Anasui and Jolyne drink something although the water is unfit for consumption. It squeezes a frog and drinks the water from it before trying to cook it, but Anasui tells it not to start a fire on the boat. The group thus leave F.F. behind in the punishment ward. F.F. reminisces the circumstances that led to this strange situation.

When the trio got out of the building, they sought to go opposite the sun as it was setting in the evening and escape from the prison guards as well as Whitesnake. However, they were completely taken by surprise by the Stand Yo-Yo Ma, a little obese Stand that gulped the cocoon with the Green Baby. The heroes immediately attacked the Stand. Stone Free punched it, F.F. shot it in the face and Diver Down plunged its arm inside of it. However, Yo-Yo Ma was invulnerable and they were unable to take the cocoon. Nonetheless, Yo-Yo Ma began to act like a servant to Jolyne and even told the group about D an G, his User. F.F. shot it again, to no avail. Despite the danger, the group decided to split to be able to stay on the move and F.F. stayed in prison in the hope of finding D an G and killing him. Nonetheless, F.F.'s jaw suddenly melted, making her realize that Yo-Yo Ma was very dangerous despite his appearance and placid attitude. F.F. must find the User and she hopes that Jolyne and Anasui will keep an eye on it.

Meanwhile, Jolyne, Anasui and Yo-Yo Ma are in the middle of the swamps. While Yo-Yo Ma spends his time gulping on mosquitos that still manage to fly away, Anasui stops the boat near a patch of grass as he's heard other airboats incoming. Soon enough, two boats with guards of Green Dolphin appear. Armed with heavy weapons, the guards have learned about the disturbance and are now sweeping the swamps. Yo-Yo Ma has impaled himself on the throttle lever and his moving makes ripples in the water so Anasui rips it out of the lever. Jolyne and Anasui worry about the machine guns on the guard boats since it can destroy their own vessel.

The guards do notice the ripples and head towards the boat, but the group cover their boat and themselves in leaves to camouflage. The guards are fooled, but Jolyne then notices their loose anchoring rope. One of the guards sees the rope in the water as well, but Stone Free has unravelled and tossed the rope into the guards' boat, fooling them again. However, one of the airboat fans blows the camouflage away. Just as the guards prepare to fire on the heroes, Yo-Yo Ma releases a swarm of mosquitos from his mouth, which then sting Jolyne in the face.

The narration begins by presenting the mosquito and notably how they secrete saliva when sucking blood to prevent blood from clotting when they suck it. In the present, the guards start opening fire on Jolyne and Anasui, wrecking their boat and their engine. However, Anasui remains calm. He pushes Yo-Yo Ma into his boat's spinning fan, sending him flying into the guards of one boat and destroying it. Anasui then advances toward the second boat and punches the guards with Diver Down. Thus, the heroes are able to hijack that boat and escape.

The group continues further into the swamps, with Yo-Yo Ma piloting the boat. Jolyne complains about his constant whistling but Anasui asks Jolyne to stop whistling too, confusing her. Jolyne tries to speak but it turns out that Jolyne's tongue is full of holes, which caused the whistling and now makes her unable to speak. She tries to tell Anasui that she's under attack from Yo-Yo Ma but Anasui cannot hear her. Humorously, Anasui begins to mistake Jolyne's strange behavior with an attempt at flirting, leading to her uppercutting him in frustration. Still unsure about Yo-Yo Ma's method of attack, she tries to make Anasui realize that the Stand is attacking them, to no avail. Nonetheless, Jolyne is determined to go through this battle.

Yo-Yo Ma keeps acting servile towards Jolyne, suggesting to make her a short out of frog skin. Meanwhile, Anasui finally notices that something is wrong with Jolyne. For her part, Jolyne tries to figure out Yo-Yo Ma's method. She unravels her skin into strings, catching several mosquitos. She thinks she's figured out the attack but the other side of her face also begins to melt, meaning the attack is different. Jolyne collapses on the floor and tries to warn Anasui by writing "Be All Eyes" but that obscure message doesn't help. Yo-Yo Ma is winning and ominously proposes Anasui fights him.

Meanwhile, F.F. has crawled back into the Ultra Security House Unit whose main hall has been invaded by a giant dead tree. The guards have retrieved D an G and she sneakily approaches D an G from above, perched on the arches. Aiming at D an G, F.F. suddenly spots the priest Enrico Pucci observing the scene from afar.

