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Ripple Teacher Lisa Lisa, Part 2 (波紋教師 リサリサ その②, Hamon Kyōshi Risa Risa Sono 2), originally The Training of a Ripple Warrior (波紋戦士の試練, Hamon Senshi no Shiren) in the WSJ and tankobon releases, is the twenty-eighth chapter of Battle Tendency and the seventy-second chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


Caesar is shocked at Lisa Lisa's appearance, realizing that she will be teaching him and Joseph for the next month. Joseph is more aggravated at Lisa Lisa's surprise attack and tries to defeat her, but Lisa Lisa is unfazed by Joseph's natural ability to walk on water without training and proceeds with an elaborate counter. Using only an oar and the water, she elevates the oar between two geysers of water and swings off it, putting a mask on Joseph.

Joseph asks why he cannot breathe with the mask on, and Lisa Lisa replies that the breathing mask is his challenge for his training month. She explains that the mask promotes proper Ripple breathing patterns and that she wants Joseph to be able to run 100 kilometers with the mask on, saying that she will only take the mask off to let Joseph eat and brush his teeth. Joseph is irritated by this, but he admits to himself that she is greatly skilled with the Ripple.

After getting her point across, Lisa Lisa welcomes Joseph and Caesar to Venice; Joseph does not bow his head like Caesar does, but Caesar forces him to do so out of respect. Lisa Lisa then points out Air Supplena Island, her home and the location of much of Joseph and Caesar's training.

When the three arrive at Air Supplena, Lisa Lisa tells Joseph and Caesar to climb Hell Climb Pillar, to Caesar's fear and objection. She kicks both of them down to the bottom of the tower where they land in a sea of oil; Lisa Lisa tells them that if they cannot climb the oily tower, they will die.


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