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SPOILER WARNING: Part 6 spoiler details may follow.
I will eliminate you if you are not willing to wait two days...

C-MOON (C(シー)-()MOON(ムーン), Shī Mūn) is a Stand developed by Enrico Pucci, featured in the sixth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Stone Ocean.

C-MOON is the evolved form of Whitesnake and the predecessor of Made in Heaven. It possesses the ability to manipulate gravity by altering the direction of the gravitational pull around it. It can also turn things inside-out by reversing the gravitational pull on anything it attacks.


C-MOON Front and Back Render Anime.png

C-MOON is a humanoid Stand with a threatening, inhuman appearance bearing resemblance to Darth Maul from the Star Wars franchise.[1] It is born as a result of the Green Baby fusing with Pucci and his original Stand, Whitesnake. Due to this, its appearance shares similarities with both.

C-MOON's facial features are distinctly skeletal, bearing a dark region separating its lower jaw from the rest of its face, a vacant nasal cavity, and bulbous LED-like eyes roughly the size and shape of orbital sockets. It shares many notable features of its component beings; from the Green Baby, it takes its exaggerated eyelashes and vein embellishment running across the forehead to its right eye. From Whitesnake comes its pale complexion with a striped Guanine/Δdenine/Cytosine/Thymine pattern on its hips, chest, and exposed scalp. The unmarked stripes on its body are now filled in with a dark shade as opposed to Whitesnake's uniform light coloration. Additionally, C-MOON's head resembles a "streamlined" version of Whitesnake's crown, with a group of four wide flaps standing in place of the original Stand's points. Its head, shoulders, arms, legs, and shoes bear short, arrow-shaped (↑) vestiges of varying size. The back and sides of its headpiece, along with its similarly arrow-shaped belt, are covered with a layer of matted fur.

C-MOON's overall physique largely takes after that of Whitesnake, with the notable exception of its abnormally thin waist, further contributing to the Stand's skeletal image. Despite this, it possesses pronounced abdominal musculature.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
Body(Light Gray, dark gray stripes)
Clothing(Green and olive, golden accessories)
Body(Light Gray, purplish black stripes)
Clothing(Green and olive, golden accessories)
Body(Light Gray, dark gray stripes)
(Light Olive Green and dark gray, yellow accessories)
Body(White, gray stripes)
Eyes(Dark Red)
(Light Green and dark gray, golden accessories)


Although it can act independently, C-MOON requires direct instructions from Pucci in order to act meaningfully.[2] It speaks plainly, typically spending no more than five or six words on a sentence, and only seems to do so as a means of internalizing its directives.[3] Despite the alarming content of its messages, its tone is relatively polite.

C-MOON appears to have limited intelligence and coordination on its own, and it is questionable whether it has retained its predecessor's self-awareness. Jolyne Cujoh surmises that it only appears to be a threatening combatant because of its ability, and it requires direct control by its user to attack accurately.[4] Enrico Pucci was forced to approach his own Stand and correct its behavior because it did not understand the nature of its powers, allowing Jolyne to exploit and momentarily incapacitate it.

C-MOON vocalizes USHAAAAAA! (ウシャアアアアアア) or SHAA! (シャア) occasionally when it throws a punch, a tendency carried over from its prior form.[2][5]

Much like Gold Experience Requiem, the original Japanese issues print C-MOON's speech in a unique font to convey a mechanical tone of voice.


C-MOON is a very powerful and dangerous Stand despite its lack of physical strength. Not only does it possess enough agility and speed to compete in close-quarters combat against Jolyne and Stone Free, it holds a powerful influence over gravitational fields. When under the direct control of its user, its range of abilities render it a nearly invincible Stand, capable of nullifying most forms of attack directed towards it and turning even the slightest contact into a grievous, likely fatal injury.[6][7]

C-MOON is remote-controlled with a manifestation range comparable to Whitesnake's, allowing Pucci to hide and command his Stand from afar. By itself C-MOON has remarkable precision as it can position itself to dodge Jolyne's punch by mere millimeters, though for optimal results, Pucci must expose himself by staying close to C-MOON.[8]

Gravity Shift

Jolyne's gravity turns skyward when she positions herself above Pucci

C-MOON makes Enrico Pucci the center of a reverse gravitational phenomenon.