In the swamps, Anasui has Diver Down punch Yo-Yo Ma releasing another swarm of mosquitos which Anasui kills. However, Jolyne knows that there is another method of attack. Holes begin to form on Anasui's face but he persists. He orders Yo-Yo Ma to move as far on the back of the boat as possible as other holes appear on his arm and neck. Although Jolyne silently warns Anasui about not coming too close to him, he still stomps on Yo-Yo Ma's head and orders him to empty his pocket. Yo-Yo Ma obeys, showing a whole range of items and other critters. All the while, more and more holes appear on Anasui's body. Anasui then asks if Yo-Yo Ma is here to kill Jolyne, which he confirms; Yo-Yo Ma adds that he will kill him as well if he stays, causing Anasui to violently chop into Yo-Yo Ma's head with Diver Down, which seems futile at first. Jolyne finally realizes that Yo-Yo Ma has poured his acid saliva into the water and thus when the boat moves, the waves spray the heroes with acidic water.

F.F. - The Witness

Anasui then orders Yo-Yo Ma to speed up the boat, which Jolyne deems dangerous. Strangely, Yo-Yo Ma feels unwell. He begins to croak and lay on his back before crawling on all fours. Even more strangely, Yo-Yo Ma instinctively tries to eat insects and fears the birds above. It turns out Anasui sabotaged Yo-Yo Ma by wiring his sensor to a frog's brain, overwhelming it with the frog's instinct. Yo-Yo Ma begins to lose its focus and is effectively neutralized.

In the prison, F.F. faces a conundrum. She hesitates to kill D an G right now although his death is a priority, but is also very intrigued at Enrico Pucci's presence. Hidden in a corner, Pucci counts primary numbers and tries to analyze the situation. Since D an G is severely wounded, he supposes that Jolyne Cujoh is still alive and that the plant debris is the sign of something incredible in the next step of his plan. Pucci gets ecstatic and plans on interrogating D an G, but for the moment, he slots a music disc into Guccio's corpse, which sings Handel's Messiah.

Meanwhile, the guards begin evacuating D an G into an ambulance while they go search the building. Pucci goes to the ambulance but then recognizes one of the medical staffers as F.F., who's put on a disguise and is going to kill D an G. F.F. holds him at gunpoint and shoots, but suddenly a guard rushes in and holds F.F.'s arm, making her miss. The guard has been brainwashed and controlled via a DISC created by Whitesnake. F.F. realizes that the Stand is here and then Pucci ominously reveals himself, walking towards the ambulance although a fence separates him from F.F. Pucci forces F.F. into a dilemma: either F.F. kills D an G first or him.


The narration presents F.F.'s greatest fear of losing her intellect. Ever since she's been in prison, F.F. has accumulated many memories of her life in prison and of her friends, and now she fears losing the memories she has of them, notably of Jolyne whom she deeply admires.

In the now, F.F. briefly hesitates between shooting D an G or Enrico Pucci and then decides on D an G. That split second gives Pucci an opening to send in Whitesnake, who blocks the shots and then chops into her head. D an G only suffers from a glancing hit. Whitesnake starts to extract F.F.'s Foo Fighters DISC, but she reacts quickly and shoots herself in the head. The DISC comes out and some plankton covers D an G, they go inside of his body and then tear him apart from the inside, decapitating him. Meanwhile, another mass of plankton stuck to the DISC is sneaking away. Foo Fighters now has to warn his friends about Enrico Pucci.

In the swamps, Yo-Yo Ma melts away, leaving an empty cocoon behind it. Jolyne and Anasui glimpse the baby falling into the water and when Anasui reaches for it, the baby leaves a burning imprint on the back of his hand. The boat begins to rock and the water ripples heavily, with dead fishes coming to the surface. Jolyne feels speechless at the existence of this strange Green Baby. She feels the plant mutation subsiding and wonders if it is because the baby is born. The Green Baby falls into the water. Jolyne stitches her tongue so she can speak again and tells Anasui that the baby has already reached the ground. Anasui assumes it's trying to escape but Jolyne is not sure of its intention. She begins to run after the baby but Anasui tells her to stop. Jolyne realizes that she's shrunk, while a small rock the baby rolled behind him turned into a larger boulder. Jolyne tries to run anyway but when Anasui grabs onto her shoulder to pull her behind, they switch places and Anasui also finds himself shrinking.

Anasui tries to analyze the situation. He notes that the Green Baby seems to have a normal size no matter how close he is, but still sees objects shrinking as they get closer to the baby. As soon as he gets away from the baby, Anasui regains his normal size. Thus, Anasui concludes that the baby's ability makes things shrink proportionally to their relative distance to it. In conclusion, the baby would be theoretically unreachable because of the shrinking hindering more and more their ability to approach.

