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I've stabbed myself with some arrow and now there's this strange guy standing right behind me as I'm typing this. Please help!

About Me

Hi, I'm some unpopular editor who comes here often. I have a Fandom account called "TheSuperSaiyanGuy".

Dragon Ball was my life. But then I was introduced to JoJo in 2017, when I heard of "JoJo references" and this character DIO and his time-stopping Stand The World. The entirety of Part 3 and the beginning of Part 4 (I didn't know JoJo is divided into eight parts at the time) was pretty much all I knew before I just lost interest.

And then my interest for JoJo was reborn around the time the Golden Wind anime started. I quickly managed to catch up to Part 8.

I've read every part, and my favorite part so far is JoJolion. I like how its Stands are based on tactics.


I mostly work on pages for unnamed characters.

This is a list of pages I've made, or at the least proposed for or worked hard on.


Custom Stands

Yes, I make my own Stands like other JoJo fans, so don't get too surprised.

Dig is an Automatic that allows anyone to turn into animal-like wendigos.


Dig has no physical appearance, as it is bound to the user themselves.


Wendigo Psychosis

Dig's ability is to transform any human into wendigos, cannibalistic creatures that feed the flesh of other organisms. The new cannibalistic selves look like an ordinary human being.

The user has to be standing above the victim in order to activate the Stand. Otherwise, any individuals standing above or at the same altitude as the user will not be affected.

The user is unable to command the affected victims, though the affected will not target the user. Once transformed, the affected will go for the nearest unaffected individuals. The user is unable to affect corpses; only living humans can be affected. Other animals cannot be affected either.

The man-eating concept is based off on the real-life disorders clinical lycanthropy and wendigo psychosis.