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Iggy or Iggi in the English localization, appears as a playable character in the Capcom games. He was part of the original roster in JoJo's Venture.

Command List & Gameplay

Iggy appears as one of the most unusual playable characters in the roster. Without his Stand active, many attacks are ineffective against him due to his small hitbox. However, this is almost never a surefire defense mechanism and players are usually forced to take to the offensive using charge attacks.

Most of Iggy's attacks consist of him jumping, barking and biting when without the Stand. When The Fool is activated, Iggy's attacks change to strong versions of punches and dash attacks done by The Fool. His Sand Magic attack and floating ability are also useful for getting Iggy out of tight spots.

Unique Attack (特殊技)
(U).png (In mid-air) STAND
Stand Appearance Attack
(Qcf).png + S.png NORMAL
Special Move (必殺技)
Sand Crush
(B).png (Hold), (F).png + A1.png
Sand Attack
(D).png (Hold), (U).png + A1.png
Sand Clutch
(Hcb).png + A1.png
Sand Magic
(Dp).png + A1.png / (Rdp).png + A1.png
Super Combo (スーパーコンボ)
Big Sand Wave
(Qcf).png + A2.png
Sand Storm
L.png, L.png, (F).png, M.png, H.png
(Notes: Can air dash while Stand On.)

Story Mode

Iggy's Story Mode follows his adventure as he reluctantly accompanies the Joestar Group in Egypt.

The PS1's Super Story Mode follows his journey in more detail.

Story Mode
Secret Boss
Link to this section Dialogue

One day, Avdol met Iggy, a stray dog from New York with incredible talents.
Avdol: This dog can wield a Stand! He might be a great help to us...
Iggy has joined Jotaro and company on their quest to defeat DIO.

Jotaro: Is that... our new comrade!?
Kakyoin: It can't be...!
Polnareff: Hey! Are you saying that this DOG is joining us in our fight!?
Avdol: Don't get any closer! You don't know what you're getting yourself into!
Polnareff: Wahhh! Why, you! I'll punish you!

Iggy: Grrrrrr! (You must be... immortal!)
DIO: Guh... Guh... die like the dog you are!!
Iggy: Gaaaahh! (Embrace oblivion!)
DIO: No... It can't be!... How could I lose? DIO cannot be beaten!!
Iggy: Guh... Guh...
Polnareff: Iggy... You've done it! It's finally over!

After Iggy defeats DIO, he returns to New York.
Iggy: Fuwaaa... (yawn)
He becomes the emperor of stray dogs once again...
...and lives a luxurious and peaceful life with his girlfriend...
...But is this really the end?

The Ice Bird
(氷の鳥 Kōri no Tori)

The Joestar group hires an informant to find DIO's mansion. As Iggy is wandering through town, he watches as the informant is crushed by a giant icicle in front of the building he seeks. The culprit is a Stand-using bird named Pet Shop, wielder of the ice Stand Horus. Despite Iggy's better judgement, he engages the bird knowing it cannot let him get away. After the battle, Iggy gloats over his victory but realizes it means an end to his carefree life without battle. For now, Iggy decides to tell the group where DIO's mansion is, as an act of revenge against his foe.
Secret Factor: I- I'll just hide in here for a while... (し、しばらくここに隠れていよう)
Block an attack at least ten times.

The Joestar group finally arrives at DIO's mansion. Telence T. D'Arby, Daniel's younger brother, greets them at the door and effortlessly dodges a punch from Star Platinum. An illusory Stand creates a hole in the mansion's floor, which Telence drags Jotaro, Joseph, and Kakyoin into. As they are sucked in, Joseph commands Avdol to burn the mansion if they do not return in ten minutes; after ten minutes pass, the remaining three heroes decide to enter the mansion themselves. The player must choose between following Polnareff or Jotaro, leading them to Stages 28 and 29 or Stage 30 respectively.


A B C Stand Start

Spriteiggy.PNG IggySpriteB.png IggySpriteC.png IggySpriteStand.png IggySpriteStart.png
IggyChallengerA.png IggyChallengerB.png IggyChallengerC.png IggyChallengerStand.png IggyChallengerStart.png

Victory Lines

Quote.png Victory Lines
Show AllEnglishJapaneseRomaji
  • Igigigi igi igi...! (Are you always so careless with pets?) (イギギ イギイギ (バカは死ぬ 不用心なヤツは死ぬんだぜ))
  • Fooooh, fooooh! (I didn't know they made em' this dumb!) (フゴーッ フゴーッ (マヌケかー てめーはよォーっ))
  • Agigi! Gaw! (My bite is worse than my bark!!) (アギギ (やったぜ ざまあみろ))
  • Kyah kyah! (I got you good this time!) (キャキャッ (やりィ~!だまされるとは頭悪いぜッ!))
  • Gafuuuhhh! (You're bleeding... Don't move.) (ガフーッ (その出血だ…動かねえ方がいいぜ))
  • Gugaga! (A fun fight isn't always an easy one!) (グガガ (甘いぜッ!))
  • Woof Woof!! (I'm goin' to use you like a fire hydrant!) (アウアウ (モタモタすんなッ!マヌケ!!))
  • Awooooh! Wah wah! (You're too much trouble for me... Bye!) (アウオオオオ! (トラブルはごめんだぜ…アバヨ!))


Unused Kanji referencing Akuma's Raging Demon
  • Iggy has an unused sprite that is likely related to the "Sand Storm" super, parodying Akuma's Shun Goku Satsu (Raging Demon) from Street Fighter Series. The kanji (犬) means "Dog" in Japanese, referencing the "Heaven" kanji (天) associated with Akuma.

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