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Phantom Blood
Battle Tendency

In every volume of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, the front folded flap of the dust jacket usually contains a picture of Hirohiko Araki himself, and more than often a note to the reader. The quotes are always different from each other, and are usually about Araki expressing his opinion on certain subjects. These subjects can be about anything, including information about characters or the story itself. The following notes and pictures below are from the volumes of Battle Tendency.


Chapter Translation Original

Chapter 45
Part 2 is finally starting this week! I'm having a great time gathering background material and creating new characters.

Chapter 46
Assistants Wanted! If you are young and love to draw, please set up a call with Mr. Kabashima, the editor.

Chapter 47
My schedule's going to be tight at the manga seminar I'm going to... but I'm very excited to be in Osaka for the first time.

Chapter 48
What did you think of the bichrome page? After this, I'm going to adjust my schedule and will definitely do a full-color title page next time.

Chapter 49
I went to Osaka for the first time for a manga seminar. It seemed like a great place with great food and I met some great people. I loved this week!

Chapter 50
I was born in Northern Japan, so the colder it gets, the better. Winter is, quite frankly, my season!

Chapter Translation Original

Chapter 51
I finally decided to install cable broadcasting at my workplace. Now I can listen to my favorite BGM all day while also getting some work done.

Chapter 52
We just got another assistant and now the new workplace is already too small! This is not good.

Chapter 53
Sorry for the delay! The 2nd volume of JoJo will finally be on sale on January 8! Thank you for your support.
おまたせしました!ジョジョのコミックス第2巻いよいよ1月8日発売です よろしく〜!!

Chapter 54
We're going on a trip mid-January, but this new year is going to be nothing but work, work, work! All of my assistants, thank you very much for your hard work!

Chapter 55
I've received a lot of New Year's cards. I can't reply to all of them, but I read every single one and they're all very encouraging.

Chapter 56
Next week is JoJo's one year anniversary, so the cover and the first page will be in full color. I put a lot of emotion into them, so thank you for your feedback!

Chapter 57
It's been a year since the last time I colored the opening to a chapter! My schedule's pretty tight, but I'd like to do it more often, so please support us!

Chapter 58
We are looking for assistants. If you are young and love to draw, please call Mr. Kabashima!

Chapter 59
My assistant, Mr. "T", is a culinary genius! His omelets, in particular, are excellent and a great source of motivation for everyone!

Chapter 60
A shop in my neighborhood was selling new records for 200 yen each! Even in this era of CD's, I was still amazed at how cheap they were!

Chapter Translation Original

Chapter 61
New development happening next week! JoJo's going on a new adventure in Europe to investigate the mystery of the Pillar Man clan! Please look forward to it!

Chapter 62
I went to see "RoboCop" with all my assistants. I was blown away by its intense action scenes and its depiction of a main protagonist.
アシスタントのみんなと 『ロボコップ』を見た。主人公の描写や迫力場面(シーン)に感心しました

Chapter 63
What did you think of the bichrome page? My schedule's pretty tight, but it's a lot of fun drawing colored manuscripts.

Chapter 64
I'm really into darts at the moment. It's a great way to relieve stress at work, but now there are holes in the wall!!

Chapter 65
I'm looking for a VHS of the TV series Roots. If you have one, please let me make a copy of it.
TV(テレビ)シリーズ『ルーツ 』のビデオを探しています。持つている人、ダビングさせて下さい

Chapter 66
My assistant, M-kun, was at work when he suddenly burst out laughing. He's quite a creepy fellow.

Chapter 67
Good news for Stanley Kubrick fans for the first time in seven years! I'm absolutely going to see Full Metal Jacket!

Chapter 68
The third volume of JoJo is now on sale, and it's written on fine-grain paper, so check it out!

Chapter 69
With more assistants means more manpower! But now the workplace is cramped again. This is not good! We're in trouble!

Chapter 70
This year I've adjusted my schedule to take a break in the early summer. But with the amount of work that needs to be done, I doubt I'll be able to take it...

