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Kiss is my license...for revenge! (「キッス」は復讐の「許可証(ライセンス)」だという事を…ǃ, 'Kissu' wa fukushū no 'raisensu' da to iu koto o…ǃ)

Kiss (キッス, Kissu) is the Stand of Ermes Costello, featured in the sixth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Stone Ocean.

It is a short-range humanoid Stand that creates stickers. When a sticker is stuck onto an object, it creates a duplicate. When a sticker is removed, the two objects merge back together, causing severe damage.


Kiss Fullbody.png

Kiss is a humanoid Stand with an athletic build, similar to Ermes's.

It wears a dark jumpsuit along with light shoulder pads, knee pads, and gloves sharing a metallic texture. Along the middle of its torso is a vertical studded metallic slab engraved with its name, "KISS", and the letters are contained in separate circles.

Its head is bald with a metallic texture except for a couple of straight spikes pointing upward with round edges, giving it the appearance of a crown. It has two studs on the sides of its head that resemble ears.

Kiss is covered in lip-designed stickers, particularly on the neck, arms, and head. There are also individual stickers placed in between each letter on its torso.

Color Scheme

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
Body(Golden-yellow body, maroon jumpsuit)
(Golden and green body with pink spikes, plum jumpsuit)
Eyes(Light gray)
Body(Golden body, dark magenta jumpsuit)
Body(Golden body, dark purple jumpsuit)


Kiss is a powerful close-range Stand which compensates its short range with speed, physical strength and the versatility of its duplicating stickers.

Duplicating Stickers

Duplicating a belt...

Kiss is able to place lip-designed stickers on objects, causing them to rapidly produce an exact copy of the original.[1]

Ermes and Kiss are able to create distinctive square stickers out of their hands.[2] If they put a sticker on an object, an exact copy of it emerges with the sticker either remaining on the copy or the original. There is no restriction on how far the copy can be taken away from the object. If Ermes places a sticker on someone, the corresponding limb, be it a finger,[1] an arm[3] or the head,[4] will sprout out of the body like an additional body part. She is also free to use it on herself.[1] When Kiss’s sticker is placed on someone’s tongue it speaks concurrently with the affected individual.[5]

...and then destroying the copy

When the sticker is removed or destroyed, the two objects spring toward each other and fuse back into one object with great force, causing a fissure and effectively damaging it.[1] No matter the distance, the surrounding conditions like shifted gravity,[6] or the weight attached to them,[7] the two will always head toward each other, even broken parts of the copy will return to the original.[8] It allows Ermes to create traps by making it so the duplicate will fly at an enemy while returning to the original,[1] or depending on the object, to move rapidly from one place to another by hanging on to them.

Chapters / Episodes

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Video Games

Puzzle & Dragons (Android/iOS)

Kiss was obtainable for a limited time as an Assist Evolution in the mobile game Puzzle & Dragons.

PAD Kiss Assist.png
Attributes: WoodIcon2.png
Rarity: 6★ (Assist Evolution)
No. 9592
3,104 (Lvl.99)
2,470 (Lvl.99)
304 (Lvl.99)
Active Skill: "Sticker"
2x ATK for all allies & 2x max HP for 3 turns; board becomes 7x6 for 3 turns
Leader Skill: "N/A"


Name Variants

Kiss (キッス)Link to this section
Official Usage:
Japan Japanese
France French
Poland Polish
Used in Japan JOJOVELLER and various Netflix subtitles.
Name Variants:
Language Name Usage

Japan Romanization
United States of America English
Vietnam Vietnamese
Spain European Spanish
Mexico Latin American Spanish
Brazil Brazilian Portuguese
Denmark Danish
Netherlands Dutch
Germany German
Indonesia Indonesian
Italy Italian
Malaysia Malay
Norway Norwegian
Portugal Portuguese
Romania Romanian
Sweden Swedish
Turkey Turkish
Used in English Netflix subtitles.
Croatia Croatian
Used in Croatian Netflix subtitles.
Czech Republic Czech
Facka (Smack)
Used in Czech Netflix subtitles.
Hungary Hungarian
Pofon (Smack)
Used in Hungarian Netflix subtitles.
Finland Finnish
Läimäys (Smack)
Used in Finnish Netflix subtitles.
Greece Greek
ΦΙΛΙ (Kiss)
Used in Greek Netflix subtitles.
Russia Russian
Used in Russian Netflix subtitles.
Ukraine Ukrainian
Used in Ukrainian Netflix subtitles.
China Simplified Chinese
亲吻 (Kiss)
Used in Simplified Chinese Netflix subtitles.
China Traditional Chinese
親吻 (Kiss)
Used in Traditional Chinese Netflix subtitles.
South Korea Korean
키스 (Kiss)
Used in Korean Netflix subtitles.
Flag of the Arab League Arabic
القبلة (Kiss)
Used in Arabic Netflix subtitles.
Israel Hebrew
סמאק (Smack)
Used in Hebrew Netflix subtitles.
Flag of Thailand Thai
คิส (Kiss)
Used in Thai Netflix subtitles.


  • According to Araki, he had worked extra carefully to make sure Kiss's silhouette did not look too similar to her allies's Stands.[9]


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