Anasui hears some guard dogs barking far away, meaning other search parties are closing in on them. Jolyne is determined to reach the Baby and prevent Pucci from using it while Anasui wants to hide from the guards. Jolyne thus rushes towards the baby, not minding shrinking more and more. Anasui is astonished but he also follows her, since it was her focus who seduced him in the first place.

Jolyne and Anasui thus run towards the Green Baby as the landscape becomes more and more alien to them. Small rocks become boulders and patches of grass become like forests. Jolyne tries to send a string towards the baby but her unravelling is more extreme than anticipated since the string also gets smaller and smaller, causing Jolyne to unravel herself to a dangerous degree. Still, Jolyne persists in believing the baby can be reached.

She decides to climb a small plant and jump down near the Green Baby since, she thinks, she must eventually reach the ground. Jolyne prepares herself but suddenly, something pulls on her string. She then sees a Stand crawling on her string, which grows more and more as it approaches. The enemy Stand bites on the string, hurting Jolyne. For her part, she finds herself somewhat stuck midair and fears she will never reach the ground anyway as the Stand Green, Green Grass of Home grows in size and power.

Green, Green Grass of Home has grown to the point it towers over Jolyne and it reaches for her. Stone Free deploys a string net to tie it up, Jolyne figuring that if she can capture the Stand then she can capture the Green Baby. However, Green, Green Grass of Home snaps the net due to sheer size. Stone Free tries to punch it but the Stand evades the strike and grabs onto her leg. It then tries to drag Jolyne towards the Green Baby and she fears being erased if she gets infinitely shrunk.

Thankfully, Anasui intervenes. Diver Down grabs Green, Green Grass of Home and pulls Jolyne out. Incidentally, one of Jolyne's shoes falls near the Green Baby. Jolyne and Anasui land too, but find themselves in the middle of a strange mountainous landscape. They thus can observe the Baby and the Stand from the top of a cliff. Anasui suggests retreating but Jolyne is still adamant about reaching the Green Baby. Suddenly, Green, Green Grass of Home reaches for a rock and tosses it toward Jolyne. It turns into a large rock that nearly crushes Jolyne and Anasui, forcing them off the cliff and the enemy Stand comes for them. Jolyne and Anasui have to run through a shower of large rocks

However, Anasui reveals that he had a plan. He had rolled a glass bottle towards the baby earlier to test its intelligence, but now, as they've run away from the baby, they've managed to lure Green, Green Grass of Home into the bottle and now that it has grown, it is trapped inside of the bottle.

Whitesnake - The Pursuer

Jolyne and Anasui are battling Green, Green Grass of Home, the Stand of the mysterious Green Baby which has spawned from DIO's Bone. Although they were shrunk, Anasui and Jolyne have trapped Green, Green Grass of Home inside of a bottle, although they are trapped with it. Privately, Anasui plans on killing the Stand to kill the baby, justifying himself by saying that he senses evil emanating from the child.

One problem stands: Jolyne and Anasui are trapped in the bottle with a Stand that still towers over them. Thankfully, Anasui has phased Diver Down inside of the walls of the bottle, and it grabs the neck of the bottle and brings it close to them, allowing the duo to crawl out of the bottle just in time to escape Green, Green Grass of Home's grasp. The heroes seal the bottle, but Green, Green Grass of Home suddenly makes the bottle roll away from the baby so that it can grow. Jolyne and Anasui intercept the bottle but it also has grown and crushes Anasui's legs. Jolyne uses Stone Free to punch the bottle, cracking it, but Anasui tells her to stop because he doesn't want to free the enemy.

Suddenly, the Green Baby touches Jolyne. When she turns back, she realizes that she's returned to her normal size and has the baby crawling on her. Anasui has also returned to normal. Jolyne asks what is going on and Anasui theorizes that the child has taken an interest in Jolyne and stopped its attack, probably because it saw the Joestar Birthmark on her shoulder. The Baby seems to appreciate Jolyne, but Anasui predicts that it will become an enemy. In any case, the guard dogs are approaching and they need to hide.

