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Jean Pierre Polnareff appears as a playable character in the Capcom game. In Heritage for the Future, a separate incarnation is included named Anubis Dual-Wielding Polnareff (アヌビス二刀流ポルナレフ, Anubisu Nitōryū Porunarefu), referred to as "Black Polnareff" in the English localization.

Moveset & Gameplay

Unlike the rest of the cast, Polnareff is a charge character, relying on the use of charge commands. He has amazing normals - Stand Off and On - that dominates neutral on offense and defense, can build meter with ease and has great mix-up potential, making Polnareff a well-rounded character that can work with any playstyle. Nonetheless, he is flawed in certain areas such as having a very poor okizeme and being unable to block during his Shooting Star special.






Unique Attack (特殊技)
Stand Remote Control
(F).png + A2.png STAND
Stand Appearance Attack
(Qcf).png + S.png NORMAL
Special Move (必殺技)
Million Pricks
A1.png (Repeatedly)
Ray Dart
(B).png (Hold), (F).png +A1.png
Shooting Star
(D).png (Hold), (U).png +A1.png (Hold (D).png to Charge)
Needle Pierce
(Qcb).png + A1.png (Hold (D).png to Wait, or Press S.png to Cancel) STAND
Super Combo (スーパーコンボ)
Armor Takeoff
(Qcf).png + A2.png
Last Shot
(Qcb).png + A2.png IN AIR OK
Glimpse of Requiem
(Hcb).png + A2.png (Level 3 Gauge)
(Notes: Can double jump while in Stand Mode and triple jump during Stand remote control.)
(※ Only available in Heritage for the Future.)

Story Mode

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Polnareff's Story Mode follows his adventure as he accompanies Joseph Joestar to save his daughter. He appears as a battle when playing as one of DIO's assassins.

The PS1's Super Story Mode follows his journey in more detail, adapting fights that couldn't be featured in other versions of the game.

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Stage 1
(Muhammad Avdol Stage 1)
Stage 2
(Devo the Cursed Stage 2)
Stage 3
(N'Doul Stage 3)
Stage 4
(Midler Stage 4)
Stage 5
(Chaka Stage 5)
Stage 6
(Alessi Stage 6)
Stage 7
(Vanilla Ice Stage 7)
Stage 8
(DIO Stage 8)

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The Man with the Star Birthmark (Extra)
(星のアザをもつ男 Hoshi no Aza o Motsu Otoko)

Polnareff recounts his meeting with DIO one year ago. DIO offered to relieve Polnareff of the memories that were troubling him, and implanted a flesh bud within him after battling him. Polnareff was then ordered to dispose of the Joestar group.
Secret Factor: The flesh bud influenced him to side with him. (肉の芽で仲間に引き込まれていた)

Have Evil Incarnate Dio use his Charisma! super move.
Unleash Your Vengeance!
(恨みをぶちまけろ! Urami o Buchimakero!)

The group arrives in Singapore and checks into a hotel. Polnareff senses an enemy hiding in his room, who emerges from the room's minifridge and introduces himself as Devo the Cursed. Though Polnareff wastes no time attacking him, Devo announces that Polnareff will be cursed by his grudge, and his Stand Ebony Devil possesses a nearby doll. After the battle, Polnareff interrogates Ebony Devil about the man with two right hands; Devo refuses to respond, inciting Polnareff to slice the doll apart.
Secret Factor: I'll have to slice him up real good! (メッタやたらに突くしかねえ)

End the fight with Polnareff's Million Split special move.
The Wandering Emperor
(さすらいの皇帝(エンペラー) Sasurai no Enperā)

