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This is a list of minor characters featured in the sixth part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Stone Ocean.

Most characters in this section have very little information to warrant a character page, usually due to lack of relevance or backstory.

Stone Ocean

Pi-chanLink to this section

Gwess Pet.png

Pi-Chan Anime.PNG

Manga Debut: SO Chapter 4: Prisoner FE40536: Jolyne Cujoh, Part 1
Anime Debut: SO Episode 2: Stone Free
Voice Actor: Gen Sato (Japanese), Bill Rogers (English),[1] Aurore Saint-Martin (French)
A pet parakeet nicknamed Pi-chan (ピーちゃん Pī-chan) that Gwess hides in her pocket. The bird is revealed to actually be a prison guard who was shrunk by Goo Goo Dolls and forced to become Gwess's "pet".

The guard was fired because of his laziness and supposedly went home. But, in reality, Gwess used her Stand to shrink him. Adorning the skin of a dead parakeet, he is forced to act like a cute animal and eat scraps that she feeds him. She forces him to fly and stand on her finger, but the man remains immobile since it would be a difficult task to do within his costume. Gwess yells at him to try and the man actually ends up successful, but makes a "whoa" sound upon landing. Angered that he slipped out of his role, Gwess begins to squeeze him but Jolyne rescues the bird with Stone Free. However, Jolyne takes off the parakeet's head only to find the man was already killed with his limbs torn apart by Goo Goo Dolls.

SharonLink to this section

Prostitute Prisoner.png

Sharon Prostitute Anime.png

Manga Debut: SO Chapter 55: Kiss of Love and Revenge, Part 5
Anime Debut: SO Episode 13: Kiss of Love and Revenge, Part 1
Voice Actor: Asami Takano (Japanese), Larissa Gallagher (English)
Sharon (シャロン) is a female inmate making money as a prostitute. Sports Maxx calls her a Bitch (ビッチ Bitchi). He tries to solicit her but because he is invisible, the female inmate kicks another prisoner, mistaking him for a groper. Maxx finally devours her when she realizes that he is a zombie. She then becomes an invisible zombie herself and attacks Jolyne and Ermes.

She is only named in the anime.

DavidLink to this section
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 75: Father: Jotaro Kujo, Daughter: Jolyne Cujoh (Flashback)
David is a boy who dropped his wallet with $5 in it which was picked up by Jolyne when she was 14 years old. He is omitted from the anime.
Ron the ViperLink to this section


Ron the Viper Anime.png

Manga Debut: SO Chapter 99: Jail House Lock!, Part 4
Anime Debut: SO Episode 24: Jailbreak…
Ron the Viper (マムシのロン Mamushi no Ron) is a fictitious new prisoner in a 4-koma humorous comic book with a style reminiscent of Tohth's predictions. There's a Boss Spider that lives in his cell on the window. Ron introduces himself to the spider.

The cop with him then points out another spider which is half-dead. Ron greets the half-dead spider while flexing and picking his teeth. Jolyne has no idea how the comic is supposed to be funny but the prisoner sitting beside her thinks it's hilarious.

Mickey MouseLink to this section
Mickey Mouse.png
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 104: Bohemian Rhapsody, Part 1 (Mentioned only)
Mickey Mouse (ミッキーマウス Mikkī Mausu) is a fictional Disney character.

Mickey is manifested by Bohemian Rhapsody when Anasui and Weather Report are nearby Disney World Resort. While getting a ride on a man's truck, Anasui notices that Mickey is missing from a guidebook for the resort. Frustrated that it can't be Disney without Mickey, Anasui notices Mickey's tail hiding behind a cart in the back of the truck. However, the mouse quickly disappears and Diver Down grabs Pinocchio instead.

Araki originally wanted to have Mickey Mouse fully appear, but his editing department rejected it so he could only have the tail showing.[2]

Eventually he is sent back to his books.

PinocchioLink to this section
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 104: Bohemian Rhapsody, Part 1
Pinocchio (ピノキオ Pinokio) is the fictional protagonist of the children's novel The Adventures of Pinocchio by Italian writer Collodi. Pinocchio's nose grows if he tells a lie.

Anasui first encounters Pinocchio after he is manifested by Bohemian Rhapsody, Diver Down attempts to attack Pinocchio when he interrupts and says that children all around the world would be sad if he gets hit. When Anasui asks him if he's working together with the other character they found, Pinocchio lies and says he's alone, causing his nose to extend which hits Anasui in the face. He apologizes and reveals he wasn't completely lying since Mickey already left the truck.