The battle between Foo Fighters and Enrico Pucci continues. On dry land, trapped inside of an ambulance, Foo Fighters continues to dehydrate and slowly crumbles, only having minutes or seconds to live if it doesn't find water. It spots a faucet just outside of the building and tries to open the door but Whitesnake surges from beneath the driving wheel and grabs onto Foo Fighters. Foo Fighters tries to punch Whitesnake and it deflects the blow and cuts Foo Fighters' arm. It plunges its hand in Foo Fighters, tearing the DISC from its head, but thankfully, the arm still manages to shoot plankton bullets into Whitesnake, give forces Whitesnake to evade and let Foo Fighters go. Foo Fighters is able to get out of the ambulance.

However, Foo Fighters is still cut in half and on the ground. Enrico Pucci thus asks it what was in the punishment ward, asking for details. Foo Fighters does say that something was born from the plants but thinks that Anasui may have killed it. However, Whitesnake is confident that the creature can't be killed and it will be able to control it thanks to Jotaro Kujo's memories. However, Pucci suddenly realizes that Foo Fighters has been stalling for time by answering them. It turns out that the main body is the legs in contain the Stand DISC. Foo Fighters manages to reach and open the faucet, allowing it to reconstitute itself. However, Whitesnake has inserted a Stand DISC giving the ability to boil water into the remains of the dummy Foo Fighters. The main Foo Fighters thus forcibly gains this ability and it suddenly disintegrates because of the water inside of it boiling.

It seems like Foo Fighters has completely disintegrated, only leaving the Stand DISC behind. Thus, Whitesnake confidently advances to retrieve it, pushed onward by an anxious Enrico Pucci. However, Whitesnake then hears a buzz and a voice. It notices a radio lying on the ground with an unknown voice calling for Foo Fighters. The unknown contact, unable to get an answer, thus understands the situation. It then suddenly rains and Whitesnake realizes that it's Weather Report on the radio. It allows Foo Fighters to reconstitute itself and it begins to crawl away. Whitesnake rushes towards it but then rain turns into a downpour that completely blocks Whitesnake's view, and then the fog sets. Then, Whitesnake hears a clicking sound in the rain. Pucci realizes that it's Morse code and that Foo Fighters is revealing his identity to its allies. It tosses a DISC into a bird to use as a mirror and see above the fog, but only manages to attack a mirage projected onto the mist.

Foo Fighters has crawled away from Whitesnake, and fortuitously meets Weather Report.

Still in the punishment ward, Pucci remains confident that he hasn't lost yet.

Far away, Narciso Anasui notes that the weather has become foggy as well and finds it convenient. Jolyne thanks him for his help but asks why is he doing all this for her. Anasui thus tells her that he loves her because she's giving him hope for himself with her. The moment is interrupted with the Green Baby grabs Anasui's hair and begins eating it, tearing a few hairs with its mouth. Strangely, the baby also chews on dirt.

Suddenly, Anasui notices someone coming and tells Jolyne to get down. However, it turns out to be Foo Fighters and Weather Report. Foo Fighters also tells Jolyne that it was Enrico Pucci who attacked it and explains that he must be the master of Whitesnake and the mastermind behind all their enemies. Jolyne also asks Weather if his wounds have healed, and hugs him. Jealous, Anasui orders Foo Fighters to separate them, but it doesn't understand what's wrong with him.

Anasui points to the sleeping Green Baby and proposes to kill it before it becomes dangerous. Jolyne weekly protests but Anasui calls it an abomination that should not be born. Foo Fighters takes it personally and also begins to bicker with him. Anasui then asks Weather Report for his support. However, Weather tells him that he cannot support him... because he's going to die.

Weather suddenly plunges his hand through Anasui's chest and crushes Foo Fighters' head, pulling out its DISC. Jolyne guards herself but Weather punches through her arm and into her flank. He then sheds his disguises, revealing himself as Whitesnake who was using an illusion to infiltrate the group.

Enrico Pucci finally reveals himself and, seeing the Green Baby, announces that he's found the way to "Heaven". Pucci looks at the baby, planning on using its powers, but beforehand, he sets his sights on Jolyne and decides to kill her first. Jolyne is heavily wounded but still remains defiant. Whitesnake goes on the offensive first with a punch, but Jolyne then recalls her severed arm to her via a string. With the string, Jolyne ties Pucci's hand to hers by recreating a handcuff. She angrily announces that she'll be taking three things from him: her father's memory, the Foo Fighters DISC and, finally, his life.