The group arrives at Calcutta, where Polnareff is challenged by gunslinger Hol Horse. As Hol Horse fires at him, Polnareff summons his Stand Silver Chariot to cut the bullet, only to watch as it dodges his sword: in actuality, Hol Horse's gun and bullets are part of his Stand, Emperor. Avdol arrives in the nick of time and knocks Polnareff out of the bullet's path, but another Stand appears in the reflection of the puddle beneath him, distracting him and Polnareff long enough for the bullet to enter his forehead. As Kakyoin arrives on the scene, Hol Horse and the reflection Stand, Hanged Man, taunt a distraught Polnareff, who realizes that the latter Stand belongs to the man who murdered his sister. After the fight, Kakyoin and Polnareff track down Hanged Man's user, J. Geil. J. Geil hides Hanged Man in the eyes of a crowd of people to attack. However, Kakyoin throws a coin in the air, allowing Polnareff to split the Stand apart as it travels to its destination. With J. Geil defenseless, Polnareff seizes the opportunity to slice him up. J. Geil's body lands upside-down on a nearby fence; as Kakyoin points out, he is now a hanged man himself.
Secret Factor: Bastard! You're running away?! (野郎!逃げる気かッ)

End the fight via Time Over.
The Terrifying Lovers (Mini-Game)
(恐ろしき恋人 Osoroshiki Koibito)

The group travels to Karachi. An enemy Stand, Lovers, infiltrates Joseph's body, forcing Kakyoin and Polnareff to shrink their own Stands and fight it from the inside. The fight against Lovers takes the form of a sidescrolling shooting game. Silver Chariot can be used to directly attack obstacles in all directions, while Hierophant Green can shoot Emerald Splash in front of itself and use its tentacles to draw shapes that attack any obstacles within them. Power-ups that increase Chariot's range and the power of Hierophant's Emerald Splash can be obtained from defeated enemies. After the battle, Jotaro finds Lovers's user, Steely Dan. Steely Dan withdraws his Stand and begs for forgiveness, and Jotaro promises that if they meet again he'll be on the receiving end of a beatdown. As soon as Jotaro turns his back, however, Steely Dan pulls out a knife, only to find that he cannot move; Kakyoin has tied Hierophant's tentacle around Lovers, paralyzing it. Steely Dan offers Jotaro the down payment DIO hired him with, but Jotaro refuses the offer and delivers the promised beatdown, incapacitating him.
Secret Factor: You don't know your enemy very well, do you? (おまえは敵を知らなすぎたようだな)
Clear the stage with 120,000 points:

  • 100 points are awarded for destroying an enemy.
  • 300 points are awarded for destroying a tentacle.
  • 500 points are awarded for destroying a false Hierophant Green.
  • 500 points are awarded whenever a power-up appears or is collected.
  • 5000 points are awarded for defeating each of the two giant Lovers.
  • 1000 points are awarded for destroying one of the Lovers' giant tentacles.
  • 10000 points are awarded for clearing the stage.
  • 1000 points multiplied by the player's health are awarded for clearing the stage.
The Sword of Anubis
(アヌビスの剣 Anubisu no Tsurugi)

The Joestar group takes a boat to Kom Ombo, where Polnareff crosses paths with an enemy named Chaka, wielder of the sword Anubis. After the fight, Polnareff lets Chaka live, albeit out of commission, and decides to take his sheathed sword.
Secret Factor: This rapier is Chariot's secret. (この剣針はチャリオッツの奥の手だぜ)

End the fight with Polnareff's Last Shot super move.
I Don't Want to Be Young Again
(若がえりは御免 Wakagaeri wa Gomen)

Polnareff senses an enemy following him, but is too slow to react and is temporarily turned into a child by his Stand, Sethan. The enemy, Alessi, gloats about how much he loves to bully little boys. After the fight, Jotaro confronts a wounded Alessi, who manages to turn him into a child. However, even without a Stand, the young Jotaro manages to beat Alessi up; once the ability is lifted, a restored Jotaro and Polnareff waste no time finishing him off.
Secret Factor: You've become a kid agaaaain! (子供になっちまってるウウウ)

Have Alessi turn Polnareff into a child at least once.
The Soul-Stealing Gamble (Mini-Game)
(魂を奪うギャンブル Tamashī o Ubau Gyanburu)