Chapter Translation Original

Chapter 71
The weather's fine right now, but if it gets any hotter... Summer is going to be tough.

Chapter 72
I have a mountain of books that I want to read on my desk! But I never have the time... I guess stockpiling books is all part of the fun!?

Chapter 73
There aren't many restaurants in my neighborhood and almost every time I eat out, the menu is really boring. Maybe I should move?

Chapter 74
The weather was nice, so I hung up the futon my assistants use. Come to think of it, it's been a year since I've done it.

Chapter 75
I finally decided to rent another apartment. It's near my work and has a great view!

Chapter 76
I've been buying a lot of CDs lately, but they've all been old rock bands from a decade ago. I must be getting old.

Chapter 77
Assistants wanted! If you have a passion for drawing, please send a picture and your resume to editor Kabashima!

Chapter 78
I finally bought a copier, tracescope, and some other stuff. I hope it'll improve my productivity.

Chapter 79
It's nice to rent a new apartment, but I don't have time to buy a fridge or tableware. It's a bit of a hassle.

Chapter 80
Assistants wanted! If you have a passion for drawing pictures, please call Mr. Kazashima, editor!

Chapter Translation Original

Chapter 81
How was the coloring of the opening page? The encouragement of fans who want to see color is what's keeping me going.

Chapter 82
The show will be moving to Switzerland from next week! I'd like to take a break and go and cover the story, but I don't know if that's possible.

Chapter 83
Volume 5 of the comics comes out on August 10! Jonathan's Last Days, Part 1 complete. Best wishes~!

Chapter 84
A movie theater near me admits three for only one thousand yen! How fortunate that there's a video place with such unique appeal so close to me.

Chapter 85
Thanks for all the fan letters. I can't reply to all of them but they are very helpful.

Chapter 86
I saw the famous magician "Spellbound"! In terms of my flamboyant taste in shows, it was just enough for me to enjoy it.
評判のマジック『スペルバウンド 』を見た!ハデハデの私好みのショーで、十分楽しめた

Chapter 87
We don't exactly have the leeway to allow everyone to take their summer vacations at the same time, so we have a one-by-one shift system. I wonder if it'd be better to just let everyone take it now.

Chapter 88
I'm so happy that CDs have become so cheap lately that I bought a whole bunch of them, including Zeppelin.

Chapter 89
Recently, I've been getting Barbie dolls as travel souvenirs. H-However, I'm not a collector...

Chapter 90
What'd you think of this week's opening color page? Recently, drawing a 4 color manuscript took quite a long while to get used to, and I was only a bit satisfied with what came of it. Please, let me know what you think of it. After that, there's the Anime Carnival on October 10th, in the Ōita Prefecture. Best regards to everyone there!!

Chapter Translation Original

Chapter 91
We're thinking of doing a read-out for Super Jump, which will be published monthly! The date of publication is not yet determined, but we will do our best, so please be patient.

Chapter 92
I'm about to start thinking about the third part of the story. I'll do my best to make it a larger scale story.

Chapter 93
The sixth volume of the comics will be released on October 7! Enjoy the fight between Joseph and Straizo.

Chapter 94
The tone the answering machine makes when it's used is unusual. As the strange sound rings out, I get an uneasy feeling.

Chapter 95
There's a beauty salon in my neighbourhood called Jojo. I usually cut my own hair, but maybe I should go there.

Chapter 96
We went to anime carnival in Oita. Thank you to everyone who came on the day!

Chapter 97
We are looking for assistants. If you are motivated and like to draw pictures, please call Mr. Kabashima, editor!

Chapter 98
We've decided to move workplaces in December! In this new workplace, I'll keep going strong into part 3 with this new feeling!

Chapter 99
My biggest wish at the moment is to travel to Europe for research. In order to create my work, I need to be on the ground. But I'm too busy!

Chapter 100
There's a lot of work to do, including drawing the original Super Jump story and the poster for the Winter Special! But I'll do my best.

Chapter Translation Original

Chapter 101
The seventh volume of the comics comes out on December 10! This is a fierce battle between Jojo and Santana. Hello everyone!