Jolyne pulls Pucci close to her and follows with an axe kick aimed at his neck. However, Whitesnake deflects the blow by swiping Jolyne's other leg. Stone Free and Whitesnake then exchange blows for a moment. Whitesnake ties Stone Free's wrist with the chains of the handcuffs and tries to chop the links, but they turn back into strings that cut into Pucci's hand, taking him by surprise. Nonetheless, Pucci remains confident. He explains that Whitensnake is a long-distance Stand and that at close range, he can use the full might of Whitesnake. Besides, his powers will allow him to defeat Jolyne the moment Whitesnake touches her because he could then extract her memory and Stand DISCs. He's already pulled a bit of Stone Free's disc and declares that it will be easy to pull it out entirely. Jolyne ignores his declaration, adamant about challenging him head-on.

A flashback shows a young Enrico Pucci together in bed with DIO, though they are reading books. DIO then talks about the huge number of visitors that come every day to the Louvre to look at works of art like the Mona Lisa or Milo's Venus. Pucci asks if he's impressed by the numbers, but DIO says that he's amazed that skilled artists when able to "shape their souls" into something visible, like a Stand that would transcend time. DIO then compares Whitesnake to them and suddenly grabs Pucci's arm, evoking the possibility that he may try to betray him. DIO dares Pucci to steal The World, but Pucci refuses even with his hand right in DIO's forehead, reaffirming his adoration for DIO. DIO relents, satisfied. He apologizes to Pucci for the insult and confesses that he never thought he'd meet someone who would put him at ease. As a token of apology, DIO thus offers a small bone from his body, saying that it will give him power.

In the present, Jolyne and Pucci are tied together by the hand. Though Pucci can extract Jolyne's Stone Free DISC, Jolyne also knows that at close range, she can deliver one decisive blow. Pucci talks about a species of swallows that kill themselves trying to dive into cliff walls because, Pucci says, they fly recklessly as they've never been taught their limits. Pucci thus compares these swallows to Jotaro.

Jolyne attacks first with a punch, mirrored by Pucci. However, Pucci's inserted a small cross under his fingernail, giving himself a few millimetres of extra range. He narrowly evades Stone Free's punch and is able to pull Jolyne's DISC further out. The DISC is now blocking Jolyne's view and Pucci jumps in order to attack from above. He's confident of his victory and he tries to deal the finishing blow. However, Stone Free reacts better and pummels Pucci in the chest and hand, sending him flying away from her. Pucci is surprised and tries to think, but Stone Free follows with a flurry of wild punches. Pucci realizes that Jolyne is fighting with her instinct and that has exponentially grown as a fighter.

At a disadvantage, Pucci decides to take out Jotaro's memory DISC and throws it away. Pucci then explains that a DISC will disappear if it's inserted into someone who dies, and it is shown that Pucci threw the DISC into Anasui. Pucci thus gives Jolyne a dilemma: either defeat him or retrieve the DISC. Furious, Jolyne yells her lungs out. Pucci deems it risky to yield the DISC but deems it necessary. Besides, he remembers the relevant information and only needs to get the Green Baby. Jolyne sends a flurry of punches toward Pucci, but then finally relents and undoes the cuffs to go to Anasui's side.

Pucci is then able to recite a secret passcode to the Green Baby: "Spiral staircase. Rhinoceros beetle. Desolation Row. Fig tart. Rhinoceros beetle. Via Dolorosa. Rhinoceros beetle. Singularity point. Giotto. Angel. Hydrangea. Rhinoceros beetle. Singularity point. Secret emperor.". The Green Baby takes an interest in Pucci. Suddenly, Whitesnake's hand punches through Pucci's hand, who extracts a sesamoid bone, like DIO's, and gives it to the Green Baby. Ecstatic, Pucci predicts that this will be the beginning of "everything". The Baby then proceeds to tear and devour Pucci's arm and pulls him inside of the bush as Pucci declares that he's "entering DIO's World".

Meanwhile, Jotaro's DISC has entered inside Anasui's body. Jolyne is unable to retrieve it and Anasui is bleeding to death, even if Jolyne stitches him. Desperate, Jolyne uselessly calls for someone, anyone to help her. At the same time, Anasui summons Diver Down and communicates with the remnants of Foo Fighters. For the sake of Jolyne, Anasui tells F.F. to take over his body and eject the DISC from his body.

Jolyne then sees a soul coming out of Anasui's body and fears the worst. However, it turns out to be Foo Fighters's soul. F.F. is glad that she can remember her friends even in death and reveals that she's simply cured Anasui's wound. Jolyne feels extremely confused as F.F. says goodbye to her and says that she will disappear. Elated that she had a spirit and intellect of her own, Foo Fighters is resigned to her fate and explains that even if Jolyne used the Foo Fighters DISC, it would be another individual who'd spawn. Glad to be able to salute Jolyne one more time, F.F. then disappears into the sky. Jolyne thus calls helplessly F.F.. On the ground, we can also hear Weather Report call for her.