Pinocchio later asks Weather who he's a fan of, but Weather tells him to go away before he beats him up. He reveals that Anasui's soul was separated from his body, and it happened because Anasui wished it to happen, as would anybody who ever wished to visit a fictional world. Since Pinocchio wouldn't answer Anasui's question, Diver Down decapitates him and destroys his face. Anasui's soul then returns to his body.

Eventually when all of the characters return to their books, Pinocchio remains the only one missing as Anasui killed him.

Snow White and The Seven DwarfsLink to this section
Snow White 7 Dwarves.png
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 105: Bohemian Rhapsody, Part 2
Snow White (白雪姫 Shirayukihime) and The Seven Dwarfs (七人のこびとたち Nana-Nin no Koibito Tachi) are fictional characters from the Grimms fairy tale Snow White. Pinocchio points out three of the Seven Dwarfs carrying the apple that Snow White bit into to Anasui. Anasui uses Diver Down to grab the apple only to find out that all seven are on his back. They tell him that he can bite into the apple, claiming that Snow White had only choked on it instead of it being porpoised as she never actually digested it. The Dwarfs critique Snow White for taking a bite out of the apple when an old lady gave it to her. The Dwarfs explain to Anasui that they are very careful, using how they check valentine chocolates as an example. The Dwarfs state that Snow White is very careless making them want to protect her.

In response to Pinocchio's question to Anasui of who he was a fan of, one says he like the T-2000, another stating he like one of the Dwarfs and Chewbacca, the aforementioned dwarf claims that he likes Snow White the best. The same three Dwarfs complain about bad rumors claiming that they do sexual acts with Snow White in her sleep, stating that their relationship is is completely platonic.

They point out to Anasui who is yelling Weather Report to stop eating the apple and reading the book, that he is the one who told Weather Report to do so. They also show concern when Anasui's body is seen under the truck.

After the truck crashes all Seven Dwarfs are shown to have survived thanks to Weather using his stand. They set off to go rescue Snow White who had been thrown off by a nearby Burger King, just before being able to point out Astro Boy, Mazinger Z and Tetsujin 28-go.

Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs can be seen with Prince Charming right before Anasui is attacked by Mother Goat and the Seven Young Goats celebrating that Snow White is awake. The Seven Dwarfs also tell Anasui that Wolf of the story is always the bad guy making him realize that he is turning into the Wolf.

Three of The Dwarfs also jump in excitement as The Mother Goat appears out of her book.

Eventually all of the characters return to their books.

Astro Boy, Mazinger Z and Tetsujin 28-goLink to this section
Astro Boy, Mazinger Z and Tetsujin 28-go.png
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 106: Bohemian Rhapsody, Part 3
Based off of the fictional characters Astro Boy, Mazinger Z and Tetsujin 28-go. Astro Boy, Mazinger Z and Tetsujin 28-go are pointed out by the Seven Dwarves flying above Anasui, Weather Report, The Seven Dwarves, and Little Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Wolf, after a truck crash.

Eventually all of the characters return to their books.

Little Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad WolfLink to this section
Big Bad Wolf Riding Hood.gif
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 106: Bohemian Rhapsody, Part 3
Based off of the characters Little Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Wolf. The old man that was driving the truck Anasui and Weather Report were riding in, had slowly became he Big Bad Wolf after the crash, he quickly attacked Anasui who had been separated from his body. Anasui used Diver Down from his body on bus. The same bus was carrying Weather and Little Red Riding Hood.

Eventually all of the characters return to their books. However it is undetermined if The Old Man returned to his body or stayed dead.

Spider-ManLink to this section
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 107: Bohemian Rhapsody, Part 4
Based on the fictional character Spider-Man. Spider-Man is seen reaching out to some kids to shake one of their hand before the kid's ladder is knocked over by Anasui. Eventually he returns to his books.

In Fujiko's Bizarre Worldly Wisdom, one of Fujiko Fujiyama's clients commissions her to make an erotic pairing of Spider-Man and Deadpool.

Kenshiro and RaohLink to this section
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 107: Bohemian Rhapsody, Part 4 (Mentioned only)
Based on the fictional characters Kenshiro and Raoh from Fist of the North Star. It is said on a news report that Kenshiro had killed Raoh in East Shinjuku, after Raoh had managed to kill several other fantasy characters. A witness claimed it had went accordingly exactly to the original story. The whole incident caused mass damage and confusion to the city.

Eventually all of the characters return to their books.