The Joestar group travels to Giza, where a gambler named Daniel J. D'Arby challenges Polnareff to see which of two pieces of meat a cat will eat first. Polnareff guesses incorrectly, and D'Arby takes his soul with his Stand Osiris, incidentally revealing that the cat is his. In order to save Polnareff, Joseph bets his soul on a game involving dropping coins in a glass of water; whoever drops the coin that makes it spill loses. D'Arby cheats at the game and drops more coins than the glass should handle, causing Joseph to mentally surrender and forfeit his soul. Fed up with D'Arby's antics, Jotaro challenges the gambler to his favorite game, poker. Should the player choose to bluff, Jotaro chooses not to look at his cards before betting Avdol's soul, as well as his mother's. D'Arby, unable to know if Star Platinum looked at or swapped his cards, goes insane under the pressure and folds, putting him out of commission.
Secret Factor: I'd have been horrified if I knew. (もし知っていたらゾッとしたぜ)

Win either the cat or coin mini-game, or win the poker mini-game by bluffing.
The Predictions are Absolute
(予知は絶対 Yochi wa Zettai)

The group finally arrives in Cairo, where the newly-formed team of Hol Horse and Boingo is waiting for them. Polnareff notices Hol Horse and holds him at swordpoint, but is distracted by Boingo from beneath a box. After the fight, Boingo escapes despite Hol Horse being retired. Boingo realizes that revenge isn't a cause worth living for and kicks his box away, declaring his intention not to live in fear anymore; the box hits Iggy, who attacks and hospitalizes Boingo, destroying his newfound confidence.
Secret Factor: I missed! What's going on here?! (ハズレたァッ!どういうことだ!?)

End the fight without being hit by any of Hol Horse's bullets.
The Dark Void's Trajectory
(暗黒空間の軌跡 Ankoku Kūkan no Kiseki)

With both Avdol's flames and Iggy's nose on their side, Avdol is certain that nothing can sneak up on the group. Just then, a Stand appears behind Avdol out of thin air. Avdol pushes Polnareff and Iggy out of the Stand's way, but immediately vanishes. The Stand's user, Vanilla Ice, declares Avdol dead, as he has disappeared into his Stand Cream's void. Though Polnareff refuses to believe Avdol's death, Vanilla Ice declares his intent to scatter the entire group's atoms inside his void. After the fight, a weakened Polnareff sacrifices himself for a severely-wounded Iggy, only for the dog to use the last of his energy to save him instead. Polnareff stabs Vanilla Ice to death, but he immediately recovers; realizing his enemy is a vampire, Polnareff slices open a wall, exposing him to sunlight and disintegrating him. After briefly seeing Avdol and Iggy's souls ascending, Polnareff resolves to move deeper into the mansion toward DIO.
Secret Factor: Too slow, Vanilla Ice! (のろいぜヴァニラ・アイス)

End the fight with Polnareff's Throw.
Make Sure He's Dead
(完全なるとどめ Kanzen Naru Todome)

Polnareff suddenly attacks DIO from above, managing to stab his head. However, DIO simply stops time and punches Polnareff in the head, knocking him to the ground. After the fight, DIO states his intention to finish off Jotaro first and bring the Joestar Egypt Tour Group to an end.
Secret Factor: Go straight to hell, DIO! (くたばりやがれッ!DIO)

End the fight with Polnareff's Shooting Star special move.


L.pngPS Square.png Color A

Cover of Chapter 205 and Volume 17

H.pngPS Circle.png Color C


A B C Stand Start

PolnareffWithStand.GIF PolnareffWithStand color1.GIF PolnareffWithStand color2.GIF PolnareffWithStand color3.GIF PolnareffWithStand color4.GIF
PolChallenger.png BPolChallenger.png CPolChallenger.png StandPolChallenger.png StartPolChallenger.png


  • Due to the game being released around the same time as Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes, his theme has an audible similarity with Strider Hiryu's, a detail that has persisted with fans to this day. Even his move, Armor Takeoff is frequently compared to Hiryu's Hyper Combo, Ragnarok as well.

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