Jail House Lock!

The priest Enrico Pucci leaves Green Dolphin Street Prison after the incident that saw nearly the whole population of the Ultra Security House Unit disappear in mysterious circumstances as well as the death of some prisoners and two rescue team members. The security level has been upped since then and Pucci must sign a log and leave the island on a designated truck. It is revealed that his appearance has changed considerably, with lines running on his skin and a new haircut, as well as the Joestar Birthmark on his neck. Pucci has no further use for the prison and with the Green Baby in "his possession", Pucci can proceed to the next step of his plan.

The memories Jotaro had reading DIO's Diary are now revealed. DIO lists several ingredients in order to reach "Heaven" including his Stand The World, a "trustworthy friend" with no earthly desires, and finally the lives of 36 sinners. DIO also gives a specific passcode that he engraved onto his Stand so as to not forget them in any circumstance. DIO planned on destroying The World momentarily and absorbing the souls of 36 sinners to give birth to something new which would recognize the trustworthy friend. Finally, they would need to reach a specific location: North latitude 28° 24', West longitude 80° 36'. There, they would wait for the new moon and then Heaven would come.

Emporio Alnino is shown sneaking through the nooks and crannies of Green Dolphin Street, noting how dangerous it has become to navigate the prison with the security having been upped to the point all staff members were given guns. Emporio calls out to Jolyne, who is locked inside of a cell. Jolyne has been bored out of her mind and gave herself a navel ring. She announces that she plans on getting out of prison. Emporio wants to stall, promising he'll contact the Speedwagon Foundation later, but Jolyne insists, saying that it was what Foo Fighters would do. Jolyne has learned from Jotaro's memory DISC what Pucci was after and is determined to stop him.

Still, Emporio is very worried. He explains that there is a reason that this prison holds many Stand Users but that nobody has been able to escape. Nobody has ever been able to get past the visiting rooms except Jotaro, and the prison holds one guard who must possess a power preventing all Stand Users from escaping. Emporio prefers to wait for now because it's the safest way but Jolyne insists on breaking out, even asking when is the new moon and where Pucci wants to go. However, Emporio hears footsteps and quickly hides.

A woman appears in the hallway, her Stand summoned and walking right in front of her. She then relays a message from "Whitesnake", who warns them against escaping and even promises not to impede her efforts to give the DISC back to Jotaro. Jolyne remains defiant with the woman, and asks her name, to which the woman presents herself as "Miu Miu" and her Stand "Jail House Lock". Jolyne quickly tries a surprise attack with Stone Free and punches the woman. However, she narrowly misses Miu Miu, and Jail House Lock has shifted into the bars themselves. Ignoring Miu Miu's last warning, Jolyne continues her attack... but suddenly finds herself punching the wall of her usual cell.

Jolyne falls out of her bed and is surprised that she's back in the women's ward with Gwess. Jolyne winces from the pain in her hand but when she takes a look at it, she sees instructions written on the back of her hand. The writings tell her to take the pen on her bed quickly, then assume that she can only learn three new things at a time and that she must defeat the Stand User Miu Miu. In fact, her body is covered in writings, which are revealed as numbered instructions. The next one is actually to go meet Emporio. Jolyne tries to remember what happened before and reminisces perfectly about the solitary confinement, talking with Emporio about escaping and following Pucci, and meeting Miu Miu. Jolyne sees that it's her own handwriting and realizes that she wrote this on herself, but doesn't remember doing this.

She asks Gwess why she's back in the women's ward but Gwess tries to ignore her. Jolyne asks her again, also asking why she's ignoring her, only to then ask for a pen. Gwess points out that she already has a pen, and Jolyne thus asks if Gwess thinks she wrote on herself, making Gwess even more uncomfortable. Jolyne reads the second message that reminds her that she can only learn three new things and she finally asks if she's been asking the same questions over and over again. Finally, Gwess takes out a paper from her pocket. The paper contains a message from Gwess informing her that the doctors have concluded that Jolyne entered a state of shock and lost her ability to learn more than three things. The message adds that she's been deemed fit to live in the women's ward and so the guards put her back two days ago. Gwess herself wishes her to get well. Jolyne realizes that she's under the effect of a Stand attack. Humorously, Jolyne's then distracted by a message reminding her to wear her panties, causing her to realize she's been going commando all along. Jolyne quickly puts her underwear on. When she stands up, Jolyne asks Gwess for a pen again and takes Gwess's pen.