Chapter 102
Thanks to JoJo for the fan letter of support! I will do my best to be a good reference

Chapter 103
During the end-year flurry, we're moving workplaces! It seems to be a busy day, sorting our luggage and exploring the neighborhood.

Chapter 104
For the travel interview, we gave up work on New Years! But I don't wanna somehow adjust the schedule.

Chapter 105
It's already been two years and over 100 chapters since Jojo first appeared in serial form. To be honest, it seems like a long time, but it's been a short one. I'd like to thank all the readers for their support. I'll continue to work as hard as ever, so please keep up the good work!

Chapter 106
There are many good restaurants in the neighbourhood of my new place of work. I ate so much that I gained some weight!

Chapter 107
The newest publication of JoJo in Jump Comics, Volume 8, will be on sale on February 10th!! Everyone, please buy it!

Chapter 108
The flat where I work is currently almost unoccupied. I'm very afraid of the lifts at night.

Chapter 109
I've been collecting native clothing lately. Is dressing like an Arabian while working strange!?

Chapter 110
Part 2 is, at last, at the climax! Power instinctively enters the hand that grasps my pen! Thank you for your support.

Chapter Translation Original

Chapter 111
When I was nominated for the Tezuka Awards, the hand of the sensei that gave me a handshake was warm and soft, and left an impression. I regret [saying] that now.

Chapter 112
My recent favourite is the laser disc of NHK's 'Mirai e no Inheritance'! Ancient ruins capture the imagination

Chapter 113
Part 3 finally starts next week! This is the adventure of Joseph + a new protagonist. Cheers!

Volume 6

Is it important to keep the mentality of a beginner, whatever the field. Everything seems new for a beginner, he respects his predecessors and goes straight to his objective. This is an ideal state of mind. But lately, I have realized that among the mangaka publishing at Jump, they are already six or seven years younger than me! I am not a newcomer anymore! (to be continued in Volume 7)

Volume 7

Adults have trouble respecting the young. If the head of state was a 20 years old man, everyone would make fun of him even if he was very competent. For the same reason, when I see a young mangaka being arrogant, I want to kick his ass. I know that's extreme and I regret having such an aggressive temperament. I will try to soften, to respect the young and to accept to learn from them.

Volume 8

One day when I was tidying up my home, I lost the fountain pen I had been using for 6 years. Panic-stricken, I exclaimed myself: "My God, what a catastrophe !! I will never manage to draw without that fountain pen that has been following me for so many years !! It's impossible to work ! This fountain pen has always accompanied me through hard blows and joys! What will I become ?!" By dint of search, I ended finding a new fountain pen. Today I'm thinking: "A new fountain pen, it's not so bad..." I'm a jackass, aren't I?

Volume 9

You know what? I don't believe in aliens. In the past, I've seen an UFO but I'm sure it was an optical illusion, and after all I want to say: "So what?" But I just read a book from someone named Hiroshi Minamiyama and, with all the super realistic details, I begin to ask myself if these aliens are really here... Whatever, it amuses me to have my imagination stimulated like this.

Volume 10

A manga isn't born out the efforts of a lone person. Lately my studio has been filled with people, which often causes many problems. I'm often capricious with the cleaning ladies and the drawing equipment vendors. When I'm traveling, I disturb the travel agency employees, the proprietor asks me to move out, etc. An infinite number of people have stood alongside Jojo, up close and from afar. Nevertheless, I think it is important to have sympathy and respect for everyone of them. Thanks a million.

Volume 11

I'm not interested in politics, but lately I have been a little worried by the future of Japan. I find it dangerous that everyone wants to get rich or to gain material wealth. We're more in need of spiritual wealth! That reinforces my idea to deal with more and more enriching subjects through manga.

Volume 12

JoJo's is an ode to life and a celebration of humanity. Without help from machines or technology, the main characters face danger with their bodies as their only weapon. For me it's a principle. Indeed I think that science doesn't necessarily make men happier. Besides when I was at school I detested mathematics and physics (though it's not a grudge I precise).

Phantom Blood
Battle Tendency

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