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Phantom Blood
Battle Tendency

In every volume of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, the front folded flap of the dust jacket usually contains a picture of Hirohiko Araki himself, and more than often a note to the reader. The quotes are always different from each other, and are usually about Araki expressing his opinion on certain subjects. These subjects can be about anything, including information about characters or the story itself. The following notes and pictures below are from the volumes of Battle Tendency.


Chapter Translation Original

Chapter 45 Part 2 is finally starting this week! I'm having a great time gathering background material and creating new characters. 今週からいよいよ第2部!背景の資料あつめや、新キャラづくりに楽しくも音労の目々!!

Chapter 46 Assistants very much wanted! If you are young and love to draw, please call Mr. Kabashima, the editor. アシスタト大募集!絵を描くのが好きな若くてヤル気ある人、編集椛島氏までTEL(でんわ)

Chapter 47 My schedule's going to be tight at the manga seminar I'm going to... but I'm very excited to be in Osaka for the first time. 漫画セミナーで大阪ヘいくためスケジュールがきつ…でも、初めての大阪はとても楽しみ

Chapter 48 What did you think of the bichrome page? After this, I'm going to adjust my schedule and will definitely do a full-color title page next time. パートカラーいかがでしたか?そのらちスケジュール調整して、必ず巻頭C(カラー)をやります。

Chapter 49 I went to Osaka for the first time for a manga seminar. It seemed like a great place with great food and I met some great people. I loved this week! 漫画セミナーで初めて大阪へ。出会った人も食べ物も素晴らしい所で、一週で大好きに!!

Chapter 50 I was born in Northern Japan, so the colder it gets, the better. Winter is, quite frankly, my season! 北国生まれの私は、寒くなればなるほど調子がでる。冬は、はっきり言って私の季節だ!

Chapter Translation Original

Chapter 51 I finally decided to install cable broadcasting at my workplace. Now I can listen to my favorite BGM all day while also getting some work done. 仕事場に思いきって有線放送をひいた。一日中好きなBGM(ビージーエム)が開け、仕事もはかどります

Chapter 52 We just got another assistant and now the new workplace is already too small! This is not good. アシスタントがまたひとり増え引越したばかりの仕事場が、もう手狭に!困ったことだ。

Chapter 53 Sorry for the delay! JoJo Volume 2 will finally be for sale on 1/8! Please enjoy~!! おまたせしました!ジョジョのコミックス第2巻いよいよ1月8日発売です よろしく〜!!

Chapter 54 We're going on a trip mid-January, but this new year is going to be nothing but work, work, work! All of my assistants, thank you very much for your hard work! 一月中旬旅行にいこうと、正月は、仕事、仕事!アシスタントのみんな、御苦労様です

Chapter 55 I've received a lot of New Year's cards. I can't reply to all of them, but I read every single one and they're all very encouraging. 年賀状たくさんあり。全てに返事は書けないけれど、ぜんぶ読んで励みにしてます

Chapter 56 Next week is JoJo's one year anniversary, so the cover and the first page will be in full color. I put a lot of emotion into them, so thank you for your feedback! 来週は、一周年記念で、表紙+巻頭カラーです。気合いを入れてかきました感想よろしく

Chapter 57 It's been a year since the last time I colored the opening to a chapter! My schedule's pretty tight, but I'd like to do it more often, so please support us! 何と一年ぶりの巻頭カラー。進行はきつにけど、もっと頻繁にやりたいので応援よろしく

Chapter 58 We are looking for assistants. If you are young and love to draw, please call Mr. Kabashima! アシスタント募集。若くて絵をかくのが好きなヤル気ある人、編集椛島氏までTEL(でんわ)を!!

Chapter 59 My assistant, Mr. T, is a culinary genius! His omelets, in particular, are excellent and a great source of motivation for everyone! アシスタントのT(ティー)君は、料理の天才!特にオムレツは絶品で、みんなのヤル気の源です

Chapter 60 A shop in my neighborhood was selling new records for 200 yen each! Even in this era of CD's, I was still amazed at how cheap they were! 近所で新品レコードを一枚2百円で売っていた!CD(シーディー)時代とはいえ、安さにあきれました

Chapter Translation Original

Chapter 61 New development happening next week! JoJo's going on a new adventure in Europe to investigate the mystery of the Pillar Man clan! Please look forward to it! 次週から新展開!“柱の男”一族の謎探究のため、JOJO(ジョジョ)欧州(ヨーロッパ)で新冒険!よろしく!!

