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This article is about the Stand. For the Stand's user, see Weather Report.
Weather Report manipulates the weather.

Weather Report (ウェザー・リポート, Wezā Ripōto) is the Stand of the prisoner, Weather Report, featured in the sixth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Stone Ocean.

Weather Report is a humanoid Stand with the ability to manipulate the weather of the immediate environment. This Stand is affiliated with Heavy Weather, another ability belonging to Weather Report.


Weather Report Fullbody.png

Weather Report takes the form of a muscular humanoid mass of clouds with a pair of eyes that have vertical stripes on them. It is always depicted as being surrounded by thick mist or miniature clouds. Its face possesses a mask-like structure with spikes topping its head. Though a majority of its body lacks identifiable armor or clothing, it has knuckle braces on its hands which is common with many other Close-Range Stands like it. Its feet have wing-like clouds resembling the shoes of Greek god Hermes.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
(Bluish light gray, steel blue swirl, spikes and mask)


SPOILER WARNING: Part 6 spoiler details may follow.

Weather Report shows no particular personality but evidences a greater degree of care and preservation for its user, like Star Platinum does Jotaro, when it repeatedly saved its user from committing suicide.[1]

It appears that it retains some of its user's will at its final individual opportunity to confront Enrico Pucci while it was in the possession of Emporio Alnino.


Weather Report is a versatile Stand possessing near-complete control over the weather. This powerful ability allows Weather Report a wide array of options during a fight either for offense or defense and as a result, it is very capable in close combat.

Atmospheric Manipulation

A microclimate of wind and rain used to push a cup full of pens

Weather Report's ability is to control the weather[2] through the manipulation of the atmosphere itself.

Weather manipulates the surrounding atmosphere with his Stand, allowing him to freely summon several weather phenomena like wind, rain, or lightning to his advantage. Weather Report has enough precision that it can create micro-climates,[2] but also a range great enough that it can make it rain 30 km away.[3]

The scale of the phenomena is also controllable; thus Weather Report can create heavy rain and fog[4] over a large zone,[5] but also a small sunny area in the middle of the rain.[6]

Air and Wind Manipulation

Using the wind to propel himself midair

Weather Report's most featured use of its ability is control over wind for various purposes.

  1. At its most basic, Weather Report can make gusts of wind to affect objects from afar.[2] Weather can also use the wind to propel himself.[7]
  2. Weather Report can feel disturbances in the surrounding air currents to detect movement.[8]
  3. In close-quarters combat, he can make the gust of winds strong enough to pierce through the human body.[9]
  4. Weather Report can create localized atmospheric layers to increase the air resistance, to the point he can deflect projectiles away from Weather Report. Clouds then appear around Weather Report. If someone punches the layers, the friction can even set them on fire.[10]
  5. Lastly, Weather Report can manipulate the concentration of specific gases in a closed area. Emporio uses this subtle hidden ability to defeat Pucci by paralyzing and intoxicating him with a lethal concentration of oxygen.[11]

Humidity and Cloud Manipulation

A suit of cloud to protect oneself from a vacuum
A suit of cloud to protect oneself from a vacuum

Weather Report's manipulation of the atmosphere extends to the manipulation of the humidity around it, allowing free generation of and partial control over water and by extension clouds.

  1. Weather Report can directly shove a vaporous gust inside someone to bloat them with water to the point it flows through the eye sockets.[12]
  2. Weather Report can also evaporate then freeze liquids to create specific solid shapes like icicles made from blood.[13]
  3. Weather Report can surround himself and others with a suit made of clouds in order to protect himself from dangerous surrounding conditions, like a vacuum.[14]
  4. He can also create a couch of clouds to cushion people during a car crash.[15]

Weather Report can also create electrical currents within its User's body, allowing partial control of several people's bodies when it electrifies them.[16] He can also bring otherwise unlikely elements of the weather like rains of animals (in one such case a rain of poisonous frog).[17] This particular ability is based off scenarios where dense populations of small animals are often picked up by tornadoes and 'rained' down when said tornadoes cease. The ability was also inspired by Araki wanting to make Weather Report appear like a beast master.[18]

Heavy Weather

Everyone is convinced that they're being turned into snails... and this deep subliminal effect affects the subjects physically, as well.

Heavy Weather (ヘビー・ウェザー, Hebī Wezā) is an ability that unconsciously activates after Weather recovers his memories stolen by Pucci. Unlike the rest of Weather Report's abilities, Heavy Weather is automatic, stemming from Weather's rage against humanity.[1] According to Versus, with this ability active it has the potential to destroy the ozone layer.[19]

Snail Transformation

Heavy Weather alters the refraction angle of the sun's rays entering earth's atmosphere with Weather Report's ability to control the weather. As a result, rainbows manifest in the surrounding vicinity.[12] Those who see the rainbows will perceive themselves as being a snail due to a natural subliminal effect created by the altered refraction angle.[9][16][20] All animals are affected by the metamorphosis, aside from Weather Report, who is immune to the effect. Pucci theorizes that perhaps there is an image of snails being reflected within the sun's rays or the sun reminds organisms of their prehistoric instincts. The deep subliminal effect of the ability physically affects their bodies as well.[9]

The transformation can be either a progressive change into a giant snail hybrid, a breakdown into numerous snails,[1] or an explosion into a cluster of snail eggs that hatch immediately.[12] One can also begin to turn into a snail by physically touching one of the snails created, or an individual already turning into a snail.[16][21]

Two cops turning into snails.

A partial transformation alone comes with a number of handicaps such as getting stuck on surfaces, sluggish reactions and speed, and loss of strength because of the softening of the body. Moreover, the victims also become vulnerable to snail-eating predators[22] and contact with salt, which dehydrates the body.[23]

Snails created through Heavy Weather can procreate freely thanks to their hermaphroditism. The procreation is very fast and accelerates exponentially, causing a rapid multiplication of the snails. Any person trapped inside a swarmed area is practically doomed to be touched at least once and begin their metamorphosis. If left unchecked, the swarm of snails will endanger whole cities.[21]

As discovered by Enrico Pucci, a blind person is immune to the effect of the Stand, since they can't see the subliminal messages carried through the sun rays.[9] This allowed Pucci to protect himself by having Whitesnake extract his sight. Regardless, once a person starts transforming into a snail, unless Weather himself is killed, the process is irreversible.

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Video Games

Puzzle & Dragons (Android/iOS)

Weather Report was obtainable for a limited time as an Assist Evolution in the mobile game Puzzle & Dragons.

PAD Weather Report Assist.png
Weather Report (Stand)
Attributes: WaterIcon2.png
Rarity: 6★ (Assist Evolution)
No. 9596
2,799 (Lvl.99)
3,007 (Lvl.99)
65 (Lvl.99)
Active Skill: "Torrential Downpour" (Localized Name: "Severe Rainstorm")
Water & Dark Orbs slightly more likely to appear for 2 turns; board becomes 7x6 for 2 turns
Leader Skill: "N/A"



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