She glances at the third instruction telling her to defeat Miu Miu and thus she asks Gwess if she knows anyone named Miu Miu. It turns out Gwess knows a Miu Miu in the women's ward, describing her as a pale woman with ratty blonde hair. Gwess also tells Jolyne that Miu Miu just walked by. When Jolyne gets out of the cell, she does see Miu Miu. Jolyne asks for confirmation on her appearance, to which Gwess lists Miu Miu's main features. However, the amount of information is such that Jolyne forgets everything and wonders again why she's in the women's ward.

Later, Jolyne finds herself in the cafeteria taking a lunch box. The caterer here asks her for her meal ticket but Jolyne doesn't have one and thus she snatches the box from Jolyne's hand and tells her to go away. Jolyne thinks she probably left the ticket in her cell and writes it down. However, she forgets why she went to her cell in the first place. Jolyne sees Gwess's lunch box on the desk and eats it, to the latter's dismay when she comes back as she wanted the cheese-flavoured penne. Gwess reminds Jolyne that she had her meal ticket all along, prompting Jolyne to go and get another lunch box for her Gwess but Gwess prefers to take the ticket and get one herself.

Gwess tells Jolyne to write a memo on herself. When she writes it, Jolyne glances over several instructions and remembers she needs to see Emporio about escaping the prison. However, Jolyne is unsure if she can sneak through the security in her condition. Humorously, Jolyne ends up in the cafeteria again and takes Gwess' lunch box, only to eat the penne a second time.

Suddenly, Miu Miu appears and sits at Jolyne's table. Jolyne somewhat recognizes her, but Miu Miu slams her shoe into Jolyne's tray. Jolyne gets angry, but Miu Miu overwhelms her with information by putting sauces on the tray, distracting Jolyne. Miu Miu then splashes Jolyne with coffee on purpose so that she can fake cleaning her up and she uses the chance to wipe some memos off Jolyne's arm. Miu Miu also steals Gwess's message about forgetting three things. Satisfied, she leaves, expecting the amnesia to wear down on Jolyne's spirit in the end.

Jolyne is only left with the memo that she can now only learn three things at a time and tries to remember the critical piece of information. She does remember finally and stitches on herself that she needs to meet Emporio. Jolyne decides to leave the final memo blank in order to focus on her objective. Meanwhile, in the ghost room, it is shown that Emporio was also affected by Jail House Lock and is stuck trying to pull a plug electrifying a puddle of water blocking the exit, but then remembering he has to tell something about Jolyne and getting shocked. For her part, Miu Miu has remembered a memo on Jolyne's arm telling her to meet a certain Emporio, but she doesn't know of any of Jolyne's allies going by this name. She prefers to forget about it, for now, sure that nobody will escape her.

Later, Jolyne finds herself in the video room watching a movie alongside several prisoners. However, she keeps forgetting the context and rewinds the scene endlessly, annoying the rest of the group to no end. Jolyne ends up getting thrown out. She then reads a 4-koma comic but naturally doesn't get the joke because she can't remember the context. Jolyne proceeds to spoil a movie for the audience. Jolyne has to focus her thoughts and remind herself of her path to Emporio's room. However, she notices Miu Miu close to her who steals glances at her hand. Seeing that she's got a memo reminding her to not trust anyone who looks at her hands, Jolyne decides to attack Miu Miu without thinking. Miu Miu evades the blow and runs away. Jolyne sees Jail House Lock and, realizing that she's the enemy, runs after her.

However, Jolyne ends up in an unfamiliar hallway, forgetting who she was chasing. A guard spots her and Jolyne realizes that she's the one being pursued. She narrowly avoids a shot from the guard and finds herself cornered between two groups of guards. However, when the guards converge on her position, they miss her completely and she seems to have disappeared. In truth, Jolyne unravelled her body and sneakily stuck herself to a guard's back. She's then able to approach the staircase leading to Emporio's room. Meanwhile, we see that Emporio has managed to identify the enemy as Miuccia Miuller, a head guard in charge of the visiting room and the front gate.

Jolyne sneaks into the ghost room, but she completely misses Miu Miu, who then discerns the crack on the wall.

When Jolyne enters the ghost room, she's also shocked by the puddle but nonetheless crosses it. Confused, Jolyne asks what's going on and Emporio answers that he spilt some water on the entrance. Emporio then notices Jolyne and asks her when she got here. Jolyne is distracted by the memos Emporio wrote on his hands and the conversation quickly degenerates as the two amnesiacs loop through irrelevant information. However, Emporio remembers he needed to print out something important.