Chapter 62 I went to see "RoboCop" with all my assistants. I was blown away by its intense action scenes and its depiction of a main protagonist. アシスタントのみんなと 『ロボコップ』を見た。主人公の描写や迫力場面(シーン)に感心しました

Chapter 63 What did you think of the bichrome page? My schedule's pretty tight, but it's a lot of fun drawing colored manuscripts. オール2色いかがでしたか?スケジュールはきついけど、色原稿は描いていて楽しいです

Chapter 64 I'm really into darts at the moment. It's a great way to relieve stress at work, but now there are holes in the wall!! ただ今、ダーツに凝っている。仕事のストレス解消にもってこい。でも壁は穴だちけに!!

Chapter 65 I'm looking for a VHS of the TV series Roots. If you have one, please let me make a copy of it. TV(テレビ)シリーズ『ルーツ 』のビデオを探しています。持つている人、ダビングさせて下さい

Chapter 66 My assistant, M-kun, was at work when he suddenly burst out laughing. He's quite a creepy fellow. アシスタントのM(エム)クンは、仕事中に、突然ウフフと笑いだす。なかなか不気味な奴である

Chapter 67 Good news for Stanley Kubrick fans for the first time in seven years! I'm absolutely going to see Full Metal Jacket! キューブリック・ファンとしては、7年ぶりの朗報!『FMJ』(フルメタルジャケット)絶対に、見にいきます!

Chapter 68 JoJo Volume 3 is now for sale, and it's written on fine-grain paper, so check it out! 『ジョジョ』のコミックス第③巻が発売になりました。麦紙もかきおろしなので、ヨロシク

Chapter 69 With more assistants means more manpower! But now the workplace is cramped again. This is not good! We're in trouble! アシスタントが増えて戦力アップ!でも、また仕事場が狭くなって、困った、困った!!

Chapter 70 This year I've adjusted my schedule to take a break in the early summer. But with the amount of work that needs to be done, I doubt I'll be able to take it... 今年は、初夏に休みをとスケジュール調整開始。でもきっと仕事が入って、無理だろな〜

Chapter Translation Original

Chapter 71 The weather's fine right now, but if it gets any hotter... summer is going to be tough. 今ぐらいの陽気だといいのですが、これからだんだん暑くなると思うと…夏は苦手です。

Chapter 72 I have a mountain of books that I want to read on my desk! But I never have the time... I guess stockpiling books is all part of the fun?! 机の上には、読みた、い本が山積み!でも、時間がなくて…“つんどく”も読書の内かな!?

Chapter 73 There aren't many restaurants in my neighborhood and almost every time I eat out, the menu is really boring. Maybe I should move? 近所に食べ物屋が少く、外食がほとんどの私は、メニューがマンネリ!引越ししようかな

Chapter 74 The weather was nice, so I hung the futon my assistants use out to dry. Come to think of it, it's been a year since I've done it. 天気がいいので、フトンを干した。アシスタント用のだ。考えてみると、一年ぶりだった

Chapter 75 I finally decided to rent another apartment. It's near my work and has a great view! ついにアパートをもう一部屋借りることにした。仕事場近くの、眺めのいい部屋なのです

Chapter 76 I've been buying a lot of CDs lately, but they've all been old rock bands from a decade ago. I must be getting old. 最近よくCD(シーディー)を買うが、自然と10年以上前の古いロックばかり買ってしまう僕も歳かナ。

Chapter 77 Assistants wanted! If you have a passion for drawing, please send a picture and your resume to Mr. Kabashima, the editor! アシスタント大募集!絵を描くのが好きなヤル気ある人、編集椛島氏まで(カツト)と履歴書を!