Within a radius of 3 kilometres (1.9 mi) around Pucci, the direction of Earth's gravity is altered so that physical material is repelled away from him. Thus, any unfixed object will fall away from Pucci as if the Earth was a giant cliff[9] but then return to normal once they fall outside the ability's range.[10] Likewise, anyone positioned above Pucci will fall upward towards space, though apparently at a much slower pace.[11] C-MOON itself is unaffected and can traverse topography altered by its ability without difficulty.[9] By default, Pucci's gravity always makes him attracted to the surface below his feet, allowing him to stand on any surface and adhere to it as if it were the ground.[9] As an extension of this ability, he is able to levitate through space freely when within an object due to the omni-directional gravitational force exerted upon it.[12]

C-MOON's capacity to surpass the boundaries of gravity allow it to momentarily cross into Jotaro's world of stopped time because of the inherent connection between time and gravity.[12] This period of mobility is little more than an instant, only giving Pucci enough time to move his eyes a few centimeters. Because C-MOON was destroyed shortly after Jotaro's attack in frozen time, it is unknown whether this ability would develop further.

Surface Inversion

C-MOON is also capable of directly modifying the gravity of specific objects. When an object, irrespective of size or nature, comes into contact with the Stand's fists, a localized portion of that object's gravity will be reversed. This results in the instantaneous, violent inversion of the object's inner and outer boundaries at the point of contact.[6][9] Any and all physical contact with C-MOON's fists, no matter how brief it may be, is enough to trigger the ability. Objects as minuscule as individual hairs will be affected with the same force as larger objects like hands or light bulbs. Touching the same area twice will result in a double negative effect, causing the affected object to revert to its normal arrangement; however, the imprecise and destructive nature of C-MOON means that some superficial damages will persist even when "corrected."[6]

Jolyne's hand turns inside-out when C-MOON touches it.

This power grants C-MOON immense destructive potential, making it a formidable opponent in a melee despite its mediocre physical characteristics. All attacks are sure to incur a catastrophic amount of damage; for instance, a blow through the chest will invert the heart, resulting in blood flow to the body's vital systems inverting in turn and causing effectively instant brain death.[11] Though this ability is primarily used to inflict fatal injuries on Pucci's opponents, it can also be used to create immensely unfavorable terrain by inverting small buildings,[6] or violently snap small objects like floor tiles to hurl them towards enemies.[8] Pucci can also invert parts of his body without causing himself any lasting harm and can be freely undone without consequence.[13]

Jolyne Cujoh has developed a unique counter to C-MOON's power. Exploiting her ability to turn herself into strings, Jolyne can transform parts of her body struck by C-MOON into Möbius strips; a three-dimensional object with only one surface that cannot be turned inside-out. By creating these strips on her person, she can alleviate bleeding and slowly redistribute her threads to eventually reform her body's healthy structure, thus eliminating any harm done by Pucci's Stand.[14]

Time Acceleration

A woman's fingernails grow quickly after coming into contact with Pucci

C-MOON appears to have a nascent version of the ability Pucci's completed Stand possesses.

As opposed to accelerating time on a universal scale and not affecting living creatures, C-MOON's acceleration is extremely localized and affects any object, living or otherwise, that physically touch or come within extreme proximity to Pucci. Examples of this include rapidly growing a woman's fingernails, accelerating the growth of one half of a baby's body into an adult, and causing broken chicken's eggs to spontaneously grow premature living chicks.

This ability, due to being in the transitory stage between Whitesnake and C-MOON, appears to be out of Pucci's control, activating without warning or conscious activation by Pucci.

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Quote.png Quotes
  • I've come to eliminate you. (始末シニキタ, Shimatsu shi ni kita)
  • Jolyne... Cujoh... (空条(CUJO)徐倫(JOLYNE))
  • First, I'll... do away with Jolyne Cujoh.
    —C-MOON, Stone Ocean Chapter 141: C-MOON, Part 1
  • This ticket booth... has already been turned inside out.
    —C-MOON, Stone Ocean Chapter 142: C-MOON, Part 2
  • Stay out of this!



The information below derives from a source not written by Araki. As such, it may or may not be considered canon.

C-MOON also appears in the novel JORGE JOESTAR, although it belongs to an incarnation of Enrico Pucci from the 37th universe. Later, Kars gets his own enhanced copy of the Stand, known as C-MOON Ultimate Requiem.



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