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Jean Pierre Polnareff is one of the 9 Part 3 characters in All-Star Battle, and was among the second batch of characters confirmed along with Noriaki Kakyoin, Giorno Giovanna and Guido Mista. Most of his attacks are similar to those from the Capcom game, Heritage for the Future.

As one of the mass majority of playable characters in the game with the Stand Style, Polnareff can turn Silver Chariot on/off, changing movesets, as well as having access to the Stand Rush ability returning from the Capcom game, being able to attack in conjunction with his Stand.


Polnareff's Special Costumes B are a callback to his promotional material ofHeritage for the Future. They are available as free DLC, but are not included in the localized versions of the game.

Command List

Polnareff has 930 HP.

During a fight, Polnareff can use several different attacks that were featured in Stardust Crusaders.

Stand On/Off

Polnareff can summon or dismiss Silver Chariot, altering his available abilities.

Sand Kick
ASBDPad6.png + ASBM.png (Stand Off only) ON GROUND

Polnareff delivers a forceful high kick. A command normal that can chain into Polnareff's skills. (Comboable)

I'll cut you up!
ASBDPad6.png + ASBH.png (Stand On only) ON GROUND

Silver Chariot swings its rapier downward in a delayed middle attack that cannot be blocked crouching. A command normal that can chain into Polnareff's skills. (Comboable)
If "Off comes the armor!" is in effect, the triple-hitting strike instead bounces the opponent off the ground.

Special Moves (Stand Off)
Start packing for hell!
ASBDPad2.pngASBDPad3.pngASBDPad6.png + ASBL.png/ASBM.png/ASBH.png ON GROUND

Polnareff summons Silver Chariot to fly at the opponent and cut them with a single swing of its sword. This special has two follow-ups. (Flash Cancel comboable)

You have good sense!
(after "Start packing for hell!") ASBDPad4.png + ASBL.png/ASBM.png/ASBH.png ON GROUND

Silver Chariot instantly pulls away from the opponent by flying backwards. This skill can be used when an opponent is about to retaliate against Silver Chariot or a defenseless Polnareff in order to grant him the time needed to defend, or otherwise fool them into letting their guard down.

You miserable cur!
(after "Start packing for hell!" or "You have good sense!") ASBDPad6.png + ASBL.png/ASBM.png/ASBH.png ON GROUND

Silver Chariot continues its attack by repeatedly stabbing the opponent and knocking them down. This skill can also be used as a follow-up to "You have good sense!" to alter the timing of the attack, and can initiate Rush Mode. (Flash Cancel comboable)

Kiss my sword!
ASBDPad2.pngASBDPad1.pngASBDPad4.png + ASBL.png/ASBM.png/ASBH.png IN AIR OK

While in mid-air, Polnareff summons Silver Chariot as they dive at a downwards angle, skewering the opponent and leaving them crumpling. (Flash Cancel comboable)

Slices and dices!
ASBDPad2.pngASBDPad1.pngASBDPad4.png + ASBL.png/ASBM.png/ASBH.png ON GROUND

Polnareff summons Silver Chariot to deliver a large downward swing of its rapier, knocking the opponent down hard enough for them to bounce. This move can reflect non-HHA/GHA projectiles, though with less effectiveness compared to "Reap as you sow!" (Flash Cancel comboable)

My secret weapon!
ASBDPad4.pngASBDPad2.pngASBDPad1.png + ASBL.png/ASBM.png/ASBH.png ON GROUND

Polnareff summons Silver Chariot to fire off its rapier's blade as a projectile, knocking the opponent down if it hits. The blade will also ricochet off the ground, sending it upwards and allowing it to function as an anti-air. The attack button inputted alters Silver Chariot's aim.

Special Moves (Stand On)
You shall be shish kabob!
ASBDPad2.pngASBDPad3.pngASBDPad6.png + ASBL.png/ASBM.png/ASBH.png ON GROUND

Silver Chariot thrusts its sword in a fencing stab, covering a decent frontward range. If it hits, the Stand moves in and rapidly stabs the opponent before knocking them away.