Chapter 78 I finally bought a copier, tracescope, and some other stuff. I hope it'll improve my productivity. コピー機やトレスコなどを、いまさらですが購入。これで仕事の能率UP(アップ)まちがいなし?

Chapter 79 It's nice to rent a new apartment, but I don't have time to buy a fridge or tableware. It's a bit of a hassle. 新しく部屋を借りたのはいいが代しくて、冷蔵庫や食器など買うヒマなし。不便してます

Chapter 80 Assistants wanted! If you have a passion for drawing, please call Mr. Kabashima, the editor! アシスタント募集中!絵を描くのが好きなヤル気ある人、編集椛島氏まで、TEL(テレ)を!!

Chapter Translation Original

Chapter 81 How's the coloring on the opening page? The validation I get from fans is the reason I do colored pages. 巻頭カラーはいかがでしたか?カラーを見たいというファンの激励に応えて頑張りました

Chapter 82 The story's taking place in Switzerland starting next week! I'd like to take a break and do some research, but I don't think it's possible. 来過から舞台は、スイスに移動の予定!休みをとって、取材にいきたいが…ムリかな。

Chapter 83 Volume 5, for sale on 8/10! This contains the finale of Part 1 and Jonathan's final moments. Please enjoy~!! 8月10日にコミックス第5巻が発売!ジョナサンの最期、第1部完です。よろしく〜!!

Chapter 84 A movie theater near me has triple features for only one thousand yen! Having a place in my neighborhood where I can experience movies in a way that's superior to VHS is truly a blessing. 近くの映画館は3本立てで千円!ビデオでは味わえない迫力が近所にあるなんて幸せです。

Chapter 85 Thanks for all the fan letters. I can't reply to all of them but they're very helpful. ファンレターたくさんありがとう。全部に返事がかけないけどとっても参考になります。

Chapter 86 I recently witnessed this famous magic routine called "Spellbound"! It was so flamboyant that I ended up thoroughly enjoying it. 評判のマジック『スペルバウンド 』を見た!ハデハデの私好みのショーで、十分楽しめた

Chapter 87 At work, we can't really afford to let everyone take their summer breaks at the same time, so we do them consecutively. Better than nothing, I guess. 夏休みを全員そろって休む余裕がないので、ひとりずつの交替制。とれるだけマシかな。

Chapter 88 I'm so happy that CDs have become so cheap lately. I ended up buying a bunch of them, including Led Zeppelin. 最近CD(シーディー)が安くなってうれしい思わず、ツェペリンなど、まとめて買ってしまいました。

Chapter 89 Recently, people have been giving me Barbie dolls as souvenirs, b-but I'm not a Barbie collector... 最近おみやげにバービー人形をよくもらう。う〜ん、別に僕はコレクターじやないのに…

Chapter 90 Thoughts on this week's opening color page? I'm getting more accustomed to drawing manuscripts with four colors now and it's kind of satisfying. Please, let me know what you think of it. On an unrelated note, I'm going to an Anime Carnival on 10/10, in the Ōita Prefecture. I look forward to seeing everyone there!! 今週の巻頭カラーいかがでしたか?最近は4C原稿を描くのも大部慣れて、少し満足いくようになりました。是非感想聞かせて下さい。それから、アニメ・カーニバルで10月10日に、大分県へ。現地の皆さんヨロシク〜!!

Chapter Translation Original

Chapter 91 We're planning on releasing a one-shot in an issue of Super Jump! There's no set release date yet, but we'll do our best. Thank you in advance. 月刊化されるS・J(スーパージャンプ)に読切をと構想中!掲載時期は未定だけど、がんばるのでヨロシク。

Chapter 92 Planning for Part 3 of the series has begun. I'll do my best to make it larger in scale. そろそろ第3部の構想を考え始めています。よりスケールの大きい話にと、がんばります

Chapter 93 Volume 6 is for sale on 10/7! Enjoy the fight between Joseph and Straizo. コミックス第6巻が10月7日に発売!ジョセフとストレイツォの闘いを堪能して下さい。

Chapter 94 My answering machine's been making funny noises due to what I assume is overuse. They're causing me to feel uneasy. 留守番電話が使いすぎで調子がおかしい。変な音が入っていたりして、ちょっと不気味。

Chapter 95 There's a beauty salon in my neighborhood called "JoJo". I usually cut my own hair, but maybe I should go there. 近所に『ジョジョ』という美容院がある。いつも自分で髪切る私だが、いってみようかな

Chapter 96 We went to the Anime Carnival in Ōita. Thank you to everyone who came that day! アニメカーニバル大分大会に行うてきました。当日会場にきて下さった皆さんアリガト!!

