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Noriaki Kakyoin appears as a playable character in the Capcom games. He was part of the original roster in JoJo's Venture.

In Heritage for the Future, a separate incarnation is included, referred to as Fearless Kakyoin (恐怖をのり越えた花京院) or New Kakyoin in the English Localization.

Command List & Gameplay

Easily one of the most powerful and mindgame-rich character, Kakyoin can take almost anyone on, provided he can properly zone, bait and punish. This allows him to provide a serious challenge to powerful characters like Jotaro and DIO. He has limited options up close, but is a very dangerous character played with range. With the Stand activated, he can dash and double jump in the air. He also has one of the longest reaches in terms of physical attacks - particularly with his Stand attack. His command throws likewise inflict significant damage depending on button presses.

Unique Attack (特殊技)
Remote Control
(F).png + A2.png STAND
Stand Appearance Attack
(Qcf).png + S.png NORMAL
Special Move (必殺技)
Emerald Splash
(Qcf).png + A1.png
Mystic Cloak
(B).png, (Hcb).png + A1.png (Hold A1.png and release to attack)
Mystic Trap
(Qcb).png + A1.pngIN AIR OK
Super Combo (スーパーコンボ)
Super Emerald Splash
(Qcf).png + A2.png
Indy's Arm
(Qcb).png + A2.png
Punishment Time
L.png, L.png, (F).png, M.png, S.png STAND
Hierophant Finish
(Dp).png + A2.png
(Notes: Can double jump and air dash while in Stand Mode. Can also triple jump during remote control.)
(※ Only available in Heritage for the Future.)

Story Mode

Kakyoin's Story Mode follows his adventure as he accompanies Jotaro Kujo to save his mother.

The PS1's Super Story Mode follows his journey in more detail.

Story Mode
Secret Boss
Link to this section Dialogue

Kakyoin: The following is what happened when I visited the Nile, in Egypt...
Kakyoin: The one known as "DIO" spoke with me...
DIO: I know that you are gifted with rare abilities beyond that of mere humans...
DIO: Why don't you use your powers to work for me?
Kakyoin: At that moment, I could feel the fear tearing through my heart...
DIO: You don't have to be afraid. Calm down, Kakyoin. We could be good friends...

DIO: If you showed me a demonstration of your strength, I would appreciate it.
Kakyoin: Wha... what?
DIO: Now, it's time for us to fight!

Kakyoin: DIO! I'll never lose!
DIO: Ugh... Hah... Die Kakyoin!!
Kakyoin: That monster... What a pain... At last... I've defeated him. Ugh...

After Kakyoin defeats DIO, he joins Jotaro on a plane headed back to Japan.
Kakyoin: .............Ugh!
Jotaro: What's wrong, Kakyoin? Are you wounded?
Kakyoin: N... No... I'm fine.
Kakyoin: Rest in peace, Avdol and Iggy...
Kakyoin: It's over... now...
Kakyoin: (I guess I'll be joining you soon...)
Kakyoin: ........................
Jotaro: Are you okay, Kakyoin? We'll be home soon!
Jotaro: Ka... Kakyoin! Kakyoin!!! Nooooooo!!!!

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DIO's Curse (Extra)
(DIOの呪縛 DIO no Jubaku)

Kakyoin remembers his meeting with DIO, who approached him and asked to test his unique ability. After the fight, DIO implanted a flesh bud into Kakyoin's brain, influencing him into pledging his undying loyalty to DIO.
Secret Factor: That's a flesh bud made of DIO's cells. (それはDIOの細胞からなる「肉の芽」)

Have Evil Incarnate DIO use his "Charisma" super move.
Strange Insect Attack!
(奇虫襲撃! Kimushi Shūgeki!)

On the plane to Egypt, an enemy Stand named Tower of Gray suddenly begins ripping out the other passengers' tongues. Though the enemy proves to be faster than Jotaro's Star Platinum, Kakyoin steps up to eliminate it himself. After the fight, the Stand's user is revealed to be an old man named Gray Fly. However, Tower of Gray has already killed the pilots, causing the plane to begin crashing. As Gray Fly dies, Joseph is forced to take control of the plane, remarking that this is the third plane crash he's been in.
Secret Factor: I already extended Hierophant's tentacles... (すでに法皇の触脚がのびていたのだ)

End the fight with Kakyoin's "Indy's Arm" super move.
The Terrifying Lovers (Mini-Game)
(恐ろしき恋人 Osoroshiki Koibito)

The group travels to Karachi. An enemy Stand, Lovers, infiltrates Joseph's body, forcing Kakyoin and Polnareff to shrink their own Stands and fight it from the inside. The fight against Lovers takes the form of a sidescrolling shooting game. Silver Chariot can be used to directly attack obstacles in all directions, while Hierophant Green can shoot Emerald Splash in front of itself and use its tentacles to draw shapes that attack any obstacles within them. Power-ups that increase Chariot's range and the power of Hierophant's Emerald Splash can be obtained from defeated enemies. After the battle, Jotaro finds Lovers's user, Steely Dan. Steely Dan withdraws his Stand and begs for forgiveness, and Jotaro promises that if they meet again he'll be on the receiving end of a beatdown. As soon as Jotaro turns his back, however, Steely Dan pulls out a knife, only to find that he cannot move; Kakyoin has tied Hierophant's tentacle around Lovers, paralyzing it. Steely Dan offers Jotaro the down payment DIO hired him with, but Jotaro refuses the offer and delivers the promised beatdown, incapacitating him.
Secret Factor: You don't know your enemy very well, do you? (おまえは敵を知らなすぎたようだな)
Clear the stage with 120,000 points:

