The World of Stars and Stripes (story arc)

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The World of Stars and Stripes (星条旗の世界, Seijōki no Sekai) is the twenty-fifth and final story arc in Steel Ball Run.

It narrates the end and the aftermath of the Steel Ball Run.


In the stopped time, Parallel World Diego positions himself and THE WORLD in order to attack from two directions. Dio shoots Johnny in the neck as THE WORLD punches him out from Slow Dancer. Dio then rides his own Stand, only leaving one leg touching the ground as the remaining Spin Energy converges toward THE WORLD. As THE WORLD's leg is invaded by the rotation, THE WORLD slices it off and throws it at Johnny, who is imbued with the rotation. Incapacitated, Johnny cannot do anything as Dio wins the Steel Ball Run and head to the safe in which the Holy Corpse will be put.

In the shelter, Dio meets with Lucy Steel. Held by THE WORLD, Lucy reveals that she had been waiting for Dio. Before the end of the eighth stage, Lucy learned of the culprit's true identity and went to the train tracks to recover the original Diego's head. Giving it to Dio, Lucy kills Dio by fusing his head with the original head. At the same time, Steven Steel rescues Johnny by taking him on his horse, allowing Johnny to reverse the infinite rotation with the horse's energy.

After a brief narration of the results of the race, Johnny embarks on a boat to give Gyro's corpse back to his family, on which he meets his future wife Rina Higashikata. Johnny gives a final prayer as the boat departs for Europe.[1]


Funny Valentine
Gyro Zeppeli
Rina Higashikata
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L.A. Boomboom
Andre Boomboom
Hot Pants
Mountain Tim
Pork Pie Hat Kid
Ringo Roadagain
Magent Magent
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Gregorio Zeppeli
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