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I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took an arrow to the knee.

My name is Guy With a Stand (ガイ・ウィズ・アー・スタンド Gai Wizu a Sutando). But you can also call me Dr. Cubes (Dr.(ドクター)キューブズ Dokutā Kyūbuzu).

Trivia sections. 🤮

About Me

Hi, I'm some average JoJo fan and editor who comes here often, for some page tweaks I guess.

Dragon Ball was my life. But then I was introduced to JoJo in 2017, when I heard of "JoJo references" and this character DIO and his time-stopping Stand The World. I quickly managed to catch up to Part 8.

I've read every part, and my favorite part so far is JoJolion. I like how its Stands are based on tactics and not just "I'm going to beat the effing crap out of you" kinds of Stands.


This is a list of pages I've made, or at the least proposed for or worked hard on.

My Current Goals On This Wiki

  • Add in quotes and voice files from EoH and ASB.
  • Make redirect links (based off on Name Variants). (Done?)
  • Sort out galleries in tabbers.
  • Make sure all infobox images are categorized under Infobox Images and follow the "<name> Infobox <media>" file name format. (Done)
  • Reread parts of the JJBA manga to find out anything we missed.
  • Manage image categories.
  • Add stuff in Araki's other works to list of minor stuff (items, vehicles, locations). (Baoh and Irene stuff DONE)
  • Find all the DISCs. (Done?)
  • Slice and splice the GODFORSAKEN, LIVER-FLUKING trivia sections.
  • Add "Creation and Development" sections.
  • Consistency, consistency, CONSISTENCY!


Not listed in any particular order.


Favorite Characters
Joseph Joestar
For character
For design
For concept
For character
Risotto Nero
For design


My most favorite types of Stands are phenomenon, long-distance, and sentient.



Quote.png Quotes
  • I win! Part 3 is now over! (勝ったッ!第3部完!Kattaǃ Dai san-bu kanǃ)
  • Why can't they call it Death in Venezia!? (なんで『ヴェネツィアに死す』ってタイトルじゃあねえーんだよォォォォォォォーーッNande "Venetsia ni shisu" te taitoru jā neendayoooooo)
    —Ghiaccio, Chapter 509: White Album, Part 1
  • Speak fucking Italian!
    —Ghiaccio, Chapter 509: White Album, Part 1
  • You're all slimy mucus vomited into a toilet bowl! How dare you do this to me! (この便器に吐き出されたタンカスどもが!!このわたしに対して⋯⋯⋯!!Kono benki ni hakidasareta tan kasudomo ga!! Kono watashi nitaishite...!!)
    —Diavolo, Chapter 584: Diavolo Surfaces, Part 5
  • I'm Apollo 11! (オレは「アポロ11号」 なんだアーーーツ!Ore wa 'Aporo Ju Ichi-Gō' nandaaaa)
  • Your king and rook are forked... You're already in a losing position...! (『王手飛車取り』だ⋯すでにおまえの敗北の形⋯!"Ōte hishatori" da... Sudeni omae no haiboku no katachi...!)


  1. English dub Diavolo sounds fire. Fight me.