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Mariah or Mahrahia in the English localization, appears as a playable character in the Capcom games. She was added to Heritage for the Future as part of the base-roster.

Command List & Gameplay

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Unique Attack (特殊技)
Magnet of Bast
Special Move (必殺技)
Homing Collection
(Qcf).png + A1.pngIN AIR OK
Mysterious Web
(Qcb).png + A1.png
Electric Shock
(Dp).png + A1.png
Super Combo (スーパーコンボ)
Iron Crush
(Qcb).png + A2.png
What Are You Thinking?
(Qcf).png + A2.pngIN AIR OK

Story Mode

Mariah is an assassin sent by DIO to destroy Jotaro Kujo and his companions.

In Super Story Mode on the PS1 version, Mariah is the 23nd Stage and the battle mirrors the manga.

Story Mode
HFTF Iggy Av.gif
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Mariah, the master of the "Bastet Goddess" Stand, is charmed by DIO and now seeks to eliminate Jotaro and company.
Mariah: You can't help but to touch what is forbidden...
Mariah: Once you are trapped in the magnetic field of the Bastet Goddess, there is no way for you to escape!

Mariah: As a final note, I found you to be a real charmer. Not a bad game player if I do say so myself...
Mariah: The game was short, yet I could sense a high level of inteligence within you. You must also be very experienced and decisive.
Mariah: ...And you have quite the cute face... I was almost thinking that we could be lovers... Hm hm hm...

Mariah: You know, I think you might be a bit more charming than Master DIO... Oh, never mind!

Mariah: But there's no way you could be as charming as Master DIO... Sorry!

A Woman with Wonderful Legs
(脚がグンバツの女 Ashi ga Gunbatsu no Onna)

Joseph is affected by Bastet's magnetism ability. The user, Mariah, reveals herself and brags about Bastet's inescapable ability before herself escaping Avdol. Joseph warns Avdol about the Stand's electric outlet, but Avdol has already touched one; thus, the two agree to split up and act individually. After the fight, Joseph and Avdol corner Mariah as their bodies begin to be crushed by the metal they've attracted. The two exploit their magnetism to crush Mariah between themselves, knocking her unconscious and nullifying her ability.
Secret Factor: So you're not going to lift the magnetism? (この磁力を止めてくれないのか?)

Touch Bastet's power outlets seven times.


A B C Stand Start

Mahrahia.GIF Mahrahia color01.GIF Mahrahia color02.GIF Mahrahia color03.GIF Mahrahia color04.GIF
MariahChallengerA.png MariahChallengerB.png MariahChallengerC.png MariahChallengerStand.png MariahChallengerStart.png

Victory Lines

Quote.png Victory Lines
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  • What an impressive performance! Are you always that good? (あなた、なかなかステキだったわよ)
  • If laughter is the best medicine, you could be my doctor! (勝った…おーほほほほっ!)
  • Stop stalking me, you pervert! (しつこいね!バカ)
  • Tell me... How do you like my technique? Do you want me to show you again? (圧倒的よっ!圧倒的にうわまわっているッ!!)
  • It's best to take your time and savor every moment... (ウフフフフ ごゆっくり)
  • Once you get sucked in, there's no way for you to escape! (バステト女神の磁力にはまったら もう決して術をやぶる方法はない…)
  • I see you've learned that attraction can lead to destruction! (我がバステト女神の威力は圧倒的よっ!)
  • Sometimes the most powerful force is what you cannot see! (私の磁力には誰もかなわないっ!)

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