Chapter 97 We are looking for assistants. If you are motivated and like to draw, please call Mr. Kabashima, the editor! アシスタント募集。ヤル気があって絵を描くのが好きな人、編集椛島氏までTEL(でんわ)を!!

Chapter 98 We've decided to move to a new studio in December! Even with the new change of scenery, I'll do my best to write Part 3! 12月に仕事場引っ越決定!第3部は、新しい仕事場で、新しい気分でがんばります!

Chapter 99 My biggest wish at the moment is to travel to Europe. I can't get any solid work done without onsite research, but I'm just too busy! 今一番希望は、欧州(ヨーロッパ)くの取材旅行。作品づくりには現地取材が必要。でも忙しくて…!!

Chapter 100 There's a lot of work to do, including drawing the Super Jump one-shot and the poster for the Winter Special! But I'll do my best. SJ(スーパージャンプ)の読切原作やWS(ウィンタスペシャル)のポスター描きなど仕事がいっばい!でも、がんばるからヨロシク

Chapter Translation Original

Chapter 101 Volume 7 is for sale on 12/10! This includes the fierce battle between JoJo and Santana. Thank you for your support, everyone! 12月10日にコミックス第7巻が発売!ジョジョとサンタナの激闘です。皆さんヨロシク

Chapter 102 Thank you for all the fan letters showing support for JoJo! I'll do my best to read all of them. JoJoに応援のFL(ファンレター)ありがきとう!参考にがんばります

Chapter 103 On top of the already hectic end-of-the year rush, we're in the process of moving to a new studio! We're going to be very busy with all the luggage sorting and exploring of the new neighborhood. 年末の慌しさの中で、仕事場の引越し!荷物の整理や、近所の探訪に忙しい日目です

Chapter 104 In order to make up for the research trip we went on, I'll have to work during New Year's break! Having to adjust my schedule is awful. 取材旅行のため、正月返上で仕事!なんとかスケジュール調整しようとたいへんです

Chapter 105 It's already been two years and over 100 chapters since JoJo's been serialized. To be honest, it feels like it's been a long time, even though that's not true. I'd like to thank all my readers for making this possible. I'll continue to work as hard as ever, so please continue to support me! 『ジョジョ』の連載がはじまって、はや2年100回を越えました。長いようで短い、というのが正直な感想です。これもみんな愛読者の皆さんのおかげ、と感謝しています。これからも、今まで同様ガンバリますので、どうぞヨロシク

Chapter 106 There's a lot of good restaurants around the new studio we moved into. I've gained some weight from eating too much! 新しい仕事場の近所には、うまい食べ物屋が多い。つい食べすぎて、少し太ったかナ

Chapter 107 The latest publication of JoJo, Volume 8, is for sale on 2/10!! Everyone, please buy it! 『ジョジョ』のJC(ジェイシー)最新刊第⑧巻が2月10日に発売!!みんな是非買ってくださいネ!

Chapter 108 The apartment building where our new studio is located at is currently almost completely unoccupied. The elevators are actually really creepy at night. 仕事場のあるマンションは現在ほとんど人居者無し。夜のエレベーターがとても怖い

Chapter 109 I've been buying folk costumes lately. Is it strange to dress like an Arabian person while at work!? 最近、民族衣装を集めています。仕事中も、アラビア人の格好をしながら…変かナ!?