Cuts everywhere else!
ASBDPad6.pngASBDPad2.pngASBDPad3.png + ASBL.png/ASBM.png/ASBH.png ON GROUND

Silver Chariot swings it rapier around in swift, wild strikes, ending in an upwards slash. Depending on the attack button inputted, the number of hits is altered, with Heavy (ASBH.png) adding the effect of sending the opponent flying on the final hit.
This attack can initiate Rush Mode, and is a Stand Rush skill that Polnareff can disconnect from to attack the opponent while it is executing.

Hurry up and die!
ASBDPad4.pngASBDPad2.pngASBDPad1.png + ASBL.png/ASBM.png/ASBH.png ON GROUND

Polnareff leaps a distance forward into the air, potentially over the opponent's head, as Silver Chariot stabs backwards. The opponent is left crumpling to the ground if successful. This special is used as a cross-up skill made for switching to the opponent's other side and striking at a surprise angle before they can guard, and is a middle attack that cannot be blocked crouching. This skill cannot be Flash-Cancelled once Polnareff takes off. (Comboable)
If "Off comes the armor!" is in effect, this skill will instead knock the opponent down.

Reap as you sow!
ASBDPad6.pngASBDPad3.pngASBDPad2.pngASBDPad1.pngASBDPad4.png + ASBL.png/ASBM.png/ASBH.png/ASBS.png ON GROUND

Silver Chariot suddenly spins its rapier in a circle twice. This attack inflicts little damage, but is instead suited as a utility special, functioning as an anti-air and easily reflecting non-HHA/GHA projectiles. (Flash Cancel comboable)

Move and I'll skewer you!
2 ATK buttons at close range or ASBT.png ON GROUND

Silver Chariot picks the opponent up with its free hand, before hitting them hard with the back of its rapier, sending them into the ground.

Heart Heat Attack / Great Heat Attack
Off comes the armor!
ASBDPad2.pngASBDPad3.pngASBDPad6.png + 2 ATK Buttons ON GROUND

Polnareff smiles as Silver Chariot temporarily sheds its armor and creates afterimages of itself. This results in the Stand attacking faster and multiplying its hits in every one of its attacks, resulting in an increased overall damage output as well as altered on-hit effects for certain specials. As HHA can be universally canceled into from most attacks including specials, this gives Polnareff a means to extend combos by chaining into its activation, instantly canceling an attack not unlike a Flash Cancel and allowing him to continue his offense in his enhanced state from there. The HHA's effect will last until the stock is used up.
Polnareff's GHA can be used while this effect is active if he has enough Heart Heat to spare, but it is not altered in any way.

Seems I intimidate you, non?
ASBDPad2.pngASBDPad3.pngASBDPad6.png + 3 ATK Buttons, or ASBG.png ON GROUND

Polnareff sends Silver Chariot to lunge forward in a wide fencing stab. If it connects, Silver Chariot will then knock the opponent into the air with a second strike before shedding its armor. The Stand produces afterimages, then proceeds to assault the opponent from every direction with speed great enough to appear as if they were being attacked by a group. Silver Chariot then circles Polnareff and 'merges' with its afterimages, finishing its attack by delivering a final, powerful stab that pierces through the opponent.

Gameplay Overview

Owing to Silver Chariot's rapier, Polnareff sports innately above-average range and speed, and he works best at the mid-range where his myriad of sword strikes and forward-moving specials are difficult to contend with. He also sports a hefty number of skills, such as abilities that extend him and-or Silver Chariot forward, several projectile-reflectors, and even his own projectile, giving him decent versatility. Through Polnareff's HHA, he opens up more opportunities to extend combos and inflict greater damage, which combined with his other positive qualities, make him a profound offensive-style character.

However, Polnareff can expectedly have trouble dealing with an opponent at close-range. One weakness is that his attacks that have anti-air utility are slow, forcing him to predict rather than react to when the opponent will jump. Another weakness is the lack of a fast and reliable reversal, making it difficult for Polnareff to properly retaliate or break away from his foe when at a disadvantage. Some skills within his large arsenal are also situational, requiring good intuition and a high learning curve to wield his abilities effectively. Finally, his damage output necessitates Heart Heat more than others, and his combos can be shorter and weaker without the presence of Flash Cancels, Stand Rushes, or his HHA.

Polnareff excels at battling at a neutral state with emphasis on being the aggressor, using attacks that pressure his opponent from outside their effective range and easily punishing any mistake to great effect. When played at his best, he never misses a chance to exploit errors made by any adversary, while preventing them from slipping past Silver Chariot's sword.

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