Mother Goat and Seven Young GoatsLink to this section
Mother Goat and Kids.gif
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 107: Bohemian Rhapsody, Part 4
Based off of fictional characters from the story The Wolf and the Seven Young Goats. The Youngest Goat is found in the grand father clock by Anasui who was looking for his body. The Youngest Goat runs away screaming with fury at Anasui for eating The Goat's brothers. The Young Goats tells the story of The Wolf and Seven Young Goats to Anasui, explaining how as The Wolf Anasui is destined to get cut open by The Mother Goat and drown.

The Other Six Young Goats cry out to their mother Anasui's stomach. As Anasui is distracted by The Youngest Goat's joy to hearing his brothers are still alive, The Mother Goat uses her scissors to cut two out of the six Young Goats out of Anasui's Stomach enraged at him. Anasui uses Diver Down to try and attack The Mother Goat only for her to tell him that he cannot change the story by killing her since the story is already written. The Youngest Goat exclaims that there are still more Goats in Anasui. Anasui then tries to escape by running behing a door and fusing it to the wall with Diver Down, the door quickly folds over like pages of a book allowing the Goats to attack. Since, you cannot change the story.

The Mother Goat and Three of her Children chase Anasui down, however he uses Diver Down to escape onto a police car. This is found to be ineffective since when Anasui opens the car door, it reversals itself to be the cover of a book that allows The Goats to cut two more Goats out of Anasui. They also continue to fill him with rocks regardless of the fact that there should be two more Goats.

Anasui falls off the car along with the Goats into Weather Report. The Goats start to fill Anasui even more, and sew him up as he starts to drown. They all celebrate due to the story playing out.

Eventually all of the characters return to their books.

Prince CharmingLink to this section
Prince Charming.png
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 107: Bohemian Rhapsody, Part 4
Based off of the fictional character Prince Charming. The Chocolate Store Clerk that had been absorbed into the story of Snow White and The Seven Dwarves. After saving Snow White, he goes off to live happily ever after like the story, telling Anasui that he had always dreamed of being Snow White's Prince.

It is presumed that the Character is returned to his books, while the Store Clerk returned to his body.

The Birth of VenusLink to this section
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 108: Bohemian Rhapsody, Part 5
The Birth of Venus (ヴィーナスの誕生 Vīnasu no tanjō) is a 15th century painting by Botticelli. The painting is based on the Venus Anadyomene. Materialized by the ability of Bohemian Rhapsody, Venus herself appears nude in the Piazza della Signoria in Italy. She was being recorded on live television uncensored, however all footage taken of her seemed to fade away after she returned to her paintings.
Peter Pan and TinkerbellLink to this section
Peter Pan and Tinkerbell.png
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 110: Bohemian Rhapsody, Part 7
Based off of the fictional characters Peter Pan and Tinkerbell. Peter Pan and Tinkerbell can be seen by Ungalo from the plane he is in.

Eventually all of the characters return to their books.

Once Put Back is brought to life Peter Pan and Tinkerbell being in a book instead of next to Ungalo is what tells him that he has been defeated.

Put BackLink to this section
Put Back Hero.png
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 110: Bohemian Rhapsody, Part 7
The tentatively named Put Back (PUT BACK Putto Bakku) is a fictional hero created by Weather Report, and drawn by the portrait of Van Gogh, during the conflict with Bohemian Rhapsody in order to bring back the characters the Stand brought to life.

It is also believed that he had returned himself as well.

Memory of Sports MaxxLink to this section
Sports Maxx Memory.png
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 120: Under World, Part 2
This memory of Sports Maxx (スポーツ・マックス Supōtsu Makkusu) was summoned by Donatello Versus's Stand, Under World. As Ermes Costello is investigating Under World's hole, the memory materializes in front of her and tells her how Under World works, before dragging her down the hole. Ermes eventually destroys the memory.
Sergeant McCoyLink to this section
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 121: Under World, Part 3
McCoy is a policeman who inspected Under World's hole at the hospital.
Wes BluemarineLink to this section
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 127: Heavy Weather, Part 3
Namesake: Blumarine (Blufin fashion line)
Wes Bluemarine (ウェス・ブルーマリン Wesu Burūmarin) was a newborn who died before seeing the light of the sun. His mother swapped his dead body with Domenico Pucci, who was born the same day and lived without knowing this story.
People Seen During Time AccelerationLink to this section
Miss Jones, Kenichi, and Rocky.gif
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 150: Made in Heaven, Part 2
Miss Jones (ミス・ジョーンズ Misu Jōnzu) is a guest on a TV show when the time acceleration begins. Mrs. Yoshimura is an unseen woman who received a call from the wrong number during the time acceleration. Kenichi is a man seen making love with his girlfriend. Rocky is an employee who solidified in a freezing room.


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