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When was the harvest date for the new Rokakaka?

JoJolion has used the date for the new Rokakaka's harvest as a time reference to give a sense of distress towards impending obstacles, such as "5 days until the harvest"[1] and "13 minutes until harvest"[2] but the true day of the harvest is never specified. Despite this, there's enough information given throughout the part to deduce two conflicting dates.

New locacaca close up.jpg
  • Joshu is stated to be 18 years old and born in 1992[3] throughout the entirety of JoJolion (excluding flashbacks) so the story cannot extended to 2012.
  • The earthquake mentioned at the start of JoJolion takes place on March 11, 2011.[4]
  • Damo's arrival at the Higashikata estate takes place in September, 6 months after the March earthquake.[5]
    • Therefore, the main story of JoJolion takes place in September.
  • September 25th
    • Josuke kills a man with 6 days left until the harvest as stated by Rai.[1]
    • Norisuke is reading a newspaper that states that those events occured on the 19th.[6]
    • Extrapolating these dates, that would put the day of the harvest on the 25th of September.
  • September 22nd
    • A lecture by Akefu is mentioned to occur "tomorrow" on the 21st.[6]
    • During the same day, the harvest will occur in 48 hours.[6]
    • Therefore, the harvest date is the 22nd of September.

Missing song references

The vast majority of Stands following Part 4 have been named after or at least made a reference to Western music. My personal favorite is The Hand named after a band called The Band. The only Stand to have been named after Japanese music was Chocolate Disco and some other Stands have ambigious origins. Here's a quick list of possible namesakes for those without a designated music reference.

Walking Heart Infobox Manga.png
  • Awaking III Leaves
  • Walking Heart
    • Walking Heart Attack
    • I'm Gonna Let My Heart Do The Walking
    • Walkin' Good by Heart (band)
  • Go Beyond
    • To Go Beyond

All dogs in JoJo


Time Stop Durations

All mentions of how long DIO and Jotaro can stop time.

Stand Duration Context

The World Only long enough to blink[8] DIO first learned of his ability
The World 5 seconds[8] Gradually increased to five seconds as his neck wound healed
The World 9 seconds[9] Got Joseph's blood
The World Indefinite[10] DIO's time stop would have kept increasing
Star Platinum 5 seconds[11] Jotaro stops time for the first time
Star Platinum 0.5 seconds[12] 10 years out of practice
Star Platinum 1 or 2 seconds[13] During the fight with Hazamada
Star Platinum 1 second[14] During the fight with Bug-Eaten
Star Platinum 2 seconds[15] During the second half of Part 4
Star Platinum 2 seconds[16] During the fight with Johngalli A.
Star Platinum 5 seconds[17] During the C-Moon and Made In Heaven fights. It is further shortened by Made In Heaven's ability
THE WORLD 5 seconds[18] AU Diego's Stand

How many racers died in the Steel Ball Run race?

SPOILER WARNING: Part 7 spoiler details may follow.

Quick calculation of how many people died from the nine stages of the race in total. Obviously does not count the thousands of racers who dropped out or retired. If not specifically stated that a racer died, it is assumed they dropped out. In the case that a racer drops out and is later killed, that also doesn't count. This happens to Hot Pants and Mountain Tim.

SBR C95 P35 Overall Results.png
  • Stage 1

The Boomboom family killed three men during the first stage, poor guys.[19] (3)

  • Stage 2

Apparently 82 people died during the second stage[20], only named one is Benjamin Boomboom.[21] (85)

  • Stage 3

No known deaths. (85)

  • Stage 4

Gaucho is killed by Ringo in the fourth stage, no other known deaths.[22] (86)

  • Stage 5

Two deaths here from the fight with Sandman. First, Dot Han is used as a bomb and gets destroyed.[23] A little later Sandman himself bites the dust.[24] (88)

  • Stage 6 & 7

No known deaths. (88)

  • Stage 8

Diego Brando and Gyro Zeppeli are killed by Funny Valentine during the penultimate stage.[25][26] (90)

  • Stage 9

No known deaths (AU Diego died after the race ended). (90)

Therefore 90 racers died in the Steel Ball Run race

  • Of the 3,852[19] racers who competed:
    • 39 completed the race[27] (~1.01%)
    • 3,723 dropped out (~96.65%)
    • 90 died (~2.34%)
    • For some reason, Steven Steel later says 3,652 racers competed in the race[28], this is most likely a mistake.

Morioh & Morioh

Although their layout differs, the settings of Part 4 and Part 8 share a good amount of similarities. The following is a complete list of the similarities between DIU's Morioh and JoJolion's Morioh.

Morioh logo transparent.png
  • Both towns share the same name "Morioh"
  • They have very similar emblems[4][29]
  • Miso-flavored beef tongue is the town's speciality food[4][29]
  • It is a popular spot for tourists[4][30]
  • DIU's Morioh has the Mutsu-kabe Hill while JoJolion's Morioh has the Mutsukabe Shrine[31][32]
  • Both towns have the Owson store[33][34]
  • There is a Trussardi restauraunt present in both towns[35][36]

Manga Comparison

Artwork Info Artwork Reference Reference Info
Artwork Info Artwork Reference Reference Info


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