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Vanilla Ice or Iced in the English localization, appears as a playable character and boss in the Capcom games. He was part of JoJo’s Venture as a boss in Story Mode and later made fully playable in Heritage for the Future.

Command List & Gameplay

Vanilla Ice is a simple to learn and master character, considered one of the best in the game. He makes use of incredible normals, high damage, great mobility and crazy combo potential.

Unique Attack (特殊技)
Stand Appearance Attack
(Qcf).png + S.png
Special Move (必殺技)
Dark Space
(Qcf).png + A1.png
(Rdp).png + A1.png STAND
(Qcb).png + A1.png
Blow Away
(D).png (Hold), (U).png + A1.png STAND
Super Combo (スーパーコンボ)
Eat This
(Qcf).png + A2.png
Madness Throw
(Qcb).png + A2.png
Circle Locus
(Dp).png + A2.png STAND }

Story Mode

Vanilla Ice is DIO's most fervent follower, and after being resurrected by his hands, commits to eviscerating the Joestar Group. Vanilla Ice is typically the penultimate boss for most of the roster. This version of the character has a simpler moveset and deals far more damage.

In Super Story Mode on the PS1 version, Vanilla Ice is the 29th Stage and the battle mirrors the manga.

Story Mode
HFTF Iggy Av.gif
Link to this section Dialogue

Vanilla Ice cuts off his own head in order to heal the wounds of his master, DIO...
He offers his fresh blood to DIO...
DIO: I appreciate that you cut your own head off...
DIO: But, I cannot accept the blood of a warrior as deserving as yourself...
DIO: You should not die. Take my blood. I'm sure that you will defeat them.
Vanilla Ice: ...Master DIO...
DIO: I'll leave them to you, Vanilla Ice...
Vanilla Ice: Master DIO, I won't fail you... I swear that I will succeed.
Vanilla Ice: I'll take care of them...

After defeating Joestar's party, Vanilla Ice returned to DIO's room to report...
Vanilla Ice: Excuse me... Please pardon my intrusion, Master.
Vanilla Ice: As you may have noticed, I've exterminated Joestar's party...
DIO: I knew you would make it, Vanilla Ice... Good work...
Vanilla Ice: I'm glad that I could fulfill your expectations.
Affected by the blood of DIO, Vanilla Ice has become a vampire, loyal to DIO forever.

The Dark Void's Trajectory
(暗黒空間の軌跡 Ankoku Kūkan no Kiseki)

With both Avdol's flames and Iggy's nose on their side, Avdol is certain that nothing can sneak up on the group. Just then, a Stand appears behind Avdol out of thin air. Avdol pushes Polnareff and Iggy out of the Stand's way, but immediately vanishes. The Stand's user, Vanilla Ice, declares Avdol dead, as he has disappeared into his Stand Cream's void. Though Polnareff refuses to believe Avdol's death, Vanilla Ice declares his intent to scatter the entire group's atoms inside his void. After the fight, a weakened Polnareff sacrifices himself for a severely-wounded Iggy, only for the dog to use the last of his energy to save him instead. Polnareff stabs Vanilla Ice to death, but he immediately recovers; realizing his enemy is a vampire, Polnareff slices open a wall, exposing him to sunlight and disintegrating him. After briefly seeing Avdol and Iggy's souls ascending, Polnareff resolves to move deeper into the mansion toward DIO.
Secret Factor: Too slow, Vanilla Ice! (のろいぜヴァニラ・アイス)

End the fight with Polnareff's throw.

Boss Form

HFTF Boss Ice 1.png
HFTF Iced Boss.png

Vanilla Ice is typically the penultimate boss in Story Mode & Challenge Mode. Boss Ice is very different to the playable one introduced in Heritage for the Future. He possesses few normals, relying on homing, unblockable, and interruptible Specials (to spam) during the fight. This version also has Supers: In the first one, Cream circles around the stage until it closes in on the center, and in the second one, Cream will erratically hover on whichever side of the screen the player is on (these are also unblockable and interruptible).

Boss Playable

BossIce.gif VanillaIce.GIF


A B C Stand Start

VanillaIce.GIF VanillaIce color1.GIF VanillaIce color2.GIF VanillaIce color3.GIF VanillaIce color4.GIF
ViceChallengerA.png ViceChallengerB.png ViceChallengerC.png ViceChallengerStand.png ViceChallengerStart.png

A B C Stand Start

Cream A.gif Cream B.gif Cream C.gif Cream Stand.gif Cream Start.gif

Victory Lines

Quote.png Victory Lines
Show AllEnglishJapaneseRomaji
  • Beware... This message may be the last you will ever read! (これを見て 後ろを振り向いたとき おまえらは 死ぬ)
  • May eternity see you rest in pieces! (こなみじんになって 死んだ…)
  • You had a problem... I just solved it. (ディオ様を倒そうなどと 思い上がった考えは正さねばならん)
  • My strategy is to inflict pain to the extreme that you cannot bear! (確実に追いつめて倒す……確実に……)
  • Don't even try to compare our power or abilities! (きさまはこのヴァニラ・アイスの前では無力だ…)
  • Master Dio gave me his trust in this matter... Failure is impossible! (ディオ様はこのわたしを信頼して 「まかせる」とおっしゃったのだ!)
  • Your weak Stand was just one of the reasons you failed! (わたしのスタンドが圧倒的に勝っているのだ)
  • By angering me, you simply made your death more painful! (わたしを怒らせたのはキサマだッ! キサマが悪いのだッ!)

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