  • 100 points are awarded for destroying an enemy.
  • 300 points are awarded for destroying a tentacle.
  • 500 points are awarded for destroying a false Hierophant Green.
  • 500 points are awarded whenever a power-up appears or is collected.
  • 5000 points are awarded for defeating each of the two giant Lovers.
  • 1000 points are awarded for destroying one of the Lovers's giant tentacles.
  • 10000 points are awarded for clearing the stage.
  • 1000 points multiplied by the player's health are awarded for clearing the stage.
Death Thirteen of Dreams
(夢のDEATH13 Yume no Desu Sātīn)

En route to Egypt, the group finds themselves in a strange amusement park. A Stand named Death Thirteen appears and explains that they are within its nightmare world, only to be caught off-guard by the appearance of Hierophant Green; Kakyoin, having activated his Stand before falling asleep, prepares to fight the Stand. After the battle, Kakyoin finds the Stand's user, a baby named Mannish Boy, and scoops its feces into his food.
Secret Factor: It hasn't been severed! Its torso turned into string... (切断されてないッ!胴体を紐状に)

Use Kakyoin's "Stand Appearance Attack" move.
A Video Game of Souls (Adventure)
(魂のTVゲーム Tamashī no Tī Vī Gēmu)

The three abducted heroes find themselves on a strange island with Telence. At Telence's request, Kakyoin steps up to challenge the younger D'Arby brother in the racing game F-MEGA. Both of their cars take off at the same speed, and manage to stay neck-in-neck through the first six curves. D'Arby's car gains the lead in an acceleration tunnel, but Kakyoin uses his car's energy to knock D'Arby off the track... onto a farther section of the course. Kakyoin internally admits defeat, and Telence's Stand Atum removes his soul. After Telence warns the Joestars that killing him means killing Kakyoin, Jotaro challenges D'Arby to a game of Oh! That's A Baseball!. Though Jotaro scores four home runs in his first inning at-bat, D'Arby scores three consecutive home runs, leading Jotaro and Joseph to suspect Atum can read minds. To counter this ability, Jotaro begins announcing the direction of his pitches in advance. Telence confirms Jotaro's forecasts are accurate, but is completely dumbfounded when the pitches change direction regardless. In his shock, Telence releases his grip on Kakyoin's soul. After learning that Joseph had been using Hermit Purple to play the game for Jotaro, Telence begs for forgiveness; reading Jotaro's mind, he realizes that the answer is a firm "Ora-Ora".
Secret Factor: Is it the "Ora-Ora" thing, perhaps?! (もしかしてオラオラですかーッ!?)
Complete the stage without missing a single quick-time event.

Regardless of whether the player chose Jotaro or Polnareff, the group reunites soon after Vanilla Ice's defeat, with Kakyoin bringing a weak vampire named Nukesaku as a guide. The group reaches DIO's coffin and asks Nukesaku to open it, only for Nukesaku himself to be revealed inside. The heroes, mortified, quickly escape the mansion; with the sun now setting, however, DIO is prepared to hunt them down. Joseph and Kakyoin decide to retreat, but Polnareff goes off alone to face DIO head-on; Jotaro follows Polnareff, stating that the group will be attacking DIO from both sides. The player must choose between following Kakyoin or Jotaro, leading them to Stages 31 and 32 or Stages 33 and 34 respectively.
The Threat of The World
(世界(ザ・ワールド)の脅威跡 Za Wārudo no Kyōi)

DIO notices that the heroes are trying to surround him. Narrowly dodging an attack from Hierophant Green, DIO realizes that he is already surrounded by Hierophant's tentacles. Though Kakyoin intends to use Hierophant's tentacles to reveal DIO's Stand ability, DIO declares him a fool and summons his world-conquering The World. After the fight, DIO stops time and impales Kakyoin through the chest in front of Joseph. Kakyoin fires a final Emerald Splash at a clock tower before passing away, giving Joseph a clue to the Stand's true power.
Secret Factor: Hierophant's web! (「法皇」の「結界」!)

End the fight with Kakyoin's "Mystic Trap" special move.


Kakyoin pl.GIF
Color A

Kakyoin: Cover of Weekly Shonen Jump #36, 1989
Hierophant Green: Cover of Volume 17

A B C Stand Start

KakyoinWithStand.GIF KakyoinWithStand color1.GIF KakyoinWithStand color2.GIF KakyoinWithStand color3.GIF KakyoinWithStand color4.GIF
KakyoinAChallenger.png KakyoinBChallenger.png KakyoinCChallenger.png KakyoinStandChallenger.png KakyoinStartChallenger.png

Victory Lines

Quote.png Victory Lines
Show AllEnglishJapaneseRomaji
  • Those who do not know my "Hierophant Green" will never truly understand me! (お前は敵を知らなすぎたようだな、 勉強不足だ)
  • Never again shall my soul follow the path that it once tread! (二度とあの時のみじめな 花京院には戻らないッ!)
  • Weak, worthless, and nasty! Your Stand suits you well... (フン おぞましいスタンドには おぞましい本体がついているものよ)
  • To lose is a sin... There will be no repentance for you! (『悪』とは敗者のこと… 負けたやつが『悪』なのだ)
  • Have you not yet learned? Right is proven by might, nothing else! (いったはずだ…)
  • To know yourself is to know your own worst enemy! (ぼくは自分を知っている…)
  • Are you ready to face your punishment? (さぁ おしおきの時間だ)
  • The only righteous cause is the one that is victorious! (正義とは勝者のこと、過程は問題 じゃない、敗けたやつが悪なのだ)

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