Chapter 110 Part 2 is finally reaching its climax! I can't help but grip my pen with excitement! Thank you everyone for your support. 第2部もいよいよクライマックス!ぺンを握る手にも思わず力が入る!応援ヨロシク

Chapter Translation Original

Chapter 111 As a runner-up at the Tezuka Award, I got to shake Mr. Tezuka's hand. It was very warm and soft and honestly left quite an impression on me. Sorry, but I had to say it. 手塚賞準入選の時、握手した先生の手は暖かくて柔らかくて、感激。今はただ残念です

Chapter 112 My favorite thing at the moment is NHK's Legacy for the Future on LaserDisc! Seeing those ancient ruins really stirs the imagination!! 最近のお気に入りは、NHK(エスエツチケイ)『未来への遺産』のLD(レーザーディスク)!古代遺跡が想像力をかきたてる

Chapter 113 Part 3 finally starts next week! This is a new adventure that includes Joseph and a new protagonist. Cheers! いよいよ次週から第3部スタート!ジョセフ+新主人公の冒険です。応援ヨロシク!!

Volume 6

Link to this sectionAuthor's Note
It is important to keep the mentality of a beginner, whatever the field. Everything seems new for a beginner, he respects his predecessors and goes straight to his objective. This is an ideal state of mind. But lately, I have realized that among the mangaka publishing at Jump, they are already six or seven years younger than me! I'm not a beginner anymore! (To be continued in Volume 7.)

Volume 7

Link to this sectionAuthor's Note
Adults have trouble respecting the young. If the head of state was a 20-year-old man, everyone would make fun of him even if he was very competent. For the same reason, when I see a young mangaka being arrogant, I want to kick his ass. I know that's extreme and I regret having such an aggressive temperament. I will try to soften, to respect the young and to accept to learn from them.

Volume 8

Link to this sectionAuthor's Note
One day when I was tidying up my home, I lost the fountain pen that I had been using for 6 years. Panic-stricken, I exclaimed to myself: "My God, what a catastrophe! I'll never manage to draw without that fountain pen that I've used for so many years! It's impossible to work! That fountain pen has always accompanied me through good times and bad times! What will I become?!" By dint of search, I ended up finding a new fountain pen. Today, I thought to myself: "A new fountain pen isn't so bad..." I'm such an irresponsible guy, aren't I?

Volume 9

Link to this sectionAuthor's Note
This may be sudden, but I don't believe in aliens. I've seen a UFO in the past, but I'm pretty sure it was an optical illusion, and in any case I want to say: "So what?" But I've just read a book from someone named Hiroshi Minamiyama, and with all the super-realistic details, I'm beginning to ask myself if these aliens are really here... In any case, it's fun to have my imagination stimulated like this.
突然ですけど、ぼくは宇宙人なんて『いるわけない説』の人なの。以前、UFOを見たことがあるけど、絶対に目の錯覚だったと思ってるし、「だから、どうなの?」って感じだし。でも、最近、「南山 宏」という人の本を読んで、その超リアルなデータの数々に「ひょっとしたらいるのかな?」と思いはじめました。なにはともあれ、想像力を刺激されるのって楽しいなと思ったのでした。

Volume 10

Link to this sectionAuthor's Note
A manga isn't born out of the efforts of one person. Lately my studio has been filled with people, which often causes many problems. I'm often capricious with the cleaning ladies and the drawing equipment vendors. When I'm traveling, I disturb the travel agency employees, the proprietor asks me to move out, etc. An infinite number of people have stood alongside JoJo, up close and from afar. Nevertheless, I think it is important to have sympathy and respect for every one of them. Thanks a million.

Volume 11

Link to this sectionAuthor's Note
I'm not interested in politics, but lately I have been a little worried by the future of Japan. I find it dangerous that everyone wants to get rich or to gain material wealth. We're more in need of spiritual wealth! That reinforces my idea to deal with more and more enriching subjects through manga. (To be continued in Volume 12.)

Volume 12

Link to this sectionAuthor's Note
JoJo is an ode to life and a celebration of humanity. Without help from machines or technology, the main characters face danger with their bodies as their only weapon. Indeed, I hold the opinion that science doesn't necessarily make humans any happier. I also detested mathematics and physics when I was in school (and I don't blame my younger self).

Phantom Blood
Battle Tendency

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