Still, Miu Miu slips through the crack in the wall and sees Emporio. She also sees that Emporio identified her and deems it a crime against the security system of the prison. Miu Miu shoots Jolyne, who easily deflects the bullets with Stone Free. However, Miu Miu had also shot Emporio and his computer screen just before. Confident, Miu Miu shoots several bullets to overwhelm Jolyne, but Stone Free deflects the bullets as well, surprising Miu Miu. In fact, Jolyne managed to memorize all the bullets by looking at their reflection on the puddle, which only counts as one. Jolyne decides to also stitch the fact that she needs to avenge Emporio on her arm.

Worried, Miu Miu retreats back to the staircase and narrowly avoids a punch from Stone Free. She loses her handgun but reassures herself since the heroes won't identify her again with the computer broken. In the music room, Emporio looks at his broken computer, only remembering he needs to print out something. He doesn't have a printer, but Emporio does see a written instruction on his arm telling him to print out.

Meanwhile, in the staircase, Jolyne fights Miu Miu and her Jail House Lock. She has a power advantage and forces Miu Miu up the staircase. Jolyne deploys a string and ties her by the head, pulling her in, and Miu Miu is forced to call for reinforcements. Several guards notice the fight and, noticing their head guard being attacked, quickly converge on Jolyne. Distracted, Jolyne doesn't notice Miu Miu slipping away and she's taken by surprise by a violent arm swipe from Jail House Lock. Jolyne begins to be overwhelmed by Miu Miu and the sight of the guards converging, and she cannot defend herself properly. Jail House Lock sends her down the staircase as Miu Miu gloats and expects Jolyne to be shot on the spot by the guards. Already, dozens of guards are appearing behind Miu Miu to support her.

Suddenly, Emporio slips out of the corner and hands her a paper covered in 0s and 1s that Emporio calculated and written on the paper. Since it's a binary system, Araki bullshits us a bit by pretending that it only counts as two pieces of information and Stone Free is able to print out a portrait of Miu Miu. Seeing Miu Miu now, Jolyne has to ask if she's an enemy. Miu Miu doesn't see the portrait and remains dismissive, which only gives Jolyne the confirmation she needs. Stone Free then violently pummel Miu Miu.

The scene change to a supermarket. A woman sneakily puts some items between her and her baby to hide them as she gets out of the supermarket. As she walks out, the baby she carries on her chest is drawn to a shiny golden cross on someone's hat, and he slips. The woman also accidentally makes her groceries fall on the ground. Thankfully, the man catches the baby and groceries before anyone is hurt and is revealed to be Enrico Pucci. A grocer nearby sees Pucci sweating and breathing heavily and thus asks if he's alright, but Pucci assures him that he's well. Strange occurrences happen around Pucci. The hands of a wristwatch he grazes begin to accelerate and some nails start to grow rapidly on the woman's hand, startling him.

Pucci excuses himself and leaves, thinking about how it seems Whitesnake is not his Stand ability anymore and that he's losing control of his power. Yet, Pucci hopes that this power will enable him to fulfil his objective. Pucci's destination is set: the Kennedy Space Center situated in Cape Canaveral, with the new moon being in six days. The woman discovers that the eggs she's bought have hatched some chicks, but is even more horrified to see that her baby has half-turned into a grown man on his left side.

Back in Green Dolphin Street, Jolyne is holding Miu Miu hostage while dozens of guards from the top and bottom of the stairs aim at her. The guards look at the situation and are confused by Emporio's presence in prison, and Jolyne's presence, remembering that she was the only survivor from the Punishment Ward and that Miu Miu is being held hostage. Jolyne suddenly moves, prompting the guards to aim their guns in order to shoot her, but then Jolyne and Emporio are able to slip through the guards unimpeded. For their part, the guards don't even remember who they were supposed to shoot. Jolyne congratulates Miu Miu on her handy ability, having forced her to use Jail House Lock on the guards. The guards are kept confused by the amnesia, allowing Jolyne and Emporio to go through one of the security gates. On their way out, Jolyne and Emporio also find Ermes, who tags along as they escape the prison.

With Miu Miu out of commission, Jolyne, Emporio and Ermes are able to escape prison, with Jotaro Kujo's memory DISC in their possession. They must now go to the Kennedy Space Center in six days, before the new moon, to stop Pucci's plan.